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  Druid Mittens
It's always a wonderful moment when magazine previews hit the Internet because then we designers finally get to share some of our little secrets from the past year. I designed and knit these mittens up in the spring and really grew quite attached to them, so I'm really happy to finally introduce the two of you.

Druid Mittens (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

This pattern will be available in the upcoming Fall/Winter issue of Vogue Knitting, along with many other wonderful mitten designs from a handful of great designers. A little mitten spread seems like just the ticket for Fall knitting, doesn't it?

Druid Mittens (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The concept for these was something intricate and beautiful with lots of detail. The mittens are knit in fingering weight Shetland wool (Jamieson's Spindrift, one of my all-time faves, in the 'Leprechaun colorway') and covered with texture. Not the quickest knit, but really fun for us detail-oriented-types. Or those of us who just plain love bobbles (I'm not ashamed).

Druid Mittens (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The pattern features knit-purl patterning on the cuff, shaped wrist, gusseted thumb, and garter stitch straps flanking the sides (I had to squeeze the garter in there somehow). The palm is worked in a textured tweed stitch and the thumb features its own little cable motif that grows out of the gusset.

Druid Mittens (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The mitten is closed with a garter stitch saddle - a little detail that I really love. The garter stitch panels on either side come up and over the fingers, capping the top seamlessly, a la seamless saddle shoulder sweater construction, and are grafted together to finish up.

Druid Mittens (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Being such a busy little pair of mittens, they require some acrobatic needle work and because of it look pretty lumpy after knitting. I highly recommend a warm wash in the sink - which will do wonders for this pattern and Shetland in general. They seemed a little limp and less-than-impressive before their bath, but afterwards bloomed wonderfully - the fabric becomes much more cohesive and the cables pop. If you aren't an immersion-blocker, making an exception for these babies will really pay off.

Druid Mittens (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I've listed the pattern over on Ravelry if you want to check up on all the specifics, see the other patterns featured in this issue, or queue the project for your Fall or Winter knitting.

Druid Mittens (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

And the honor of all honors: the folks at Vogue chose these for the cover of the issue! Talk about flattering!

Vogue Fall 2008 Cover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)
photo courtesy of Soho Publishing

Enjoy the issue!


How beautiful. Love the color. Thinking about recreating a pair of mittens I had as a child. Won't say how many years ago that was but... This is just the incentive to get started on my mittens.
Can't wait to get the Fall Vogue Knitting.

Yay for Jared! You deserve it. Everything you do has such a level of beauty in it.

I do not typically buy magazines, but I will make an exception for these!


WOW---I'm rightfully impressed. What an amazing job! Congratulations!

Beautiful design. Congrats on the cover!

Congratulations! The mittens are sublime. I do love that saddle finish.

I am so knitting these when the issue is out! Your work is amazing as always!

Awesome! Congratulations!

They are beautiful. Congratulations!

Congratulations! Your new mittens are lovely. I am so in the mood for fall and fall knits.

Your mittens on the cover?!?! Congratulations!!! How exciting! I can't wait for that issue to come out. It's chock full of great patterns.

Way to go on another successful pattern!

Please, please Mr. Postman, bring me my VK now! These mittens are worth the price of admission.

Congratulations! What beautiful mittens; makes me itch for some colder weather.

I saw these mittens featured on Rosie's Yarn Cellar's blog yesterday and immediately knew I'd need to knit them. What a fun surprise to see they're your design! Congratulations on the VK cover and thanks for another beautiful pattern!

They're great--I love the green cabley goodness. And, the cover no less! Congratulations.

These are so beautiful. If I could, I'd eat them!

I mentioned a while back that you would become a great designer. Perhaps next you will be writing your own pattern book too. The mittens look fabulous and I cannot wait for the issue to arrive here.

I've never been compelled to knit mittens but I think I have the perfect person in mind for this gorgeous pair. Congratulations!

Mitten mania!

Oh My goodness I love these. I'm going to call my LYS right away and have them put a copy of the new magazine on hold for me.

Living "up here" in the frozen North mittens are a must have, but these mittens take a necessity to a new level of accessory. Congratulations on getting the cover and I know that they will prove to be a popular project!

oh wow! Instant love! I can hardly wait for this issue to come out. Congratulations on your cover!

those are beautiful - and I love the color! congrats on the cover, too!

They are great. Congratulations. I think I'll have to actually purchase this issue.

And you didn't meniton that the mittens are on the cover.....Go Jared! You deserve all the exposure.

Wow, the cover and everything! Congratulations, it is well deserved. I may even have to break my no mittens/gloves rule for a pair of these these Christmas! Recognition for your skill and creativity is long overdue!

