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I've been all over the place trying to get my latest EZ project in gear. The main problem is that there are too many things that I would enjoy making. And too many good yarns to couple with great patterns. My first plan of attack was to take down the Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan (heretofore called SSAC) from Wool Gathering 63. I bought the pattern and have been itching to start, but have been keeping my eyes out for the perfect wool to match. In the meantime, I brokedown and purchased this...

Opinionated Knitter

To call it a 'new obsession' would be quite an understatment. Its the newest addition to my EZ library, and I think I can safely say my favorite of hers so far (the photography in the book gets extra points. I'm sure if there were modern day photographs of the patterns in her other books, i'd be partial to them as well... partial being a completely relative term in this context) . Having spent the last two weeks with my nose between the pages has succeeded in filling my head with all sorts of ideas.

I have had this Rowanspun Chunky in the stash for months, waiting for the right time to strike.

Rowanspun Chunky (

I've known I wanted a cabled jacket out of the stuff (shawl collar or hood preferred), but haven't had the time to sit down and design everything. Well, there's a cabled jacket in The Opinionated Knitter that has me thinking about this again. On top of this, my color cards from Beaverslide finally came (this is what I was waiting on to get the Wool Gathering Sweater started)... and again, everything went to shit:

Beaverslide McTaggart Tweeds

there are way too many colors and wools that I want to use, and many a yarn thats perfect for the SSAC. Now, don't get me wrong. I have absolutely no problem working two wooly cabley cardigans at once. It actually seems an ideal situation. But then there are other things that I have to work on (for business or pleasure) that can't be ignored.

And there are things like this:

Badass Tomten
bad ass. truly.

that just make my life more complicated. I want one of these too. No, actually, I just want to look as cool as this kid does.

All the while, other cravings are being satiated.

Telemark 3

Is it possible for there to be too much of a good thing? Doubtful.

We are fortunate knitters indeed. To be faced with an abundance of fiber and pattern choice can be overwhelming (you should see my closet and bookshelves), but count yourself lucky that yarnish life extends beyond glittery acrylic.

And maaad props to you if you manage to look as cool as that kid!

First of all, I love your blog--your knitting and your photography are both awe inspiring. Second, all of that yarn looks so lovely, tweedy, and vibrant--your indecisiveness is complete understandable. Third, I completely agree: that is one bad ass kid-o. Really, I think we should each make it a personal goal to unleash the bad ass retro child waiting inside of us--but that's just one knitter's opinion.

aahhh, i love a post with lots of good color :) i'm looking forward to whatever you decide to do for your next EZ project!

Damn, to have so many choices to choose from! Eventually you can make them all, so just go for 'em--why choose?

You have inspired me to knit an SSAC as my first EZ project. I have not bought her books yet, but I have ordered Woolgathering 63. The child's sweater is wonderful - I am intrigued by the stitches used. .
The right project always seems to bubble up to the top and I look forward to seeing what you decide to start first.

What a gorgeous and colorful post--and yes, The Opinionated Knitter is a gorgeous book. You are not alone in your indecisiveness--I have 2, soon to be 4, EZ projects on the needles. Make them all! I can't wait to see them. :)

i feel that way EVERY SINGLE AUTUMN. i think it's just sensory overload for knitters. there's great new yarn, there's patterns from previous seasons that i didn't get to make yet, there's lots of new books and mags being released, and since it's cooling down i just plain feel like knitting more.

it's kinda like a knitter's version of going home for the holidays.

enjoy it :)

I'm not too crazy about the SSAC. Seems sooo busy!!

Because of you, my pocket is poorer, but my library is richer by 3 or 4 EZ books! I was never really interested in her until I saw our hybrid (of course, I've said this eleventeen thousand times to you already!). I also just got the Opinionated Knitter and I'm dying to make the baby surprise jacket for my new baby, G-Luc. (Ain't that a nice Brooklyn-ite nickname?)

