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  Swallowtail Shawl
Saturday the weather was too beautiful for city dwelling. We jumped in the car heading North from Boston with visions of red leaves as our guide . We ended up enjoying New Hampshire for the day and hiking in the White Mountains. Let me just say, you New Englanders know how to serve up a beautiful Fall! I had a great time (in Boston as well) and threw the Swallowtail in the bag, just in case a photo opportunity presented itself. In an afternoon-light-bathed forest, how could I resist?

Swallowtail 1

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Source: Interweave Knits Magazine; Fall 2006
Materials: Elann's Baby Silk (80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk) in 'Parchment' (just over 3 balls)
Needles: US 4 (mm) Addi Turbo Circulars
Total Cost: $10 (!)

Started: 11 August 2006
Completed: 25 August 2006 (dates approximate)

Swallowtail 5

This project, while still being in the 'simple lace' category to me, was much more exciting and enjoyable than the other Evelyn Clark patterns that I've knit. I like the combination of motifs... but really its all about lace bobbles. They're awesome! Nupps for life!

Swallowtail 4

There's not much more to say. I've seen a bunch of people make this great project, and if you like how looks... I say, make one too! Its definitely on the small side, but thats how it was intended. I would really enjoy doing the pattern again in say... a worsted? It'd be bigger, and the nupps would be even more voluminous...

Swallowtail 7 Swallowtail 2

I hate that its Monday already, but here's hoping everyone has a great week. Keep knitting.

Swallowtail 6


What a beautiful piece of work, and those are some amazing pictures.

I must say that I'm really glad with the way fall is turning out this year. It's not too warm and turning the leaves straigh to brown like it was last year. I'm glad you enjoyed our wonderful state :)

It is truly lovely.

loooove your photos! And the shawl is magnificent!

Hmm. I've never knitted nupps before, and your shawl is beautiful - I just may have to make one of these myself!

Awesome! I hate jumping on the bandwagon, but for this one, I just might!

Just lovely!

beautiful work. i wasn't planningo n making this shawl but like katie, you've defintely inspired me to try one! i'm also majorly obsessed with your photos. it's like a photo/knit blog combined!!

Alas, another beauty. I have been so close to casting on for this for weeks.... it's just the fact that my provisional cast ons always end up looking like a cat's ass and this beautful shawl deserves better...

lucky you to be so close to the whites! i adore new hampshire ...
i have not knitted a smallish triangular shawl(yet). i think i would have to get over wanting to wrap it around me like a blanket and understand it's more like a scarf.
it's a pretty pattern nonetheless.

Absolutely gorgeous as usual! I can't believe you made this beautiful piece of work for $10! Lovely, just lovely pics.

What beautiful pictures! Who took them for you? And the shawl is gorgeous, it looks very elegant on you.

Gorgeous work.

wow! your work is absolutely gorgeous. beautiful pictures.

as always, stunning photography. perhaps i'll make the swallowtail for my sister's wedding shawl...

magnificent. your work is truly inspirational.

beautiful once more! pictures and shawl. i want to make this shawl too but will want to make it larger because, as you have pointed out, it's quite small. i love my flowerbasket shawl but often wish it were bigger as well :) maybe i just need to bite the bullet and make something really HUGE!

Just gorgeous. Yes, a worsted weight...hmmm....I would like that! After christmas, definitely.

So beautiful. :) I have jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Beautiful pictures and the shawl is absolutely divine!!

good lord, jared, it's beautiful! and thanks so much for the tip about the elann baby silk. will definitely have to try that. i was thinking that swallowtail might be my next lace project ... you've convinced me to try it in a heavier yarn and see how it looks bigger.

wow! so beautiful. I just discovered your site this morning. I've been through your Flickr gallery and I'm just so impressed. Not only with the knitting but the photography is so pleasing, too. I'm happy to have found you. I'm also glad you enjoyed a New England fall. I am from NE but now live in the midwest. It's beautiful here, but nothing compares to New England in the fall. Happy Knitting.

It's looks great. You are such a bad influence. I'm about to cast on for this shawl. I saw the first glimpse of yours and decided it would be a great gift for someone I know.

Lovely shawl, lovely photos, and it looks like you were in a great spot to enjoy the best time of the year.

Again, beautiful photography and your excellent knitting. Thanks!

Perfection! And I want your photography skills :)

Gorgeous project and photos! On my list of things to knit because... I'm obsessed with the nupps. Like you say, nupps for life!!!

Be still my beating heart! FREE tickets? (Hyperventilation occuring.) Have fun at Idomeneo - let me know how it was if you've time. I'm going next week... (this week is Faust for me - yes, I really do love it!) And if you ever see a random person up in Family Circle wearing a handknitted shawl ('cause it's so damn cold at the Met) it's me!

It's absolutely gorgeous Jared! And I'm diggin' the pictures. Very artistic and fall-ish. Great job dude!

Because of (or "thanks to" ?!)your great pictures of this wonderful shawl I can add this projet to my already long list !
...however, it will have to wait since I've just begun another lace shawl.

Hope you'll have a great week too ;o)

Gorgeous knitting!

the shawl turned out fabulous, and as usual, your pictures are amazing. great job!

Beautiful as always, Jared!

