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  Raspy (sans Rasp)
It's been finished for almost two months... and the post is finally here (many of you have been inquiring...)!


Pattern: 'Raspy' by Kim Hargreaves
Source: Rowan 'Denim People'
Materials: Elann Den-M-Nit in 'Mid-Indigo' (17 balls)
Needles: US 7 Addi Turbo 32" circulars
Started: 04 June 2006 | Finished: September 2006

Modifications: Many! The most obvious is that I omitted the dropped-stitches. This may seem ridiculous to many of you, I realize, as the dropped stitches are Raspy's "thing." I went back and forth on the issue in the beginning - as far as the actual knitting goes, dropping stitches would be a lot of fun. In the end, though, I thought I'd get tired of the sweaters "gimmicky" quality much more quickly. And I still liked the idea of a denim raglan pullover enough to feel fine about that decision. The pattern is written for the ladies, so I took out all waist shaping and added the necessary length to body and sleeves. The fit turned out well, despite my fear of shoddy calculations (there's a 20% shrinkage in length with denim after the first wash.)


The neckline was the other big modification. The original pattern calls for a wide boat-neck. You can see the original version here. Not only was this too wide for my tastes, but the front and the back are the same height - meaning awkward, uncomfortable fit, complete with neck-bunching, etc. I changed the neckline to be shaped more like a crew neck. I continued raglan-decreasing on the back side for an inch or two more to raise the back neck. I sloped the top of each sleeve using short-rows and shaped the front as a standard crew neck (also using short rows.) Here's a shot of my modified collar:

Raspy - Short Row Collar Mods

Oh - and I knit the sweater in the round. Surprised? I really liked the reverse raglan seams in the pattern and wanted to keep those intact, so I only knit body and sleeves in the round until the armholes. Despite all of my urges to join all three pieces a la EZ and shape the yoke in one piece (obliterating seaming altogether), after binding off stitches for the underarm, I knit each piece flat from armhole to neck. I slipped the first stitch of every row in order to make lining up the seams that much easier (I also like a slipped-stitch selvedge a bit more than a regular one - its cleaner), and I seamed it all together at the end to get those cool, bulky seams.


Its true what they say about denim - its comfortable, durable, and the color is amazing. You can beat the crap out of it, toss it in the wash, and it comes out looking even better. It softens and fades with wear, while still looking presentable - a quality that I wish more of my clothes (that are not jeans) had.

All in all, I'd say it was a success. Wool, however, is still my weapon of choice. Wool, you'll always be my number one.

Am I really first?

Dude that sweater looks GREAT! I love it.

And yes, it does look like an EZ sweater. I don't even think you should even call it the Raspy one anymore. It's totally different. Call it the Brooklyn sweater! HA!

I LOVE your couch, too!

Looks great on you! All the mods make perfect sense to me.

Hi! I'm a lurker on your blog, and I decided to comment, finally...

I love the sweater, but I agree with Rosi! You made so many modifications, it's a completely different sweater than the pattern would have produced. I had been considering doing a denim project, and it's neat seeing yours turn out so well. A very handsome sweater.

Great job, beautiful sweater! Totally agree about that neck bunching thing, your modifications are much better. Love reading your blog.

Kim in cold Ohio

Gorgeous. Sadly, every time I see a gent's sweater on your blog, I am convinced my boyf has a job modelling other people's knits. There's some spooky looky likey action going on.

with all of your modifications, i'd say that's almost an entirely different sweater! :) but it still has the raspy aesthetic at the heart of it. another beautiful knit!

Gorgeous knitting!

wow....beautiful...you really should be "looked up" by rowan to do their modeling! great job

I love your insistance that every element of the pattern be to your specifications. (So too holding off on posting pics until you can take shots that do the work and the yarn justice!) The tactile experience of knitting is so compelling, typically I cast on to get at that great feeling of yarn flowing through my fingers and that satisfying click of the needles. The pattern is almost an afterthought once that intoxicating yarn is in my hands. Frequent visits to your blog remind me to slow down and do the prep work to get a garment I love not just a process I enjoy. I just finished two sweaters out of Vogue Knitting and I made some baby steps towards customizing to my liking.

Further, I am reaching for making the prep and finishing also an enjoyable part of my knitting life. To this end, the most inspiring shot on your blog for me is one with coffee and swatches and chart paper! Thank you for all of it!

Hi, I'm a lurker too and I think you're a fantastic knitter. Your sweater is beautiful. I'd love to make one for my husband but I'm not sure I would be able to follow all of you modifications. Maybe I could email you if I get stuck? It would be awhile before I get to it...other projects in the queue. Anyway, great job on the sweater and I love reading your blog.

