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  Spiral Yoke Pullover
Every once in a while we're lucky enough to acquire a truly special batch of yarn. We save it and save it until we think we have the perfect pattern for it. When and if that moment ever comes and we dare start in on this high-pressure project, we spend half the time worrying if the sweater will ever be good enough for this, the jewel of your stash. And very often it's not.

I've had and have a lot of these types of yarns that have never been touched as a sole result of the fear that no garment could ever do them justice. And until the beginning of June this was one of them. And, for the first time I'm not sitting here wondering if there could have been a pattern that might have been just a little more appropriate - and that's enough on its own to be pumped about.

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e ed)

Pattern: Spiral Yoke Pullover by Meg Swansen [Ravel It]
Source: Handknitting With Meg Swansen (Schoolhouse Press)
Materials: Sundara Yarn Worsted Merino (Discontinued) in Charcoal over Scarlet
Amount: 7.5 skeins (approx. 1300 yards)
Needles: US 7 and 8/4.5 and 5.0mm Addi Turbo Circulars

Start Date: 2 June 2008
Finish Date: 16 June 2008 (real-time is always a bit ahead of blog-time...)

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e ed)

Notes: I followed the pattern recipe as directed - there's already a lot of freedom built in so there isn't much to modify or fuss about. I worked a tubular cast on for both sleeve cuffs and base of body (i use this method - it takes longer but the results are always clean as a whistle), which looks really sharp in a yarn with such crisp stitch definition. To finish the neck I worked a sewn bind-off, my very favorite way to finish collars - super stretchy without ever getting streeetched out of shape.

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

This is truly a special sweater: the yarn alone means a lot - a gift from a talented friend which is not only exactly the color I had been vainly searching for for ages, but is also now sadly discontinued - and a pattern which I couldn't have enjoyed more. Seriously. Rarely, if ever do I find a pattern that I wouldn't mind knitting again right away after finishing. But, never say never.

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

If you're interested in making this but don't want to buy an entire book for one pattern, let me tell you to silence those worries straight away. Handknitting has a bunch of smart, quality patterns, (author people, author) many of which I plan to make in the future, and is, as can be expected, full of clever tricks and techniques as well as plenty of the witty banter we've all come to expect from Elizabeth and Meg.

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

More about the yarn - it's a semi-solid, hand dye by Sundara of Sundara Yarn in Seattle, WA - one of the great dyeing talents in the business and a wonderful person to match. I came into this rare lot two Christmases ago and have had it decorating my shelves ever since. It's a 4-ply, worsted-spun merino with super crisp stitch definition and the ability to suck up some serious color! I've never seen a yarn with as deeply saturated a red as this. (Also the hardest color in all of Christendom to photograph... but it's close enough *grumble grumble photoshop frustration grumble*.)

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The pattern is written using EPS (Elizabeth's Percentage System) which you know I can never get enough of. There are no stitch counts or spoon feeding of any kind, just gauge suggestions, body percentages, and of course charts for that lovely spiral, which means if you put your mind to it you're almost bound to have a sweater that fits you wonderfully and a knitting process that is hugely satisfying.

The spiral yoke is genius because it exploits round-yoke construction (consecutive decrease rings evenly spaced over yoke depth) in a beautiful and clever way, at the same time totally camouflaging all those k2togs (or ssk's if you want your spirals to go in the opposite direction)(Yes, you get to choose). I'm always drawn to the spiral in knitting - it seems to me to be the organic shape that is most in line with the process of knitting in the round, or at least regularly decreasing in the round (think spiral crown shaping on hats, etc). It's smart and intuitive, and really fun to knit.

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

My favorite part? Definitely the collar accent where the spiral snaps into the opposing direction, defining the collar band and creating all those sharp little zig-zagged angles. So cool.

This pattern has a big ol' stamp of approval from me - I'd love to see more of them with different yarns and on different folks. I'm seriously considering another. I'm thinking.... Handspun natural Shetland. Cardigan. Sounds good right? Now if it weren't for all those other sweaters sittin' around getting jealous.

Spiral Yoke Pullover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)



The result is beautiful as always, you're right the pattern and the color match perfectly, the result is very classy.
But how could you knit a sweater so quiclky ?
bon tricot

Congratulations; it's wonderful !

Gorgeous, absolutley gorgeous!!

