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  Mountains of Wool
No matter how many sweaters I make, I dont think I'll ever get over the surprise at seeing just how much wool hides in one measley garment (this was just a male Medium, although it was baggy). I did a little sweater-harvesting this weekend. Found a blue tweed wool aran sweater at the bottom of my dresser on Saturday - I picked it up from Ross a couple of years ago for $9.99 or something ridiculous like that. It didn't fit all that well, so after a couple of hours, this is what I had laying around my apartment....

Wool Harvest 1

Wool Harvest 2

These photos were taken after soaking the wool in a bath for a few hours and hanging them out to dry. The wool seems to closely resemble Yorkshire Tweed DK - one of my favorite yarns - although is softer and machine washable! Its not necessarily a color I would purchase for a sweater, but it'll add some variety to my sweater arsenal (if I ever get around to knitting it up).

Wool Harvest 3

I know, I know - you were expecting a full Swallowtail report with this post. I'm really ready to give you one, but haven't had a chance to have a proper photo shoot. With the onset of Autumn comes the loss of ideal lighting for evening photography. But soon.

Do you remember Raspy? I'm so close to the end on this one - its been a long time coming. I have a few more inches on the second sleeve, then I'll toss it in the wash and seam it onto the rest of the body, which is patiently waiting for its final piece:

Raspy Half Seamed

You can see from the photo that I alternated the neckline with shortrows (I'll explain more later) from the original straight-across boatneck required in the pattern. There are some other obvious changes (ommissions), but for now, I'll spare you the details.

I'm going to Boston this weekend, I'm not positive that I'll have time to do any fiber crawling, but any suggestions you have would be great! I know that there are a ton of great knitters in Boston. I've never been, so I'm excited. Of course what I'm most excited about is the 4 hour bus ride alone with my sweater.............


Where in Boston are you going to be? There are yarn stores everywhere... I'm sure there's one close to where you're staying, maximizing the chance that you'll be able to stop by :).

Heee. Sweater harvesting!

I'm doing a little bit of dyeing today for a certain someone....

I was actually most entertained by the "sweater arsenal." :)

Glad I'm not the only one who literally gets excited about taking a long trip just because it means having several hours of uninterrupted knitting in the car!

Welcome to Boston! SubwayKnitter has a list of local places to KIP here, (http://www.subwayknitter.com/UpHTML/KnitinPublicBoston.htm), and I'd say try to get to Windsor Button or Wild n' Woolly (which is in Lexington, outside of the city), if you have a chance. Hope you enjoy - Boston is one of my favorite places evah. :)

I love harvesting yarn from sweaters (not that I've knit a ton of it up!) you can find some great yarns that way! Raspy is looking good!

What Wenders said. I was a centimeter away from moving there. Enjoy Boston!

Can't wait to see your pics of raspy finished along with what you'll make with the yarn you harvested. Did you by any chance take a pic of the original sweater so we see a before and after? Enjoy Boston!

It may not be a color you would normally buy, but I think it is lovely and would compliment you well!

Hey Jared,
You're right, Boston does have some great yarn stores, but as Grumperina mentioned they're everywhere. Some of my favorites are Windsor Button (right in Downtown on Temple) where they seem to have a new yarn every time I go there. The prices are great and the employees are so helpful. As the name suggests, they also have a great selection of buttons (an entire wall!). it also has a great old school feel and probably hasn't been remodeled since our grandparents shopped there (a good thing, in my eyes). Wild & Wooly in downtown Lexington is great, but outside the city, so not the best option if you're carless and staying in Boston. If you can make it, they have a HUGE selection - two full floors of yarn! In Cambridge right in Harvard Square, Wolcott is crammed full of great yarns (although I never seem to find what I need when shopping there), Circles in Jamaica Plain is great. I think Dani from Sunshine Yarns works there, but I'm not sure. Also, on Newbury there are a couple yarn stores - Needlepoint & Knitting (closer to the garden) and Newbury Yarns. I really like Newbury yarns, but everything is organized by color so that can be frustrating. I think needlepoint is overpriced. Have a great time in Boston! Let me know if you have any questions.

