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You all recall the little honeymoon phase I had with the February Baby Sweater from Knitter's Almanac over the summer, right? And then the running-out-of-a-dyelotless-yarn moment when that honeymoon abruptly ended?

Well, Sundara hooked me up with a fill-up in December and this weekend I finally picked up this project again.


Yes there are two and no these are not for twins.

I debated on whether or not to just continue with the old sweater, striping in the new color with the old, despite a noticeable difference in 'dyelots'. I knew I'd be bothered by that in the end. Especially since I now have enough of the new yarn to make a bigger, better version (I went up 2 needle sizes also, to play up the lace and to accommodate the baby's current age. ehhhh...). Yes that's right - I took the high road.


V1, pictured on the left, is how much you can get out of one 100g skein of worsted on US6's. V2 on the right is using 200g on size 8's and will have more than enough yarn. And now that my guilty conscience has been quelled, I can rip V1 and make a hat for myself with that beautiful yarn, being the selfish knitter that I am. (To be more truthful, the ripping occured late last night in a fit of inspiration.)

In case you're wondering, I'm not only knitting for babies right now. I'm finishing up a couple things and then I'm setting my sights towards reinjecting some of my deflated Work-In-Progress sweaters with a renewed wintry vigor.

And because sometimes I can't help myself:

Green Cake

Happy Monday, all.

gorgeous so far. O_O happy monday to you too.

That is such a lovely color. I'm happy you'll be able to finish the sweater!

Happy Monday indeed!
I love that yarn, mrowr.

I have to admit... the pictures on your site make me salivate. Namely, the pictures of yarn. Sigh!

That's my favorite baby sweater to make, and it's gorgeous in the Sundara yarn. Totally worth reworking to get the colors right.

that yarn is delicious! what a lucky baby, and good for you for doing it the right (hard) way. :)

i wonder what size the bigger one will turn out to be. want to make the sweater but it is always hard to figure out the baby sizes as babies come in all size as the knitting goddess says..... gauge and needle sizes would be a lovely addition to the blogpost

I have to agree that both yarns are gorgeous, although I prefer the first one and would it use for myself too. I cant wait to see the other one finished though, and what hat you make yourself too.

Thanks for the yarn portrait fix -- that awesome green-over-yellow colorway has been haunting my dreams for months, and mocking me with its sold-out-ness. Lucky baby!

The Sundara yarn portraits are always amazing.
Thanks for the fix.

Those are just shockingly beautiful, Jared. And sophisticated too. I'm SO tired of pastels on babies. Your sweaters won't cause their wearers to groan at 16, when they see pics of themselves.

these are awesome. the colors are awesome. :)

Beautiful yarn and in the end I'm sure the ripping out will be nothing but a good thing because you will make a gorgeous hat just for YOU!

I was looking at that pattern a few days ago. It is adorable...and then the Sundara yarn...mmm, that is some luscious baby sweater.

I've been waiting for you to come back to this one! That pattern is my favourite and the yarn is divine! Can't wait to see it finishd.

that is a beautiful colour.. *drools*
and the lacework is brilliant.
I would have to agree with you on starting it again from scratch.. the 'striping' would have bothered me too.

i want some of that yarn... *wanders off in search*

Keep plugging. That baby sweater is so worth it.

As always, your photos are stunning. What kind of lens do you use?

I'm glad you figured out how to work around the yarn issue, even if it means re-knitting. It's a beautiful baby sweater! I love the gull stitch.

I think you made a very wise decision, especially when it comes to the point you made about having more gorgeous yarn to yourself!

But the yummi yarn portrait was just cruel ;-)

The sweaters look beautiful. I love the color.

Glad you can now finish the sweater and get a bonus item for yourself! :)

It's always a good choice when you get some lovely yarn to hoard for yourself ;)

That color is so pretty it hurts. Love the baby sweater -- I'm all about avoiding pastels. Why should babies have to suffer anemic colors?

The baby sweater is darling.

I've just finished the February Baby sweater myself and will be posting photos in the next day or so. I've just got to sew some buttons on. Mine is not nearly as beautiful as yours though. That color is glorious.

thank you for the delights to the eye and the soul. you inspire.

We have been waiting (I'm sure I'm not alone) so long to hear about this sweater! Thanks.

Ripping always sucks, but you made a wise decision! Sweater looks beautiful!

What a great work! That color is so beautiful.

Love that color, the sweater and the idea of you getting yourself a hat out of the deal. Lucky is baby you knit for!

I've knit that sweater a few times but your have created something new and wonderful in luscious colour.

I am crazy about that yarn, and your work is wonderful! Worth the wait for a lucky baby :)
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