... Hm you also learned from Elizabeth and Meg the right way to tell beautiful stories :-)
Your yarn + pattern + sweater + post = great!
I am spinning a mix of shetland, angora and alpaga, perhaps I should aim to this for my husband's sweater?
A little difficult for me though :-)

I love it! - and your description makes me want to start knitting one right away :-)

Fantastic amalgamation of perfect yarn and perfect pattern.

Wow - it's just stunning. I love how your choice of yarn has made this pattern look totally contemporary.

wow - breathtaking - it is gorgeous! There really are never enough words to say about the fabulous things you create. This needs a Koolhaas to match:)

waouhhh it's splendiiiiiiid

Just Stunning

That is completely fabulously gorgeous. I'm not a red fan, usually, but that is beyond red and into RED. Lovely, perfect looking fit, and I think I would like to try to knit a sweater now. :-p

Absolutely beautiful as always! I'll bet you can't wait until it's really sweater & corduroy weather. :)

Fabulous. And a great introduction to that book -- I'll check it out!

yep, it's another winner! great work and the yarn is magnificent. (love that sundara!)

Beautiful sweater: designers should pay you a royalty because your execution sells more patterns than than the original book/pattern. Of course, your excellent photography doesn't hurt...

One word GORGEOUS! You have inspired me!

I've been eyeing this pattern for a long time - nice to see it knitted up and photographed in color. You are an inspiration to us all!

Oh, I thought it was a Norah Gaughan pattern, there's this very similiar one. I really like your version of the spiral pullover!

Completely gorgeous!

Now, about that cardigan: are you thinking of an asymmetrical opening, following the swirl of the yoke? It'd be a pity to slice through that circular movement with a vertical button band...


Yes, cardigan please! Though it may be hard to beat that red. Phenomenal sweater!!!

Oh what a breathtaking jumper and the colour ooooh the colour, not to mention the exquisite knitting. Truly fabulous!

You know I LUV it! The color had me at RED! :op

Giggle @ you trying to capture the true hue.

It is even more gorgeous IRL!
(and how about I could "hear" you in every word! Haha!)

You wear it well- Meg would be so happy.

That's what it's all about, isn't it? When the yarn and pattern come together- sheer magic.

Oh!Am I speechless! What a a spectacular all around sweater!

The sweater is @#$!ing amazing. Everything you make and photograph is SCRUMPTIOUS.

Absolutely a knockout...would be sooo interested in followed a cardigan journey of the pattern. You are a master designer in your own right!

It takes my breath away...

Absolutely amazing. I'm so glad you're pleased with it, it's a gem.

Oh this one is a beauty for sure !!!

Wow ! Amazing !

Absolutely, positively gorgeous.

jared, you truly elevate knitting to new heights with your pattern and color choices. i love reading your f.o. posts because they inspire and capture what it is that keeps us all picking up sticks and aspiring to bring forth a piece like yours. the photos are lovely. though i am devastated by the loss of sundara worsted (the february lady sweater was in that too. ack, i always miss the boat with yarn). cannot wait to see mor eof your vacation knits.

Stunning! That really is the only word. Wonderful sweater and amazing photographs to accompany it.

Wow, Jared! Truly a work of art. I LOVE the color and the spirals!

It is a beautiful sweater where everything goes together! Congratulations!!! I can understand why you are happy (I would be too, if I were in your shoes).

It is absolutely wonderful and the colour is brilliant! / Petra

Luscious as always. Thanks for the eye candy.

That's 3 geniuses together in a project.

A seriously handsome sweater. And Sundara is unmatched in her talent, really!

However I find myself wondering what treasure in your stash now holds that coveted "no pattern is good enough for it" position ;)

Jared, it's absolutely breathtaking.

Fabulous sweater. Beautiful color and excellent work, as always. And wonderful photographs. I find it amusing that one image features a Holga--my favorite $20 camera.

Oh, Well Done, You!!

The sweater and the yarn are stunning. I think this is one of my favorite finished projects from you, and there have been many. Just splendid.

Gorgeous! It's utterly the yarn that's making it. I know because I made that sweater in a yarn that wasn't a gem and while the fit was good, it didn't look near as gorgeous.

I imagine you are contemplating the puzzle blanket from that little book....