Congratulations!! I can't wait until mine makes it to my mailbox!! Also, thanks for the insider tidbits!

Congratulations! Those are absolutely gorgeous. I have been thinking about mittens lately, and I think I need to spin and knit these.

Congratulations, Jared! These are really nice! and color wonderful!
happy knitting,
sao paulo, brazil

...and on the cover!! Fantastic!! The detail in these pics is awesome. Congratulations! Can't wait to see it!!

These definitely deserve to be on the cover!!!! What a beautiful pair of mittens! And I love the green colour .....

I think they are perfect to be my first-ever-knitted-pair-of-mittens!

Whoa. Very cerebral. Gorgeous. Thank you, Jared.

Beautiful, just beautiful These look like they will be a really satisfying project.

Spectacular mittens, in a fabulous shade -- well done!

Viva la Bobble!

Stunning, absolutely stunning. Congratulations, I can't wait for the issue to arrive!!

They are so beautiful! Congratulations on getting the cover!

I will confess to not being a fan of bobbles, but I do like the design and have been thinking I could use some mittens. I also have a fair bit of Spindrift already. Now I just have to wait for the magazine to hit the stands.

Congratulations! I'm so happy to see mittens on the cover - and in Jamieson's too!!!! Can't wait for this one!

you have GOT to be kidding me - COVER of Vogue?? that's AWESOME! congrats!!!

congratulations on making the cover of Vogue - how awesome...
great mitts - they deserve the cover :-)

Congratulations for this wonderfull mittens
The cover of Vogue, succes is very very very close to you
I'm definitvely addict of your knit

Absolutely stunning.....as usual :)

Wowee wow wow! Now THOSE are some mittens!

The COVER! Of Vogue! -- Congratulations, Jared! What recongnition!

That settles it, I am pre ordering my copy right now. Amazing job! I Love them.

They are very cute, we can see how much work you put into this babies as you call them, the coulour is so refressing especially for winter season, in fact that's really a great honor to be on the cover of the mag, but i think that your pictures are more beautiful

Wow! You made the cover of Vogue (knitting), just like a supermodel.
The gloves are stunning.

Oh wow. These are amazing. Even though they scare me a little, I daresay I'm going to attempt them. I've always wanted to try Jamieson's. I think VK readership is going to spike this issue. And congratulations on making the cover. So cool!

Congratulations! They are absolutely fantastic.

Congratulations !! That's fantastic, and a real credit to your knitting skill

Wonderful !

These mittens are so great!
And I'm soooo proud to be next of them ;)
I have to knit them.

Hey there, long time lurker, etc. As a former VK staffer I just want to say congratulations on landing the cover! It's well-deserved; the mittens are gorgeous. Glad to see the mag recognizing new talent.

Congratulations! The mittens are beautiful and very creatively put together! LOVE the color.

i may have just been convertedto bobbles. at least small bobbles, lol.

i may have just been convertedto bobbles. at least small bobbles, lol.

Jared, you never cease to amaze me! EVERYTHING you knit, I love! Stunning mittens! You take "classic" and give it tweak that it just plain beautiful!

Did you ever think that you would land the cover of a Vogue magazine? Incredibly well-done.

love these mittens! perfect xmas present for a good friend of mine, looking forward to knitting them! going to look for Vogue Knitting today.

You are a master artist/craftsman. I admire your design and knitting skills.

Oh man, you ruined my day! :-) I had several skeins of yanr laid out for my daughter to choose from for a pair of mittens which I plan to design--I'm going to put a braided cable up the backs. One skein is a yellowish green, just like yours, and that's what she picked And then....I saw your mittens! Oh man, mine are lame by comparison!

Congratulations on a masterpiece of mittens!

Mazel tov!

The folks at Vogue are lucky to have your magnificent work on their cover. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Swoooooon.... I am in love.

I'm visiting NYC soon. Do you know if there's a store there that sells the yarn you used?

Congratulations. You totally deserve to make the cover.

*GASP* Seriously??? You are amazing, sir :) Can't wait to try out this pattern.

They're truly beautiful! Congratulations on the cover!

I'm looking forward to knitting up these beautiful mittens! Congratulations on making the cover!

Hi Jared,
I've been working my way through your archives and it's been an amazing journey from hats on a window sill to these beautiful mittens on the cover of Vogue Knitting. You are an incredibly talented and fearless knitter. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

congratulations on making the cover shot! your pattern is another great hit.

Those were my favorite our of the whole preview!!! I love your knitting and only aspire to knit as beautifully as you do! You are an inspiration!

