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  The Hemlock Ring Blanket
Walking around Brooklyn the last few days, I've noticed the slightest change in the air. Autumn is beckoning and this knitter can't think of any better reward for making it through another hot summer. My inaugural Fall project is draped over my lap as I type and I find myself ready for cooler winds, wooly knits and fresh transitions.

Hemolock Ring Blanket

Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket*
Source: My modification of the Hemlock Ring (link no longer works, see note below) vintage doily (1942), with added chart repeats and heavy weight yarn. [See full post below for details]
Materials: Cascade Ecological Wool in "Latte" (8063)
Needles: US 10/6.0mm 40" Circulars; KnitPicks Options
Amount: Approximately 311g/11oz; About 600 yards (less than 2 skeins)
Finished Measurements: Just shy of 4 feet in diameter
*Ravelry users, queue it up here.

Start Date: 27 July 2007
Finish Date: 9 August 2007

Hemolock Ring Blanket

This project was born from my love of working heavyweight lace and my desire to spruce up my new place. And probably also from a sale on Cascade EcoWool which, in my eyes is the lord of Yardageland and the true definition of a wooly workhorse.

Hemolock Ring Blanket

I searched high and low for a lace pattern that would both size out right and have a repeatable chart that I could work ad nauseum until I felt like binding off. I love how Feather-and-Fan Stitch looks and had that in the back of my mind too while searching around. I found a lot of great circular shawl patterns but most were already huge when worked in lace. Knitting one of those in a heavy worsted yarn would result in a room-sized blanket which, as intriguing as that sounds, wasn't what I was going for.

Hemolock Ring Blanket

I was pretty set on Meg Swansen's "Feather and Fan Shawl" from A Gathering of Lace. This shawl, however, epitomizes the idea of giant lace, so for my own sanity I ruled out modifying it.
Doilies, though, are a great place to look for hidden gems and perfect for working up a bit bulkier than directed. So when I came across this vintage doily pattern from The Canadian Spool Cotton Company (1942) I felt like I hit the jackpot: a repeatable 5-row lace chart, a whole lot of feather-and-fanning, a perfect size for tweaking and some great vintage accents to play around with (oversized wool floral motif anyone?) - perfection.

Hemolock Ring Blanket

I was shooting for a lap blanket, something not too large that I can use to warm up while knitting or watching movies (or both, they're usually happening concurrently anyway.) A lap throw is also a great size for doubling as a table cloth, shawl, or general decorator-in-a-pinch (see photo below to dress up a bowl of yarn). When you live in a small space, multi-purpose knits are a wonderful thing. After blocking, the diameter of my blanket measured just an inch or two shy of 4 feet. The pattern as-is guides you through 87 rows of lace knitting, which I expanded in order to transform the doily into a blanket. The great thing about feather-and-fan is that you can just keep doing it in order to make a larger piece. Also, it's purdy.

Hemlock Ring Bowl

As far as 'expanding' the pattern that's given you, I've already done the grunt work of charting out the expandable feather-and-fan section here for your convenience (When it comes to lace, I have a serious aversion to line-by-line pattern writing). A special note about the chart: I did not chart out the entire pattern, only the feather and fan section. Row 1 of my chart corresponds directly to Row 47 of the original doily pattern. (You'll still have to do a little line-by-line knitting). Also, the beginning of the round in the pattern starts in the CENTER of my chart. This will be more clear while knitting - just follow along with both pattern and chart until you orient yourself to the new setup.

Pattern Detail

I worked through row 55 of my chart (highlighted in Orange) before working the edging bind-off. I have included additional feather-and-fan repeats beyond where I concluded mine for those of you who would like to work a larger blanket. You can easily continue adding repeats beyond the final row of my chart - it's all up to you. (You'll need more yarn, though)

Lace Edging

The lace edging in the pattern is awesome. The most beautiful thing about it, though, is that you can work it whenever you want. Just finish your last pattern repeat and work the edging. It blocks beautifully.

Hemolock Ring Blanket

And warm under the newest creation here at BT headquarters, I welcome Fall with open arms. Happy knitting one and all.


Wow, Jared. That's beautiful! The perfect comfort knit for fall :)

Gorgeous as always! I've never been one to follow the crowd, but the combination of your knitting skill and beautiful photography makes me want to knit every single thing you do! :)

Just beautiful, Jared! Thanks so much for sharing your modifications. I think I'll make one similar for a lap blanket to wear in my power wheelchair this winter. If you're stuck being "different", you might as well do it with some zing, eh!

