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I'm housesitting. They have central air, cable, and good beer in the fridge. What do you think I've been doing every night?

Ominous Doily

Circular lace is a blast - no purling! A Top Chef Marathon kept me company through the last slough of repeats, (lets just say it's probably better that I don't have TV at my place.) and at this rate I'll definitely have a new blanket before the autumn chill gets here.

Everyone expressed so much interest in this project, I thought I'd give a quick update for fun. It isn't my pattern, but I'll be sure to post all the juicy details upon finishing so anyone can make one!

Until next time, I'll be feather-and-fanning myself into oblivion.

Hmm, just a guess here, is it maybe the Feather & Fan Shawl from A Gathering of Lace? I've just finished spinning yarn for this project. Love the flowery part in the beginning, and feather and fan stitch pattern is (almost) my favorite! ;o)

Ha, I don't have TV at my place either, but I've recently discovered online TV shows. All the major networks put most of their shows online. Guess how I fill my knitting time!

I like how your lace project is coming out.

I love this idea. I have a few lace books myself and some chunky yarn. hmmmmm.

you can drink beer and knit lace? and not totally screw it up like i do? i'm awestruck! it looks really lovely.

It looks so gorgeous. I can't wait to see it finished.
Good luck with the move and have a great time in London!



This looks like a shawl from A Gathering of Lace. I've made it several times as blankets. It's a great pattern.

Wow, that blanket is going to be gorgeous!

Should I leave my address in Vermont or will you be hand delivering the blanket?
The blanket is beautiful, I can already see the katrillion other doily blankets that will be on the internets this fall (mine included!); it's truly inspirational.

No TV at home, no wonder you get so much knitting done!

what kind of camera do you use? The pictures you take are always SOOOO AWESOME!

I've taken doily patterns and made them into shawls before....old hat.

Now, a blanket, that's a brilliant idea. I can't wait to see yours when it's finished.

That is soooo pretty, I love it.
:-) Where did you get the pattern?

This is so beautiful. I'd love to make a blanket like this one.

Looks like an artichoke.

Beautiful, I've never really wanted to knit a blanket till now.

it is just beautiful!

well your stitches are truly live stitches. whatever you knit just looks better. whenever i take pictures of my own works i tend to think about the song: my funny valentine.
your looks are laughable
yet you are my favourite work of art.


and it is a neccesity to take lovely interesting photos (have the aptitude for it) especially when you are in to tweed. argh.

oh and did i say that i always show your pictures to people i knit to. and then all of a sudden i find myself writing emails to people in all sorts of wooly places in order to send more yarn.
the only good thing about it is that i have less time for buying clothes and shoes.

After vowing to myself that I will not - will not, I tell you - begin to knit an afghan, there you go with another beauty. I'm weakening...

Yep, a stunner...well done.

This really is inspiring. I'm kind of glad you haven't given any details on the pattern since the last thing I need is to be distracted into casting on yet another project!
Enjoy that AC & beer. Right now it's AC, wine and a new bag of stitch pattern books from Kinokuniya for me.

How do you bewitch us like that??

(I just want to make everything you do!)

The doily-blanket is going to be stunning. I'm sure I need one too...

you are AWESOME! can't wait to see what this pattern is for your oversized doily. brilliant idea in making it a blanket/throw sized version.

i got the new interweave knits with your pattern in it too!


I've got a couple of gigs for you at your convenience ...

I didn't have cable either. Then I went to visit my parents for a week and watch the Top Chef marathon. Now I have it. I'm sooo addicted to that show.

I can't wait to see the finished throw.

so gorgeous! it's like beautiful waves of grey wool!

Top Chef and knitting! Heaven!

That lace is GORGEOUS! You are so talented!

Jared...everything you do, from your knitting, to your spinning, to your photography is beautiful.
It seems that sheer beauty just surrounds your life.

Thanks for bringing these little bits of beauty into the lives of us who are not so blessed.

I think beauty lives with you like chaos lives with me.

heck yes to cable tv + air conditioning... i spent a happy evening on the couch last night finishing the binding on a quilt :)
and i've realized that i just sort of want to knit everything you knit. every time i visit your projects are so lovely that my to-make list gets longer and longer!