I noticed these on Ravelry a few days ago, and made a mental note to get the Fall issue of VK because of them.
Simply gorgeous! I'm amazed by your ability to design patterns that look so classic yet are so original compared to everything else out there... Congratulations!

Those are amazing and very beautiful. They are definitely cover-worthy.

I can't wait. Must. Have.

Congrats for making the cover! That's awesome and you totally deserve it :)

Amazing!! Gorgeous! Congratulations!
You need to publish a book. Do it.

I saw these over on Ravelry a few days ago and totally fell head over heels in love with them. I really need to make them.
I also looked at the preview for this issue and just love so much in it. I have never bought Vogue Knitting, but I will definitely be getting this issue!

Smashing! You must have been just thrilled to see these on the cover of Vogue. They well deserve it. I especially like your garter saddle top. Very clever.

Your mittens are one of the stand out patterns from a fabulous issue. Well done!

Just stunning. The minute they popped up on ravelry they were in my queue. I'm heading up to Santa Barbara this weekend to find some *perfect* fiber for them. No I don't need mittens in CA, but I do need to KNIT them.

Thank you again for such a lovely inspired design. Congratulations on the cover shot! I hope you frame it up in your office.

Oh, very nice mittens, and great name too. Congratulations on the cover, that's pretty exciting!

These are so nice... but such as everything else you knit. Can't wait to get that Vogue - never been a favorite of mine but I will get this one - just cause your great design are in there..

I've never bought Vogue Knitting before, but I'm definitely going to have to buy this issue. Your pattern plus several others are really fabulous looking. Congrats on making the cover!

Oh Jared,

I absolutely love yer works. I was so smitten by the latest red pullover and now you're makin' me happy with these mittens. Congratulations on having them on the Vogue Knitting title!

I looked at the preview of this issue - it's really tempting me to subscribe again! The mittens look lovely!

Those are the most gorgeous mittens I've ever seen!! They totally deserved the cover!! Congrats!!

--Anna (Diary of an Eccentric)

Those are FAB! Congrats on the gorgeous cover!!!

These are super-fantastic! I am getting ready to knit a pair of mittens myself (not so way-cool as yours) and then these are on my list for sure. Thanks so much, as always, for sharing!

Absolutely stunning!

gorgeous, congrats, and I am so buying this (just for your mittens) as soon as it's out!

You know, some of us dream of living in an alternate universe--- a place that exists only in movies or fictional writing. For some it might be Mayberry or Metropolis or the Star Trek galaxy. But for me, I think I'd like to live in Brooklyntweed, where the colors are rich, photography dreamy, the designs are gorgeous and it just seems like a perfect place to be. Your mittens are jaw-droppingly beautiful (as it everything else!).

Beautiful! (adds to queue...)

They're beautiful. Congratulations. Off to put them in my queue.

How exciting to be on the cover--congrats! :) The mittens are absolutely beautiful!!

I can't wait to cast on for those mittens! That's my favorite type of knit, a really special little project. Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

Their just beautiful! I'll have to knit me some & I need to try out the Shetland wool too.

So awesome you got the cover!


There's a song in the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" that has now taken over my brainwaves because of these delicious mittens!

"I've got a lot of KNITTING to do!"

I see many pairs of these beauties on my needles.

"I've got a lot of KNITTING to doooooooo!"

the professional aunt

Another stunner Jared. All the small design elements make for a awesome pair of mittens, and I'm sure that they're an exciting knit too. I'll definitely be grabbing a copy of the magazine. Congrats again!

Great work on the mittens! Makes me want to knit a pair - and I have some Harrisville Tweed calling to me...

Congrats on making the cover.


Congrats on making the cover! That's awesome. Those mittens are beautiful.

Holy crap Jared! Congratulations!!!

Congrats! That is fabulous that you made the cover. I think I will have to make these, what a perfect pair of first mittens they will be. Love them!

Congratulations on being on the COVER! Those mittens are stunningly beautiful.
I love you because you are so modest.

This will give me a chance to give someone heirloom mittens. You are an inspirational knitter. I love reading your blog.


These mittens are so beautifully textured! Congrats on making the cover :)

Nice knit!! Happy you've got another stunning knit out for us to work on. The best part is the cover shot - and Vogue did a stunning cover shot for your mittens!! Terry

I can't wait to make these mittens! Thanks to all of the additional views you posted, I'm doubly excited. Woe be to the mailman until my issue arrives.

And there's no shame in loving the bobble. They're so fun!