I've been reading your blog for a while, but I don't think I've ever commented. IMHO, your blog is exactly what a knitting blog should be. Thank you for the inspiration! The afghan is wonderful!

that's just stunning, really.

thanks for sharing the chart!

Wow. That's fantastic. And beautiful! I think once the cold weather starts to set in, that will be my perfect project.

Absolutely totally and utterly gorgeous! Being a Shetlander I love the Old Shale pattern...reminds me of blankets I was swaddled in as a baby...I still have one!

Be still my heart! What a stunning blanket. It's just gorgeous. Thanks SO much for sharing this with us! Maybe I can face the end of summer after all..

The lap blanklet is truly beautiful. Thanks as well for sharing the chart.

Lovely work, Jared. I'll try to resist the urge to knit a lace blanket that has just struck.

Just gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. (as always)

That is absolutely beautiful! I have a half-finished sweater in Eco-wool (sitting there for at least a year) that I now want to rip and make a lace blanket with. Your work is always superb.

Love it! It's stunning.

it's stunning! i am so in awe of your way to see things that the average person just wouldn't see... i love it!! and thank you for the inspiration - going to the queue!!

Absolutely gorgeous, stunning. What a clever idea, too. Who'd have thought of this? And, as usual, beautifully executed. Thanks for sharing it with us. --Sally

It's SO beautiful! I think it's a cool idea, too, very. Nice hands, btw.

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Soooo very talented. Great job, as always. It's such a lovely color for you, too...thanks for the pattern.

That is extraordinarily beautiful. Thanks for sharing the "extra" information.

thanks for sharing the details. funny thing, i was looking at this same pattern (hemlock ring) a while ago when you first revealed the new project you were working on, but didn't realize that it was the same pattern your based your project from.

as always, looks great!.

It's stunning!


Just this morning I was trying to figure out what to do with my skein of Eco wool. BRAVO and HOORAY! Thanks so much!

I can't think of another way to say how beautiful that turned out - I think the rest here have that covered pretty well - but man, is that gorgeous. Your one creative, talented being. Thank you so much for sharing,

Great overall look!

Stunning! What a beautiful way to reinvent a pattern.

Purdy indeed!!! Amazing as always.

I adore this. Thanks for posting the details! Now to go hunting for a good yarn! I wonder if the details would be obscured too much in a darkish purple... I have some nice purple yarn on hand already.

it's so beautiful & sophisticated in this colour. This is the second time I've seen you knit lace with heavier yarn and both times its turned out amazing.

That is the most gorgeous knitted creation I've ever seen! Very, very cool.

The middle, in the color you used, reminds me of those huge moths that blend in with the bark of a tree.

Congrats on the fantastic pre-Autumn finish!


You probably don't need one more person telling you how absolutely gorgeous this is, but I will do it anyway.

That is lovely! So nice to see that lace patterns look just as good with larger weighted yarns. I'm sure you'll enjoy it this fall/winter!

Another incredibly beautiful knit. That lace pattern is amazing. And your photos, as always, are so expressive. I'm rather jealous that you can sense fall in the air - I wish I could... but our climate's a bit different in south Texas. I'd much rather be anticipating autumn in Brooklyn than anticipating hurricanes in Houston. :)

Have been reading for a while, have not commented till now... amazing! And the first "throw" type pattern that I have wanted to make!
Thanks for sharing the chart!

Done already! That blocked really nicely. I wasn't sure about the central floral motif in the worsted unblocked, but it's quite striking blocked.

Really gorgeous. I think I will try this. I love your project ideas!

It's beautiful. To me, it's perfection!

Simply gorgeous!! Bring Fall on!!

Oh, how I love it! You just don't do ordinary do you? It's going in the queue now!

I'm so curious. We know that Adrian influenced you to spin, but who taught you to knit? It was my father who taught me.

Gorgeous! I just love to look at your pictures.

This lace blanket is beautiful. You do some wonderful knitting, the baby sweater was lovely. I purchased the latest Interweave Knits so I could knit up your sweater for my son. Should be fun.

Wow. It's just beautiful. The blocking works magic on the fabric. And there's something about natural colored wool that is just so elegant.
Thanks for making this available to the knitting community.

.....so so so nice, and the edging looks GREAT!

A big brown doily - what a great idea! I'm obsessed with the center of Robert Powell's agonizingly patternless A Rose is a Rose shawl in AGOL, and the center of your Hemlock Ring made me think of it. I don't suppose you've got a copy of Marianne Kinzel's Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting, do you?

