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  Forbes Forest (or "Finishing What We Start")
I had to check the Tweed Archives to see when it was that I actually started this project. Turns out it was early April. wow. See, its not that this pattern wasn't enjoyable or exciting - it definitely was, especially as scarves are concerned. But I've had some exciting distractions on the side keeping me away from it. the recent heat wave had one plus - it forced me to pull out a small project and work on it. and now i have this.

Forbes Forest 1

Pattern: Forbes Forest by Kathy Zimmerman
Source: Scarf Style from Interweave Press
Materials: KnitPicks Merino Style in 'Moss' (6 Balls)
Needles: US 6/4.25mm Bamboo Clover Circulars
Blocking Method: Immersion (to beat that nasty curl)
Start Date: 9 April 2006 (yeesh)
Completed: 20 July 2006

Forbes Forest 2

Modifications: added pattern repeats to add length. I used 6 balls of yarn, instead of the recommended 5. The curling was pretty bad, but a wet-block solved the problem. The finished measurements are large, we're probably bordering on 'stole' status here, but it'll keep me nice and warm during the frigid winter months when those inter-skyscraper gusts seem unbearable.

Forbes Forest 4 Forbes Forest 5

This project, not surprisingly, has been one of my favorites to photograph. The sculptural cabling is indulgent, and you can't argue with that great green. My Work-In-Progress pile is dwindling down to two sweaters and nothing smaller. I'm waiting for that perfect fair-isle or lace project to jump out at me. any time now... come on. i'm waiting.


Seeing how stunning your scarf looks has made me think that I want to knit one now! And unlike yours my pile of WIPs keeps on growing..!


Wow, those pics are better than any in the book. Interweave should be paying you.

How do you make it look so...perfect? Talented hands.

It's good to know that Merino Style yarn looks so fine, because I have a bunch of it in the same colorway.

I'm curious to see how it wears. Will the KnitPicks yarn pill? Will damp weather cause the curl to come back? Will it loose it's crispness due to wear?

Now I feel like such a kill joy! But such a beautiful scarf seems too good to be true. Sigh.

I'm not sure which impresses me more - your photos or your knitting - both are spectactular today!

Oh wow! I second Annarella. Those pictures turned out so much better from Scarf Style. Forbes Forest is stuynning. How long did you block the scarf? It came out so neat and those cables really pops.

Gorgeous scarf and photographs! Do you now see why this is one of my most favorite knits, ever?!?

stunning!!! your workmanship, as always, is beautiful. thanks for sharing, it really inspires me to move beyond the various ribbing patterns!!

Beautiful photos! They make me want to knit a version for myself. When I saw the project in ScarfStyle, I was much less enthusiastic.

that's one of my favorite scarves from that book. i really love the center cable. it looks a little like hands reaching upward.

great color choice too. love it.

I agree with most of the above posters, both the scarf and the photography are gorgeous. Your blog is a work of art.

I've been a fan of Forbes from the get go - perfect color and those cables really pop - gorgeous.

Wow, the FF looks great. I just finished Bubblebobble - meaning Interlocking Balloons and wet-block made wonders to it too.

And I have read your blog a while now and enjoy it. Love your photos.

A joy to behold...this scarf is on my to do list for sure!!

It's hardly stole like! Great job!

the scarf is stunning, those cables are so vivid and the texture is amazing. awesome job!

I found my way over here by link-surfing, and boy, am I glad I found you! You are one hell of a knitter. Pardon me while I root through the archives--I'll try not to drool too much over the amazing handknits.


What can I say? It's


The pictures, the color, the detail, the crispness, the perfreakingfection. I mean, don't you get tired of being so damn good? :]

As usual, you do not disappoint. The scarf and the photos are to die for. In comparison, I'm such a piker, but it has been hot, even on the West Coast. I'm now reinspired!

Just beautiful. I really love the KP merino style - I knit a vest (well, most of one) out of it and it was wonderful yarn, so springy and soft. I should stock up on some more of that ...

