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  Chimney Socks
so now no one can say i never knit socks. (i never do, though)

Chimney Socks 1

Pattern: Generic Toe-Up; Womens S/M; 60 stitches (See details below)
Materials: Sundara Sock Yarn (2 Skeins in "Chimney", 1 Skein Color 012)
Needles: US 1 Aluminum DPN's (unknown brand)

Started: 20 August 2006
Completed: 29 August 2006

Chimney Socks 6

Anatomy: Casted on like this with Solid color, increased to 60 Sts, switched to Hand-dyed yarn, work to heel, switch back to Solid, short-rowed a heel with YO wraps like so (using Solid), stockinetted my way up to a 1x1 ribbed cuff and finished it off with this.

Technically, this is my first real pair of socks - you know, using real sock yarn, tiny needles, and all those little heel/toe tricks i read about everywhere. It was enjoyable, there was something satisfying about knitting such tiny stockenette stitches. I'm happy to add it to the repertoire, but I'm not going crazy for it. I'm still a sweater and hat junkie at heart. I will say, I am a little more interested in reading about sock construction, which is probably a good thing, since there is way too much of it out there on the internet! Ha!

Chimney Socks 2 Chimney Socks 3 Chimney Socks 4 Chimney Socks 5

To tell the truth, my favorite part was shooting the photos... but that comes as no surprise, does it?


I'm a sweater and scarf junkie, but I must say those are some nice socks and that's a lucky recipient.

Nice looking socks and great photo shoot!

It's the wearing of the hand knit socks in cold weather that I am really crazy about. Since I live in Canada, there's a fair bit of woolsock-weather.

I used to have cold feet when I went to bed all winter long. Didn't matter what I wore on my feet. Only wool has sloved this problem. My husband greatly apreciates this.

i too have not succumbed to the lure of the sock, but your gorgeous photos have certainly swayed me...

Cute socks, love the colors and contrasting trim.

Beautiful pictures, beautiful socks.

Wow, you're a knitting machine! Love the scks, those are some lucky feet.

one wd. think you love sock knitting by the gorgeous pics and how wonderful these ones came out. beautiful yarn choices - beautiful pics! Terry

Excellent socks, very excellent photos. Who is the sexy babe? And what is she reading?!

The socks are indeed lovely, great color combination and beautifully executed - but the photo shoot makes the whole thing a definite work of art.

The socks are very pretty. I like the colors you chose. I am in the midst of knitting my very first "official" pair of socks as well. There is something very satifying of seeing all the perfect little stockinette stitching line up. Knitting mine from the toe up with a short row heel as well :-)
Well done.

Beware the bite of the sock bug! =D Those are great, and very interesting link on another short row option, I'll have to try that one, too!

Awesome photo shoot, those pix could be in Vogue magazine =)*) - and she has gorgeous legs, reminds me that I seriously need a tan. hahaha

beautiful socks. I like how all the different elements come from links around the blogosphere.

My take on knitting socks is that they are one of the more reliably successful knit items.. I can find fault with half the sweaters I've knit, but rarely socks. Of course you knit great sweaters on a regular basis, so no need for socks!

What great socks! I just love your photos, you are really talented. Beautiful!

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the combination of colors and how the simplicity of the socks really showcases the beautiful Sundara yarn.
The fit is great too, of course.

Hey - the socks are gorgeous! I just wanted to send a quick "thank you" your way - my husband spotted the Jarrett that you made and for the first time EVER he wants me to knit him something! Though he specified that it should look "exactly" like yours. Dunno if I've got that prowess. :) Anyway, your blog is so fantastic that you inspired me to start one of my own, so thank you for that as well! Happy knitting... your work is gorgeous.

Oh my. The best and most exciting FO to date :-) Well done, they're lovely.

By far, those are the best sock photos I've ever seen. It's just hard to be creative with socks, ya know? The socks rock, too.

Those are awesome. I love the toes/heels/cuffs being a different color.

I love the two color combination. They look fantastic. Maybe more socks are in your future knitting.

u are a fantastic knitter, i love your sweaters. ive been lurking for a bit. the color combo for these socks are definitely pleasing to the eye. just thought i might link u to what grumperina said about faking short row heels and toes to make them look longer: http://www.grumperina.com/knitblog/archives/2006/06/so_i_knit_him_a_1.htm
of course, u can ignore it if uve already read it before =P

I have been lurking for a while and always love your FO's. You have excellent taste. Love the socks.

love em!!

I too almost never knit socks....I started a pair in the Spring, but STILL haven't finished them!

Great socks! Great pictures! Geesh so much beauty on one blog. Love the colors. I am not a sock knitter but these actually make me want a pair. Been meaning to get some Sundara yarn anyway. Hmmmm....maybe socks on the horizon!

What's your secret to knit so regularly and get such perfect finished objects ?!
These socks are great and the new owner is really lucky ;o)

I really love the solid heels and toes - gives them that little bit of "umph" that a one color sock just doesn't have!

The socks look great. Very complimentary colors for the heel/toe and everything else. Love the pics even more though. Looks like you were telling the socks to "love the camera"! :)

Your photos are gorgeous! Do you mind if I ask what equipment you're using? camera? lens?

The socks turned out great as well. I love the contrasting color details. I'm about to cast on for my second pair of socks myself so thank you for all the helpful links! :)

- crystal

Carolyn (SO MUCH YARN SO LITTLE TIME) suggested we visit your blog. Wow! What a cool find!! I'm really enjoying seeing your knits! Fab!!

I've heard a lot about Sundara yarn through the blogiverse, but I think your post really makes me want to get some. She should pay you for the advertisement. Really great job on the socks. I can't believe they're your first pair!

Mmmm, those socks are gorgeous! Love the colors!

... and the photos are divine!

Great simple socks, I hope they're enjoyed thoroughly!

The photos are fantastic - I especially love the top one. That could be a feature page in a book. I'm in serious photographer awe.

(The knitting is really great too - but the photo sells it so well!)

Oh my goodness, I believe you just achieved most talented knit blogger on the entire internet. I can't wait to see what you make next!

Socks look great. Beautiful color combination and the feet look very happy.

As much of a pain as knitting on size 1's can be, the socks feel so much better when you're wearing them than socks knit on fatter needles.

The socks really showcase the yarn and you knit them beautifully! Your pictures showcase the socks. You are an artist.

That is exactly how I feel about socks, love to read about them, even buy sock yarn, but actually knitting them - Not so much. Sock yarn goes into my groups Christmas swap.

I crawled over here from cmeknit yesterday and was blown away by your knitting, photos, blog, and sense of style. I look forward to following your knitting adventures. Opps -- my bad about deleting my previous comment, thought I was editing the thing :-)

Love the chimney socks. And Seamless Hybrid looks so comfortable - gorgeous sweater. I've been looking for something for my brother for Xmas (he's pretty picky) and I think that is just his style. Great job.

Great socks! No need to so crazy, a pair every now and again still qualifies you as a socknitter, no?

Absolutely gorgeous blog! Will visit again - Knitting is dreamy

Your pictures (nevermind the knitting) are truly inspiring. It's something I've really been working on with my blog. I just discovered my f-stop, and have been using my macro for "Yarn Pr0n Fridays" for several months now. I love your style.

I like the yarn/color combo of these socks. And, yes, great photos! How do you get that sharp black line around your photos? It makes them stand out nicely in your posts.

Beautiful socks!! Thank you for sharing of your tips.Great photos, as always!!

You've got a great eye - love your knitting and the photos. Great inspiration in your site.
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