b r o o k l y n t w e e d
Rowanspun 4-Ply
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Thank you for flashing. Now I have drool on the keyboard. Happy Friday!

Nice choices!

hahah, i love these yarn pr0n only posts :)

Love the Grimm names.

Mmm, yummy!

I was going to ask what they are for, then I clicked - brown will be a great color to tie these together. MMM fairisle gloves...

Love the colors! Can't wait to see what beauty you create with these.

MMM, that's some tasty yarn! :)

You said fair isle gloves? Of your own design, or from a pattern? I'm working on some myself (my original plan isn't going well, according to plan, so fair isle it might be)

mmmm, dreamy yarn!

Gloves! Perfect! I can't wait to see. Also.....I was wondering what sort of hat you wear with your Forbes Forest scarf?? I ditto another commenter who wanted to know how your scarf was holding up too. I know that you're busy playing catch up with your correspondence, but I have to ask.

Mmmm. RowanSpun! My favorite of all their tweeds. I just picked up a whole bag of the aran weight on ebay, in a similar green. Those colors are great together!

Hansel? hee hee I'm reminded of that Bugs Bunny cartoon! Hansel? Love the Rowanspun 4-ply. I have two bags and wondering what to do with it. Maybe gloves! Yummy yarn!

Oooh. I love the names, too.

i wish i had friends that just willingly gave me "candy".

must be nice...


Yum! Seeing your Rowanspun reminds me that I have several different colorways in stashland. Can't wait to see your fair isle project.

Gorgeous yarn, especially love the green tweed.

The yarn is beautiful and it definitely looks like candy. Are you making these? Just kidding. Kind of.

Can't wait to see what you create!

what happened to raspy? no photos?

I'll take that over candy any day!

Cool candy.

You are terrible.
BTW, I am trying to catch up with all your entries and wanted to ask you about the Skye yarn: Is it soft enough to wear against the skin? Thanks!

tweedy goodness! can't go wrong with those colors!

Could that be Rowan tweed?! :-p
I came super closer to buying some myself yesterday, but I abstained. It's gorgeous though. What are you're plans?

The best kind of candy!!!

Gorgeous. I can't wait to see the gloves.

I think I've been perusing yarn too much that I recognized what that was without clicking! I love your Fair Isle kick!

Yarn porn!

Eye like Candy!! oooh can't wait to see what you make with that!

looove that green....loveit
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