Annette from So. California

The sweater looks great and the denim yarn intrigues me! Your pics are always so nice.

Wow, the color is great for you and the shape is perfect. I feel like a serious amateur after hearing your mods rattled off so...easily, like I should know what you are talking about!I admit I will have to get over my fear of sweaters and make one. Fantastic!

The sweater looks great. I am amazed by your modifications. I don't do such a hot job at re-working a pattern. I think I may not have enough knitting experience under my belt to feel confident with such things.

Definitely a success! Looks really great.

Your modified "Raspy" looks great (I am still working finishing mine...). And I perfectly agree with you: cotton is a good choice for knitted sweaters, but uncomparable to wool.

Greetings, Jinx

Looks fabulous! Love the color. I always wondered about the drape of denimm yarn but it seems to drape very well.

Jared, As usual, you do not disappoint! It fits you perfectly and seems to be the perfect everyday sweater. I love the reverse raglan and the minimalist collar. Very cool.

The sweater looks great! I've been really wanting to try some of that Denim yarn, I hear it's awesome stuff.

That is so great looking! Looks like you made fantastic choices on the modifications. I'd be interested to see how Raspy looks after a couple more washes and wears!

Damn, man! That's one freaktastic sweater!! Nice work on the modifications. You are eons ahead of my skill level.

beautiful. I love wool, but there is something to be said for a sweater you can throw in the wash and have it come out looking great. Also a fan of slipped-stitch selvedges, although it is how i learned to do selvedges in the first place so that could have something to do with it as well.

That is a fantastic looking sweater!

Hi! Another lurker here! I love your work and your photos are amazing!!! I am always so inspired by your work...I usually check-in every day. I even have you listed on my blog as one of my fave blog links. Drop by sometime to say hi.


Wunderbar! Wonderful color, fits you very well.

the color is absolutely gorgeous

Wow - it fits like a dream! looks amazing.

love it, love it, love it! So perfectly casual and classy all in one.

Like your version much better. I have yarn and this pattern, but have been hesitant to start because of the whole dropped stitch thing. I think I may take your mods into account and make something inbetween the two - I like the boatneck (for me!) and the seams, and no "rasps"....now, I can more forward with it when the time comes! Great job....

looks incredible. all of your knits are so gorgeous. thanks for the pattern note. they are v. useful for someone is thinking of making this sweater (ie, me!)

Oooh! You're an expert at modifying women's patterns now... I'm very impressed by your new Raspy. And your pictures are lovely as usual (love the painting paraphernalia in the background).

I had to come out of lurkdom, too. It's absolutely gorgeous and kind of makes me want to try denim...could it really be as wonderful as everyone says?

Great jeans-sweater!

It looks great!

Looks great on you! I like your mods over the original.

It looks great!

I agree with Marie's comments about slowing down, taking the time to get things just the way you / we / I want.

Raspy didn't really do anything for me before now, but now that I've seen your version / vision, I have to say I'm inspired to try a Denim project.

Your sweater looks great. Nice to know I'm not the only one taking self photography and getting the remote in the picture too!!!!!


Wow! I looove that sweater. I've been itching to make a raspy for myself; unfortunately, Elann doesn't seem to have the blue den-im-it anymore! But I think I may have found a substitute. Anyways, it looks great. I love the things you knit; I myself am a fan of clean lines.

Fantastic denim sweater. I love the modifications you made too, and I think it looks great without the dropped stitches. At least its a classic knit and wont date.

Great sweater--and definitely more your design that hers at this point. Certainly your photography does it justice. The sweater looks fantastic on you, too!

That is a wonderful piece of knitting and it looks teriffic on you. Clean classic lines and denim has an eternal quality. I tend to customise patterns too, and your mods do the trick.

absolutely luverly! i'm glad you decided to keep the reverse seams. it's a great detail.

It's really kick-ass. I love it.

A beautiful sweater. I think you did the right thing in removing the rasps, too. It looks terrific!

Gorgeous! It looks great--and I agree, taking out the rasps was a good idea. All of your FO's always look so nice! :)

wow! great!!!

forgot to sign my name above... oops.


Well, what can I add that hasn't already been said here?
Hmmm...not much, but still want to comment.
I agree with your decision to lose the dropped stitch 'rasp'. The simplicity of the shape and the colour is just enough.
The indigo of the denim...fab, really fab. Well done!

