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  Lucky me
In the last week, I have received two generous gifts from knitfiends... little did either of them know, it was my birthday Sunday. Ha! Great timing, no?

After seeing
this shawl, i was blubbering to kris about that great yarn (laceweight crimson tweed?!). What did she do? She sent me her leftovers! This week a package arrived fresh from Norway, and that color definitely perked me right out of my Monday funk.

Spinni Tweed

That's Isager Spinni Tweed laceweight wool - 100g skeins with 600 yds a piece. And as easily as that, the lace bug has been resurrected. I'm on the hunt for a good project for this stuff now. Thank you, Kris!

And last week,
Lisa sent over the pattern for 'Scott' (Rowan Classic Winter) from Portland. It was just the motivation I needed to go ahead and make the purchase I had been planning for my very own birthday gift (to myself). I am now stocked with a healthy supply of Soft Tweed and looking forward to digging in sometime in the early fall (probably late summer, who am I kidding).

RYC Soft Tweed

I've been wanting to make this sweater for a looong time, so I'm happy to say that its finally a reality. And, by the way, have you felt Soft Tweed? hehehehehehhhahhah, glorious! its cackle-worthy.

Thanks, you two!

Hey, happy belated birthday!
And those yarns will be really great for that pattern. Late summer? Mmmmm, early August, knowing you.

Scott is going to be incredible. I'm tempted to walk over to the LYS across the street just to feel that yarn now.

The *picture* of the Soft Tweed looks good enough to chew on!

Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday! Those lace yarn are so gorgeous. Can't wait to see when you cast on your shawl.

Oh, that red is beautiful!

Whoah, that red is gorgeous.

It was my birthday on Sunday, too! Happy birthday!

july 9th birthdays are really going around - it was mine too, and my twin sister's by extension. happy belated!

That soft tweed looks so great! And the pattern?...my husband's name is Scott! I think it's a match! Project #101 on the list!

So you are a cancerian too? Not that it is very important, but I love to know more fellow cancerians! :) Happy Birthday.
That red is a killer ... my hand started moving toward the screen trying to touch the lace! Enjoy!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! what great gifts! i love that lace shawl that kris made. it's one of my favorites.

Happy Birthday!! And pardon me while I whipe away my drool after seeing that Soft Tweed. That is going to be one gorgeous sweater!

Hi! Came to your blog through Skrilla Knits.

I love your gallery/FO's and what great fiber surprises! Happy Belated Birthday!That crimson yarn is gorgeous.

you really have made knitting sound so cool for guys! love love love all the yarns and patterns. so, do you work with tweed yarns primarily?

MMMM.Yarn,,,,, I love that tweed! Happy Birthday to you!
Excuse me while I go start 3 new sweaters......

Happy belated birthday!

i had no idea! happy belated birthday! the isager looks even better in your picture ;-)

the soft tweed is fab! the sweater will be fantastic. just start it now!

Both yarns look absolutely gorgeous! I'm very curious to see what lace project you choose....

Happy Birthday & have fun with your new yarn!

Nooo, don't felt it.. har har. Awesome birthday loot!

Hope you had a great day! But of course you did, look at all that yarn. Gorgeous!

For the gorgeous lace yarn, have you considered the Shaped Triangle Shawl from A Gathering of Lace? It was the shawl that got me interested in lace. Happy belated birthday!!! :)

Happy Birthday, to you.

Love the red lace yarn.

That Lisa, she's a doll. Funny how your birthdays are in the same week.

Happy Birthday! I hope you did something fun.

I LOVE that red yarn. I want to steal it from you. :) I hope you find something good to make out of it.

Happy b-day! Love the luscious red...can't wait to see what you do with it!

mmm—that is red-iculously sexy yarn! i just finished a shawl and i am starting another right away. it's just my year for lace . . .
i love the idea of that tweed . . .

Love the projects you choose! And that red is gorgeous.

Your great knitter!!! Same as Kenny saying... Always Great pic and great sweater your knitting!!!
Iam really admire your knitting!!!

'''''''(.) (.)'''''''

Check my blog too!!!

Happy Birthday!!! Of course you must treat yourself to some special yarn to commemorate the occasion - fabulous choice!

Ooh that red is so lovely!
I was glad to help out with the pattern (and glad to be able to knit the project along with someone!)

The soft tweed is just can't be described - so wonderful to touch!

Happy Belated Birthday! The reds, oh my, gorgeous.

Happy belated birthday! Such amazing yarn that you got, especially the red one - great!

oh my god, jared, is there a sweater on the neverending list of sweaters on my to-knit list for my boyfriend that you have not made? (sorry, that was a confusing sentence!) scott is so sexy; i have been admiring him since rowan came out with that book! i'll be watching your progress with great interest.

Happy Birthday! And that red is amazing.
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