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Well. It's been almost a week and I am still completely beside myself from the flattering, generous, and passionate responses you have all been so kind to leave concerning the Aran Cardigan. My very very sincere thanks to all of you. It is absolutely inspiring to have the opportunity to share work with a burgeoning community of artists and appreciators. I've been completely blown away. Honestly. Thank you.

And in the wake of a complete project of such substantial measure, I've been floundering a bit. I'm stuck with a pesky urge to be immediately immersed in the process of something deep and engaging again, while at the same time feeling semi brain dead, busy (tired) and unable to muster the energy or time to assemble a cohesive plan for the next big thing.

Neither of these factors, however, offers a cure to my ever-itchy fingers, and instead of doing the obvious - hitting the works in progress pile - I've turned to another solution. Noro.

Noro Scarf Beginnings

The texture. The color. The fiber. The brilliant tendency towards hypnosis. (The Knit Happens sale that changed my life.) All things working in my favor right now as I just sorta need my knitting to entertain me for a bit while I regroup.

Noro Begins

Now, I've never been one for Noro, and I've definitely never been wild about self striping. I actually bought the yarn with more of an intent to photograph it and appreciate it visually, because really, it stands alone as something beautiful, even unknit. But if the online knitting community is capable of consistently doing one thing for me, it's chainging (without fail) my perception about things I didn't think I liked. (Can you believe there was a period in my life where I didn't like cables? Granted that was a long time ago, but still.)

Regardless of your preferences towards Noro, or self striping in general, no one can argue with the fact that this yarn is a veritable feast for the eyes. I've photographed my modest Noro horde and have many a cake sitting around the apartment making things a little more easy on the eyes. Click the photo below to see a bunch of pictures of my new yarn from Japan.

Silk Garden

And despite all my complaining about lack of a substantial project... I guess I'm not being completely honest. I kind of started a sweater last night. It's from a pattern, so it is also functioning as a relaxation knit. I really just can't keep the sweaters off the needles... oy.

Following a pattern means it doesn't count? :) That does sound like a problem to me.

No problem here. It's inevitable you will alter the pattern as you go along anyway!
And yes, Noro -- I hit a Noro jag a while back and could scarcely knit with anything else. The colours, and that texture.

See now, you can't do that! You must tell us the number of the colorway - Noro has so many, and it's so hard to tell which has what color sequence; when I see one I love, I have to know!

Whatever! Noro-shmoro (uh, yeah, I've got an entire bag of Korchoran in the stash...).

What I really want to say is, "I WANT THAT ARAN SWEATER!!!!" Truly, it is just so lovely and your technical photos, wonderful. Thank you for sharing your progress on that and all of your knitting projects. You inspire me in ways many other knitters do not. Awesome!!

Let me add my belated admiration for the cardigan. Just simply lovely. The Noro is lovely, too. The colors and texture of Noro yarns are to be admired definitely. It's definitely not my favored merino, but it has it's own merits!

What size needle are you using for the scarf? The fabric looks "just right."

wish i had that problem of continuously knitting perfect-fitting, beautiful sweaters. i WANT to knit sweaters again and yet i can't seem to get those damned socks off the needles.

The cakes look lovely but I found, when I rewound my Silk Garden, that the yarn got very, very twisty. Annoyingly so. Maybe 'cause I didn't realize that the skeins were center-pull to begin with?
As always, lovely photos!

It's like you make the yarn sit up and do tricks.

You inspired me to try new color combinations in my knitting, like brown with grey in a hat, and pumpkin heels and toes on a brown sock. I didn't even realize it was you, the colors just spoke to me.

So thanks!

But...but...what's the brown stripe!? Is that Noro too?

Looking wonderful so far! I love your pictures!

yes, i am always in awe of your work. so beautiful and precise.

i am glad you found your way to noro. i've always appreciated it as a sort of abstract blending of color. the scarf is beautiful...

Those colors you have are stunning! I love Noro, always have... I made the same scarf with all the leftover skeins of Noro I have lying around my home. Somehow Noro makes every color work together ...and there is no better yarn to spitsplice.

lovely yarn, the colors are wonderful. Enjoy the change of pace from the Aran Cardigan (which was also quite the feat!)

Wow. Yummy colorway. I love those colors.

