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hi everyone. i'm sorry to get your hopes up when you see an updated post on your list of feeds - i think you may have been expecting a finished jarret perhaps? well, i'm very sorry to say that we have a small problem that will require a little reknitting. RE-knitting. sleevecaps to be exact. and at this point, when EVERYTHING is complete, all the pieces, button bands sewn on, ends woven in, collar knit and (tubularly) bound off.... re-knitting anything seems inconceivable. so i'm frustrated and gonna give it a few days.

i had translated the patten into a slightly finer guage, and took extra care, checking, double checking, even triple checking all the calculations for that change, especially in regards to the sleeve cap. in looking over the pattern i'm still pretty sure i've done everything right, as far as measurement translation is concerned, but it just wont. fit. so i'm doing my own research, scrapping the pattern and taking matters into my own hands. unfortunately, all the research i've done so far yields varied results depending on which book i'm reading, whose writing it, and what their ideas are about cap shaping, proportions, etc. are. i'd say that set-in sleeve design is surely the spottiest area of my design knowledge. i guess this is good cause it will force me to understand these things a little better than i already do.

oh and for the record - rowan schematics suck. they give you only two measurements - total body length, and sleeve lenght from armhole to wrist. nothing more. no measurements regarding armhole depth, cap depth/width, etc. while i've done my best to gleen all this info from the pattern text, i get all the same (wrong) measurements i already have. if they bothered to give more thorough measurements in the schematic for us visual types, this would be a whole lot easier. i expected more from you, rowan. ;)

needless to say, i'm frustrated and am taking a couple of days off from this one to relax into the tranquil Raspy field of stockinett. when i do finally get these caps redone correctly, i'll have all of 20 minutes of seaming left to completely finish the sweater and i can finally check Jarrett off the list. so close - yet so far.

my apologies - i dont like to post without images for you all. i'll make up for it with a few extra surprises next week, i just made a wonderful purchase that you will all benefit from shortly. have a good weekend!

oh no! I'm so sorry-- that's never fun! Hope you can enjoy some of the knitting on Raspy and relax and let the Jarrett frustrations go.

I hate rowan schematics, too. Though they are better than debbie bliss -- who has NO schematics. GAH.

I am so with you on the Rowan schematics. Love their patterns, hate that two measurement BS.

In the meantime, have fun with Raspy!

What a total bummer, Jared! I'm so sorry that this happened even though you were super careful with your math. The break is a great idea -- Raspy should be fun!

is it a new fabu camera!! is it?!

I often need to take a break from knits that dissapoint or are off by just a little bit. By the way, I have been lurking for a few months now. I love your blog, projects, and pictures. Very interesting stuff.

Bummer! I know how you feel, taking a break from the offending item ;) When it comes to sleeve cap shaping, see if you can find a generic sewing pattern for a stretch fabric. That way you can fit your gauge to an actual graph and plot your decreases to scale. Or, you can make a tracing of a sweater you already own to make a pattern as well, that would give you the cap depth and other measurements you need... maybe this is what you did already :)

Dude, I feel your pain. Sleeve caps are a pain. That's probly whay I prefer the raglan sleeves....

I hate those diagrams too! I always have to do some math to figure out how long they intend them to be and then i just get frustrated with keeping track of how many rows.. ugh. Good luck with the sleeve caps. I know you'll do them right!

That sucks, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

By the way, if I could only go to ONE yarn store in NYC...which one would you say it should be? School Products?

To iSeL above- Habu Habu Habu!!!!

Man, Jared, you are not kidding about Rowan schematics. They make me scream. And not in that fun way Habu! does.

Rowan schematics make me weep! One would think that with such wonderful yarns and designs that the executions would be just as well thought-out. It's a bitter pill to swallow.

I'm looking forward to see what surprise you'll be showing us! Good luck with the sleeve cap.

Bad news on the sleeve cap. The sweater is beautiful though. Enjoy the destress knitting and good luck on the reconstruction. The whole thing gave me a headache.

I hear ye hear ye with the sleeve cap issues. I only knit one on my cardi, expecting it not to work. It's still waiting to be frogged. . . But nothing clears up the muddle like a fun/easy knit. . . and some shopping! Happy day!

P.S. Thank you for your opinion about the Baby Cashmere/Silk. How goes the Trellis?

I agree with you about Rowan. Have a great weekend knitting and I look forward to your knitting surprises next week.

I just hope you post whatever you learn on this issue for all the rest of your followers! Gotta say it looks fabulous so far.

Oh so sorry to hear about that - best to give it a couple days to "marinate".

I wish that designers would give almost every possibly measurement on a pattern. Length and width just don't cut it.

Just a thought. How about knitting the sleeve cap top down a la Barbara Walker? If you don't want to redo the whole sleeve, complete the top down sleeve cap, cut off the trouble-making one on the existing sleeve then graft the two together. A bit too dramatic compared to re-calculation, it's really just a thought.

ooooh, I know that feeling! Hey, I can send you a freaky glove to wear with it! (I still haven't pulled that project apart!)

All I can say is good luck. It will all turn out in the end. But I'm never disappointed at picture-less posts (although I think I will always LOVE your pictures). It's just great to hear from you on your blog.

I feel your pain! No matter how mathematically accurate, my calculations often fail to deliver as "promised." I'm convinced it's air resistance or some other x-factor. Anyway, I know Jarret will turn out fantastic, especially after some relaxation knitting!

The only sweater I wanted to knit recently and it seems simply awful to execute/construct. Hopefully we can observe and learn through your trails/tribulations. Can't wait to observe the behaivor of the knitted on elbow patch (i.e. will it pucker or maintain it's shape as the arm moves?)...

You could possibly check with Wendy about shrinkage for Raspy. Same sweater, same yarn, same problem. I think hers was about to her knees before washing.

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