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  Red Light Special Pattern

Pattern: Red Light Special
Size: to fit an average adult head (21-23")
Gauge: 24 sts and 26 rows = 4 in/10 cm
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
- One 16" circular needle in size necessary to get you gauge.
- One set of DPN's of the same size.
- One 16" circular needle two sizes smaller than your main needle (for lining)
* Circular needles with cables longer than
16" can be used with Magic Loop Method with similar results. Suggested needle sizes are US 4-6 to get gauge. Your results may vary.
Materials: KnitPicks 'Telemark' (100% Wool, Sport Weight.)
- 1 skein MC (Chestnut)
- 1 skein CC1 (Aubergine)
- 1 skein CC2 (Bayberry)
- 1 skein CC3 (Poppy)
- Lining Yarn; a partial skein of sport weight
cotton or merino (something soft to satisfy the ears of the wearer)

Techniques Employed
: knit and purl; provisional cast on; turned hem; directional decreasing (ssk and k2tog); stranded knitting with 4 colors (never more than 2 colors on one row);

: This hat is worked in basic Norwegian style beginning with the cotton/merino lining, followed by a turning row of purl stitches, the main body chart of the hat (knit with 4 colors) and ending with a rapid decrease crown (decrease 8 sts ever round). The chart provided below repeats itself 4 times around the circumference of the hat, dividing it into four sections with four faux seams that shape the crown decreases cleanly towards the center.

If you have never worked a hat in this style, I recommend
reading the complete pattern at least one time through before you begin to best familiarize yourself with the construction techniques.

D I R E C T I O N S:

Lining: With smaller circular needle and Lining Yarn provisionally cast on 128 sts. Join stitches and place marker to indicate beginning of round. Work in stockinette (k all sts) until lining measures 3".

Next Row: Switching to Larger circular needle and MC (Chestnut), knit one round.
Next Row: purl all sts (this is considered the 'turning row')

Main Body: With CC1 (Aubergine), knitting all sts, begin working chart. Please see 'Special Notes' below in regard to carrying colors. NOTE: When you have worked 3" of main hat pattern, you will be joining the lining

Red Light Special Chart Red Light Special Key

After 3" of the main chart have been worked (or when the length of the lining is exactly equal to the length of the main body), you will join the hem. This process is worked over one entire row of knit stitches.

Joining the Hem: Fold lining along turning row so that WS of lining and WS of body are facing one another. You should have the same number of sts along your provisional cast-on as you do live stitches (128). Feed all provisionally casted on loops onto the length of your smaller circular needle, ending at the beginning of the round. Making sure that all stitches are lined up begin joining the hem by knitting first body stitch together with first hem stitch (as a k2tog). Repeat k2tog for every pair of stitches all the way around [in essence you will be doing 128 k2togs and seaming the lining onto the main body as you knit. This method yields a clean and professional hem with no finishing required!]

When you complete this round, resume working chart as before until you reach your first decrease round.

Shaping the Crown: Decreases are included in the chart. Decrease 1 st on each side of every 'seam' on every round. Switch to Double Pointed Needles when the number of stitches becomes too small for your circular. You will be decreasing at a rate of 8 stitches per row, yielding a rather flat crown. Because of the length of the main chart, a flat crown is necessary to get correct sizing.

When you complete the chart, you will have 16 stitches remaining on the needles. Cut a 10" tail of MC, thread through a tapestry needle and draw through 16 remaining sts. Pull tail to tighten opening and weave into fabric to secure. Weave in all remaining ends. Block hat (see below).

Blocking: Blocking is a NECESSITY with stranded knitting. It will also even out tension issues in an incredible way. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and half a capful of wool wash (I prefer non-rinse wool washes like Eucalan). Immerse hat in water, gently squeezing out any air that's caught up in your stranding. Let that hat soak for 5-10 minutes. Remove from water, gently squeeze out all excess water. DO NOT WRING OR TWIST FABRIC. Roll inside a dry towel and stomp on it to get out all moisture possible. Shape hat over a 'head-shaped' object (I prefer a medium size cereal bowl place upside down on top of a paper towel roll). Air dry.

Special Notes:
* Carrying colors: You may choose to carry all three Contrasting Colors up the inside of the hat along the seam. I did this and it worked relatively well, although it does add a bit of bulk. If you wish to cut your ends at the conclusion of each color section, this will work fine. Beware, however, that you will have a whole bunch of ends to weave in during finishing.
* Jody has an informative post about turning a hem here that may help you visualize the process.

If you find any mistakes in the pattern, please feel free to send me an e-mail at brooklyntweed@gmail.com and I will amend the pattern to help future knitters. Also, I encourage you to e-mail me with pictures of your finished hats - I do so love seeing your work.

I'm happy to share this pattern with you, fair readers - thank you for supporting what I do here!

All content and photos are ©brooklyntweed. All rights reserved. This pattern is for personal and non-profit use ONLY. You may print this pattern only if copyright information stays intact. You may not sell items made from this pattern for profit or distribute these patterns in a retail environment to promote yarn sales.

