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Many of you have been inquiring about the yellow scarf that I showed you just a snippet of in my last post. To clarify, its Kathy's new 'Shifting Sands' pattern - I just modified the number of stitches in the pattern to accommodate for a worsted (the pattern calls for sport weight).

Shifting Sands

I wasn't sure how I would like this yarn for this pattern but as it turns out, I think it looks pretty perfect for what I had in mind. It adds a bit more thickness to the fabric which, as you know if you've already worked with malabrigo, is a wonderful thing.

I don't have much more for you today - although I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend and have lots of fodder for the tweedy fire next week. If we are lucky enough to get a sunny day, I may even have some finished sweater photos for you at the beginning of next week. Cross your fingers for a bath of natural light to wash over Brooklyn and save us all.

Aside: did anyone notice two random yarn lines appear all-of-a-sudden on the knitpicks website a little while ago? Listed as web specials with limited quantities? "Totem" is a worsted wool/modal blend (50/50) and "Salishan" is a wool/pima cotton (45/55). It seems they're basically all snatched up (a few of the less desirable colors are still hanging around, i think). Intrigued, I threw in a ball of the "Salishan" on my last KP order.

KnitPicks Salishan

Anyone know what these yarns are all about? Maybe they're testing out some new lines...? or I guess these could be really old lines they used to carry before I was hip to the KnitPicks scene? I'll give you a report once I use it, although I don't know how much good that will do, if the yarn is no longer available for purchase.

Have a good weekend. And please, knit.

Someone picked up on the knitpicks yarn over at LimenViolet so we've all been wondering. Also, I am not a big yellow fan, but that scarf to be looks quite cheery.

I love yellow and the pattern for the scarf.....WOW! It looks great! Thanks for the pattern link.
And of course...I will knit!!
Have a nice weekend!

I saw those lines too. There was a third that started with a W, but I can't remember what it was. They were each listed with only about five colors. I was ordering over the phone and happened to mention it to the service rep, and she said she knew nothing about it, and as far as she knew they weren't new lines. I bought a skein of the Totem to try out some Fetchings, though.
I think I like Shifting Sands even better in the gold than in Grumperina's original color!

I think the malabrigo is a good match for the pattern. Nice choice! Not sure about the KP Yarns, they have so many lines they run together for me.

I just recently bookmarked the Shifting Sands Scarf and am glad to see you knitting it. It's a ways down my ever-growing list, so it might be a while before I get to it. BTW, send me whatever you want photographed. Santa Barbara has had NOTHING BUT SUNSHINE. Guess I shouldn't complain, huh?

The pattern looks great in that weight yarn. Very textured and of course the color is devine.

The scarf looks beautiful. I can't wait to try this pattern out.

I also noticed the KP Totem, just last night. I was wondering about it too. If you hear anthing about it, make sure you let us know.

I love the way the pattern is working up in the malabrigo. It really gives it depth. I have to agree with Pacalaga, I like it better than in the original color I saw it. :o)~

Have a nice weekend!!

I really like that scarf pattern - thanks for sharing! I borrowed your "eye candy friday" title for just a week - I promise!

i love the texture of that scarf pattern with the semi-solidness of malabrigo. it's a gorgeous combination.

i've never heard of either of these knitpicks yarns so perhaps they are testing them out. hmmmmm, sounds like a great way to see if people like them or not before committing.

Gorgeous scarf. That pattern is quickly becoming a must-knit. I don't know about the random KnitPicks yarns, but I'm sure someone is in the know. I'm hoping for sunshine for us all and lots of time to knit!

The scarf is so beautiful. The yarn and the pattern are a perfect match for one another.

That scarf is looking great. Kathy's pattern is perfect for the variegation in the yarn. Beautiful!

I was curious about those Knit Picks yarns too. The Salishan would have been perfect for a project on my "to knit" list. Hopefully it's just a teaser and they'll be offering them again in the future (hopefully with more color choices than some of their yarns).

Have a great weekend!

I'm loving the scarf. Are you doing cable w/o a cable needle?

We (Vermont) had about 10 minutes of sun this morning but it's back to clouds and rain again. I'm not complaining, I'll take 70° and rain over snow any day!

I saw the knitpicks yarns awhile ago but figure it was something they had order but didn't really intend to sell. There was never an announcement that they existed.

I dunno if they're planning to bring back those online only, short time Knitpicks yarns, but I'm knitting a sweater in the Salishan and really liking it, especially for the price. It's quite soft. I would definitely order this one again if they bring it back.

Scarf is gorgeous. Is this pattern really eating up yarn? because I have ONE ball of Malabrigo...but if I need two, I may frog a scarf I've already knitted - it's pretty, but it curls.

yeah, I saw them and got momentarily excited, and then too realized they sold out. *sigh* Do tell us how it works though. Perhaps they'll bring it back. The scarf is great. I must read waaaay to many blogs because I already figured it was shifting sands before you even revealed it. I'm thinking about making one myself, it's such a great design. Good luck on your projects this weekend...I'm going to follow suit, 7 wips and counting....*gah*

omg malabrigo makes me drool. i have some at home i may need to try that pattern on.

long-time reader finally de-lurking to say i just love, love, love not only your knits but also your photography. i love coming here and being inspired on both levels! (no sun for weeks here in toronto either! boo.)

ugh.. has it been gray and rainy there, too? it's been really nasty here for a while.


The scarf looks fantastic! That stitch pattern really shows off the Malabrigo nicely.

Your Shifting Sands looks great in that color! Guess I missed out on the 2 KP's yarns. Oh well. I promise I for one will knit. have a great weekend!

