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I'm happily reveling in the cold weather. It seemed like such a long time coming and I'm glad to be wearing handknits in some way, shape, or form on most days. Since it seems like a big month for socks... and I know realistically I wont be knitting any this month (surprise surprise), I thought I'd at least let you know that I've actually been wearing my whopping one pair from the past year...

Log Cabin Socks
log cabin socks from 'handknit holidays' in rowan cork

I hadn't really been all that excited about these before. It turns out I'm not a big fan of thick wool socks (or thick-wool-anything for that matter. This statement is only 90% true). BUT, these have been great to wear around the apartment, especially when the barefeet hit that cold hardwood floor in the morning. I've even thrown them on with the birk clogs for work on some of the colder days. Scandalous!

Also, you may have noticed an air of silence shrouding the whole EZ baby sweater issue? Well, that's because I've run out of yarn before finishing. I've run out of a dye-lot-less, hand-dyed yarn. And I like the project too much to tear it out and use another one. I knew I didn't have enough from the start. I knew I'd run out... but I knit it anyway. So I can't complain... but I'm weighing my options. I'll be seeing Sundara in a week and a half when I go home to Seattle, so maybe we'll figure something out together. If not, I'll just use a contrasting color for the garter cuffs, and make a short sleeve sweater. It'll drive me crazy that the garter yoke and cuffs will be different colors, but hey, I'm sure the baby will be a bit less judgmental.
Here's the most recent shot, although I've added about 4 or 5 more inches to the body since.

February Baby Jacket Progress

What will be the fate of you, little one? We'll have to wait and see. Baby is due mid November, so I have some time to flounder. And it'll take me all of 3 hours to finish once I get some yarn that works.

The baby on my to-knit-for list was due in Nov. too, but he arrived two weeks ago - a full six weeks early! It's like he didn't know I don't even have the yarn for his sweater yet. I hope you don't suffer the same fate!

Fingers crossed that you can get something sorted on the yarn front, it looks so lovely.

Those socks are gorgeous, they look so cosy.

you could always do one row of a crochet trim around the top to tie it in with the cuffs and bottom - but, I think if 2 of the 3 match (neck, cuffs, bottom) then you are all set....similar color buttons or something also maybe may work...knowing how Sundara works, she will save you!

That's a beautiful green. It's too bad you couldn't have the yoke and cuffs a different color. I suppose if you could stand ripping it and starting over....

The baby sweater is absolutely beautiful in Sundara's yarn -- I'm sure the two of you can puzzle out a creative solution to your dilemma.

You have the cutest feet! Hee!

That is a fabulous green colour yarn.

You're from Seattle? Me too. Do you miss it?

I think that's one of the nicest things about knitting for babies: they'll take what you give them. (But hopefully the mum won't mind the colour contrast?)

I love this baby sweater pattern; works for me every time.

I just got Handknit Holidays...I'll have to take another look at that sock pattern!

Good luck puzzling out the baby sweater conundrum. What you have so far is beautiful!

Those socks are fabulous. If even only to wear with birks :) I know what you mean about the thick knit thing...when you first start it's easier to manipulate, but after the first successful fine-gauge project...its tough going back to bulk! Good luck figuring out a way to save the babysweater - I'm sure a little ingenuity will pay off.


Love the log cabin socks, there's nothing more comfortable than a pair of thick wool socks IMO. And good luck on the baby sweater front, I'm sure whatever you and Sundara come up with will be beautiful.

those socks to look cozy, but understandably hard to wear with regular shoes because of their thinkness. i'm sure you will persuade sundara to whip you up a new skein of that gorgeous green! i'm pretty much obsessed with everything you knit! haha

I've always been a fan of those socks, still am.
That sweat is too cute. And tiny. Really really tiny.

Those socks are so pretty. The more I see that pattern, the more I think I'll have to knit those myself some day.

