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As knitters I think we're constantly in a state of transience between our sense of inspiration (impulse) and our sense of duty. We swing back and forth, sometimes violently, between casting on for the next project which is sure to be absolutely perfect... ahem.. and that ne'er empty basket (or closetfull?) of half-finished projects whose days of divine inspiration have long since passed.

Well, I've spent the last week or two at the bottom of the barrel with my Works-In-Progress and, while I may have nothing terribly substantial to show for it, at least I feel like I've chipped away a bit at that compressed mass of wool that I so often try to ignore.

Most importantly, The Swisher has gotten some play. I was expecting to get more done on this in the last few days, but I picked up some last minute photo gigs that kept me in the city late into almost every evening last week. I did get some work done on it this weekend however.

A Sleeve Grows in Brooklyn
A sleeve grows in Brooklyn.

The body is complete (the fit is spot on!) and I'm almost finished with sleeve #1. Since I'm working top-down I've been able to try it on as I go. This sure takes a lot of stress out of the process. Not only is checking fit a more fluid process, you can really nail your length measurements. A perfect sleeve length is one of those things that really makes one sweater stand out above the others for me.

And at long last, the February Baby Sweater saga is coming to a close. I've finished the knitting and now just need to retrieve necessarily charming buttons for this one. You'll get a full post with more photos and all the juicy details in the near future.

Needs Buttons and Blocking
Once again a down comforter works as an amazing stand in for baby.

I'm right on the brink of a wave of new projects that I'm itching to start. While I wait for new yarns to arrive in my mailbox, I'll continue answering the call of duty with these old favorites. If nothing else to minimize guilt in starting what can only be called the Great Garter Wave of 2007. Stay tuned.

gorgeous knits as always, jared - i'm totally into that stunning green (sundara, i assume?) EZ baby sweater. i fully expect to see you gartering with your eyes closed by the end of this year...possibly shooting photos at the same time? knitting american gladiators, anyone? enjoy your new yarn when it arrives. ~gabriella

Beautiful colors all around! I predict a sudden craze for stripes among internet knitters. And I truly love the Sundara green - I think this is my favorite February sweater of all I've seen. Now I'm wishing for exactly such a jacket in my size!

Gee ... and I've been filling my empty nest with dogs ... I could have just fluffed the duvet! Yummy delish knitting as always!

You describe the novelty to tedium transformation to a tee.

I love that little cardi especially in that greenish colour. Styyylishh! And it looks like your sweater is going to be gorgous too. Good knitting!

OMG, do I hear you on the "inspiration versus duty" front. You seem to have sufficient speed and stamina to come out on top - whichever way you're pulled.

Your knitting is always spectacular, but that little baby cardigan just knocks me out! Gorgeous pattern and color!

"Once again a down comforter works as an amazing stand in for baby"
The cardi, of course, is just beautiful.

I'm loving the colors on the raglan - absolutely stunning - I can't wait to see it completed

Awesome baby cardi - love it :-)

Both sweaters are fantastic! I really like the look of the top down raglan. I must give it a try. Good job, yo.

I am always impressed by your knitting...the fit especially! When I grow up, I wanna be like you. I will also be considering Sundara after seeing the February Baby Sweater. Bravo!

Jared, I tried to email you something but it bounced back :-(

Spirits boosted. I thought it was just me.

Wow. Wow.
I think you are the most inspiring knitter I've ever come across.
Your photos are wicked genius and the color choices on your raglan just holler, "wear me"!

The baby sweater is so saturated with color it practically glows from within. Loevely work and such a delightful change from all those wimpy baby blues, pinks, yellows, and mint greens. Whoever gets the finished product is definitly bound to be a baby with (snaps) attitude!

Oh my, that baby sweater is just gorgeous. I've been seeing this pattern around a lot lately, but not in such a beautifully vibrant green. I'll look forward to seeing that completed.

Hee hee, "the great garter wave"! Looks like you've cleaned out your wip basket!

The green is such an amazing color! Very stunning. Beautiful work as always : )

Ahhhh....all deliciously lovely as always. ;-)

i like the february sweater a lot. it is cute and there is a retro feel to the yarn as there really is to the pattern as well. it is a fun knit isn't it??? and then mothers and fathers actually think it is a very practical garment. and that is of course important too. it will be one lovely little woodstock meets the millenium baby who will wear that eventually.

