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  Almeara Gloves
To say I found myself victim to a serious cable-hunger this Fall would be an understatement. My design work is kinda littered with them - these gloves being no exception. My head has been filled with root-wrapped accessories and knot-riddled sweaters (what's new, really?). When I think about it, I'm still kinda stunned by how amazing cables really are. I mean... who thought this up in the first place anyway? I don't think I'll ever get sick of playing with them.

[Oh, before I start talking shop about these and forget: this pattern can be found in Vogue Knitting Winter 2008/09, which I think hits the stands this week, if it hasn't already. Ravelry link here.]

Almeara Gloves

When I got to thinking about super cabley gloves, visions of some root-like gauntlets came to mind - like some fancy armor cast-off from a lost and forgotten forest fantasy world. Leave it to my adolescent fantasy-novel-reading past. Again - cables just do that to me.

Almeara Gloves

With the fear of cable seduction and going overboard, I opted for something simple on the palm: enter garter stitch, my longtime companion. This wonderful yarn (Rowan Scottish Tweed DK) was kinda begging for something textural on the palmside. A DK woolen-spun two ply - this stuff is light and oh-so-woolly, with a touch of irregularity that makes it so beautiful. I wouldn't at all mind knitting up a whole sweater out of this one. This is me making a mental note.

Almeara Gloves

The motifs on the hands are mirrored - same cables, just raying out in opposing directions. The choice of individual unique cables along each finger (a decision I may have cursed myself for while charting the pattern...) make this one a bit more involved than say, mittens of the same flavor, but I hope it's worth the extra work, cause they are kinda fun in the end.

Almeara Gloves

There's an I-cord cast-on for these which, if you haven't tried it, you're in or a treat! Definitely on my top 10 list of fun knitting tricks.

The pattern is accompanied with a fancy-pants article which always seems so very twilight zone, but is very flattering nonetheless and I'm absoluely grateful for it!

Almeara Gloves

I hope you enjoy these! And I'm also hoping for the wintry, wool-wearing weather to stick around for a good while so the sweater (glove/mitten/hat/fill in your own blank) drawer can keep its regular rotation.

Are you getting sick of me constantly worshiping Winter yet?

Almeara Gloves

Sick of you worshipping winter? Hardly. These are splendid, splendid gloves. Would that I were capable of something like this! Most excellent work, Jared.

Thew gloves are amazing. Really, really.

i just got my vogue in the mail and as soon as i saw these my jaw hit the floor. i'll definitely be making at least one pair. for everyone i know. gorgeous, gorgeous.

I am not a huge Vogue Knitting fan, but I will certainly go out now and get a copy of this issue. I've never seen such beautiful gloves!

I have a thing for winter, too! Don't tell my summmer knits, OK?

Oh, how lovely! Do go on and make the sweater.

Absolutely beautiful... I may have to pick up Vogue Knitting now. I'm an Interweave girl, myself.

These are awesome! They look like a pretty quick knit, too... at least compared to Girasole :) Living in Los Angeles probably means I'd never get to wear warm gloves like that, but maybe I'll make some for my friends stuck up in Chicago.

They are SO on my list of upcoming knits! Just need to finish my Druids and then it's cast-on time. And what a great write up in VK. Congrats!!

i love them. period.

Beautiful, Beautiful. Your work is one of the things I enjoy about winter.

I hope my LYS has a copy this weekend so I can get these started. They're absolutely amazing!

It is artists like you that make Winter worth every slushy puddle stepped in. With each new snow storm, we look forward to the time spent knitting for the next adorable accessory to wear. LOVE your designs! LOVE your photographs! LOVE your blog! You deserve all the praise you get. Thank you.


Love the gloves! And all your other patterns.
Maybe you should consider moving to the Midwest? Or Canada? So you can have a few more months of winter to inspire you...

it would be a bit ironic if you didn't worship winter. and these gloves are magnificent. whole 2008 was spent knitting cables and twisted stitches. and it is amazing. the male non knitter, but quite crafty in other departments, who was the recepient of my na craga is so taken with the layers of knitting forming the cables. and i think it so fun to hear him speak about it, because cabling to me is not one of life's great mysteries, or maybe it is???

Absolutely beautiful. I picked up the Vogue at the grocery and thumbed through it and these popped out at me. I thought to myself "Those look like something Jared would design." Then I saw you picture. Had to buy the mag right then.

These look so fun to knit -- and to wear!


These look like they match the Montera hat!!!! Gorgeous!!!

I have been waiting for this issue to show up in my mailbox all week! These gloves will be shoved to the front of my to do list lickety split, because dang it is cold!

Jerod- Never. I share your passion for winter, in all it's glory.