Fair isle, eh? I've been jonesing a bit myself. Had an inspiration from alison at 6.5st to try fair isle with variegated yarn ... that's the bee in my bonnet lately. Might have to whip something up.

I showed this scarf to someone in my laboratory and she said, "Man, you should find him and marry him."

Thought you might get a kick out of that.

Beautiful! That color is so rich and wonderful. Makes me long for winter!

Love it. It looks fabulous, and I LOVE that shade of green.
Yet another gorgeous knit!

Fabulous! I've been wondering if anyone ever knit a cotton fair isle? maybe I should try one with wool first, somehow it sounds more forgiving.

I also planning to knit this for coming fall....I can teel you took time and came out really great!! Your such great knitter!!!
Iam already got my scarf 6 ball knitpick Merino Style in 'Moss'!! I will starting soon!!!

Once again - bloody gorgeous!

I love it. The color is stunning. BTW, I covet your camera!

Wow. That is gorgeous. Your pictures of it are so much nicer than the ones in the book. The pattern looks so crisp! Really nice.

The scarf looks great! Even with the recent heat waves looking at it makes you wish for fall & cooler weather. :)

Nice cables, as always! Nice photos, too. :) I want one of those cameras you have. :p

The scarf looks like it will do a great job of keeping you warm. And you get to wear a gorgeous work of art. :)

I'm, once again, in awe. Everything that I've seen come off your needles looks so perfect it hurts. I love dropping by to see if there are new pictures.

that scarf is stunning! looks better than the one in the book. speechless, i am.

I like your blog and what you knit, the scarf is gorgeous.

I have also knit that scarf, and until I saw yours I did think mine was really quite presentable. It is however not in the same class as yours!

awesome :)

I'm a new reader, and had to comment .. that green is gorgeous, and the pattern is incredible too.

such a lovely cable pattern!! your pictures are much better than the ones in the book...you've showcased the cable pattern properly. you've inspired me to try it!

wow, check out that stitch definition! i haven't seen merino style used in really anything yet.

nice work, and fantastic photos as usual.

Wow that pattern really does "pop" in those pictures! The stitch definition is just amazing. It makes that yarn look so, so good!

Very great job - this is one of the scarves in that book that I have wanted to make.

i'm just blown away by the beauty of your photos. completely luxurious, complicated, rich. simply lovely.

That's a nice looking scarf. And I can't believe you only have 2 WIPs.

Oh - love it! Good job on the finishing what you start...setting a great example for us non-finishers.

Your Forbes Forest is fantastic.

Merino Style is such a great yarn, you can't beat the price. And the color is beautiful.

Nice job! (You realize you've insured a balmy winter, don't you?)

It's absolutely stunning!

that rocks. what does it look like on the other side?


Liar. A machine made that. :)

Un-freakin-believable.......I covet your talent...Good job!

Forbes looks absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful knitting (& blocking) :-)

Alright, colour me impressed! Both your knitting and your photography regularly turn me into a quivering, drooling little schoolgirl...I am in awe, and in love!

Wonderful work! I ended up ordering the book to get this and the other patterns after seeing your fantastic execution of Forbes Forest.

Can't wait to receive it and get started on a project from it.

Many greetings from sunny Spain!

Wow. Stunning photos, stunning scarf, stunning color. Incredible.

Oh you are such a talented knitter. I only recently discovered your website and I love the way your knits turn out. So professional looking. I love that scarf, will have to add it to my list of things to make and I already have the book which is a bonus. I am sure that the next sweater will be fantastic too.

I honestly don't think I can anything constructive to what has been said apart from said HOLY FRIGGIN' GORGEOUS and to remind you that my birthday is next Monday....

that is just gorgeous. beautiful scarf, great photos. they look like they belong in the book. heck, they look better than the book.

Your scarf is just amazing !
...I really have to take my dictionnary and translate the patterns of this great book I bought a few weeks ago !
Do you plan to knit ALL the scarves in "Scarf Style"(I saw you already knitted several)?! ;o)

amazing! your photos do it much better justice than the one in the book! beautiful!

All of your projects are so beautiful and your photographs are inspiring but this scarf is just stunning. WOW.
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