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  Red Light Special
Sorry I've been MIA. Turns out there is life outside of knitting...... who knew? I was teasing you before with a little taste of my hat - I guess after 11 days you deserve a little bit more information.

Red Light Special

Pattern: My Own
Materials: KnitPicks 'Telemark' (1 of each - Chestnut, Aubergine, Bayberry and Poppy)
Needles: US 7 Addi Turbo Circs
Total Cost: $7.96 + SH

start Date Mid October 2006 | finish Date Mid November 2006

I used a pretty basic Norwegian Hat Template, chose colors I liked and did my best to fit in the motif of my choosing and size it for XL noggin. Nothing much sophisticated about it, but I love how it turned out, and the fit is virtually perfect.
The hat is lined with a bit of Aurora 8 - this was trickery to get the numbers to match up, Aurora 8 is considerably heavier than Telemark. But I had it in my stash, and it's too soft not to use for a purpose such as this. I will recommend using a similar weight lining-yarn for simplicity's sake, but this worked for me. I included a shot of the innards, just for all the knitters out there (you can see the merino lining around the base).

Red Light Innards

I'm putting together a pattern write-up for this because many of you have expressed interest. I'll be tweaking it a little from the hat you see here. Both to get the bugs out and also resize it for a normal head (My roommate tried it on and was swimming).

It keeps my ears warm, thank god - NYC is frigid today.

I was skimming through Flickr last night and saw these pictures. The hat is really fantastic!

Wow, that is just gorgeous. Thanks in advance for writing up the pattern! Stay warm out there.

High-five for fair isle hats!

That is so awesome! Love the look! BTW Raspy turned out so cool.....it looks great on ya!
Oklahoma just got dumped with 10.4 inches of snow....knitting weather for sure!!! Stay warm!

Oh, I like the variation in your colors in the fairisle, and it's such a cheery hat! I was just in NYC this weekend - plenty windy to require head covering, that is for sure.

Life - outside knitting???? :)
The hat came out great - I love how long it is!s

I really like the hat. The colors are beautiful.

Love the color combo. The raised decreases evoke EZ, no?

awesome hat! The colors are great. So what is this basic Norweigan Hat Template that you mentioned? I am thinking of a fair isle hat, but not sure where to start..

Good move on the cushy lining! I'd want something soft next to my ears as well. Looks fab!

Beautiful! The floats look very nice and neat. And I love the color combo. Looking forward to the pattern!

Freakin' sweet! Love the colours and I would love to see that write up of the pattern as well. My husband would really go for a hat like this.
Cheers! Hope life is being good to you outside of knitting.

I've been wanting to knit a norwegian-style hat for months now. I recently completed my first fair isle project and I loved it!
Thanks for being so generous and taking the time to write the pattern for us.
I love your blog - the colours and photographs make it feel so warm.

What beautiful floats! And I love your colour choices.
One request, my fiancé has a giant noggin as well, and would look dashing with that hat in green, could you perhaps also leave instructions for the xl size as well? (I know what a PITA designing is, so if you would prefer not to, that is cool too)

Awesome! I love that it's three colors, not just two. I need to pick up some telemark myself.. it's just a matter of which colors.

Ha, ha ... I'm a big head too and prefer to have warm ears here in even more freaking cold Stockholm. My last knitted hat turned out a bit tooo big though. It's a Sherdir in Rowan's felted tweed that lookes more like a beanie. But I love it, and perhaps it will tighten up if I wash it warm?!

Simply beautiful! I really like the way you worked your decreases on the top,and the way it is segmented into quarters. I've got a big pile of Telemark waiting to become some hats.

Fittingly named. Looks great!

Jared...glad your are back in blog land. I was beginning to worry about you. I kept checking and checking and no updates! :(

I love the hat - beyond my skills but very nice! BTW, I may be in NYC this weekend (if my husband doesn't have to work) - any LYS to recommend??


looks great. as nice "in" as ouside

That is such a lovely hat. I know that this is a busy time of year. If you don't have time to rewrite it in a smaller size, you won't hear a complaint from those of us with large heads.

That hat is H.O.T.T.
Awesome fairisle magic? Check.