Lovely gloves as well as practical- what more could you ask for?

Worship away! It yields delightful results :)

I was a voracious fantasy/sci-fi reader as a kid too.

Those gloves are LOVELY, really really lovely. Those cables down the fingers make me feel more than a little lusty.
Please photograph the palm too!

Sooooo gorgeous! I saw your preview in PDX, and am looking forward to the magazine. I was sorry they didn't put the gloves in the online VK preview. Nothing else inspired me. But these gloves! Must knit.

Did you use every bit of the called for yarn, or could one (if one were brave enough) make the cuff a smidge longer?

Oh, you're definitely not the only one worshipping winter. I wish I could spend the whole day making woollens for my cold fingers! And toes ... and ears ... and neck ...

I wish I were somewhere that we actually had winter. To those buried under snow right now I probably sound like an ingrate, but California sunshine can get downright monotonous. Send snow!

I love your glove design, Jared! Can't wait to make them!

These are absolutely beautiful gloves! Your cable work is exquisite, and unfortunately, seems to be beyond my knitting skills. But we all need something to aspire to, and these gloves are it for me. :)

They are lovely! The issue arrived, but I haven't had a chance to look through it yet. I'm definitely going to pour over the issue now. Congratulations on another beautiful design.

Once again, I'm totally impressed with your newest design. I looooove reading your blog and viewing all the nice pictures. There is just one thing about you I find really weird: your love for the cold season. Brrrr.... ;-) Congratulations for this pattern: another success I predict!

Great glove pattern. I have some discontinued Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in my stash. I don't think its enough. I may have to find some more just to make these gloves....

These are wicked cool!!!

These are indescribably appealing--elegant and sculptural, wow. I'm still reeling from the habitat hat and girasole.. Your designs just keep getting better.

i'm a cable ho', and these are amazing. i actually got short of breath for an instant. i'll be hitting the bookstore tomorrow!

Okay. Stop knitting gorgeous cabled knitwear. No. I really mean it. Just stop. You're making all of us look bad.

great design !

Love the gloves cant wait to by the issue:)Hugs Darcy

I don't think I have ever been so attracted to an article of clothing in my entire life. I need to make these now.

Wow these are fabulous - cozy and cabley and pretty!

Beautiful! Vive l'hiver!

Those gloves are beautiful and the pictures are lovely as usual! I really love your blog!
Anna, Sweden

fabulous! don't stop worshiping winter or cables!
And, what is the model wearing around her neck?

Lovely gloves! Winter is the best ... but without summer, would we appreciate it?

Sick of winter, is that possible? I think not.

Because of you I have found the love of cables as well. And these just hit the spot. I can't wait to get started.

As always, you inspire us. Thanks for a brand new design.

I have one word for you:


Long live winter and warm cable knits!

This was my favorite pattern in this Vogue Knitting issue. Another great design.


Thank you for another beautiful creation!

The gloves are beautiful and have inspired me to make a pair of gloves (I had sworn I would never knit gloves and stick to mittens). As for the article, I love finding out more about designers and it was pretty cool that they referenced Ravelry! I love your patterns and plan on making quite a few of them. Thanks!

Beautiful, beautiful gloves.

Please keep worshipping winter. =) There are so few who do.

they're just amazing !...

I love winter, so I agree with you. The gloves are very pretty, I will definitely pick up the latest Vogue Knitting for this.

Wow! These gloves are amazing!

I am definitely picking up the pattern later on this week.

You might as well worship winter because [grump] it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I am on my way to pick up Vogue...so I can drool while holding this pattern in hand.
Wonderful work as always.

Love these gloves! Your work is exquisite as always!

still feeling the winter love. dreading spring cause i haven't finished all i want for this winter! now i have to add more gloves to my list because these are freakin awesome.

Fabulous gloves! I love the cable designs and the little cables on the fingers. Without looking at VK yet, I'd say it's yet another brilliant design.

I can lurk no more. Your work is over-whelmingly inspiring! For Christmas, I received a cable needle necklace that has changed and inspired my own cabling. (http://www.lesliewind.com/cable.html) I can't wait to try these gloves! Thanks!

I don't usually buy Vogue Knitting but I wanted to read the "fancy-pants" article, so I did. Congratulations. It's wonderful. As usual, your work is beautiful. I recently made Koolhaas for my daughter (almost 15, takes quite a bit to impress)-- a fun knit! She loves it and her friends think it's very "kool". She's been looking at Porom as a possibility for her next hat. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

these are great, jared!

