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With the light fading outside on the last official day of my summer, I'm quietly mourning the loss of the past three magic months which have been productive and rewarding. The good news is that in the wrapping up of this chapter, I have a few Fall patterns all ready for you! The first of the few that I'll be distributing here this season is a hat that I've really become attached to over the past month - I can't seem to get enough of them, and I'm happy to finally be able to share it with you.


Habitat is a warm, textural hat that's great for both newbie and seasoned cablers alike. The pattern is written for worsted weight wool and includes two adult sizes. The cable motifs are integrated into the hats shaping and the crown decreases come together to form a root-like star motif atop the head.


As I said above, two sizes are offered in the pattern - one for Small to Medium adult head sizes and one for Medium to Larger noggins. The smaller size is approximately .5" shallower and suited for folks who like hats to come just over the tops of their ears. The larger, deeper hat will also fit average adult small heads, but cover your ears to the lobes - in my experience, ear-coverage preferences vary from hat wearer to hat wearer, so both options are included for an optimal fit for everyone.

Habitat Preview

Any worsted weight yarn will work, although wools are recommended most highly. Tweeds, heathers and subtly variegated yarns all look wonderful with the cables (one of each of these yarn types is shown here in the photos.) Pattern gauge is given in Stockinette stitch for ease in swatching and is a standard 4.5 sts per inch for worsted weight yarns. Suggested needle sizes are US7 and US8 - keep in mind, though - this is only a suggestion! Use whatever needles give you accurate gauge for best results.


Samples shown in these photos show both sizes - the Green version is the smaller, shallower size. Blue and burgundy versions are the larger, deeper size. Again, which size to knit is wholly preferential and depends on how you like your handknit hats to sit on your head.

Yarns shown in the samples include: Sundara Yarns Worsted Merino in "Green over Gold" (Green), Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in "Bramble" (Burgundy) and Jamieson's Shetland Heather in "North Sea" (Blue).


More photos of the pattern can be found here in my Habitat Gallery. The pattern has also been test knit in various yarns including Debble Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed, and the ever popular Malabrigo. There are a whole lot of worsted weight yarns out there, so creativity is encouraged!

Habitat Preview

The pattern is available as a downloadable PDF and priced at $4.75. You can obtain this pattern in one of two ways - if you are a Ravelry member, Habitat is available in my Pattern Store as a Ravelry Download. The pattern is also available directly through PayPal for non-ravelry members, or those who prefer to go that route. A preview of the PDF layout can be seen below, with buttons to both methods of download following. Pattern instructions for cables are charted.

Habitat Preview

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A short disclaimer: As a self-publishing designer, I strongly feel that it is my responsibility to you to present a quality product free of errors that is pleasing both from an aesthetic and practical point of view. All patterns that are self-published here at Brooklyn Tweed have been test knit by multiple knitters using various manufactured yarns to ensure the most pleasurable and intuitive knitting experience. I have personally prepared all diagrams and charts as well as knit shown samples, photographed and designed pattern layouts - soliciting the opinions of knitters prior to publication in an effort to streamline this product. I have done my very best to bring you a pattern that I am proud to stand behind fully. As always, thank you for your support and encouragement - and happy knitting.


This is really beautiful..I saw it last week when it came across my friend activity. Must pick the perfect yarn for it (and the perfect head, as I don't think I'll need such a hat in my new home in the hot land of central Texas.:)

I read your blog all the time but for some reason never got around to commenting. But I had to come out of lurkdom for this one. Positively gorgeous. Now I know what everyone is getting for Christmas!

Another gorgeous hat! It's in my queue! Thank you.

Wow! The cables are just perfect. They really do seem to grow, not just twist.

Lovely design! Why, at $4.75, it's an absolute bargain for snazzy Christmas gifts and with all that Irish Kilcarra in the stash, it will be happy Christmas, indeed. Well done, Jared. Now, to dash over to Ravelry to download my copy.

Cheryl (no longer) in Dublin

I already commented how much I love these over on your Flickr stream. I was wondering, though, do you know offhand how the Shambala you used for Koolhaas compares, yardage-wise, to the yarns you used for this hat? I have a skein that I'd intended to use for Koolhaas, but by then I had done it in another yarn and never got around to using it. As I'm on a very necessary yarn diet these days, I should really look at at-hand options.

You are a marvel.

It's gorgeous! I have at least two people in mind who will be recipients!

Another fabulous design to add to my queue. I'm such a tweedy-cablehead, so this is perfect!

I can't wait to cast on, Jared; I love, love, love cabled hats & yours are superb!

Wow! Jared, you are such a great designer! I just love your patterns and this one is another knock out. $4.75 us a bargain.

very nice.. very very nice! Took me all of 2 seconds to snap that one up especially as I have just enough of a certain perfect yarn left over from a project I just finished!!

What a delight. I have a much loved skein of worsted that I have been 'saving'. This beautiful hat will be ideal.

Thank you for the lovely cables.

So worth the wait. Of course, I say that following every one of your posts. This one feels like a special one. Will order tomorrow when I'll need a little pick-me-up!
Thank you.

those hats are lovely, you're doing such a good work, please continue

That's a very pretty hat! Thank you for that!

Fabulous Hat and great for Christmas gifting!!

Why, oh why can't you enjoy to knit and design socks? I watch and drool over the hats and mittens while living here in the middle of Heatland.

Lovely, just lovely. I must say, I'm admiring the graphic design and photographs as much as the pattern. Beautifully done.

Beautiful design! And graphic design too. The only problem is, I love it equally in heather, tweed, and variegated solid..but have altogether too little knitting time!