Regarding the baby sweater (which is insanely gorgeous with that yarn btw), have you thought about picking up stitches around the collar for a few rows to match the cuffs somehow? I'd hate to have to see you frog that sweater.

I'm currently knitting the Log Cabin socks for my boyfriend so I'm glad to read that you're enjoying yours! And it sucks that you're out of yarn for the EZ sweater which, by the way, looks adorable so far, but I'm sure you'll figure something out. Good luck!

That gorgeous green yarn knitted up is making me jones for Sundara's goods. She is amazing! And that sweater is adorable. I'm sorry you didn't have enough, but I'm sure you'll make it look great with another color.

D'oh! Good luck with the baby sweater...

Ooh - sorry about the yarn shortage. Baby shrug, perhaps? ;)

Fab log cabin socks. Those are on my someday list....

That sweater made my ovaries cramp it was so cute. Love the Log cabin socks as well. Will have to revisit both.

Hi, delurking! I love your log cabin socks, I plan on making a pair with some sort of soled bottom. And your EZ baby sweater is gorgeous! The green and lace is very celtic and elfin, adorable for a little baby. Hope you get some more of the yarn.

Hello! I love the yarn for the baby sweater and I know you do too! If Sundara can't help, you can always add a little contrast, give it to baby to wear and then take it back and reknit it into something else for the kid (like a hat and mittens for a two-year old). They grow so fast when they are infants that the little biscuit will probably only get to wear it for a short window of time. You can make it into the gift that keeps on giving.

The socks look cozy. (Your pictures are always so well composed!)But...I absolutely LOVE the baby sweater!!!! I hope you can get more yarn in that color. Please post details when you complete it. It's beautiful!

I know you don't want to rip, but I think if you do the yoke and cuffs, etc. all in another color it could look quite nice. You just have to find the perfect yarn to coordinate, but I'm sure Sundara could help. :)

Love the socks. Love the sweater. Especially love that the EZ baby sweater looks like it is itching to have a wee body in it. I'm sure you and Sundara will find the perfect solution. Perhaps slowly striping in and transitioning to a similar color?

Oh oh I'm a little envious of your socks. Ok, a lot actually. Every time I wear my Cork cardi I think of how good it would feel to have socks made out of this yarn. Looked everywhere, there's none to be had in muted colors.
Ez sweater looks so sweet in its miniature state, I hope you and Purly can figure something out.

You know, if you got small amounts of two, progressively deeper, shades of green, it would be lovely to gradate it. With that ferny stitch pattern, it would be very magical in a "deep, dark, forest" kind of way. The green you've got there certainly is breathtaking.

Baby's sweater sleeves are always too long anyway. Very cute sweater.


Hope that you find the right color for the baby jacket, that green is gorgeous. Love the socks too, you should make some more.

Yes I concur, the green is stunning, but you could go a rich deep red and add a pointy hat! Voila, a Christmas Elf!

Cuffs and collar matching? *cough* I vote for ripping and using one color for collar and cuffs and another for the lacey parts. Maybe co-ordinate a little roll brim hat. The gradient greens idea is good too.

you take beautiful photos of your projects! what camera do you use?...i love looking at your blog especially for the photos (i'm sure it also helps that your projects are brilliant too). thanks for answering my question about the circular needles. i went ahead and bought some 32" addis and i love them!

Lovin those socks!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy visiting your blog. Not only are you an amazing knitter but your photography is stunning!

Wow, if you're going to do one pair of socks, that would be the pattern. They look great and oh so toasty.

Sorry to say it, but you should rip the yoke out and start over. A different colored yoke that matched the cuff and bottom would look beautiful and deliberate. Otherwise you might find yourself apologizing for a beautifully knit gift.


That green is so tasty looking I feel like tossing it with some vinaigrette and having a forkful!!!

The cables on those socks are lovely. I just joined the Sundara sock yarn club and look forward to fondeling my first hank of the yarn I read so much about.

Love, love, love that green....!
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