Jared, I am in total awe. I am also kicking myself. Do you know how many times my knit shop lady tried to point me in the direction of the Doilie patterns when I told her I wanted to knit a circular shawl? Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and chart. This is truely lovely, lovely work:)


How is it that everything you knit is so beautiful? Fantastic reworking of the pattern. I'm stunned.

Absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely going on the to do list. You are my hero with the creativity!

Seriously, pretty much all I can say is WOW. Gorgeous.

You're a goddamn genius.

"It hurts to look at you." - my so called life.

Really though, it is too pretty for words.

Great !

Wow that turned out lovely! I've never thought of making a blanket out of a doily pattern. Great idea.


And, you could frame those pictures and hang them around the house. That's how gorgeous they are.

Delurking to add my congrtaulations on a great modification. One day I hope I'll be brave enough to try this. Gorgeous work.

Absolutely beautiful,I had been looking at doily patterns wondering whether they could translate to shawls, I am now totally inspired!
Your knitting is fabulous!

Wow, I love ecowool, I may need to go get myself a couple of skeins, I used it a while ago for a hat, and i use the left over from that to test stitch patterns and other fun things.

stunning! i never would have guessed that i would one day covet a doily.

You certainly do love working a heavyweight lace, it's true!
And love "wooly workhorse".

Stunning and inspiring. You are a true artist.

I have sad it before and I will say it again... this is gorgeous. And your photography is stunning.

Dang, thank you so much for posting this (free!) pattern and providing your modifications.

Inspiration combined with pratical and a goodly dash of beauty.....perfect!

What a wonderful piece! And I love your amazing pictures!

Franziska from Switzerland

Jared, you are a genius! I'm in awe, it's breathtakingly beautiful! I've never used Cascade Ecological Wool, never really come across it, but the color you choose makes me want to give it a try. It's perfect, it's wonderful, I'm jelous and want one too! ;o)

Incredible!!! Inspiring as always and the most masculine lace work I have ever seen. thanks for sharing a beautiful spot in the day.

Your photos of this creation are inspiring. I want one and with all the grunt work taken care of it is quite possible i will get one. Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work and enthusiasum.

This is absolutely gorgeous! Yesterday was a perfect almost fall day and I can't wait till it gets here either.


(had to sit down)

Wow! (with my mouth hanging open)

Wow. Just ... WOW.

You continue to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your vision with the rest of us.

Knit on!

Gorgeous post. Now I must convince myself that this would NOT make a perfect baby blanket. As the clock is a-tickin', friend!

Amazing blanket! A true work of art, I will definately copy it ;)

so gorgeous! i think that this would look great in a variety of yarn weights and colors.. maybe even a variegated yarn too! thanks for the ravelry link. queued this one up immediately :)

Preciosa! I love it.

Hey, on that last picture: I had to do a double take and figure out which hand my husband wears his wedding band on because for a second there I thought you had forgot to mention a little something new in your life...or someONE... :)

Well THAT idea sure WORKED didn't it? That's just purdy. Love the crochet'd lace end to it too. Thanks for the modifications. I sure do like that yarn. Great job Jared.

It's breathtaking- thank you for sharing the pattern.

That is exquisite! I love Eco Wool too. I have knit tons of projects with it and have tons more in stash. I've even knit some up into a cardi with a carry along of Kidsilk Haze:


It's like a big hug!

your blanket is beautiful and perfect for fall! i wish it wasn't 95 degrees here in california. awesome job!


I love it. You are one of my knitting mentors.

Oh, you are so brilliant. Now I understand ... it's a lap blanket. I have never seen such before but it makes complete sense! I use to drag my bed blanket to the sofa when it's chilly, but I tend to get dizy since I gett too warmed up. But a lap blanket is the answer! Isn't it great to be a knitter ... I can make one to myself too if I like. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Beautiful. I'd love to see a full on picture, though.

Absolutely amazing! You have really out done yourself this time. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Just unlurking to thank you for sharing that beautiful lap shawl.....I know what I'm going to be knitting for Xmas presents this year! Your projects are always so inspiring, easy to knit and very useful. Thank you again and keep up the blogging. Irene in Wpg.

The blanket is stunning. Now I know what I want to do with the three skeins of Eco Wool hanging out in my stash. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

It's magnificent! Very pretty indeed and perfect for the upcoming Fall season.

Absolutely Beautiful. For some reason I thought this was brown, but it's looking grey now. Oh well.

Fall is starting to appear here in Oregon too- the breeze is getting stiffer and we've broken out the woolies. Happy Autumn!