Thank you for the holiday "gift"! I may not knit it soon but I do appreciate all that has been put into this gorgeous piece of original knitting :) Terry in SF

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

You are so selfless! Thanks for sharing this pattern.

Thanks for the pattern. You rock!

you are AWESOME. thanks for sharing the pattern, now i know what my first fair isle item will be!


nicely done -- the pattern looks great. the chart is well-laid out. very clear.

oh...and thanks for the plug!

Really beautiful--thank you for the pattern!

Thanks so much for the pattern! The hat looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Wow, thanks for the pattern! It looks so tempting!

Thank you for posting the pattern for your hat. It's gorgeous and your color choices are always so "on point"!

My DH has one of those HUGE heads so I was sad that you were sizing it down for smaller noggins.

Could you tell me what #'s differ in the hat you made for yourself?

Thank you SO much for posting this pattern. I have just sent the link to my mother because she was contemplating on what hat to knit for my uncle who skis. This will be perfect. Thank you also for the tutorial on the turned hem. What a great tip!

Thank you - I'm putting it into the queue of future projects! Lydia

Gorgeous hat!! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

This is such a beautiful hat - thank you so much for sharing! It's jumping on my list of projects.

Gorgeous, gorgeous design - thank you for sharing it with all of us. It is definitely going on my to-knit list!

Nice work! Love the colours.

I've no time to knit a fair isle hat right now, but every once in a while
I knit fair isle mittens, so maybe I'll come up with an
adaptation of your design at some point. Thank you for the pattern!

There's no snow in Finland... and it's December... what a waste of lovely
woollen things :) it's cold enough though, it's just that there are no
beautiful snowflakes falling down on your mittens...

What a wonderful hat. Thank you so much for sharing! I always take inspiration from your posts, and made it through my saddle shoulder sweater due to the timely advice you posted about your sweater. Your knitting is always gorgeous!


Thanks for sharing the pattern - very much appreciated!

Thanks for sharing your pattern. I'm definitely going to make one after the holidays. Again, you're an awesome knitter!

Thanks a million for sharing the pattern!

Wow! I don't do much color knitting but I can tell that this was a lot of work! And absolutely worth it! Maybe I'll try it one day!

Thank you so much for making the pattern available! I'm a lurker and secretly want to marry you, but alas I'm happily married already. If only he could knit. Har...
Seriously though, you are very talented and very inspiring.

I just knit Amy King's "Fake Isle" hat and I can see that this is a bit more advanced (to say the least), but I'll give it a try. I just ordered at knitpicks, so once it is here I'll try it out!

Once again thanks!

Thanks for sharing! I was looking for a small-ish colorwork pattern to work on, and this looks perfect.

Excellent timing, I was just looking for a stranded hat pattern ;-) and this one looks great. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the great pattern! Once I actually have money to buy yarn again, I think I'll try it out.

Wow! What a great hat. And thanks for the pattern.

That is a gorgeous hat! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

I ran across your blog via Saunshine's blog, and I love your blog! You are so talented!

another reader saying thank you for that gorgeous pattern! It won't go on the needles until after Christmas, but I definitely know I'm going to use those yarn shop gift certificates I've asked for to get some red light special yarn.

I join all the others in expressing my thanks for the great pattern. My CU partner recently lost the hat I made for him and this will be a great replacement.

Thanks for a wonderful pattern!

This is really fabulous, thanks so much for writing it and sharing with us.

My 14 yo DS loves this hat. It will be a joy to make for him. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

Thank you for the pattern on the hat. I showed my husband the hat and he loved it!

Thank you so much for sharing! I love it!

Oh man, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Red Lights is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I've got to knit this now!

oh so beautiful!
thank you so much for sharing this amazing pattern.
love your blog by the way.

Love your hat pattern and your site. I found you via a link on my own blog and I plan to be a frequent visitor.

Thanks so much for posting this hat pattern! You have a great eye for color and the dramatic use of color in the hat makes it a strikingly pretty variation on the traditional fair isle look. I just finished making one in blues/greens and it was lots of fun. thimbleful.blogspot if you'd like to see it. Thanks again,


Thank you for posting this gorgeous pattern. I also want to thank you for the recomm. on Beaverslide Yarn. I made your blue/brown scarf for my DH who walks 8 blocks from the train to work on 52nd st and he tells me NOTHING gets thru that scarf. He'll be ecstatic over this hat! Thank you so much!!

This is a beautiful hat. I may have to make one for my s/o for next winter. Thanks a bunch!

This is gorgeous. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the beautiful hat pattern!

Thanks for the pattern. I just finished blocking my new hat. Worked in only two colours so I could practice fair isle. It's lovely and warm, and the turned hem means no itchy forehead.

I am so excited to be finally getting around to knitting this beautiful hat.

Thanks again for the pattern!

Should the gauge swatch over pattern stitch in the flat? In the round?






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