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  Winter Spinning
Don't ask me when, but at some point this winter I found some time to do a whole bunch of spinning. This was a while ago, but nonetheless, I've amassed quite a little army of handspun and it's so beautiful and well-behaved, sitting quietly on the shelf, knowing it will probably have to wait much too long to see the needles. So far they've all been happy to sit for portraits - and there lies our compromise.

Low Country Shetland (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The photo above is probably my favorite skein - it's shetland wool dyed at HelloYarn in Boston, MA. I had never spun shetland and loved it way more than I anticipated. I was expecting scratchy and sticky, but it spun wonderfully and fluffed up to my ideal specifications. Note to self - spin more shetland. (Here's a picture of how the fiber looked pre-spinning).

Charmer (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Corriedale 2-ply in "Charmer" - another of Adrian's. I've been sampling small batches of various wools, which also means having fun with small batches of crazy colors.

Bulky Corriedale (Skein #2) (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I got a huge bag of white corriedale wool with my wheel and started spinning bulky singles (very instant-gratification) with hopes that I'll have enough for another wooly blanket for next winter. Hey, it's good to have (unrealistic) goals.

Mushroom Swatch (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Forest Handspun (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Both of these beauties came from Pigeonroof Studios in California. Wonderfully subtle and tweedy yarns - I'm quite partial as you might expect. The yellow/green batch is fine shetland, spun from this (and already occupying half of a BSJ). The brown/pink batch is South African Fine wool, spun from this. That Krista is quite a dyer.

And if you haven't gotten enough juicy spinning pictures, pop on over to my 2008 Spinning Gallery to get your fix.

There's been a great amount of knitting and some new projects are brewing. I've slowly been wooing my knitting mojo back into my corner (he abandoned me for a bit there) and great things are happening. More to come very soon.

I'm first! :)

Pretty pretty!

Love that pink and brown...

Just beautiful!

I love the brown and pink so much! What a great combo.

Shetland is wonderful. I am doing some from scratch (the fleece arrived yesterday), and it is as soft as alpaca.
Linda Doggett

Those amazing colors of sunshine, warmth, and spring green, plus today's bright sun and blue skies, would be enough to re-energize all of us in a winter's knitting funk.

I've just discovered your blog. If that is what you consider uninspired, I can't wait to see what's coming -- you are an amazing young man!


The colors are simply thrilling - they tickle the back of my neck. I love knitting with Corriedale - I bet it is a treat to spin.

Beautiful, beautiful yarns. My favorite is the second one pictured...but then, I just love color.

Those are beautiful yarns!! I like the first one two... We missed you in the blog world... nice to have you back :-)

it's just amazing

I was just mentioning your use of colour, on Ravelry! I agree with others about the pink and brown. Pink sometimes gets a bad rap but with grey or taupe it can be seen and used to best advantage. I love seeing your choices and look forward to the creations that come from these.

Love them. The pinks and the green are my favourite. Inspires me to keep going with my spinning!

Beautiful spinning as always. I'm aiming for thinner than thin singles for a navajo-plied sock yarn on my Minstrel at the moment....and it takes a long time to spin up just 50 g of the singles (and I'm not finished with it yet...and still another 50 g to go). Then there's the navajo-plying. Hehe, that's going to fun.

Glad to hear that your mojo's coming back to you.

Wow. These are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what they will become!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous! I can see why you like that first skein, the colours are very handsome indeed. Makes my fingers itch to knit them up! I have to say I can't really choose which one I like the best as they are all so striking. The second skein is full of fun colours. :D Enjoy!

Gorgeous! That colors are so yummy. I am getting ready to take my first spinning class this weekend. The dark side is calling me.

So Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!Aspecialy the bleu/orange.

i've got several of pigeonroof studio's stuff. right now i'm spinning punk (a discontinued color, lol) in superwash merino. it's coming up laceweight in 2 ply, and i've got 8 oz! wheeeeeee!

I am just learning to spin, so it is great seeing what can be done with it. I was told I should ply my singles, but the big fluffy singles are so tempting.

I should do some reading on the advantages of plying versus just knitting the singles. Delicious spinning!

gawgeous (as usual)!

Spectacular! So much fabulous color it's hard to say which I like most. I would say the first hank, your favorite, is my favorite too.

I don't know which to applaud first ... your photos, or the results of your spinning. I'm especially attracted to the colours/texture of the 'mushroom' swatch ... really lovely.

I love these so much. The colors, the light hitting the yarn, everything. So much spinning happiness, can't wait to get back to my wheel. To knit, to spin, ah! Hard to decide.

awesome. I'd love to hear how you get them to ply with different colors next to each other... my guess is you start spinning on one end of the roving for one spool and the other end for the other spool? i'd love to know!

la matière est magique et les couleurs mélangées sont magnifiques ; un vrai plaisir des yeux et à tricoter, j'imagine, Tine

Love that Pigeonroof fiber! I just picked some up at Stitches West this weekend. I almost chose Mushroom Caps as well but opted for Royale instead. It's nice to see how beautifully her stuff spins up!

"great things are happening" ???
I will go on lurking in ravelry hoping to see it at your projects *smiiilee*
Made TWO of your Big Blues already, fantastic fit, I love them.
Thank you.

I like that volumptuous corriedale.

They all look so luscious!

I've been bitten by the tweed bug myself - I just finished a Skye Tweed Ariann and cast on almost immediately for the Tweedy Aran Cardigan with some Tatamy Tweed.

Have you ever tried the Tatamy Tweed? It's actually a cotton blend yarn, but it knits up just beautifully. It's made by Kraemer yarns.

I just can't get enough!

Hey, my knitting mojo is a 'he', too!

They are ALL fantabulous! I've got the Kromski wheel, I just need to get busy and spend some cash on some roving beauties like that and get to work! It's hard to tell just by looking at the roving what it will spin to be.

Argh. Too luscious. You are a yarn tease! Beautiful, beautiful colour combos

Your handspun is just so beautiful! Such an inspiration to this beginning spinner.

I just ordered some Shetland wool on the basis of your description. I'm excited to try spinning it. I also ordered some of the mushroom caps roving from pigeonroof studios myself and am really looking forward to seeing how mine spins up.

I like the blue/orange mix. That would make an awesome hat.

beautiful yarn you have spun!!! i have just discovered your blog and i think it`s just amazing :o) You knit a lot of beautiful stuff!!

Merete from Norway :oD

Whenever you make a purchase or spin something new, if you could just put it up ASAP w/ info on where we can all get it, it would be most appreciated. You have such a great, creative eye. Those colors are amazing, beautiful, and delicious. I have yarn-envy. Thank you for the pics, of everything. I am planning to make your cobblestone sweater for my son and I am very excited to start. You have a beautiful mind. Thank you

Your photographs of your handspinning are so inspiring to me! I hope to make yarn as pretty as yours and photograph them nearly as well as you do.

More spinning pics!

You absolutely never cease to amaze me. Not only do you knit beautiful things, you can spin them too. And you take such great pictures of all your work.

Your handspun is gorgeous! I've been trying (and failing) to spin with my new spindle for a few weeks now but your efforts are giving me new inspiration.
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