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Big apologies for the long silence. I'm on vacation. I had planned on posting before I left, but the week just got too crazy. Anyway, I'm in Chicago* and I'll be here for two weeks.

I plan on doing a whole lot of knitting while here. I brought plenty of yarn to keep me busy.

Vacation Yarn

I've started some lace - its been awhile, but I'm glad to be back in the game. I've finished the Seamless Hybrid, although I need to block it today before I show it to you all. And believe it or not, I've started some socks (just for you, Angela) ... so we'll see how that goes. Look at me getting crazy on vacation.

Here's a little taste of the lace

swallowtail shawl at 10 repeat

There's also a secret project in the works that I'll have to wait to show you for a few weeks at least. Demi is around here somewhere too.

My internet access can best be described as spotty-pirated-wireless, so posting might be off and on, but I can assure you the content will be satisfying!

*Any Chicago knitters, I'd be happy to hear about local fibery recommendations!

welcome to chicago - i'm sure you've already found these, but just in case -
nina at 1655 west division street, loopy yarns at 719 south state street, knitting workshop at 2218 north lincoln, these are the 3 that i frequent because they do carry different companies. joy

Love the lace.

oooh so many lovely yarn! That brown tweed and maroon red yarn is gorgeous. More details please.

Arcadia at Ashland and Lawrence is not bad either but they sort by color, and not by brand, which drives me insane. Also Tangled Web on Oak Park avenue in Oak Park (Take the green line to the Oak Park stop, head south a block or two) is going out of business and currently selling yarn for 40% off and supplies/books/patterns discounted too if you're looking for a deal.

Oh, that Swallowtail Shawl looks gorgeous!!

Ooh, a secret project... Good luck!
The Swallowtail shawl is looking very elegant in that cream color.

Since finishing the Shetland Shawl, I've been thinking of trying my hand at the Swallowtail Shawl. Yours looks great so far!

btw, got the pattern. thx.

The lace is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what everything else turns into!

I second Loopy, especially on Friday nights. They often have refreshments and secret sales reserved for that Friday night only.

There are lots of others, available through the Windy City Knitting Guild site: http://www.windycityknittingguild.com/knitshops.htm

Lastly, if you get the chance, travel out to Marengo, IL to The Fold to really get your fiber on!

although it may not be the best in the area, knit1 chicago is home to some of the friendliest people and best knitting atmospheres. the place is beautiful and very mod, and the people that own it are great...look out for their friend jon - he has great restaurant recommendations and will probably invite you to see him flamenco dancing girlfriend.

also, while in chicago, eat at Toast in Lincoln Park. it is amazing.

Glad to see you are back. Can't wait to see the EZ Hybrid Sweater.

Have fun in Chicago

i'll second the tangled web recommendation, although i'm not sure how they're doing stock-wise. it's a cute little store anyway, even if the shelves are getting a bit bare.

there's also a newish store, loopy yarns, at 719 s state (right by the harrison red line stop).

This might be the lace project to finally sell me on a shawl. So very beautiful . . . enjoy Chicago. You're there at a nice time weather-wise.


Are you using Baby Silk for your shawl? (what brand)... it's beautiful!

i absolutely love the photos in this post.. especially the one of the yarn. wonderful. have fun in chicago. it's my favorite place on the planet.

Yahoo, socks! Yahoo, swallowtail! =)

Have a WONDERFUL vacation!

I love the lace your knitting, it looks beautiful. Looks as though you will be busy on your holidays with all that wonderful yarn too.

Are you sure you brought enough yarn to work on?! :)

Your lace looks beautiful so far. I have recently gotten back into a lace project and I can't put it down! Such a nice change from colorwork and cables.

Have fun in Chicago!

the shawl is looking really lovely. actually, all your work is really beautiful - I can't stop looking at all your gorgeous photos.

on a separate note, I was wondering... where did you get that 2 way zipper for your urban aran? :)

Hey there, and welcome to Chicago! No one has mentioned this yet, but you have to check out Knitter's Niche, which is my particular LYS just north of the intersection of Belmont and Southport. It gets a bad rep sometimes because the owner can be an ornery old bat, but that's why I love her, and if you get her talking she'll keep you there for hours! She's got a smaller selection than Arcadia, but all differnet kinds of stuff, including Malabrigo, a huge selection of Lorna's and a whole new set of Louisa Harding yarns. Check it out! And though you didn't ask for food recommendations, check out Twist at 3412 N. Sheffield (only a couple of blocks from Knitter's Niche) for some of the best Tapas I've ever had. Hope you enjoy our fair city!

Beautiful lacework!

i would like to have this pattern...is it possible?
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