b r o o k l y n t w e e d
The glorious red blob is finally shaping up into something really special, and I'm loving it.

Red Blob (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The spiral is, to me, a constantly intriguing motif in knitting and I love patterns that play with and incorporate its structure. I'm enjoying this sweater so much, I might make two - what a great pattern!

The Spiral Begins (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I had a wonderful time in Virginia teaching and got to meet a whole bunch of wonderful knitters. Between the recovery from my trip and preparations for my real vacation, things have been a bit crazy, but I'm gearing up for a hell of a lot of knitting over the next month.

More Spiral (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

As of tomorrow, and for the entire month of July I'll be relaxing on the west coast on a much needed vacation. I'll be passing back and forth between Seattle, Portland and the Oregon Coast with knitting always by my side and happily leaving the NYC humidity behind. I plan on knitting a lot and finally getting to play around with some new design ideas. I will have my computer with me, so you may not notice much of a change around here, other than hopefully more knitting output than normal. That's what vacations are all about, right? At least for us knitters.

Goodbye Brooklyn, hello Pacific.

Bon Voyage

Damn that is such a beautiful red! Have a fantastic vacation. I look forward to reading all about your adventures and seeing more of your glorious stitches. Enjoy yourself!

It was simply wonderful in person!!
You work is awesome Jared and so glad I was able to learn new things from you at Purl Jam!

Enjoy your much deserved vacation!!

Another beautiful creation. I hope you enjoy your visit up here to the PNW! If you need a line on LYS in Seattle, drop an email. :)

Beautiful sweater!!! Have a safe trip, rest a lot and enjoy!
happy knitting!
paty fontes

I feel the need to buy some beautiful hand-dyed red yarn. Scrumptious!

Dude, you truly are an inspiration! Currently catching up on your archives. You knit like I wish I could!

I'm loving the new creation! Is that the Na Craga in the background of pic #1? Hmmm??

I have news for you, it's humid here too ;) Though not NEARLY the amount as in NYC! Are you planning any "appearances" while you are in the Seattle area? :D

I'm sure you know... but the weather here in Seattle the past couple of days has been 95ish!! Should cool down nicely just in time for you though! Can't wait to see more of the sweater...

Oh, darn. I just arrived in California for the month of July, where I hope to get back to blogging as well as knitting.So I won't be looking for you in Seattle. (NB there's a Seattle Knitters Guild meeting on the 16th. They have a web site.)

It would have been nice to ask your advice/get sympathy for my gauge-impaired EPS. I did knit the sleeves first. Just the body has a gauge issue. I know I need to rip all 14 center-cable inches and wash the kinks out of the yarn, but can't decide if that means I need to wash the rest of the yarn. It's Jaeger EF Merino DK. Washing my swatch didn't change the gauge, except over the cable.

Anyway, have a very fine vacation. Breathe shallowly.

As I said in the previous post it's really a wonderfull red

Wonderful !

A beautiful yarn and knit :-)

I don't know how you photograph your reds so beautifully. I have a long way to go with my photography - but learning is half the fun.

When you get to Seattle - have fun and welcome!!

Gorgeous colour! I now see where Norah Gaughan got inspiration for the Spiral Pullover, which is a truly magnificent design, so I understand why you're intrigued by this one as well! :)

Just beautiful !

Jared, and K,
i wish you good holidays,
and your sweater is just perfect, are you going someday to teach in Europe? for your european fans?
looking forward for some pictures

this one is great. beautiful red. when you love earthy colours red is a necessity sometimes.

and na craga in the background. one would be able to dress in na craga in the dark and putting it on the right side out because of those prominent lovely cables.

enjoy your knitting holiday. you should come here sometime. it is almost always knitting weather. never to hot to sit outside knitting away on a huge circular object.

Beautiful shade of red! Love the pattern on this one! Have a great vacation!

I have always loved that pattern! And I have a Cascade 220 that is a very close color. Did you re-size the pattern at all? EZ's old patterns fit a bit snugly, though that is a plus nowadays for many stylish knitters (not moi).

Enjoy the vaca. Sounds fantastic.

As I write this, I'm sitting on my parent's deck, in front of the ocean, enjoying my own vacation full of knitting. It is so heavenly. Hope you have a great time!

Beautiful red!!!

Have a great trip!
I am loving the sweater, you may have convinced me to move it up on my queue.

Enough your break! I'm so jealous!! Can wait to see what you create next!

It's too true what you say about vacations -- my man never understands why knitting all day is a really satisfying vacation for me. Work is, after all, a rather unfortunate distraction from my knitting.

And that red, by the way, is phenomenal. What a sweater!

Hooray for the Pacific! I hope you enjoy your time in Oregon - the summer is finally in full swing here and everything is absolutely beautiful. The valley area is gorgeous right now - so lush and green!

Beautiful sweater - the color is amazing. Can't wait to see more!

P.S. - There are some great LYS's to visit in the valley (and the coast, from what I hear) - if you get the chance, check them out!

Beautiful work as usual. That yarn is gorgeous. It is an enjoyment reading your blog!

Ah, the Pacific! Enjoy your vacation. I can't wait to see the gorgeous knitting that will ensue.