Those are great colors! The shifting of the color is appropriate for the pattern.

It's so interesting how two people can make the same pattern and it looks SO different. I REALLY like that yarn with that stitch pattern, it actually LOOKS like the colors of shifting sand. Cool. ( I like the original too, of course, Kathy is my hero heroine? lol ok, Grumperina rocks, there )

I must have been blind to that particular knit picks line or something b/c I've been a knit picks freak for....?EVER? and it looks totally unfamiliar to me - weird.

So... are you a photographer in your other life, or just naturally awesome that way, eh?

I love how that yarn and stitch pattern are combining!

Wow, that's wierd...I JUST posted last night about the Salishan I finally received yesterday (same color you posted here; likely it's all one dye lot, no?) - I bought 16 skeins which may be two or three more than I need - let me know if you eventually need more. I posted a swatch photo of the cable from the Arwen Cardigan in IK winter '06, which is what I'm using the yarn for - so far I'm very pleased - it's quite soft but sturdy and looks really nice in the cables, even without blocking.

And I just got some Louet Gems Opal to make Grumperina's scarf for my boyfriend...good to know another guy is into the pattern! It looks excellent in that Malabrigo.

Thanks for the eye candy! ~gabriella

Your knitting is so beautiful! Every time you knit something I think "I'm going to knit that next".

I taught my little sister to knit over the phone & through knitting websites recently. She picked up some of the KP's Totem for a hat on her very first KP order ever. I told her not to like it too much, because it may be an old KP line they're clearing out. I don't know.

That scarf looks gorgeous! Like everyone else's comments, I love the subtly shifting colors and the heavier weight. I thought Kathy's scarf looked nice but didn't pay it much notice -- now I am feeling inspired to knit it!

I'm another longtime reader de-lurking. Your outstanding knitting and gorgeous photography make your site an inspiring read that I never miss! Thanks again.

The scarf looks as if it's coming out greatly! What a beautifully variegated and warm and curryish yellow yarn. Love it!

I like making yarn bargains, most of my yarn is.

I didn't realize how really beautiful that Malabrigo was until I saw it knit up!

The weekend weather is looking a little sketchy in my part of NYS. Oh well, I guess I'll HAVE to knit! :)

That yellow scarf looks just gorgeous--I LOVE the colors, and the pattern? Perfect. Love it.

I didn't give Kathy's scarf a second look because I hate the color beige. I would have never thought that with a different yarn this pattern would look so good. Great choice!

that yellow has been stuck in my head since you first posted a picture of the yarn. and now, seeing it knit.... ahhh! so gorgeous.

Wow! The stitch pattern looks great with the color variations. Very nice!

Ooooooh! Me likey this in the slightly variegated M yarn - nice, nice! Terry

i saw those knit picks yarns as well... one of my friends bought the totem and i bought another yarn, which i guess is already gone. it's a worsted weight called wakashan, it's 100% baby alpaca, and it is the hottest dark red color. i bought almost 300 yards and don't have a plan for it yet. but it is delish.

I love the oh-so-subtle variegation of the colour (oh..so now I know what semi-solid is!)
And normally I'm not much of a yellow gal either but I'd call that Hindu Mustard rather than strictly yellow.

Huh - you know, I liked the scarf a lot when I saw it on Grumperina's site, but in this yarn, it is fabulous.

I am not such a yellow person, but I've been very attracted to this golden hue recently and am waiting to come up with the perfect project.

I too have some Salishan, and am hoping to become a scarf in a few weeks. The colors are more intense in person than on my monitor, but they're pretty.

PS, Thank you, you inspired my fiancee to knit, and now he understands the craziness :)

Oh, it looks edible. I think I have a skein of that same shade of Malabrigo. It's gorgeous.

I saw your post when you purchased that particular Malabrigo & I immediately ordered it from PureKnits as I loved the color. In person, it does not disappoint & I'm knitting the Irish Hiking Scarf with it, yum.

The scarf is so YUMmmmmmmmm!
Love it!

How I love Malabrigo. That scarf is going to be tres tres chic - yellow makes the perfect accent color if you've got the complexion to pull it off (sadly, I don't). I'd better not show my husband your work or he'll want me to drop the Fishtrap aran and make him a yellow scarf right away.

Oh, I love that pattern! I think I'll use it for my dad's Christmas scarf! :) Best of luck with the Salishan--you got a lovely color.

You chose the perfect colour for Kathy's new design.

BTW: We're gearing up for summer down here - there's plenty of light! Perhaps you ought to consider re-locating...

oh how beautiful and sun-shiney your scarf is. If you don't mind me asking, how many stitches did you end up with?

Love that scarf! The yellow tones in the yarn are interesting.

Ready for Scott? :) I have to admit that I started the ribbing. Needed to make sure my gauge etc is going to fit my husband.

Can't wait to get rolling, now that I actually have the time.

I love that scarf and the color really suits the pattern. I will definately have to look for that pattern, your blog is the first I have seen of the pattern.

The scarf is stunning. I love the stitch work. Beautiful job!

Wow! I absolutely LOVE your shifting sands shot. What perfect yarn to use with it!
Nice work. :-)

i hope i don't annoy you by asking this (some people get ticked when asked for tips, i totally understand), but do you use strategic artificial lighting for your pictures, or do you just get really amazing sunlight over there? all your photos look so good!

I simply loved the color and the stitch of this scarf, the shifting sand.... so beautiful... can't wait to see the finished scarf!!!
Paty Ballarin Fontes

The color and yarn choice with that stich pattern is exquisite, so beautiful in fact it almost makes my mouth water. I really wish I could feel the texture. Great choice. I can't wait to see the finished product.
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