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  a whole lot of Zimmermann goin' on
The heat doesn't keep me from knitting, but it does keep me from wanting to use my brain. In other words, knitting is not exempt from my tendency towards frequent summer-induced laziness. For this reason, more complex projects have been on hold (despite having Raspy so very close to completion, the finishing requires enough calculation to ignore for the time being.) (Demi? yeah that's on hold too).

I've been knitting exclusively on the EZ sweater (humble beginnings shown here). Its seamless. Its mindless. Its stockinette. Its quick. I love the yarn. And the construction (yoke especially) is clever as hell (I'm just about there)!

Seamless Hybrid Progress 8.10.06

Here's the progress as of yesterday morning. Since then I've got about 3/4 of the second sleeve done. When you're this close to the good part, you can't stop to loiter on sleeve island. If you're not familiar with EZ's seamless sweaters (Knitting w/o Tears), they're worth checking out. The "Seamless Hybrid" is by far the most interesting, construction-wise, and I'll do my best to explain how its all put together after I try it out myself.

And speaking of Knitting Without Tears, I just picked up a great copy that was published back in 1971. To my great surprise, I opened the cover to find this:

EZ's Signature
"Good Knitting -- Elizabeth Zimmermann. 1983"

Good luck grappling with the Monday blues.

Love the contrasting hem on the inside. And you lucky one, autographed copy. Nice!

I'm in a hurry to see this sweater finished !
I didn't understand how you did this colour effect...did you knit each part twice using two different colours and then sew them...or is it a magic yarn (...I must be dreaming...such a wool doesn't exist ) ???

I love the contrast in the hem. That is one of may all time favorite books! How incredible that you have an autographed copy!

...Or are the cuffs and hem double knit? I'll have to go home and dig out the book. The colors are gorgeous!

I love both yarns! I also love your little details: the hem facing! So cool!

I haven't read Knitting Without Tears yet (blasphemy, I know!) but I have made a few seamless sweaters -- I too love how quickly they work up!

As always, love the pictures! swoon!

Lucky you, to get an autographed copy! Did you knit your initals or the date into the hem of your EZ sweater?

The sweater is looking great - sometimes stockinette projects can be the best, zone-out, cruise-control kind of knitting. And lucky you - a signed copy of an EZ book!!

Those colors are great. I want to come over and steal that sweater. :p

The sweater must be truly special for you to pick it up in the heat of summer. I haven't been able to knit anything but socks...

I love the colors or YT you're using. It's a great yarn too! I'm jealous, now I'll have to scour the used bookstores around here, seriously, how cool is an autographed copy of that book!?!

Seeing this lovely work grow means I have another book to add to my list.

It just takes so long to order it from either the UK or the US.

I'd like to congratulate on a wonderful blog. Your pictures are always a delight and an inspiration.

LUCKY! Love the sweater too...

That is amazing! And I love the sweater too--

"Dang man" you are busting that out! I need to focus; lest "starting" more "finishing" I wonder if I could knit at my temp gig?

i love the contrasting color on the hems. nice touch :)

my knitting has been languishing too! it must be that time of year.

How excellent is that?? Imagine that someone let that book out of their hands.... what a lucky find?!!! And that sweater is looking mighty fine too. Nice work!

Can't wait for you to write more about this sweater it is gorgeous. How did you do the brown inside? Scooby Doo mystery of the day....

Holy cow! You got a signed copy! What a find!

I love the contrasting colors you're using. Very subtle but still immediately evident to a knitter's eye.

Aaah, stockinette. Sometimes that's all you need. Well, that and a freaking *autographed* copy of an EZ book!!

The colors are fabulous. I have been meaning to get that book - I love seamless sweaters.

Seamless sweaters RULE!

I love the combination of colors. Very smart looking.


I love the color combination as well. I always love your photos. What camera do use for all of these gorgeous photos.

I just found your blog and have decided that you are my knitting twin. I'm currently knitting the Urban Aran and the Cabled Hoodie, decided to knit Forbes Forest last week, and have wanted to knit Raspy, Demi, and Shedir since last winter. I also love your yarn choices.

So basically I'm impressed and jealous of all your projects. You're finished projects all look amazing and of course I think you have impeccable taste!

What a lucky buy to be autographed!!

Love the sweater so far, especially the contrasting color on the indisde.

I just checked out Knitting Without Tears from the library yesterday. I nearly read the whole thing last night, as I could not put it down. I was wondering about the hybrid sweater and then found you quite by accident via another blog! Woot!

Wow- I'm so glad I've found your blog. Your work is lovely and your photographs are fantastic!!

Hello BT,
It's wonderful to see a great photo of a great, well-knitted, EZ-inspired, sweater in blogland.
EZ and Meg are in a class by themselves.
If you've never read "Knitting Without Tears," or my personal fave, "Knitter's Almanac," RUN to your nearest, local bookstore, please.
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