The shawl, the model and the pictures - all perfect!

$10? Right on. Lovely work.

Stunning! Shawl and pictures both!

Gorgeous, Jared, I love it all.

those pictures are incredibly beautiful. ahhh, handknits in the afternoon! here in florida, we're only dreaming of leaves turning. i know it's fall because it's only 85...

I've recently discovered your blog and I am so taken by your photos and your knitting. The shawl is beautiful. Very inspiring.

Beautiful! I love the fall foliage in the background, and the setting is perfect for the shawl.

Fabulous pictures! The shawl looks great.

Wow, that is crazy beautiful. You did a great job, as usual, and the pics are all just gorgeous. I may have to knit this one myself.


I love the shawl, it's gorgeous! I really like the simplicity of the white yarn as well, it really helps the pattern pop out. Nice job!

lovin' the photos!

Your photography is always so beautiful, and the shawl is gorgeous. Your knitting is always so beautiful and professional looking.

Beautiful shawl, and as always, beautiful photography.

This seals it, I am making this one.

Just de-lurking to say I love your blog. The knitting and photography are beautifully complimentary to each other in their technical awesomeness.

Wasn't Saturday lovely? All the rain we got this summer are making for a beautiful foliage season.. with this stupid sprained ankle I can't hike anywhere.. but I have been enjoying the views and Saturday we went apple picking.

Ta da deee...another beauty, it must be hard being you. ;)

does the foliage make the shawl more lovely or vice versa? either way, stunning work.

Hey - you should have dropped in for coffee!!! Where did you take those great pictures? The scenery looks familiar. Glad you had a great day in my neck of the woods.Sue

Your shawl is the most beautiful swallowtail I have seen yet. It really inspires me to move this up and make it my next project. I also enjoy the beautiful way it has been photographed. Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely lovely!

It's gorgeous. I am working on Clark's lace leaf shawl right now. I just hope mine comes out as nicely as yours!

Perfect!!as always :>

Your shawl is absolutely stunning. I think I might have to make one now!

That's really beautiful. I began one myself, with Kidsilk Haze, but I felt it was a bit too "clingy". Maybe I'll go with your suggestion and get something a bit more worsted, DK even.

Beautiful photos!!! I love your tricot!!! Congratulations!!! :o)

your photographs are better then anything i have seen in any knitting magazine or book.
i wish someone would give you a sweet book deal.

so beautiful....soo beautiful.

Love it! You really capture the texture and tone of the yarn with your photos. Fantastic knitting and photographing ... I am sorely tempted to try this pattern.

Jared, will you please photograph the next Vogue Knitting magazine, or the next Interweave?? PLEEEEZZZE!! I don't want to see the model's pouty expression, or her artfully piled-up hair, i just want to see the KNITTING!! Show. Me. The. Knitting!! You do it so beautifully, no one does it better. The color and texture is shown exquisitely. To die for. This must be what the light is like in Heaven. There is a serenity in your pictures that is ethereal. Sorry for getting carried away, but truly... okay, I'll stop now.

i've just discovered you, but you have a new fan in me. and i agree with the rest about your photos... i wish knitting magazines ones were half as good as yours! congratulations!

No way - I was hiking in the White Mountains on Saturday too, in Franconia State Park. It was magnificent up there. Small world :)

I have never laced knit....too scared, but I was so inspired that I went out to the store to buy that issue.

It's just lovely and very delicate looking.

beautiful work! i've never made lace, but you've inspired me. in the search of the perfect needles, i've found addi's come in 32" and 40". which would be best for lace shawls and sweaters?

The shawl is gorgeous and your pictures are stunning.

Good job with the nups! I know a lot of people did this pattern, and altered it to be nupless -

So glad to see a noncastrated Shallowtail - this is in my knitting queue and after seeing yours, I'll brave the nups!


Loved you interview with It's a Purl, Man. It is true your photos appear to be "dipped in gold". Your laugh is great!

OK, I'm on the bandwagon - shawl and photography are spectacular. And as a MISPLACED New Englander, thanks for the vicarious leaf peeping. Thanks too for the compare/contrast with the Shetland Lace shawl. I've been trying to decide between them, and you are the first and only to make me see the difference.

Beautiful knitting, and stunning photographs. Way better than a lot of knitting magazines!

Your work is SO lovely - and your photographs are breathtaking!

Excellent work!!!

One word: beautiful. I cannot comment enough on the quality of your work (and photography!)

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Scott. We are finally moved into our new house and slowly unpacking things. Maybe a little later in the month or November 1 would be a good start date. Let me know! Hope I'm not holding you up too much. :)

Now I just must knit that shawl.

Where did you hike in the White Mountains. We in southern NH and have been doing quite a bit of hiking ourselves. The photos you too there are stunning.

A beautiful shawl...I want it....so I guess I will have to try and make it. I'm a beginner lace knitter...early beginner really. I love your work.

Such beautiful pictures of your lovely project. I don't think the shawl could be shown better. - perfection!

Oh my god! How beautiful. The fact that it was only $10 is pretty amazing too.

Beautifully done....this was one of my most favorite knits as well!

You were up in my neck of the woods :-). I'm glad you enjoyed our autumn display!
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