Wow, it's fabulous! I've got the same worries about matching the perfect yarn with the perfect pattern and as a result, I've been sticking to accessories lately. Thanks for the inspiration!

It's beautiful! The color is really breathtaking...

Absolutely stunning! I think it's time for a little book enhancement...
So sad I was late to the Sundara game and missed out on being able to buy the worsted. At least my toes are enjoying he deliciousness.

It's just beautiful. I've got some likewise special yarn that has stubbornly refused to be what I've tried to make it - maybe it wants to be a Spiral Pullover! (And thanks for the tips about the tubular cast-on and sewn bind-off - it's all in the details.)

This sweater is great, like you I LOVE the detail where it switches from yoke to collar.
You are such an inspiration, I am making a saddle shoulder cardi inspired by you (and of course EZ).



It's stunning, I love the spiral yoke and the color is just amazing!

Another triumph, Jared - no surprise from you, of course! You can bet I'll be grabbing a copy of Handknits when I get to Knitting Camp tomorrow!

And alas for the discontinuation of that fabulous yarn. If only I'd been a little less disciplined and bought a few sacks full while she was still selling it.

OK, I'm in love with this sweater, particularly because of the spiral pattern. Talk to me about knitting it in a cardigan. Could the same pattern as the collar be used for the button band?

I've been so impatient for the pix... checking in every day at least once. It was worth the wait. The sweater and your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks :) vk

Absolutely gorgeous. It was definitely a perfect pattern to showcase that gorgeous yarn - definitely tragic that Sundara had to discontinue that particular yarn.

As always, the pictures are a perfect addition to a wonderful piece of knitting. It's always a treat when you finish (and get around to posting about) a project. :-)


I wish I could think of some profundity to add to all the acclaim, but there's not much to say besides "WOW!"

Great sweater, beautiful yarn. Hoping my son or husband might want one . . .

what an awesome story you told with this post. the sweater is stunning! the marriage between color and that pattern works beautifully.

Magnificent, but you don't need to hear that from me. Oh how I wish I could get ahold of some of that Sundara yarn, it is truly luscious looking...

That color is AMAZING. (And yes, I think you've done it justice just fine ;-) )

What a gem! Thanks, Jared for your all of your insights. Including comments regarding cast on/off(s) is especially appreciated.

The photographs...so artful.

Wow. Just, wow.


Big Pimpin!!!!! You always have th best photos!

Gorgeous work! And that color is incredible. I could look at it all day.

Absolutely amazing! Wonderful pictures, beautiful sweater...good job!

Simply Red.

I love it!

wonderful as always! now my husband wants one like this - besides the vest, of course...
Tks for your beautiful work!
happy knitting

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
Very royal & regal looking--


so jealous, of the yarn, the sweater,. . . and the holga.

Lovely sweater! And I'm such a fan of the Holga camera flitting in and out of frame--those are some of my favorite cameras and are so fun to work with.

I worship this sweater!! Absolutely amazing in every way...you've done it again!

Hope you don't mind that I've borrowed a photo of this sweater to accompany a post wherein I am celebrating the joys of your blog, all the beautiful patterns and photos and spinning and colour and textures . . . Thanks!

Love the spiral and the red with the slight inflections. What a showcase of color and design. Cardigan too? Don't know if a cardigan could compete with this beauty. Wouldn't it be fun to try though?

Gorgeous. Would love to hear your thoughts on cardiganization - vertical button band? Steeked?

Wow. Stunning.

Stunning. I'll have to track down the pattern, and what a glorious Red!

The yarn. Your knitting. The pattern. All absolutely stunning!

JackieCastsOn on Ravelry

Perfect. Just perfect.

Beautiful and very clever (but then that seems to be the Zimmermann hallmark!)

Gasp! What a beautiful job and the color is perfect. So makes me want to get the pattern and search out the perfect yarn... Thanks for sharing your work!

W O W !!!

it's beautiful!! that red is to die for :)

The photo shoot definitely did not disappoint-what a lovely project. I imagine people will be stopping you on the street to comment on it. Of course the burning question is what are you going to do with the remaining 2.5 skeins? :-)

Beautiful. The texture and colour play off each other perfectly.

And the finishing is fantastic.