I just happened to pick up the latest VK at B&N and these gloves immediately caught my eye. It's been a while (okay, a little over a year) since I last picked up needles but seriously...I'm tempted to try these! And I look forward to discovering more of your designs. Good luck and keep 'em coming! :)

Another amazingly gorgeous creation...absolutely dreamy, just like the Druid mittens. I'm off to pick up VK and will hope that I can tackle these. How about a mitten variation for us novices???
Once again, spectacular work--you are an incredible talent!

running to the store to purchase VK.. once again the beauty you create amazes me. Coongratulations on well deserved accolades!

Beautiful gloves! I bought the magazine as soon as I flipped thru and landed on the photos of them. Maybe my love of cables will overcome my not-love of knitting fingers! I'll just tell myself they're mittens with 5 thumbs, and since it is currently 4degF and snowy outside my window it is definitely the right time for a nice warm pair of gloves!

Cables do it for me too! These are stunning ... added to the project list!

Dear Jared, I must thank you for your winter worship. I don't mind being inside looking out at the whiteness, but I get so SICK of the endless layering and hassle and bulkiness and boot-clomping and scarf-choking and glove-fumbling and general inability to move that accompanies all attempts to leave the house, not to mention driving dangers, shoveling, ice-slippage, extra travel time, etc etc. I quite forget how pretty it all is, and that I too love knits, really I do. Thanks for reminding me that it is quite normal to love this season, and that many people do. Sincerely, Cheryl

I kind of hope our winter in Oregon sticks around a little longer so I can keep seeing spectacular things like this appear! Wonderful, as always. And I love how you called them gauntlets. Very appropriate for the pattern.

You really are a gifted designer.

I'm not typically much of a glove person (I have four pairs of mittens, 2 in progress, and zero gloves), but I love these!

These look beautiful!

Another beautiful pair! I loved knitting the Druids for my daughter. May have to knit these for myself!

Sohbet Ekle
sohbet chat

I miss when you just blogged - said a few words and posted a couple of your gorgeous photos. Now you seem to wait for ages and ages to post - and only when you have something to sell. Miss you!

"When I think about it, I'm still kinda stunned by how amazing cables really are. I mean... who thought this up in the first place anyway?"

Made me wonder about it, so I asked the Knitting History forum. The story is really quite amazing:

"Rutt says (p.198) that cabling seems to have come to the
islands in 1908 from a couple of residents who spent time in America
and learned it from a Bavarian woman there -- it's the sort of story
no one would believe if it were fiction, but that actually does seem
to be how it happened.

I've heard speculation that cabling may have been invented somewhere
in the Germanies, but I don't think anyone has done the research to
find out."


A) Arran (Scotland) does not knit, traditionally. Aran sweaters come from Inishmaan, Inisheer, and Inishmore in Galway Bay and are twentieth-century commercial products.

B) Stockings from mainland Europe and Scandinavia show cables in 18th century. No idea how early. Nothing on any of the silk vests.

Wonderfull !


Oh, my, I have stash yarn calling my name for these babies! I don't usually get Vogue Knitting (a serious lack of patterns for larger women) but I will bust into the budget saving to get a copy for these. BEAUTIFUL! Love your love of cables - it always leads to such gorgeous work!

How can something so cool, look so hot and feel so warm, lol!

BTW Did you ever get round to doing a pattern for the BIG BLUE or did I miss something/

Jared I flipped through the magazine and had to buy it because of THESE cable gloves! I think you should be blushing at all the raves that are being said about you, and well deserved! I live in So. California, where the coldest it gets in the beach area is about 45 degrees...certainly not cold enough to wear gloves but..ooh I might just have to break down and make them anyways! Love it!

I have been scouring the stores for VK Winter 2008/09 and finally got to pick up a copy a few days ago. I am in love with your designs. I have been a lurker on your blog for about a year now. Your photography is a-mazing, your knit designs are intoxicating, and I just think you are pretty neat-o in general! :) I have made the druid mittens, and will buy the girasole pattern today - LOVE that by the way! My best friend has the koolhaas I made for her and loves it. And because of your inspiration, I am trying my hand at the EZ pi shawl. Thank you so much for sharing!

Congratulations on the Vogue Knitting profile. I really enjoyed reading it. Your gloves are exquisite, but so are your hats. I don't think I'll ever get sick of cables, or watchign what you do with them. :-)

Your knitting is really cool!
And inspiration for beginner knitters like me!

Really amazing !! Thank you !

I love your gloves. Can't wait to make them.

Very, very cool. Gloves don't usually say "Knit ME!" to me, but these very much do for my kids living in colder climates. They're exquisite.

Very very beatiful!!!Gloves very beatiful!!!

Well, since you mention a fantasy-novel-reading past... these are named after Nynaeve al'Meara and her ubiquitous braid, aren't they? ♥
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