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  February Baby Sweater
Coming to you live from Portland with the first of two miniature EZ garments. There has been a whole lotta crazy surrounding this project - I had to dig into my archives to review its evolution from skein to sweater. Who knew something so tiny could brew for so long?

February Baby Sweater

Pattern: February Baby Sweater, aka Baby Sweater on 2 Needles
Source: Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Worsted Merino Semi-Solid
Color: Pine over Yellow
Amount: 137g/240 yards worsted weight
Needles: US 8/5mm Addi Turbos
Buttons: marbled plastic, 5 purchased from M&J Trimming in midtown


I started the first version of this sweater last Fall but ran out of yarn sometime in October. Sundara gave me a generous fill-up in December, and I chose to restart the project on bigger needles (I was using US 6's) in the new, slightly different dye lot. (There was a little snafu on the skein winder at this point) By February, I had two of these little things on my needles (fitting month for this, no?) and was on my way. I ended up finishing the knitting in March, showing you the almost finished item in May and finally got around to buying buttons and sewing them on last week. How's that for long winded?

February Baby Sweater/Baby Sweater on 2 Needles (EZ)

Mods: I modified the 'virtually seamless' pattern into a completely seamless pattern using circular needles (rather than the suggested straights) thusly: Once you've reached the divide for the armholes, work the sleeves first from the top down, casting on underarm stitches and joining sleeves into the round (EZ has you work them flat). After sleeve knitting, begin again working the body from where you left it, picking up underarm stitches from the sleeve tubes when you get to them (rather than casting on underarm stitches on the body). No seams in the end (not even the tiny little underarm openings)! Other than that, everything was by the book.

Add this one to the ever-growing ranks of this wonderful pattern. I never tire seeing this little number popping up all over our knitting blog landscape.

Some Baby Things

Another EZ sweater is comin' atcha in a couple of days. For now, it's back to coffee and the dog on this beautiful summery day in PDX.

You do beautiful works...Elizabeth would be proud. I love your making this one a completely in the round work of art. I'll have to try this too.

Oh, now I have to knit this. I've been intrigued every time you post a picture of it. It's so cute!

Adorable! I am sure the recipient will love it.

Wow, it's so beautiful, that's a perfect shade of green, just gorgeous! The stitches look great, so neat.

I left work this morning in the other Portland to drive the hour home in beautiful sunshine & gentle breezes. So beautiful, in fact, that I just had to go to the beach.

Love the sweater and remember the swift incident well. I believe it will have to be added to my repertoire. The sweater, that is. I've already done the snarled-on-swift thing a time or three.

Adorable, and whatta color! I'm reminded again why everyone is always so gaga for Sundara yarn.

Your choices of yarns are so tasteful!

That's pretty fan-freaking-tastic. The knitting, the yarn, the color. I think this might be my favorite one. Nice work (as per your usual).

Look at the BSJ just peeking out from under! You cruel, cruel tease!

I just posted this on my blog today. I am SO knitting this sweater!!! Yours looks FANTSTIC!

Welcome to Portland! You're certainly getting the nicest of our weather.

Lovely job on the baby sweater, too.

What a lovely sweater--and the green-with-yellow-peeking-out Sundara yarn is the perfect color for any sophisticated Oregon Duck baby. I hope you've chosen your recipient with Fan colors in mind!

That's really lovely! Great job.

Absolutely STUNNING!!! What a great color choice. Is that the baby surprise behind it?

This one feels like an old friend by now. Glad to see it finished. That's such a lovely color!

It's beautiful! That shade of green is certainly luscious.

Beautiful. That green is amazing.

This is simply gorgeous!

Thanks for the changes in the pattern that eliminate the underarm seam. I have made two of these, but be sure #3 will have NO seams! Wasn't EZ just a wonder?

beautiful. all the other babies will be green with envy.

have fun in portland. it's such a fun city.

Such a lovely little thing! The yarn, of course, is breathtakingly pretty (ah, Sundara), and the sweater design is the usual stroke of genius. I really like the simple garter yoke--it looks fancier than it really is, somehow.

Love the green. Hope you enjoy PDX--my hometown! It's perfect weather today, I think.

This is absolutely gorgeous, I always love your colors! I'm linking to it if you don't mind.

ashley at dogged is working on two of these right now. i own knitting without tears, but i'm not a total EZ convert yet. however, this sweater pattern makes me want to try her out. hope you enjoyed your coffee and dog. i didn't know you had a dog. it's nice to know. looking forward to the next sweater.

It was worth the wait. Your FBS is both beautiful and inspiring. Now to find more babies to knit for. . .

Aaw, so cute! Some little tyke is going to be very lucky.

Isn't the weather lovely in the PNW right now? Such a relief after the long and cold winter. Oh, and the Portland Art Museum is having a Rembrandt exhibit. Just in case you are the mood...

Welcome to PDX! Beautiful work, gorgeous yarn, and wonderful photography. Just by coincidence, "All Tangled Up" posted a matching hat for this cardigan on her blog today. Or maybe the two of you are working together in some sort of mystic cosmic symbiosis?