Unbelievable, mon amis! Dr. Epelbaum

i stumbled upon your blog six weeks ago; I do believe you are the most talented sweater knitter i have ever seen; this spiral yoke sweater is stunning. There is no other word for it.

it's true! Sundara is a bloomin' genius with yarn. And with your knitting (and photo) skills, this sweater is a joy to behold! Your blog makes me try to forget what I'm actually shaped like and yearn to make this pullover.... If you ever knit Starmore's Henry VIII, I'll have to consider maiming you in self defense! :o)

I had to join Sundara's yarn club to have even a hope of getting near her yarn; I think joining may have put a permanent ding in the chassis of my marriage.....but I think Sundara's yarn is worth it.

Thanks so much for this post.

Just beautiful.

Such intense red! Add to that, your magnificent pattern! That elevates you, Jared, to PRINCE OF KNITTING!
All your finished knitting projects come out of a person who has been gifted by the gods to make the rest of us, lowly less talented knitters, envious of such status reserved only to a few hand-picked, cream-of-the-crop knitting royalty.

So nice to see the finished sweater -- after seeing it in the beginning stages at Purl Jam. It's really wonderful. I'm not a "red person", but even I am lusting after it!

Bet you are counting the days until fall to get to wear it.

Just gorgeous as always. Great inspiration from you. :) Love your photography, too.

Let me count the ways....
Breathtaking, striking, vibrant, handsome, classic, wearable, and my 11 1/2 year old nephew wants one in THAT color ASAP. He saw your unbelievable photos whilst I was reading and he has never asked me for a special sweater before! Thanks, Jared, for such a wonderful inspiration. (Note: buy book and buy great yarn!)


Delurking to say

Wow, Jared
that sweater glows!
Margie in Maryland

How inspiring - every blog amazes me with the stunning knitting and the fantastic photography. You have such a good eye and combined with your knitting skill - spectacular results! Thank you again for sharing.

Unbelievably beautiful. The color is impeccable - the slight variations in yarn color give the sweater such an amazing edge. Exquisite work, as always. Congratulations!

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that your work is, as always, a delight!

Again, I am totally in awe and complete admiration of your very talented knitting and creation skills. Looking at the other versions of this sweater on Ravelry this is by far the most beautiful and outstanding!! (Not to insult the other beautiful sweaters) You have such a natural instinct for just the right yarn and pattern combo.

Since I am a process knitter needing guidance, I am totally envious of your abilities.

I love spirals, I love red, I love what is not plain, I love your pics and even love beards;) since my brother got one for 3 years now (he looks a bit like you...but doesn't knit)...funny he even lived and worked for 3 months in NYC as a watch repairer.

Of all the gorgeous things you've knitted, this takes the cake. GORGEOUS colors, fabulous pattern, and it fits perfectly!

based on this sweater alone i went and bought the book. it came in saturday and i LOVE it. you are so right; there are lots of good sweater ideas in there. i will be knitting this one first, i think. yours is so gorgeous it has put the bug in me to do one.

splendid as always.

A fabulous sweater! The color is stunning and the fit is perfection.
You, along with Elizabeth and Meg are truly a talent in your own knitting right! Congratulations on your Green Autumn Mittens that grace the Fall issue of Vogue Magazine! It's your book I'm waiting on.

Sounds good right? Now if it weren't for all those other sweaters sittin' around getting jealous



Nice camera! Love those Holgas. Oh, and the sweater is great too...as always. --K

From Brasil.

Hi Jared, this is the first time I've commented on your blog, but this sweater is unbelievably beautiful. The color and the yarn compliments this design so well....nicely don.

I have only a few more inches to go on my Cobblestone sweater, and you've already got me wondering which yarn I should use on this one! Once again, absolutely beautiful.

mmmmm....yummy! :-D I love the color and the way the lines almost seem to give the sweater a 'spin'

hooray for fall type knitting!

You're so right about the yarn, the colour, and the pattern all being perfect for each other.

It looks AMAZING.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I love this sweater, it reminds me of a sweater from knitting nature that I almost knit.

Greetings to all! My name is Dasha dashik-in-love I from Moscow and very badly write on english, forgive please the translator google if it is suddenly incorrect. It is delightful and is more tremendous, allow to express the admiration for talented works! In Russia very much love knitting, it is considered the most popular kind of a hobby basically at women, we have forums on knitting and we some of your things knit together online. Thanks you for that that give us inspiration!
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