Never have I seen anything more beautiful as this! Never!

Everyone has already said it all, but I'll add my comment as well- this is amazing. As you know, the whole blog is amazing- colors, photography, design, quality of your work- I love it.
Thanks also for the pattern. I am definitely inspired to make this gorgeous blanket.

This is fabulous--I have to knit this!!!!! I want it to look just as beautiful as yours!

It seems like everything you touch becomes something simply lovely. I really enjoy reading and admiring photos on your blog! Thanks for sharing your talent with us all.

Beautiful. Congrats on another wonderful finished project.

I love visiting your blog. Your knitting and photography blow me away each and every time.

Fall is certainly in the air here in the Midwest as well. It's time to start thinking of all the things I should be making for Holiday giving.

Enjoy the season!

Coming out of the internet shadows to say, what a gorgous project. I love knitting lace, and this is something that I can see getting some real regular use in my life. Thanks for a great idea.

This is so beautiful. Great work!

Stunning - the pattern & the wool are beautiful together.

You are my new hero! Thart throw is one of the most beautiful things i have seen!! LOVE it

amazing. rustic yet elegant at the same time! that eco wool is great stuff!

You're a genius! Seriously. Great idea. Gorgeous outcome. I can't wait to see what you dream up next!

Even though it's still August, there's a crisp chill in the air, the wind is picking up, and as much as I'm jinxing it all by saying it, fall is here.

And I can't stop thinking about that throw. As if I didn't have enough on my plate at the moment, I can get that yarn (which I also adore) at my LYS.

So tempting.

This is such an elegant and sophisticated project. I showed this to a non-knitter and now she wants to take a class! Really inspirational and unexpected. Great job, you are an excellent craftsman!

Absolutely stunning. You have amazing talent!

Absolutely beautiful! Nice Knit!

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your modifications.

Spectacular! I have always loved EcoWool for a variety of projects - never imagine lace. It is beautiful.

Absolutely mind blowing! I have never seen one like it. Your work is so inspiring.

Simply gorgeous!

Fabulous. Creative genius. What a perfect housewarming gift to yourself! Love it!

Stunning! I love the color and the pattern is beautiful! Great work!


Thank you so much for the pattern. I can't wait to knit my version. Your's is so beautiful!!!

Delurking. Your knits are so beautiful and your photographs capture the moment so well. I truly find your blog an inspiration. Great finished project!

Absolutely fabulous!!!
I thought many times how will look doily pattern made as cardigan,but never thouhgt to make one as blanket...
Your images are grand as well!

A friend just sent me a link to one of your previous FOs and I was so enchanted by your photography that I couldn't resist clicking over to see what was going on currently. Wow- I love the doily/blanket. Between your gorgeous projects and lush photography (or is it the other way around?) I have a feeling I'll be sticking around to see what you knit next. Thanks for giving me yet another reason to procrastinate at the computer!

This was my first visit to your blog and I'm blown away by how beautiful that blanket is. Not to mention how fast a knitter you are! Thank you for sharing it all with us. I'll be back!


Just gorgeous.

congrats, this is a work of incredible beauty. and that you finished it in only a few weeks--i am truly envious!

It's beautiful -- congratulations! I've been looking at lots of doily patterns lately, wondering if I could make them into something I'd actually use. And it looks like I can! Thanks for sharing!

Right now I am clapping my hands!!!!!Nice job!!

Wow.... It's absolutely fabulous!!! Your blog and work is so inspiring! I can also sense fall in the air here i Oslo, Norway.

Oh wow. That's beautiful.

That's absolutely breath taking and enough to make me wish for winter all year round!

I finally understand where the feathers are in Feather & Fan - you need to be constantly increasing to really see it! So beautiful.

This is so beautiful. You are extremely creative & talented.

add me to the oohs & ahhs for the blankie...and, where'd you get the nice coffee cups??! karen

I LOVE it. I have such a long "to do" list for this fall, but I want to add this anyway -- due in large part to your lovely photography, as always. I've made plenty of crocheted snowflakes, and had to relegate them to the Christmas tree -- I love the idea of keeping this piece out nearly year-round. Thank you for sharing! And enjoy!

That is soooo beautiful! Absolutely stunning.

AARRGHH - it's almost painful, I'm rolling around here in an agony/ecstasy of admiration/envy - that is seriously one of my favorites of yours, in a long line of items, Jared. THANK YOU! for sharing - now I can go queue this up on my frighteningly long Ravelry Q...