Long time reader, first time commenter here...and OH. MY. GOSH. Jared, they are beautiful. All your work is beautiful (I tell myself that there is something you're bad at, it's not knitting or photography, for sure). I've never fallen in love with mittens (I live in Houston), but I'm making these.
G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Congrats on the cover. You certainly deserve it!

Oh geez, I have been hoping hoping that someone would make a mitten pattern like this. I can't believe it! I am buying this magazine ASAP!!!

I already add your mittens to my favourites in ravelry a few days ago... but it's great to see them again here, with bigger pictures !
Congratulations for the VK cover :o)

I love them. I bet I'm going to enjoy the heck out of knitting them.

Those mitts alone will get me back to buying a VK after a bit of a hiatus!

Congratulations, Jared! It has been so much fun reading your blog over the past two years and watching your designer career grow. You are a true talent and an inspiration!!! Fabulous mittens.

Congrats! What an honor!

Congratulations on the exquisite mitten design and the cover of Vogue! Go Jared! Your work is always so beautiful, detailed and perfect -- you deserve lots more covers.

These are absolutely beautiful!! I have some spendthrift so I'm going to Rav to check the specs. I just love this color and I may go ahead and buy some more anyway. Congrats on getting the cover too.

Wow, the cover project--what a feather in your cap! Congratulations! They are lovely (even if they have bobbles, chuckle).

OMG!! They are just fabulous and being a Celtic gal I luvvre them. Many congratulations on such a beautiful design!

They're absolutely gorgeous. I completely love how detail-laden they are. I wouldn't normally knit mittens, but these are already calling me to cast them on!

they are lovely. great colour and i love the happy childish thing about bobbles in general. is it the aran braid on the side. another cable love of mine. i want to see the magazine now. it is great to see a designer developing on a blog, or a writer.

They are incredibly beautiful! Glad to see Vogue is catching on to what we knew all along...

Do you read this many comments? These are fabulous mittens... I've been wanting to make some mittens in this yarn. Gotta say I didn't right off notice the bobbles, because in general they don't appeal much to me. But on this mitten they are good. (mostly I think of bobbles, on a sweater, as a bunch of extra nipples hanging around, like venus of epiphys or something).

Your work is incredible! These mittens are so beautiful and so tempting to make that it makes me want to subscribe to vogue knitting again just because of these fabulous mittens!

Wahoo!!! The cover of Vogue Knitting ... I'll bet you're doing a 'happy dance':)

Congratulations -- the mitts are beyond fabulous.

congratulations! they are gorgeous. and on the cover!!

how much yarn did you use? or do i have to wait for vogue?

i think a bit of garter stitch is becoming a sort of signature for you.

bravo. they are, of course, wonderful.

Congrats Jared, and wonderful idea. The yarn and color is just perfect. I had to get some in pink to knit right away.
How wonderful to be on the VK Cover! We love your work.

Maaay god!!!pretty,pretty.

THey're wonderful--different--and I think they deserve that cover shot! Congrats on your designing career--may it last long and may it prosper you as well.

Gorgeous mittens. And congrats on snagging the cover! I hope you are a knitwear designer for the rest of my life (and beyond).

I love bobbles, too. Well done!

Congrats, beautiful mittens.
And next time they can ask you to take the cover photo as well. You're an excellent craftsman.

I can't tell how inspiring your knitting and your photography are! You are a multi talented artist. I'm not precisely a knitter, but every once in a while take a look at your blog just to take note of your amazing accomplishments. I wish you all the best (Paola from Naples).

Congratulations Jared!!!! Your enterely work is very inspirational for me. Hope you can write your own book. I think it would be the next step.Alejandra from Buenos Aires.

I don't usually buy Vogue, but I will this time!!!

Woohoo! On the cover, no less! Good for you - all your patterns are beautifully designed and executed!

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips on blocking them too.


Absolutely gorgeous! And the cover -- WOW!! Congratulations!

Congrats on your mittens being cover models!

Hello Jared! It is so nice to meet a knitting designer boy. Your druid mittens are full of magic and inspiration. They remind me an old tale "Mists of Avalon", have you read it?
Best wishes from Brazil,

Oh snap - those are gorgeous!!!!!

CONGRATS on the cover too! Way cool!!!!!!

Congrats on the cover.. :)

Sure wish you would do a book. Love all your patterns I can find and you have so much to offer about yarn and technique.

I think one could say that you've "arrived."


Wow! These are amazing and combine two of my favorite things in knitting: tweedy color and texture. These mitts have both elements in spades.

Wow, Congrats!

These are so wonderfully gorgeous, can´t wait to get some good yarn for these. You have done it again, a design that is awesome!

BTW, us internationals don´t have your mittens on the cover - shame on Vogue.