Gorgeous! I love it...the colour is fab on you.

Even sans rasps, it's gorgeous. Great color, great shape. Beauty in simplicity. Well done!

Beautiful work, and excellant photography, too.

wow! looks really comfortable, and the fit is excellent. i like the neck mods particularly... i noticed all the man-sweaters i've made have the same problem of riding up at the back neck, and this would solve it. great color too!

Nice job!

*Gasp* wow! *mouth stayed opened* Can't find any other words.

verah nice dah-ling. (spoken with a heavy southern accent)

I do agree with everyone else though. it's your sweater now. nothing raspy really left in it. :)

that is sweet! you're right, the color is awesome.....

Just stunning. Gorgeous. That denim's hard work to knit with, well done!

nicely done. although a boat neck really looks great on a woman, i really like your neckline mod. great work. great photos!

Oh, Jared, it's lovely! Definitely worth the wait on the blog.

Your discussion of the seams made me wonder if there's a way to artificially create those bulky "WS"-looking seams in the round... perhaps a funny three-needle bo or applied i-cord at each raglan decrease line, mid-round. Oh, the scheming my brain will be doing for the next few days....

Anyhow, as usual, terrific photos of terrific finished pieces. Always a delight to visit the Tweed.

Oh WOW! it's fantastic! I actually prefer it without the dropped stitches too.

Nice! Color's great, I think you're right-on with nix'n the dropped sts too.

Very nice! I like your added touches, and I think you're right about the dropped stitches. Denim yarn seems very comfy, but knitting cotton is never as much fun as wool.

You are right. The color is amazing. And it drapes so nicely. Probably I should try Elann Den-M-Nit next time. By the way, in your last photo, I saw there is a horizontal line on the right sleeve (on the upper arm). Is it because you fold raspy in that part?

Looks great, and I bet it feels fantastic. That denim really softens up nicely once it's washed. Love the colour and love the modifications. You've taken what otherwise is just another trendy sweater and made a classic instead. Well done!

i always thought the dropped stitches were goofy.

your version is lovely. I've been dying to make myself something from denim but the calculation for shrinkage always scares me. looks like you nailed it!!

A masterpiece! I can't wait to knit this!

I love it!!! I never liked the dropped stitches in Raspy anyway. Your version looks great!

awesome. you never cease to amaze me with your ability to knit the sweaters beautifully, but also manage the math to make them fit you. well done. again. :)

it looks wonderful and will only get better with time and washing!

this looks really good. i am impressed, but i really like the original. i think i want to knit one for myself. it this too difficult for a beggining knitter?

Comment unrelated to Raspy: Have. You. Seen. The. New. Barbiere!!!!!? Words cannot express my delight. But the number of exclamation points may be a reasonable approximation.

Oh, and awesome Raspy too. :)

It's gorgeous, and I love the color! Like everyone else here I agree on the modifications you made ;)

Bente from Norway!

Gorgeous - I have to knit one for husbandit now I've seen your version!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Absolutely stunning! I may have to knit this one as it appears to be the perfect "knock around" sweater for the weekend. And as a completely off topic comment, your photographs are so lovely that I want you to take my daughters' senior portraits in 18 months. Interested?

Jared, another handsome sweater I'd love to copy! You have impeccable taste!

What a nice, clean sweater! It fits you perfectly.

It looks great and I think the modifications suit the sweater. I just love that blue, blue color. Really striking.

A splendid sweater, once again! It looks fantastic, and nothing it's good to know you can beat the crap out of it and it will be fine. This looks like a contender for my next knit . . . especially since there's no hemming involved! Have a great Thanksgiving Jared!

oh wow! raspy looks way too cool. i have to admit i started my own raspy just a couple of days ago...but i am going with the non-altered version. i love those little rips!

who knew that such a simple sweater could be so stunning? i think the rasp-less "raspy" -- should we just call it an "y"? -- is a success.

It's phenomenal.

this is awesome! :)

the neck on your raspy looks awesome! and the whole sweater too.. I need to do some work on my raspy, the neck totally does that pulling thing.

Excellent Sweater! And you are right about the drop stitches. Sometimes you just don't need any design. Fabulous!

I could only hope to one day knit as well as you! I am still working on my first EZ sweater, the Hybrid Saddle, but have other things I need to finish first. I'm anxious to finish it! You are an inspiration...KEEP KNITTING.

Such an amazing result! The orginal does not look good at all, compared to your version. From the pic of Raspy, I almost can see that the raglan decreases are visible. Anyhow, they add "character"
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