This is my first time to comment on your blog, but you are a daily read of mine.

Have you seen all the love you're getting at Tienne knits? Here's the link:

Thanks for inspiring so many of us!!

It's gorgeous - beautiful work!

(and a whole blanket out of less than two skeins? incredible!)

this blanket is awesome. and i love the color.

Absolutely gorgeous! I wish it was getting cooler down here in the south. We're still hitting over 100 at the peak of the day.

Just incredible - I can't help but join the voices of praise here. What a beautiful blanket to snuggle up with!


That is quite possibly the most gorgeous piece of knitting I have ever seen. I know you have had a lot of praise, but I felt compelled to add my own. As someone new to knitting I have been tempted by the rainbow and fancy yarns around, but your blog has made me realise that natural colours and simple textures can often become the most beautiful objects, and so calming. I just received a Jamieson & Smith shadecard through the door, and they sell Shetland wool in no less than 9 naturally occuring shades, and while they looked boring before, you have really changed my perspective, so I know where to spend my birthday money. Thank you.

Dear Boy, you continue to astonish and amaze. Delightful!


Love it! The heavier gauge is so nice.

I'm really excited by the fall weather edging it's way to NYC too and happily planning my fall knits. Enough of this awful, stinky, hot NYC weather already!

I am new to knitting and new to your blog but I have to say that I love your work. I love old patterns reinvented, I have several old Workbasket mags and can't wait to have the knowledge and experience to tinker with patterns. Thank you so much for the inspiration and sharing your love of knitting with us.

Simply Stunning

How about a KAL!

You have one fortunate lap there my friend :)

I agree, it is purdy!

How do you do it?!! All the lovely things that fly off your needles! And your photography just makes it all the more perfect.

That is without a doubt THE most beautiful blanket I have ever seen!
I want one!

That's just truly incredible work. I can't even imagine making something that complex and lovely.

I'm quite sure there is nothing that I can say that 143 other people haven't already said. You already know it's purdy, and I love the idea of it. You're just so very talented.


Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing. - Elizabeth -

That's pretty.

OMG!!!! this blanket is truly exsquisite!!! I think I spelled that right... I wanna be like you when I knit up...it truly is a work of art....i applaud your talents whole heartedly

Genius!!! Exquisite!!!

I am in awe at how genously you can interperate pattens and make them look like you. Every single time.

This is just beautiful and I can't wait to make it. I'm thinking dark green!
On more businessy note, I'm always happy to pay someone for their patterns. I see you haven't charged for this so perhaps you could recommend a favorite charity that I could make a modest contributiton to.

What a fantastic project. Love it!!!


Adding it to my queue now!

Thank you thank you!

That was fast! It really is beautiful, and such a good idea to use a doily pattern. I have a booklet of doilies (and "fancy edgings") from the 1940s, and I think it's time to look at it again with an eye to blankets...

Just gorgeous. it made my Ravelry queue in an instant. :)

Wow!! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I just love it and have to make it soon!!

Yay! that is awesome. And it is the same vintage doily I was working on. I am only on row 75 or so. But now I want to make a blanket one, too! haha

Thanks for sharing...weeee.

Uh huh.
I want one.
This is only made more perfect by your willingness to help us make one too! Lovely.

Where does one find the time to create such God beautiful loving knitting? I would love to see this is in cranberry color.

Jared, This is the first time I've been to your blog but it has gone right into favorites. I am sure I will visit daily to see what your up to! Your blanket is breathtaking! What an absolutely gorgeous pattern! If you do a knitalong, count me in! :-)

Once again, absolutely beautiful! Don't you just love the Cascade Ecological Wool! Can't beat the price/yardage. (and it's nice and soft too) What a great idea, to work from a doily pattern. I might have to give this one a try. Feather and Fan is one of the lace patterns I can knit without screwing up too terribly bad.

Oh my goodness, that is the most beautiful handwork, WOW! I'm just awestruck, and had to comment.

Beautiful.....just beautiful and the photography is even better!

Absolutely stunning. As always! :)

That blanket is AWESOME. I have just the wool for it if my sweater plans for it don't work out. That's going in my queue for SURE!

I love your work! Your spinning is just fab u lous Darling! And those hands - just to die for - love looking at the hands that produce all the work -

butterflyjones (Ravelry)

Incredible! I've always thought you do such incredible work and as a sidenote, love your photography, but that is so beautiful!

Great job. Very inventive and Authenically unique!

OMG! I take back all the bad things I have thought and said about "feather and fan." Your lapghan has totally converted me to a lover of this pattern. Just awesome!