Nice site, that Beaverslide (BTW, your link's not working).

THAT is one cool kid! All that HAIR!

Keep knittin'

Fascinated to read your review of the Opinionated Knitter, which I have been coveting for some time. Perhaps I will just have to break down and buy it??

that is some delicious tweedy goodness. i love the rowanspun... i have some in "autumn" calling to me from the shelf. also, thank you for inspiring me to knit the seamless hybrid for zimmermania! i'm hoping mine comes out as well as yours did.

Yes, the life of a knitter come fall - SO! many choices :) I gotta know, how do your wound skeins come out so! tidy? Terry

yum! I love that chunky colorway. And I fondle my Beaverslide color cards almost daily. sigh.

Look forward to seeing the stranded piece soon! :)

Wow, so much of a good thing! I recently realized that I own NO EZ books and that I urgently need one! I was almost ordering "Knitting Around" but now I'm having second thoughts... should I get them all? (browsing the books I also catched a photo of that cardigan and thought it was really awesome!)

This is sort of out of the blue, I know, but I have got to ask: how do you store your needles, and what is your portable knitting bag? (I'm sure some other folks are curious as well)

Ha! You're right. That kid is completely badass. I want to see you rockin' the Tomten right away.

I feel the same way you do about wanting to start a multitude of projects. There are Icelandic and cabled jackets and handspun colorwork mittens and Telemark hats dancing in my head like crazy. Wool wool wool!

Couple things -- badass kid, I believe, is EZ's greatgranddaughter. Coolness bred in the bones. Tomkin coat - all garter - the thinking is in the shaping. EZ has nearly singlehandedly brought back the dignity of the humble garter stitch by her lonesome. Love her, love your site, quit mentioning yarn companies that yank my budget alllll outta shape. May never forgive you for Sundarayarns. But I'll keep peeking in for the unbelieveable photos and talent made tangible. You. can. knit. brother.

OH yeah...I am just waiting for that book...I finally broke down last week! I love both cardigans. That kid looks the coolest. I can't wait to see your adult version.

I loooooove Beaverslide. You really have to try it, if not for the SSAC. The colors really are out of this world. I wonder what fair isle you're working on, hmm...

I recommend all EZ books, especially Knitting Without Tears and Knitters Almanac. Love her stuff. Knitting Around is pretty good, although frankly, I wish she would have faced the Holocaust a little more squarely. It was like they left Europe and lived happily ever after, with no real nod to the fact that hundreds of thousands of their countrymen were also trying to escape - but denied exit.

That said, the knitting advice and admonitions in all her books are lovely. I love ordering from Schoolhouse Press - they are friendly and very family oriented. And yes, most of their models are family - as Michelle (Cully's wife) said, "'Cause we work for free!"

The quality of their wool, DVD's and patterns are excellent. I've ordered them all. Very homey.

Most of all, I love EZ's writing style. She was a cranky old broad at times, and I so DIG that in a woman!

That book rawks. That little girl's sweater rawks harder. :) i love how they put a zipper in that jackat rather than buttons. ;)

You're a hoot! And it's never that life gets complicated is it? I think it just gets more interesting. I'm almost afraid to look at this beaverslide site ...

Looks like your needles will be full for a while! With so many great yarns out there, it is so hard to decide! I can't wait to see what you choose!

i am drunk on the things you do. that jacket is really bad ass... i now am going to my LYS and buying out her Zimmermann books.

so much yarn. so much patterns. so little time. =)

The best way to decide what to do next is the one that keeps you awake at night thinking about it. Love the green yarn too, and cannot wait to see what you decide on. Good luck choosing!

I'm drooling over the yarn photos. I'm only just beginning to read Knitting Without Tears. I can only imagine how enjoyable The Opionated Knitter must be!

I suppose this means you will just have to live forever so that you can do try every pattern and every yarn! :)

Beaverslide is the best yarn ever. Oh, you are in for SUCH a treat! Really!
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