b r o o k l y n t w e e d
  Watson, Ready the Shears
And Now For the Fun Part. (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

And Now For the Fun Part. (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

More cutting fun coming soon!

mmm, pretty steek spines.

Eek! I can't look! It's not that I don't trust you can do it...cutting knitting just scares the bejeebus outta me. Lookin' good!! :)

I think I pee'd myself.
You. Are. Fearless.

I need to lay down now. Thanks for the adrenaline rush.

I can't wait for the "after" photos! I'd love to hear how you set up your steeks.

Talk about a cliffhanger!

You are a brave brave man. I have yet to try steeking. I guess I can't really call myself a knitter until I do, but the idea of putting shears to knitting freaks me out!

I know people do this everyday, but I just can't bear watch. (I am also the kind of meat eater who doesn't like to think about how it gets to my plate. At least I am "consistently hypocritical.")

You're a big tease!

Holy mole! This is too scary to watch!

Yumm, crochet steeks - my favourites ;)

I love a good steek! Bring on the scissors!

I tried steeking once in high school; I did inhale. Still holding my breath.

They look awesome the garment is way cool.

Where can I learn this steeking??! I can't bear to sew the seams of sweater #1. Should have known since I've always loathed the hand sewing part of sewing. I'm intrigued and fascinated!

Those colors are fantastic! That is gonna be one dope man-vest.

Cutting scares me so much. I need to steak my friends sweater which I made a million times too big (because there is no way I am tearing the whole thing out). I think it won't scare me so much once I've actually done it . . .

could you please, please please post how you got such neat steek set-up?

action shots, we want action shots!

what a beautiful project! the perfect combination of yarns and pattern- it's lovely!

I've never seen steeks with that ridge effect. Is this your own thing or did you learn about it somewhere. Does it make things easier to finish with the ridge?

Is that Eunny Jang's method? I've got to try it on a swatch first. It looks great.

I am a Watson and definitely not ready for steeking!! In all my years of knitting I have never tried it but will need to on Autumn Rose that I am knitting and feel very nervous about it all. The vest looks marvelous and I love the colours.
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