I'd leave a one word comment, but that's what I usually get from the spammers.

So, wow. And the feather and fan is amazing.

Oh my, that is beautiful! I love it and am checking my stash for yarn as we speak!

This would be a great wedding gift blanket too. So pretty.

Thank you!!!!

Crap. Crap CRAP! Help! I've started and re-started this project. I keep getting screwed up between rown 35 and 37- somehow off by 2 stitches.... everything lines up until the last "petal point" but then I have like 2 stitches before things line up for the next row... any ideas?

You are one of the most talented knitters out there. You should definitly publish a book on knitting vintage knits with a modern sensibility. You're amazing. Put many of these other books to shame.

I would buy it just for the photography!

I've just discovered your blog...i'll come back to admire all your beautiful projects and pictures.
This blanket is really marvellous!

Thank you so much for the chart and tips on making this. Yours is truly beautiful.
I love heavyweight lace too and recently gave away all my laceweight as I just couldn't work with it.

There's something almost mystical about this blanket; maybe it's the ornate stitch pattern paired with a demure yarn. Anyhow, it's really exquisite! It's so awesome how you took elements from different patterns and created something new.
I've added this to my queu on Ravelry : >

Very nice! I like the Eco Wool, too.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Love it! Such a beautiful homespun knit.

The attention your blanket is garnering is well earned.
I haven't seen anything as enchanting in a very long time.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Absolutely charming!

There have been many times when I have seen a pattern and I said - I've gotta do this, but never until this pattern have I dropped EVERYTHING and done it. This is not a hard pattern, but it is. I've found if I get the least bit distracted, I skip a repeat or something goes off into left field and the next think I know I've knitted and tinked a line 5 times before I finally get it right (once even with help of a friend reading a pattern to me stitch by stich, repeat by repeat).

But never, even in my deepest frustrations, have I even considered abandoning this project. I know it will mean that much more to me when I complete it. And, I have at LEAST 2 more planned for Christmas presents. (And I have set up bi-monthly chiropractor visits set up to help me with the marathon knitting.)

Thank you so much for this pattern and your photography is GREAT, Amazing and just beautiful.

Jared I just finished mine: www.donnac368.blogspot.com
Thank you for all your inspiring work.

Jared, did you have any idea of the avalanche of blankets you would start when you posted the Hemlock Ring Blanket project? I love seeing all the ones people are making. They are beautiful.

I just finished mine, as a wedding present for my son. I thought you might like to see. It doesn't go exactly by your pattern notes, but started out and ended up with portions of your pattern. You can find it here: http://countrygirlzine.us/2007/09/25/a-finished-wedding-afghan-just-in-time/

You are amazing! The blanket is just OMG so beautiful! This is so georgous and I can't wait to make one of my own! :)

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that throw soooo bad! Incredible work! :)

Your work crosses from craft to art. Thank you for sharing. I hope to someday be able to even try to make such a thing of beauty. T

This is stunning - stunning. I love the subdued colour.

Oh, it is just so beautiful. What an amazing gift you have given us! Thank you!

Truly beautiful. Thanks for working out the pattern for all.

With 190 previous comments, I nearly decided not to tell you how beautiful I think this is and thank you for taking the time to chart this. You are a most generous knitter. x

just back from ny sheep & wool with brooks farms undyed lamb/alpaca blend that I think would do justice to this fab pattern. One question -- around what row do you change from the double point needles to the circular? Do you go right to the 40" circ or do you start with a smaller length?


That is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (Angelina Jolie notwithstanding, of course.)
Thank you for sharing. I am off to hunt for wool beautiful enough to warrant the effort.

I have yet to pick my jaw up from the floor. THAT.IS.BEAUTIFUL. I think it is the most beautiful thing I have seen this year! I am inspired by every single thing you knit! I am now going to try to find some wool worthy of this fine, FINE lace project of yours! Thank you for the pattern lead, and for sharing your alterations! :)


very very nice.

AB SO LUTELY Beautiful.
I'm so inspired by the things you've knit. Just started Koolhaas Hat and what fun. Thanks

Absolutely phenomenal. I've added it to my queque.

I've started knitting this wonderful blanket (what a great idea!) but i'm having some trouble with the old-fashioned instructions. For example, in row 14 what does this mean: "work 9 sts in next O -- to work 9 sts in 1, (k 1, p 1) 4 times;"? Thanks for any advice you can give.

Just jumping on the band wagon to say how beautiful it is! :-)

Wow, that is truly gorgeous!
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