That scarf is quite fetching, and I think it's the perfect "between projects" project. I like the Noro, but only in certain colors, and you have definitely picked a winning combination. Are you knitting from 2 different skeins?

That cardigan was just remarkable, but even the simplest things that come off your needles inspire me. Looking at your knitting just makes me happy. And envious. And fill me with awe. It's all good stuff, though.

I haven't knit with any Noro yet, and every time I see someone knit with it I think I comment and say I'm going to go buy some immediately. Hehehe

How did you get the St St to be so flat? It's a beautiful fabric.

something about your pictures is just so peaceful - makes me a little less frustrated with my WIPs at times!

Wow! Your Noro is lovely! I have only gone for solid colored Noro's prevviously - hmmm...

I agree - spill the details sister!

If that's the scarf where you alternate two skeins of Noro from the Vogue To Go scarf book...I just did one of them, too, for a friend...and I could hardly bear to give it away. My colorway was different...more blues and purples and greens. I think my favorite sections were where the colors swapped places, so that in the middle you could bearly discern the stripes, as a purple stripe turned turquoise at the same time a turquoise stripe was turning purple.

Anyway, lots of fun and absolutely stunning in your photos.

And the Aran cardigan....is awe-inspiring. Really gorgeous.

I'm not the biggest fan of self-striping yarn (I have to confess), but regarding Noro I have to agree with you completely! It's so lovely.


And so now I need the specifics about that scarf. Is it 1/1 rib? And what Noro yarns is it? (type and colors) I just finished a scarf alternating Noro with a solid, and I love it. But I love yours even better, which appears to be alternating two colorways of Noro.

Back to the cardigan, please. I'm late in posting a comment, although I have looked at your site many times. (I first saw a link on the Black Dog Knits site.) The sweater is amazingly beautiful, heirloom quality. Your photography is outstanding, and your knitting is perfect. Please tell us how you learned to knit--you have magic in your hands. I'm gushing, I know, but absolutely sincere.

Ok, I have a question: Why do you re-wind all that yarn into "cakes"? I mean yeah, they look very pretty, but is there some practical reason to the re-winding?

Looks yummy to me!

I love your work. Have pity on us poor mortals and show us something that didn't come out so beautiful. You inspire me to improve my knitting. Now tell us, what's the pattern for the scarf and which Noro yarn is it? As with everything you do it is beautiful.

noro is more about colours than fabric or stitch definition. but their colourways can be genius. i have enjoyed wearing coffee brown, purple and denim blue together all winter thanks to inspiration from noro. oh yes i know this feeling of not really knowing what to knit. a kind of knitting limbo.

Ooh, that scarf is spectacular! Are you alternating between two colorways? I'm not a huge fan of the striping myself, but using two colorways really breaks it up in an interesting (and stunning) way...

Averything looks so beautiful! Is the brown in the scarf maybe a tweed? Knitted on 6's or 7's maybe? You are the best.....
knitter, photographer, model, color specialist, blocker.... MAJIC!

I'm knitting a sweater with Noro Sakura right now. It's the first Noro yarn I've worked with. I bought some Noro Silk Garden Light at the same time (with is the little brother to what I'm guessing is the Silk Garden you're using for that scarf - looking good by the way). I'm planning to knit an entrelac vest with that. This is also the first varigated yarn I've worked with. Love the colors that require no effort.

I've never met a pattern I didn't alter. My guess is your sweater you're not talking about yet will end up in that bucket also.

jared, i *love* those colors of noro! Did you knit it only with noro or is there a solid brown color you're weaving in there? wow. I've admired noro from afar too, but i might just have to pick up some silk garden now...

Lovely aran cardi on the previous post too. I'll have to read more carefully how you did the steeking and then the buttonhole bands.

very nice - i have never knit with noro, but have a few skeins of silk garden someone gifted me.....i, like you, just love looking at the changing colors in the skein.

Does "oy" mean your knitting something from Jo Sharp?

Okay, so I thought my question was stupid, but it looks like a few people had a similar one... is that a 1x1 rib, a double-knit fabric, or in the round stockinette with something (a YO perhaps?) on the edges to make it sit so flat... or something else?

Beautiful, by the way!

Welcome, dear friend, to our ever growing group of Noro addicts. Now that Noro has "popped your cherry", so to speak, you will find it impossible to stop using it. There will be withdrawal symptoms, anxiety attacks and a whole lot of shaking going on if you try to wean yourself from Noro. Always keep some in your stash for emergencies!