This is a beautiful design, and I like your BT Guarantee! I just bought it (yay!) and I'm going to try and get over my irrational fear of cables by knitting one for my brother, and one for me. :) Thanks!

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i can hardly wait to knit it. oh summer. great time for knitters to knit all the woolies for winter.
the yarn choices are lovely.

great design,great cables..will need to do this for sure...

what a beautiful hat! all those cables, they are so luscious! and it looks (from the thumbnail) that your pattern is wonderfully laid-out and easy-to-follow. well worth the price! congrats on another wonderful design!

I love the hat! Is there any way to purchase it other than PayPal?

Wow, Jared. You've done it again. Totally beautiful. And I have the perfect yarn (Skye Tweed) tucked away in my stash waiting for something like this. Thank you!!

I love the green hat and the cabling is awesome:)Hugs Darcy

Gotta do MORE!! of these - I know they will sell well! So worth it and only $4.75!! Terry

Wow, super cool design, Jared! I guess I'm going to learn how to cable after all.

I love to knit hats, and yours are the very best. You are a great designer and a class act. Thanks for another wonderful design. I can't wait to start it.

Yay, another of your patterns! They are all fabulous and I can never get enough. Perfect timing for Friday night football games.

Coming out of lurking to say wow! What a lot of work! I like the star on top of the head, very cute.

This hat is amazing! I'm not sure which I like better, Koolhaus or this, but I'll definitely be making this hat this fall. My husband has been inspired to take up knitting because of your site and your sweater style. Koolhaus and Cobblestone were my first two intense projects and your patterns were great to work with. Thanks for posting such inspiring work!

Now I have the pattern in my house I just need time to knit it - and I am looking foreward to do it.But first my granddaugther must be born - but it`s another story:-)

Gitte from Denmark

It's absolutely gorgeous - and thank you very much for helping me sort out a particularly difficult Christmas present!

I just had to stop by and say CONGRATULATIONS on having two patterns in Knitting Daily's top ten bestsellers - and they are two of the top four!!! That is just so exciting for you. You aren't in bad company with Norah Gaughan. I'm sure I'm only one of the hundreds and hundreds of knitters waiting (im)patiently for a book deal for one Jared Flood.

Congrats again!

I love the pattern, and the different sizes! I'll have to make the smaller one for my hubby, he likes it when it doesn't cover his ears.

By the way.. I think you have a spammer on a previous comment, theres nothing but URL links.


Another great pattern! I'll definitely be making one for my brother. It's so nice to see a hip men's hat pattern (when I was looking last year, I had a hard time finding one.


Just gorgeous, Jared - thanks for sharing it! I'll find some use for it in the frigid climes of Central Florida, because I NEED it, and I'm sure my husband NEEDS one too!

I love the interplay of the cables with the decreases and the resulting star element. Nicely done!

holy cow. its beautiful....

;-) that's marvellous...here we say : des mains en or !!! bravo !!!

your knack for hats is awesome! this is a stunner.

Smashing! I'm so glad I can get this directly from you and not have to go through the middle mag. :-)

This is a beautiful hat. I will put it on my list of possible gifts to knit for Christmas.

I love cables! I'll definitely be adding this to my list of gift knits (now just to figure out who needs the hats)!

jared... swoon... this is absolutely beautiful! congratulations on another stunning design. this is the first knit i've seen that's made me really excited for fall.

I appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail, Jared. That can be lacking sometimes, but the pattern is just gorgeous and I am looking forward to knitting it:) Hats are so great! Quick projects that everyone can use. Thanks again:)

What a great hat!

Yes, it's a great hat. Thank you Jared. I started to day this marvelous knit that I have on Ravelry! What a challenge for me!
All your blog is fantastic and very beautiful. Congratulations for all you made.

Absolutely gorgeous! I know what to make for my brother for Christmas now.

This is a wonderful pattern, and I'm having such fun knitting it. I'm already thinking ahead to what other colors to use for the second and third hats.

Hey Jared...just a note on the pattern. I purchased it and am just about done, but either I had a user error or there is a slight pattern error. On row 21 of Chart C, it starts with 2 purl, then alternates 4 knit and 4 purl. I believe the pattern I downloaded should have had an additional 2 purl at the end of the row, to make the 4 knits and 4 purls consistent all the way around. This is what I did anyway, and it worked out right.

jared, i absolutley enjoyed making this hat and will be making more in the near future. thanks for such a wonderful pattern!

What a great cable design... no wonder you became so attached. I truly understand your mourning summer's passing, though wearing woolies helps get through the cold months. Thanks for the philosophy presented in your disclaimer... others could take a lesson before charging money.

Just knocked it out in some Kathmandu Aran tweed, and, I loves it. I have enough tweed to do at least three more of these. Admittedly, I did slip up at one point, but I'll still be rockin' it in Chicago this fall/winter.

I am knitting the turn a square hat I love it. I am going to have to make many mote of theese. I always knit hats, but they never fit. Finaly a hat a guy can wear.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

for two months i've had the urge to pick up knitting needles; your beautifully illustrated blog may be the impetus to quit contemplating and indulge in doing!

I love your blog! your hats are soo cute:) but I don't know how to follow it? lol pls comment back and tell me how if you could:)

The perfect project for three skeins of Lambs Pride Worsted in my stash! I'll post finished hats on my Ravelry page. The first hat, in a heathery oatmeal, is working up beautifully!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just finished this three days ago. Love it. I couldn't watch tv and knit at the same time and undoing cables is too tedious. I proudly wear it and my daughter will, too.
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