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I've begun the yoke shaping on the seamless hybrid, it feels great to finally get to the exciting stuff after knitting three long tubes for the last two weeks (body and sleeves). There's nothing like that first long knit row that joins them all together, ahhhh.........

I'm flying home to Seattle this weekend for a wedding (read: many hours on the plane with bamboo needles and yoke shaping). I'd love to come home with a finished project. I'll try.

I didn't want to end the week without showing you something. I haven't been shooting many photos in the last couple of days, but I do have a picture of Demi that I owe you. I figure its about time that I reveal what I'm doing with this thing:

Demi Front Panel
with modified center panel

If you're not familiar with the original design, I took out the center panel (rife with bobbles galore) and subbed in this one. The simple knit-purl ladder motif just shot into my head one day as a harmonious solution - and I really loved the idea. Despite my urge for some complex, sinuous cable pattern, I just wasn't able to come up with anything that I liked better. I liked the simplicity and the geometric contrast - and I still like it. I hope it holds its texture after blocking. Also, I'll be doing a nice and thick cable motif up the center of each sleeve, which I think will balance it out nicely (and satisfy my cabling urges).

Knitting on Demi should resume next week, and maybe I'll have a finished sweater to show you by then also.

I despise bobbles. When I see them in the midst of beautiful cables, they piss me off. *lol* I think it's because I've seen so many of them in ugly, cheesy sweaters, so I tend to associate them with that.

i like your substitution for the cable/bobble panel. i also am not a huge fan of bobbles so i can understand why you would want to nix them. this is a great compromise.

another "eww" on bobbles here! I love the texture and balance the center panel gives the sweater! I can't wait to see the cables up the sleeves. That yarn has incredible stitch definition!!

Lovely middle panel sub--not crazy about bobbles myself. I'll put them on a tea cozy or something, but not a lovely cable sweater. Enjoy Seattle--we're having wonderful weather here in the PNW.

I like Demi w/o the bobbles. Safe flying and I can't wait to see the Zimmermann sweater.

I don't mind bobbles if they are an accent rather than a major design feature. But that ridged pattern you subbed in (rig and furrow?) looks wonderful next to the long vertical ribbing. Nice choice!

Ooh! I'm lovin Demi! Nice substitution. I think it will have a more manly look. Looking forward to seeing some FOs. And have a nice time in Seattle. First Chicago, now Seattle - you're such a jetsetter!

yahoo! i love seattle!!

The sub is SO much better!

Very nice! I always enjoy seeing your ongoing projects. What kind of camera do you use?

Wooohoooo! Have fun in Seattle! I'll only have 2 days there after my race, and I won't know how much I'll enjoy it since I might not be able to get around too easily.

I think your Demi looks great. I'm planning on just leaving the bobbles out of mine but keeping the pattern the same, although I'm not really sure how that will work out...Have a nice trip to Seattle, we're supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend!
Been lurking for awhile and just wanted to say hello...and to compliment you on your marvelous photography!

About the first long row on a seamless sweater: I totally get it! My favorite part is the decreasing, because every row gets shorter and more exciting.

I love the modifications you made to Demi. I'm making an allover cabled Rebecca pattern right now because I also felt the need to cable. I think my favorite cable patterns are those whose charts take an entire magazine page (and 2 pages is even better!)

Beautiful! I love it. Can't wait to see it finished

Great modification! The resulting design is infintely more wearable looking and masculine besides. I'm curious to see what kind of cables you'll incorporate in the sleeves and how they'll interact with the body of the sweater. Do you think you'll repeat the ladder motif in the sleeve at all to create a sense of unity in the design, or will the other motifs do that already?

Seeing someone with this much gorgeous tweed on the needles is really making me jealous. Great projects - I especially like the subsitution of the center panel on Demi - it gives the sweater a more masculine feel and should be very flattering when worn. Good idea!

oh! i love your mod to the center panel.

I just got Vintage Style (Vintage Knits, whatever version it is) because I realized that I have yarn in stash [!!] perfect for Demi. However I'm anti-bobble so I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep the diamonds and add seed stitch on the inside, ignore the bobbles completely, work smaller bobbles, or work another mod. Swatching will ensue -- I love your mod though. I am going to have to swatch that as an option too!

Hope you have a great trip to my favorite US city! :)

You rock.....great work my friend!

Nice mod--I've been planning on making Demi for a while, this might push me closer to the edge...

Have fun in Seattle, I hope you get lots of knitting done. And enjoy the weather!

Your substitution is perfect. Sometimes bobbles are just too much.

Your knitting is gorgeous - I'm in awe of the modifications you are able to do and the way in which your knitting turns out.

You made me buy a bag of Rowanspun DK with all this seamless hybrid talk. I hope you're satisfied!

I've been searching your blog for a finished picture of Demi... this is the last mention I can find. I'm loving it though! Any chance you've made any more progress? (If you're anything like me, you need to be inspired in just the right way for each project)...

Beautiful work though. Thanks for sharing it.
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