But did you get to see the show?!?! Because really, it was awesome. Not that your hat isn't awesome. Because it is. Awesome, that is. :)

the hat is beautiful. please post the larger size as well as my noggin is huge.

What a great hat, Jared!!! I'm impressed! What do you think of telemark? I've thought of ordering some but I haven't had a project. Your hat is tempting!

Fantastic hat, and I love the colors, they look great together.

The inside is as pretty as the outside - nice stranding!!
I'm looking forward to the pattern...THANK YOU in advance!

Love it :) Definitely something I'd knit....given the pattern presents itself soon!

Looking good! How nice of you to offer a pattern, too, because I'd love to knit one for my sweetie.

beyootifull. great colors, and great pattern!

Oooh, lovely!

Oh, look how perfect your inside is! Well done, it's lovely.

OMG, freakin' GORGEOUS.

Thanks in advance for the write-up of your pattern.

As usual..I like the interior and would be tempted to wear it inside out.
Great colour choices!
I'd be really interested to hear how you attached the lining too.

I like these colours. The hat is fabulous!

A question: Are you planning on including the extra-large head sizes of your hat too? My boyfriend's head is really big - and no hat pattern ever fits him too.

It's Awesome. Love the colours. Can't wait to have a crack at it (but how I wish we could get knitpciks down here :(

Nice, that red pops beautifully!

That's amazing! The inside is as beautiful as the outside too! You are an amazing knitter.

I love the hat! I can't wait to see the pattern.

Can't wait to see the pattern!

Impeccable design and colorwork, J! Make you include accommodations for the XL meloned among us.


Now THAT is a hat! You definitely have an eye for color and style...

I just signed up for the Stranded Colour work KAL and this hat definitely inspires. Great job!

Just wanted to say hello! _Bee

super cool!


Just gorgeous. I love it. If you tweak it, do leave the mods for the larger-headed folks such as myself too. I would love to make it, but do have a big head and a lot of hair. :-)

Jared, the hat is just right for me. I have a lot of hair and any hat has to be large for me. Great job!!

Awesome hat! I love the pattern and the colors you chose. Very stylish.

You could do both sizes, maybe, my hubbies head is very large as well. :D Beautiful, you have a great talent I can only envy.

ooh, so fancy. i am love with the telemark in chestnut. i'm considering making it the main color for an enid cardigan.

I LOVE that hat. The colors are wonderful! How did you line the hat? Did you continue knitting and then attach it to the underside?

Wow, this is beautiful! I can't wait to see the pattern.
And your photos are, as always, gorgeous. :)

That is a GREAT hat! I'm intrigued by the shaping at the crown...

Great example of things that look good inside and out!

Great hat, love the colours.

How big is an XL head? I have a Scottish large noggin myself (at 23 in)...is this is XL?

LOVE it!! Will be anxiously awaiting the pattern! Thanks for sharing.

Look at all those carried strands, how beautiful!
Nice pattern and knitting. :) Should help you stay toasty!

That's a really lovely hat! How did you feel about the Telemark? I'm tempted to order some to make the Enid Cardigan from the Winter issue of IK.

I casted on for a cabled hat this weekend. I can't believe the sudden change in weather. I was so unprepared!

I can't wait until you get a pattern out! :) the innards are beautiful! haha

I love this hat!!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Brooklyn? Can you email me the pattern
for the hat?



Really nice hat! Congratulations! Too warm for Brazil... love your ideas... keep us inspired!
Paty Ballarin Fontes

Excellent color choice!

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Did I tell you that the pattern is GORGEOUS?!

Beautiful hat. I can't wait to see the pattern. It would be perfect for my first stranded colorwork piece.

I LOVe it when i stumble upon unexpected beauty!

There i was, being all nosey and googling "Shedir"...as if that wasn't amazing enough?!! What a treat!!! I'm giddy over the color combination on "Red Light"!!

I have Telemark - Chestnut and Bayberry in my stash. I might need to run and place an order. ;) Isn't Bayberry such a luscious red?


Brilliant hat! I look forward to the pattern, and add my voice to the chorus wanting the large-size version as well as the normal one -- I have a big head, as does one of my fellows.
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