Nice work, and echo other comments. Hmm...looking at the dpns for sleeves...wondering if you're a magic loop-er as well or tried and true dpn-er.

Both projects are beautiful. I love the color combination on the Swish sweater.

Please don't ruin this precious sweater (I really mean great yarn) with novelty baby buttons. Tortoise shell is the only way to go.

I love the finished baby sweater, and the color is an absolute favourite of mine. Just beautiful. I cant wait to see the other sweater finished too, as the colors look fantastic together.

I just KNOW, you're going to Tender Buttons, on the Upper East Side, right? :)

Mmmmm. Gorgeous stuff! I particularly love the color of the baby sweater.

The Swisher looks great so far!

Go, you!

That baby sweater is so freaking adorable I want to have a baby to put in it. ;) (and that is saying something!) That Sundara is blessed by the gods.

The baby sweater...It's gobsmackingly gorgeous

Perfection.. You are a genious!

Hi! I just started reading your blog and I have to say you knit beautifully! I love that baby sweater, it's just so adorable. And the colors in Swisher are really great as well!

Love it all :-)

I love the top down raglan - I'm in the middle of one myself. I go back to it between other projects - because the miles of endless stockinette can get to me after a while!

I love that you made the baby sweater out of wool. I'm always afraid to do that - thinking the mom will just wash nd shrink it! (It must be a knitter friend's baby!)

I love the yarn you've chosen for the baby sweater. It glows!

I'm currently knitting a top-down sweater, which I've done before, but this is the first one I've actually been motivated enough to try on as I go. Now that I have, I just don't see how it's possible to make an ill-fitting top-down garment. I wish I could make all of my sweaters that way!

Both sweaters are wonderful! The colors as much as the knitting!

I agree both sweaters are wonderful and I LLLOOOVVVEEE the baby sweater. The colors are great!

Very well said... I am dying to cast on several new projects, but I must wait... I have too much to work on already.

The baby sweater is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the final pics.

Oh, I hear you. Butterfly has been my project and it's growing slowly. I know I'll be glad when it's finally out of the WIP basket, but it makes for minimal blog fodder. I love the baby sweater - totally worth all the drama.

I love the way you have displayed that little jacket...so clever and it looks beautiful. Those colours in the stripey jumper are gorgeous!! Doesn't photography make the knitted stitch look so perfect? I love to photograph my crafts. It's like a craft celebrating another craft...a double whammy! Double pleasure...so satisfying. Something to remember when I feel down in the dumps. Creativity is such a healer and to get on with past started items and finish them is so good for the soul. I get the same sense of well being when I frog a non-starter or even dispose of it. It's like dead flowers, they drag you down...deal with them lol (I should listen to my own advice at times)

OMG! I love that sweater! I can't wait to see it done! I migth just have to make ove myself! The colors are great together! Wow!

Yay! I love the Swisher and I'm happy its back, at least until the new yarn comes.
I have to say that that's the best dressed fake baby I've ever seen.

How do you knit so fast? They both look beautiful pieces and your choices of colors are fantastic.

I hear you on the swings between impulse and duty - I live that all the time. Lovely little cardigan.

The stripes look amazing! And I also Love the SADDLE SHoulder cardigan you made! It's to die for! Love your blog!

-Gabe (www.k2tog-p2tog.blogspot.com)

Yea, the Swisher. I love your color choices for this sweater and thought perhaps you had decided against finishing it. Bravo for picking it up again! And thanks for treating us to a photo of your progress.

There are no words... Not only do you knit drop dead gorgeous garments, but your photography really is the icing on the cake - you really know how to showcase your knitting to it's absolute best and it's so beautiful to see. Thank you!

Interesting excuse for not making your bed...never heard that one before;->


aw!!! i'm totally loving your baby sweater. i wish my niece were smaller now. but boy do they grow up fast. i made her bonnet when she was born. fit her perfectly. she only got to wear it for about 2 weeks. i made a sweater last xmas 2 sizes big on purpose so that my sis could just roll up the sleeves till it finally fits her. it's black with a hot pink skull and cross bones.

I'm ashamed to admit this, but "a sleeve grows in Brooklyn" just made me snort far too loudly.

Jared, I'm delurking to say how much I love your photography and your way with colours. I just put a link to your beautiful chocolate & raspberry 'swish' sweater over on my blog at http://beelzebubknits.blogspot.com

Do you apply short rows to the sleeves of The Swisher ?
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