Love it--I've got one underway right now, and will def. be knitting the next with your arm mods! I didn't cast on extra body stitches--just picked up from the arm stitches--so that eliminated one seam, but I think it'll be even nicer without the arm seams.

I really love it. I had to purchase the Knitter's Almanac now, because of you. Of course, I love Sundara's yarn too....enabling all around. Will we see the sweater on a baby? That could be another post to add to the list!

That color is so beautiful! Fantastic job!

Very pretty February sweater. The yarn and colour is very nice. I just finished one on Wednesday and spent a good 45 minutes on the floor in front of the button section in my local craft store trying to find the perfect buttons. And I did:) Because something as perfect and seamless (yes, I did the same mods as you) as this deserves perfect buttons. I see you found some too.

I have knitted this a couple of times, and all my recipients have been very happy with it :)
The knitting in the round is interesting, although I wouldn't be able to - my purl stitches are always looser than my knit stitches, and I suspect the fabric in the sleeves would look too different from the body. The seams are very short anyway, so I don't mind too much. Also, I think you are supposed to pick up the underarm stitches anyway, whichever way you knit the sleeves - it's easy and leaves you with only one simple seam (instead of a t-shape). Anyway, I love this pattern, and I think both yarn and execution is lovely in your case!

what a sweet little sweater! as usual your photography is outstanding.

I am so glad to see you finished it, and so glad to see that someone has finally posted an approximation of the necessary yardage for one of these. I have looked all over and not been able to find it. Thanks so much.

I want to eat it! The color and the pattern are just exquisite!

I have been obsessing about this gorgeous sweater since I happened upon your blog last night. Wow. I wish I had baby friends to knit it for - though I tend to horde my Sundara yarn for only the most yarn-worthy subjects! And even then I part with it only grudgingly... Anyway, beautiful job!

What a beautiful sweater. I guess I will have to make this for my grandbaby girl. I just finished the baby surprise one.

Sencillamente... e-s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r!! You are the Maradona of knitting!!!

I have only been knitting for approximately 4 months but, I have yet to see a sweater that really turned me on. This one is exquisite, the color, the appearance of softness is so alluring. I would love to delve into the sweater arena but, I need more practice. Thank you for sharing such a gem and I look forward to "bumping" into your blog and the Sundara yarn some day soon. Once again, thank you for such etheral motivation.


I'm always so inspired reading your blog. Thanks for always raising the bar and, of course, for your excellent choice in YARN. Sundara is the GODDESS. Can't wait to get some Pine over Yellow....

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color!

Hasn't the weather here in the Northwest been lovely? My sister was just here for a visit and we took advantage of it every day.

I have the videos of Knitters Almanac somewhere. I need to dig them out and watch them again. Lots of good tips and she's just fun to watch. The jacket turned out beautifully.

One of these days I'll make it to Sundara's site in time.

I think the EZ Baby sweater is such a great pattern, and you knitting it up in that green colorway makes it absolutely gorgeous. I am glad we got to see the finished product, and I am sure the little person who wears it will look absolutely so cute in it.

tu sei il mio ciacione

Awesome! Now doesn't it feel great to get that of your chest? :)

Darling sweater. The yarn choice is perfect.

beautiful sweater! I love the green.

That color is so vibrant. I like seeing bright colors on little kids. Get rid of that pastel stuff!

Beautiful sweater.

That is adorable. And I love the color!

OH, honey. I am SO in love!
The sweater is gorgeous; and any man who could create it is gorgeous in my eyes, too.
Loving the blog; although I am not sure how I found my way here, I certainly am glad I did. I will be a frequent flyer for sure!
Happy knitting!
In the round –how kinky is that!?!

The photos are so great, I barely read the words! Lovely!

Love the color - this one has been on my list of must knits for a while now. Fantastic job!

sweaters are so inspiring..
I want to knit both for my baby boy!!
Even though I am sleep deprived - and
haven't knitted quite a while!!

Can I ask what camera & lens you used to take
these wonderful pictures??

Your choice of color, your awesome photography and your great knitting always leave me wishing I was on the receiving end of your items! Wow! Again and again!!!

Gorgeous! So beautiful colours.

I have just started the February sweater (on your recommendation, I should add) but apparently didn't read far enough ahead regarding buttonholes. Is it because I am a mere mortal that I have to frog the whole yoke and start over, or did I miss something in the initial pattern stages? I assume that you caught that right away (that you have to start with the buttonholes 24 rows before EZ even mentions them).
Great blog- great photos- looking forward to seeing you in print this fall.

I have been inspired by you so much for a long time... finally I have started all EZ's wonderful baby patterns!!
I have to say Thank you Thank you for making me realized again-- how wonderful EZ is & true genius she is!!

Greetings from Kenya!It must be the camera...or is it the photographer?....perhaps its the yarn...the colour? Maybe its just the knitter...who makes it look so gorgeous!

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