Beautiful scarf! Which two colorways are you using, and is it Silk garden or Kureyon? I think I might have to copy you...

For those of us who are 'blog-readers' I have to confess that your blog is one of those that I MUST check out daily in hopes of finding a new posting to sooth the soul. Jared, you blog never ever fails to sooth our souls with your FABULOUS knitting - BEAUTIFUL photography. And let's be honest here....most of us (if not all) are just plain jealous of your talents! [wink] Keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing!!

Oh and I forgot to add...if you're using Noro Kureyon, as I think you are, a shot of hair conditioner in the rinse water does wonders for softening the yarn up.

How are you carrying the unused yarn up the side? Slip the edge stitch?

I don't know which is objectively weirder: photographing balls of yarn or repeatedly watching the slideshow of said yarns.

I think the latter.

Either way, I'm glad you took the photos, even if they make your Noro look more inviting than any I possess (even in the same colorways).

That gorgeous brown yarn smacks decidedly like Rowan Scottish Tweed (in Peat). Or could it be that I am SO in love with that particular yarn that I see it wherever I go?

Incredible work Mr Tweed. You are an incredibly talented knitter.

you know, i frequently find myself going to Noro when i need a quick pick-me-up and a distraction from the more complicated things in the world. the color changes are just captivating, and your photos have truly done them justice :)

I guess all of us lurkers came out of the wood works. I am not one for Noro either but that scarf looks great. I used it for Lady Eleanor and it worked great. This scarf is gorgeous.

One of my good friends and I work at Noe Knit in San Francisco during our breaks from college. Whenever no one is in the store, we wander around, trying to decide what we want to knit and with which yarn. We usually end up in front of the shelves with all the Noro.

Beautiful pictures, as always.

Love the scarf, and like everyone else, eagerly awaiting the details so I can make one : )

YES! Whenever that WIP pile looks menacing just start a new project!!! I do this too. Hopefully you're not sick of hearing this but the Aran is gorgeous.

I thought you'd like to know that I and a guy I had just met at my weekly knitting group spent a good 15 minutes gushing about your aran in Sydney Australia this morning!

Some really beautiful knitting on your blog. Don't know what took me so long to stop by. I love the noro scarf. Are you striping with brown wool and Kureyon? Very nice. Your EZ cardigan is also very nice. My DH wants something similar. I'll have to give it a try.


I've been admiring your sweater and your blog in general for weeks now and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment. Your photos and your projects are so inspiring! You're a regular "stop" on the web for me now.

I work just around the corner from the actual Knit Happens shop, and everytime I walk in it is literally a struggle not to buy at least one ball of Kureyon. The scarf looks fantastic, and the sweater was amazing!

Noro other wise known as PERFECTION. Your Sweater falls under that category too.

Did you have to flash all that Noro? I'm mean really, I'm weak as it is....Your cardi is the nicest knit! I can see why you'd want to go right into another masterpiece! Knit on and enjoy!

mmmm you've inspired me to bust out my own (meager) noro stash..... I love how you have toned down the colors a bit by pairing it with the brown, but still allow the noro colors to shine.

Congratulations on the cardigan! I read the process from start to finish today and it's really amazing and worth all the hard work (which I know you already know). I've never tried Noro, but I've always planned to snap some up for trying entrelac.

That Noro is so beautiful...I want to print your photo of it just to be able to look at it all the time. Your beautiful knitting makes me long for Fall and to venture into darker colors. So thanks!

Delicious yarn! And gorgeous fabric!

hello, i love your blog and your aran cardi. It's wonderful! by the way, which noro yarn did you used for that scarf ?

i completely agree with you about the beauty alone of Noro without even working it up, but your scarf is looking just as delicious as the yarn itself!


I know that this is an older post but for some reason bloglines updated it! :op

I LOVE NORO! :oD I am currently working on the Lizard Ridge Afghan with the Silk Garden.

Could you please tell me the pattern you used for the scarf? I think it would be a gret manly scarf for Christmas gifts this year (and quick) HA! Plus it will also keep enabling my habit of wanting to touch NORO. Also, do you mind also letting me know the colorway as well? I believe that is Kureyon correct?

I can be reached at crimsondiva1999@yahoo.com

Thanks so much!!!

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