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  You're My Iro
This one is sort of a drop-in-the-bucket as far as projects are concerned, but so beautiful in it's simplicity that I figured it deserved a little slice of blog space. I don't get a chance to work with yarn as beautiful ($$$) as Iro everyday, so this was an absolute treat and went all too quickly.

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Pattern: Generic Garter Stitch Scarf (17 sts in width)
Materials: Noro 'Iro' in shade #47
Amount: 2 full hanks; 200 g/262 yds
Needles: US 11/8mm

Start and End Date: 12 April 2007 (I couldn't stop)

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Let me tell you this was one sweet fiber to work with - this is one occasion where the speed of knitting was actually unpleasant. In the end I definitely wished I had more to knit with! This is the second installment of that Noro binge I went on back in March. Don't worry though, this is it for Noro Scarves - the 'Tweed isn't scheduled for a self-striping-yarn takeover. This year. In truth, with all the garter stitch delight going on backstage, everything else is residing in temporary obscurity.

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I have the day off tomorrow, so this is my 'Friday' post. I tend to prefer something simple and easy on the eyes to wrap up the week, when I'm so fried even blog reading can be a chore. We're getting out of the city and spending the weekend upstate (in Rhinebeck of all places), so I hope to have a lot to show you next week, including a proper Adult-Tomten update (the love affair continues). My partner-in-crime is on vacation so I'm trying not to go overkill on the Tomten. It's called a knit-along after all, even if it is just the two of us. (Hope you're enjoying Ireland)

I have something pretty great (!!!) keeping me busy though... more on that later.
Be sure to drink your morning coffee and enjoy your weekend knitting.

Here's the fun I had with Iro:


Great yarn.
Lorilee Beltman

I think simplicity is just what Noro calls for.

Have a great time in Rhinebeck. We have family there and used to live in the Catskills. It certainly is beautiful.



Sigh ... I'm out of words!

Do you ever tire of people calling your photos/knits beautiful? It's my turn again - it's beautiful. The simple garter stitch is just perfect for the Noro.

How fun! Great job as always!

Thanks for sharing this!

great colorway choice. i love to knit with noro, but like you said, it's one yarn that simply calls for simple stitch patterns. you can't go crazy with it, and let the beauty of the fiber speak for itself.

have a nice weekend trip.

Talk about easy on the eye!!
That is scrum-diddly-umptious

Teaser! Now we have to wait till next week to find out what the "pretty great" thing is?
Have a wonderful weekend in Rhinebeck.

It's tru, Noro doesn't need much to show it off! Just a nice, plain canvas. That scarf is *gorgeous*.

Just BEAUTIFUL! Very lovely!

As you already know, the scarf is wonderful.

I have been lusting after some Noro Iro at Little Knits because they have it for 58% off. I think I may make the Noro Bradshaw sweater with so I am so happy to see the yarn got a great review from a great knitter.

Love it Love it Love it!! Have fun at Rhinebeck

A woman at the yarn store once came in with a bag of noro iro, i thought about waiting outside for a survival of the fittest sort of confrontation. she knew she wsn't safe, and high-tailed it out of there quicker than you could knit a garter stitch scarf. yours is lovely, by the way.

Oh the Noro! Always beautiful, no matter what it's knitted into. Have a great weekend in Rhinebeck!

So simple an yet so pretty in all its Noro-ness. I'll have to see if I can get some of that 47, it would look smashing on my guy! Enjoy your weekend!

wonderful simplicity to show off the yarn....

Oh My God this Noro it's really a incredible yarn! Beautiful! I love it!

How do you do it? Two skeins of yarn + garter stitch = Scarf to lust after. You have a great eye for color.

Ooohhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Do it again!

That yarn does it all. Such a beautiful scarf!


It's all about the texture. Looks great :)

Gorgeous. I've never liked the look of garter stitch before now. Hmmm. I have 2 skeins of Transitions in stash. Maybe just simple garter???

Very Nice! I've never used Iro.

I've never fondled the Iro. How does it feel around the neck?

My Spousal-Equivalent might actually wear that color and #40. He could use some scarves.

it is a lovely yarn. and your partner in crime has made me buy 20 skeins of yorkshire tweed chunky so i can have a knitalong for an adult tomten with myself. they only cost 80 dollars which is ridiculously cheap thanks to being a newsletter reader of jannette's. enjoy.

Hey!!!! This is the first time I've read your blog and I'm adding you to my favorites! I LOVE the colours you knit with, and the yarn looks so delicious on these pictures.....my mouth is actually watery......yummy!!

I can see why you'd want to keep on knitting Iro-I have 1 lonesome skein in a cream color. It is Heavenly.

You knit beautifully. I am a new knitter and I was wondering where you purchase these fabulous yarns? What material do you prefer to work with? I have been only working from what's available at Joann Fabrics which is not a ton.

The scarf is beautiful honey, but what's up? The garter's got you, huh?

I understand. I'm addicted to Herringbone Lace right now. I guess you fingers get in a rythmn, like a needle stuck in the groove of a record.

Play on!

always a visual feast here! thanks.

and hope you are having a great weekend.

The best scarves are simple with gorgeous yarn. I envy you for having the opportunity to wear yummy noro ones!

Wow. That scarf is beautiful and perfect in it's simplicity. Well done!

I'm just wondering...in general, how you have the most beautiful and even stitches EVER? Just tons of practice? Magic needles? Unique knitting posture? Perfect yarn? Do you knit slow or fast? Do you ever make a mistake? Care to share your secret?

Really lovely stuff!

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i recently discovered your blog, and think it's great to see a man who knits. i work at a yarn shop, & the men are very few. love your taste--you knit exactly what i think a guy should knit. i recently launched a knitting (among other things) blog, and am having a blast. we added you as one of our favs...

The scarf is fabulous!

your photograph along w/ the yarn made a simple garter scarf look like an amazing piece of art. i love your work!

My first visit here - hi!
It was hard to decide which post to comment on but since I just made a sweater out of Iro, I chose this one to say that now I want MORE after seeing your scarf. Scrumptious knitting, the lot of it. And your baby knits binge is a huge success.

Glad to hear you had good R&R in the greenest place I've ever been.

Hi Jordan

I got the tip to your blog from someone on knittinghelp.com when I was looking for inspiration for a gift scarf for my Big City Girl sister.

I fell for the Iro yarn and made a mad dash to the LYS. The yarn has really spoiled me. I ended up getting enough for multiple projects. Thanks so much for sharing your love for knitting. I've been a closet knitter for 23 years and your photos have inspired me to come out of the closet.


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