I'm almost speechless, they're so stunning! I'll be buying that issue for certain.

I just wanted to say that I think your pictures of the mittens are waaaay lovelier than the cover, but what an honor to have your project chosen. Both you and the mittens certainly deserve the recognition.

Very impressive! You must be proud -- I'm excited for you!

I listened to the Sticks and String podcast that you participated in. Loved it! Checked out your blog. Love Elizabeth Zimmermann's blanket, planning how to make one, using your i-cord edging. And then, your mittens! Absolutely beautiful..stunning...have queued them up. Great work.

The mittens are stunning! Can't wait to get my VK issue! I am so happy for you! We will ask Gina to invite you back to Blacksburg and do a class on them!

Wonderful colour choice! Keep going...keep knitting!

Congratulations on the cover -- how exciting!

Pure knitting entertainment! I am having so much fun with this chart. Meditation knitting at its finest.
Thank you, Jared.
Karen Neal

Green. And cables. And all those details. You know what we like to knit and wear, don't you?

They are amazing, and would make an excellent pair of summer mittens at these latitudes!

This is the best mitten pattern I have seen in a long time. It alone is worth the cover price of Vogue, which I normally do not buy. It looks fantastic as the cover pattern! As soon as I saw it I knew I was buying this issue!

Just saw these on
http://knitonequilttwo.blogspot.com/ and had to do a websearch. Really beautiful design and yarn.

Jared, These are gorgeous. I have to search my stash for perfect yarn for them. I am on a yarn starvation until I get a job. I want to knit these now so I can wear them this winter.

Thanks for a great pattern.

They are really wonderful. I can't wait to knit them. Thank you!

Unbelievable! You are unbelievable.

I have the magazine and bought it for a sweater pattern inside. But after reading your description about the mittens, they are in the queue!! Yeah...awesome cover eh!!

You knit beautifully, but this is by far my favorite thing that you've knit. AND you get the cover! (which is, of course, far more important than winning my favor!) Congratulations!

I am so buying this edition of Vogue Knitting. On my way at lunch to find it, I have to make your mittens!

Cover of Vogue. Just came in the mail. Congratulations!

Belated but hearty congratulations!!!!

I hope you know, of course, that your photos are absolutely superior to Vogue Knitting's! Just lovely and lush as can be.

You definitely deserve this kind of recognition. Your color choices... Your designs... Everything. Just stunning.

I snatched up the first copy of Vogue Knitting as soon as it hit in my town. LOVE your work.

Keep it coming. You are a great knitting inspiration.

That's fantastic! Congratulations. I may actually have to buy the Vogue this fall.

they are gorgeous! great accomplishment and recognition!

I will have to buy this issue these are the most beautiful gloves I have ever seen!!!Hugs Darcy

I bought this issue specifically for your pattern. It's really beautiful. Thanks!!!!!

Congratulations. That's a beautiful design.

Knitting these mittens as we speak/type. My daughter saw the picture and had to have them, it gets cold in Chicago in the winter. The directions and chart are great, very easy to understand. Thank you for a beautiful piece of wearable art.

I have been following your blog for a while after being introduced by my daughter (who is also a spinning knitter like us). I loved these mittens and since I no longer subscribe to VK, I drove to the nearest news stand (58 mi one way) and purchased the Fall 08 edition just for this pattern. While I was there I also picked up the Debbie Bliss premiere issue which has some very nice Jane Austen inspired pieces in it. Thanks for such a great blog.

Congratulations! The cover is stunning, literally. The mittens are gorgeous!

I must say I absolutely loooove these mittens!!! My boyfriend felt the same.. and needless to say he got them for our anniversary. They were actually a quick knit once I got the flow of the pattern (1 week per mitten?) His mom loves them so much she wants some too! (do I hear Christmas present??) only thing is she wants them as gloves...so I'm going to see what I can come up with without ruining the beautiful flow of the cables. if you have any ideas they would be GREATLY appreciated!

I had a great time knitting these. The busy cabling, the variety of stitching, and the fun surprise of the saddle finish were the perfect daily antidote to dissertation writing. (And of course, they're lovely to look at, too.). Thanks!

Any way to buy the pattern without having to buy the whole magazine?

Aug 09 I just love, love, love these mittens BUT I'm a whole year adrift!!I also live in the Uk. Has anyone any idea where I can get hold of a pattern? Pleeese! Pat Chapman

I have just ordered the Fall 2008 Vogue Knitting just because I want this mittens. The are beautiful! With shipping I had to pay $25. Argh! All patterns should be available as downloads.

live in the UK it costs even more, that,s if you can find a web site where you can order it
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