Have a great vacation, and that red is amazing. I'm going to Seattle for my vacation, too - any good yarn shops I shouldn't miss?

Have a lovely holiday.(Kind of you to let us join you - in a virtual sense, that is!)

have a great vacation! as one who recently moved from brooklyn to portland, i can testify that the oregon summer is a very lovely change from stinky/sticky new york in july.

It seems like we will benefit from your vacation as well! Can't wait!

If you're longing for less humid/hot weather - Norway is the place to go ;) You are more than welcome!

Enjoy a well-deserved vacation! I heard and enjoyed your interview on Sticks and String with David Reidy today. It was very good -- thanks for doing it!

What a great red! Have a great trip. Hawaii is muggy and hot right now, too.

Oh my! I love red and that red is stunning. I'm going to have to go check out the specs on this Spiral Sweater of yours and learn more about the pattern and the yarn! Very, very nice!

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation in the Pacific Northwest .. it is always good to go home :-)

And I'm loving your blog!

Have a safe and inspiring trip!

I'm loving the sweater and red is a favorite color of mine. I'm really enjoying your blog and your photography is beautiful! Enjoy your vacation...it's a lovely area of the country.

JackieCastsOn Ravelry

Hey, I recognize that sweater! It's a beauty indeed. Enjoy knitting it!

Absolutely positively gorgeous! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and taking your classes at Purl Jam - you were great. Enjoy your vacation!

Thanks for coming down to Blacksburg! Getting a chance to meet you and sitting in on your workshops was definitely the high point of the retreat. Talk about one prepared teacher!

Hope your vacation is wonderful and that you are never without the correct needle size!

How do you get the colors of your photographs so good and how do you photograph your stitches so amazingly.

Your attention to detail is a wonder.

Great job.

Have a nice vacation!

You rock! Come back soon!


That red!!! To die for!!!

Yes! And my favorite part of planning any trip, is deciding what knitting project to take along! I have some socks I could finish and a shawl I've been itching to start. Maybe I'll take both! Hope your vacation is a great one and much knitting is accomplished:)

Some places I really like on the Oregon coast:
1) Clam Chowder in Depoe Bay. We like the other place that isn't Moe's.
2) The Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport. Each room is decorated in the theme of a different author. There is a wonderful library/game room in the attic. No phones and no TVs. Truly a unique experience.
3) If you are interested in history of Lewis and Clark, the site at Ft. Disappointment (end of the trail) is a nice visit.

Have a lovely trip. I really like the Oregon coast - very quiet and restful.

I've been lurking your blog for about a year, and I just have to say that your work is absolutely beautiful! How do you get your stitches to be so uniform?

What a fabulous pattern and a great red. Enjoy your vacation...ciao

One of these days I would love to know what you use to produce such rich vibrant colours in your photos. Is it the camera, the settings, the lighting...? Whatever you are doing I'm am so very envious. Please share your experiences with us some day - soon.

Dear Jared,

We at Little Knits think you should come and visit us whilst you are in Seattle. This way you can see our yarn stash (all 3000 square feet of it), talk about becoming a part of the LK design family and meet us in person! What say you?

PS. We are only 5 mins away from the Alki Beach with the potential of a long and lovely beach stroll, great restaurants and up the hill a 5 star French inspired bakery.

Fulay (Sue) Little & the LK Staff

I am delurking to comment:

a)This project is looking stunning.
b)Thank you SO much for introducing me to Sundara yarns a year or so (?!) ago - any time I am able to get hold of any makes really makes my day.


If you're looking for "knit night" groups in the Portland area, let me know. The PDX Knit Bloggers have several in different parts of town, and any of us would be glad to host you.

And you really should go to Yarnia while you're here. It's a totally different kind of yarn store; you get to "make" your own yarn!

bobbie_wallace AT comcastDOTnet

MAGNIFIQUE !!! bonnes vacances et bons tricots...je reviendrai souvent revoir toutes ces merveilles ;-)

What a cool technique - and a gorgeous colour too. :)

Hope to meet you while you visit in the PNW! I've met your Brother and delightful Mom. We are in NE Portland...Close Knit on Alberta Street.

delurking to say (thanks to Ravelry):

Good luck and bon voyage! Happy knitting :)

so i've looked at your blog so many times and i absolutely love it. come check out mine! it's new and in the process of growing.

Ooooh! It would be so nice to see more! I'll patiently await by the keyboard and keep F5'ing all day...Hope you are really enjoying the additional knitting time - spinning more too? Terry

I am totally curious about how you would turn that pattern into a cardigan..please share! sunescd

I made Cobblestone for my husband and we both love the way he looks in it, and it was such fun to knit too. I think this might be the next one I make for him - I like the twisty spirals, which I think would be a challenge for me. Thanks for your inspiration.

I never mind returning to your website during your absences to view something a second or third time, as long as it is something red - yeay Meg Swansen, yeay Sundara, yeay red! Have a nice time by the Pacific.

Jared - you can knit your a** off! I am always overwhelmed with admiration, jealousy, inspirations, amazement, longing, determination, etc., etc., etc. Simply beautiful. Bravo!!!!
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