Be still my heart. Your photography is simply amazing. I've been stalking for a little while but I had to comment. Thank you for such a beautiful site!

That's a great job on the recycling.
If you're coming up on the Fung Wa bus, sit on the left side. (They only roll to the right when they tip over.) It's a great ride, though, and an excellant opportunity to knit.
If you want some good photog places, let me know. There are a few choice spots. You know, in case you get enough yarn.

Have fun here in Boston - looks like you have enough yarn recommendations, but if you want any leads on other stuff to do (ie: food!) let me know. I've been living here for 3 years, and while I'd much rather be back in New York, there are a few places I'll miss when we move!

I think my favorite shop in Boston is A Good Yarn in Brookline, followed closely by Wild and Wooly in Lexington. If you're looking for a place with more hard-to-find yarns, Circles in Jamaica Plain is a nice choice. Have fun!

I love love love Circles. I'll see you there! :p

MInd's Eye in Porter Square - Woolcott in Harvard Square (both on the Red Line) - A Good Yarn in Brookline Village (on the Green Line). Good luck figuring out the new Charlie Pass, BTW, it isn't hooked up in Harvard Square as of last Friday.

My favorite is also A Good Yarn in Brookline Village. It's less than a block from the T, and about a block from Matt Murphy's, a little Irish pub with excellent food. Plus it's an easy walk from there to Coolidge Corner, which is home to my favorite independent bookstore ever, Brookline Booksmith.

Hey - I'll put in another vote for A Good Yarn - GREAT selection! I'm so jealous... I grew up in Boston and I still miss it every day. Have fun!

PS: Back and left front of Jarrett complete - thanks again for your supportive words!

I thought you finished Raspy already, I haven't finished the bomber jacket either but now I don't feel quite as bad. Have a great trip and you have to get some souvenir yarn!

Enjoy Boston. It's one of my favorite places too! There is Windsor Button, a classic; and Newbury Yarns; there is another yarn shop at the end of Newbury street, near Arlington St. I think, not sure of the name, but if you are walking you'll see.

Was going to say "Maybe you'll meet the Grumperina" but I see she got here already. The yarn store on Newbury St. just beside the Ritz is vastly overpriced - I guess they have to overprice just to pay their rent. Also, they can be quite unfriendly. There is a lot of yarn in a very small space, though. And a little shameless plug, if you look across the street on the second floor, you'll see the Mercury Gallery which my husband runs - if you're into art galleries as well as knitting. And of course, a day trip to Rockport is also nice, weather and time permitting. Our local LYS is smack at the end of the train line (not open on Sunday, though.) It's the best little yarn store in the world but, sadly going out of business due to retirement of the owner. Everything is on sale. Lots of stuff is gone, but there's still quite a bit of wool yarn! LOVE your blog.

Have fun in Boston! If you're mobile, The Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA is having a sale this weekend.

Nice yarn, that's quite a find, and such a good price too. I think I may spend this weekend trolling Ross for similar deals. I love the Raspy too, it's coming along great, and the color is awesome.

In defense of Newbury Yarns, contrary to what Mary K. in Rockport says, it is NOT over priced nor unfriendly. I found the owner to be exceptionally friendly, both in person, over the phone and via email. And her prices are right in line with all the competition, and she has a pretty good array of unusual yarns, also.

My 8y.o., Sam, likes to knit. I told him there are plenty of men who knit, and I showed him your page. He was very impressed with your sweaters, etc. So am I!

I made Raspy a few months ago and have worn it A LOT. Your shawl looks very pretty.

Hi, I've just discovered your blog via a Finnish one. The blogworld is an amazing place.

I am lovin that recycled indigo colour yarn.

And how come so many damn cool people live in Brooklyn?
Is it the water? ;)
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