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  the simple stuff.
sometimes its nice to go back to your roots. The scarf, I feel, while sometimes mind-numbingly boring, will always be part of the repertoire. I'm working on a couple to keep my fingers busy when I'm feeling a little fried, which right now, is often. Or maybe I just need a good excuse to use these.

Frank Ochre School Products Cashmere Merino Blend
click to embiggen

on the left is the malabrigo in that perfect shade of chartreuse-y yellow that I (adore) showed you a little while ago. On the right... oh the right. School Products Cashmere Merino Blend. That's 50% of each. Let's just say I'm carrying the swatch around in my pocket.

with a little ufserud thrown in for good measure

My weekend wasn't super productive knitting-wise, but these are fun. And I got to catch up on my netflix queue without missing any subtitles.

Those look so good - and I love your colour choices. Hope you enjoy your simple, brain-soothing knitting.

I love that blue! Well, ok, and the yellow too... So glad to hear you had fun out in our neck of the woods.

you totally know how to make balls of yarn look sexy.

Love that chartreuse! I agree; I think it wants to be scarf.

Wow, gorgeous. And über drool-worthy, indeed.

both good choices. even together - the combination of chartreuse & that wholesome blue is so fresh and relaxing.
...wait....we're still talking about yarn here, right?

mmmm, two gorgeous colors! i'm sure they're just as lovely to knit with.

Oh, and the garter stitch will be perfect for reading subtitles! Very clever.

Is that the Shifting Sands scarf I spy? I can't tell for sure, but it certainly looks like that pattern.

And I love that you're carrying around the swatch in your pocket. :) I've been known to keep my dyed yarn in my backpack, to occasionally take it out, fondle it, and freak other people out by showing it off proudly.

Just another day in the life of a yarn addict I suppose.

embiggen...awesome. i said it before and i'll say it again; i am LOVING the yellow. totally my new favorite color.

Hmm. The Malabrigo scarf looks a lot like Grumperina's latest creation for her dad. Coincidence?

I can completely relate to having "subtitle knitting." What language do you watch/listen? I've been immersing myself in Japanese for a few months.

that malabrigo is the perfect shade of yellow indeed.

it was great to meet you on saturday!

Oooh! I have two skeins of Malabrigo with which to make a Christmas scarf, and I am wondering about that stitch pattern... is it Braided Mischief from Scarf Style or one of your own? Would 2 skeins of Malabrigo be enough???

I love those colors, particularly the yellow - you really do have an eye for colors don't you?

How gorgeous! I've been working on scarves too. My mind has been elsewhere (job interviews--oye!) and they can be so soothing. I have some amazing painted mohair that just loves being knit in garter stitch (although the cat thinks the ball is a kitten and keeps trying to carry it around).

Thanks for the help on the pattern the other day. It turns out my yarn shop has the book. I'm going to have some very happy friends this Christmas and Hannukah.

You've got such talent for brilliant color palettes. And I agree with your opinions on the scarf. It's the scarf that really proves your dedication to knitting. If after fair-isle, and sweater, steaking, and the like - you can still sit and be entertained by row after row after mind-numbing row of stockinette...then yes, knitting is way more than just making pretty things. Its the intense love and passion for moving little loops :-p

I just had to laugh at the above comment..."passion for moving little loops". Well said Emily Elizabeth!

Yummy colors! The chartreuse is so perfect for scarf.

Your photographs will never cease to impress me.

Both colors are stunning! I love how they are so bright!

ooohh i'm loving that chartreuse-y yellow. it's going to be a pretty scarf for sure..hmmm i also see something at the back...is that the fairisle gloves?

Wait... Doesn't everybody carry around their favorite swatches? Heehee. Very nice baskety cable in the malabrigo.

Really nice texture on the yellow scarf. It almost seems to give the impression that it's woven.

What is the stitch you have used on the yellow? - its fabulous and I want to have a go at it...

I'd also like to know about the yellow st please...

Great colors - and you can't go wrong with scarves out of either - both will be so soft!

Those colors look good together too! We a little scarf to loosen the brain tension sometimes.

Terrific colors. Is that Grumperina's latest scarf pattern?

Isn't that what knitting is about sometimes?! Just simple terapeutic knitting to chase away autumn 'lowness'. To keep ones mind busy. There is also evidence that for example knitting has good effect on the mental health: http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_gGENH/is_/ai_2699003503/pg_2
and http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,8123-1657093_1,00.html

it's a good argument for always having more than one project going... the complicated pattern for when you have the time and the quiet to do it, the scarf/sock/hat for movie knitting, book knitting... and then you have presents to give, too.
gorgeous colors too!

I too love your stitch pattern on your yellow scarf. What is it? It looks like a cable-weave maybe?

Very lovely colors!
It was really nice to meet you on Saturday! :)

There is something very soothing about knitting scarves. Personally, I am in the midst of a major scarf knitting phase. I'm sure yours will be lovely. That yarn looks great.

Nice yarn! I feel so bad about movie watching these days. I just can't handle subtitles and knitting. I have a bunch of dvds of some of my favorite movies sitting around unopened.

Great colors, and what pattern is the yellow knit. It looks so nice, and I think its a great idea to have a few knits, stops it from getting boring.

Just a big fat ol' ditto ditto ditto on the photography.
And the cashmere/merino blend..that good huh? ;)

Both are heavenly. There is much to love about the lowly scarf - the unlimited possibilities of color, texture and movie viewing. Not to mention a finished item that is infinetly wearable and warms the neck.

Is that a fair isle mitten in Rowanspun 4-ply in 'Hansel' (Green) and 'Ginger Bread' (Orange)
on the background? And you said you were not productive?

the pattern knitted with the yellow yarn looks just great!


wow your blog is color temptation central! personally i'm looking forward to your fair isle gloves in that awesome green tweed and orange rowanspun - man i wish i could get my hands on some of that stuff. being unable to knit with two colors at once, i'd do fingerless gloves out of that green...so lovely! (great photography by the way - what camera are you using?) ~gabriella

There's definitely something to be said for the simple stuff. And I love both those colors. Yum.

that pattern is perfect for that yarn! I have a love/hate relationship with malabrigo. Every now and then you find a pattern that works well with it and it's magical. Looks like you nailed it.

Once again, I may need to copy you.
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