Okay, now that it is bigger I can see what it is you are making! I made one, too, but in lace weight as a shawl for my mother-in-law. The repeats are ENDLESS. You'll need a lot more cable tv. How long are you house-sitting for?

mmm, sounds like you are having an excellent time housesitting.

that medallion in the center is so beautifully architectural. i love lace in thicker yarns.

Just about to start the Cobblestone sweater and now I see this beautiful creation. Help Mr. Wizard how can I keep up!

How beautiful! And, yes, a Top Chef marathon is a great background noise. (Season 1 was the best!)

ahhh! you need to finish it quick, so that i can make it!

I too am guessing the circular Feather and Fan from A Gathering of Lace. Looove the grey wool you're using! Can't wait for the days to get colder...although that will happen soon enough up here.

I knit in front of the tv all the time - it's a bad bad obsession for me. Your pic is beautiful - can't wait to see it all done!

Oh boy, I'm on maternity leave from my knit store and have too discovered Top Chef marathons! But you're right - great for knitting. And breastfeeding! :) Beautiful lace!

It's beautiful! I like lace knitted up with thicker yarns, they seem more useful!

Definitely Feather and Fan from a Gathering of Lace... I should know, it's on my needles too. However, mine will be a shawl, not a blanket.

It looks absolutely gorgeous and gives me a new idea for gifts for friends... i.e. shawl patterns in thicker yarn = throw/afghan.

Can't wait to see it in all it's glory!

Congrats on Eunny Jangs comments about your sweater. I think it will be the first thing I knit when I get the magazine. I also find it simple and elegant.

Beer and knitting.

Doesn't get much better than that.

this is gorgeous!
love the yarn, what is it?

That looks very interesting. I like the no purling too! Enjoy the A/D & Beer : )

Gorgeous shawl!

You're a vile tempter! (teehee) The blanket is already gorgeous- I'm sure it will be jaw-dropping once you're finished.

Congrats on your sweater in IK too- you rock!

That is just gorgeous!

Oh I am in heaven. I need one of those giant doilies! Looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

well if I haven't already, I have a feeling I'll be buying a new book. But would that be such a terrible thing? Nahhh. I just love the color of your piece, very rich and warm.

Hey, I started an antique knit doily last Thursday, and it looks very close if not the same as the one you are doing here. Of course mine is with tiny mercerized cotton yarn, so they look very different. I can't wait to see more of it to make sure.

Congratulations on the publication of your sweater pattern!! Way to go.

The benefit of house sitting is that you don't have all those pesky chores like you do at home. I'm glad you're making use of all those comfy surroundings to make major knitting progress.


Glad you're enjoying house sitting!! Hope they have more than 1 beer!!! =)

that lace is beautiful. a blankie to be proud of :)

beautiful lace!

Your Canadianlike (Or one might say Oregonianesque) combination of beer and lace knitting is an inspiration to lightweights everywhere.

Luckily I'm underage, so I don't have to worry about stuff like that.

Thanks so much for sharing this pattern -- and your usual gorgeous photos. You have solved a major stash problem for me: what to do with the loads of Green Mountain Spinnery mountain mohair that I have been wondering what I would do with. This afgan might be just the thing. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Oblivion is the goal of afgan knitting, is it not? Those massive cabled afgans are so tempting, but who can cable themselves into the necessary zen state to finish one?

those are my absolute favorite kind of nights, except for me, it's a good cd, good beer, some midnight sun, and a mosquito-free deck....

Please do post all abou tit because just the little bit you've shown is so amazing I'm drooling to learn more!


Enjoy London! I'm loving this project; it looks so amazingly sculptural right now (OK, that will change on blocking, but still...) Also, curious minds want to know: how time have you spent spinning on that gorgeous wheel, compared to the amount of time spent photographing it?

WOW! Absolutely fantastic! (and Top Chef, or any other Style show marathons are terrific knitting background noise!)

I cannot wait for this one.

I have never seen anything so beautiful and your pictures just speak to me ..the knitting ..your knitting is perfect and we love you for it!

Knitorious Amelia

that is too freaking gorgeous. i am totally knitting that for mom for christmas.....

Wow - this is truly beautiful work,great site. Best wishes Emmie :-)
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