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  Staying Afloat?
In a desperate attempt for sanity I started a scarf. Maybe... 3 inches has been produced? Will I touch it for another month? We can hope, but probably not. It's a loosely plied yak/merino blend from School Products that I've been itching to use since I splurged on it last winter. If you've never knit with yak, I say treat yourself to a small project. You'll be glad you did.

A Honeycomb Begins

I've been shooting a lot of photos lately which has been nice. Winter light is hard to beat in my book (ironically, the photos below are unnaturally lit...sorry. I'm not on top of my game). And because I know you here are the only ones who will dig it, I took some pictures of my roommate's (machine-knit *hissss*) sweater because ... well, you see why. It's a real looker!

Lui's Gap Sweater 2 Lui's Gap Sweater 1
click for a better view

I'm flying to Washington in the middle of the night tonight and will be blissfully on holiday for the next 9 days. I couldn't be happier. I'm sure to keep my seatmates warm with a huge blanket-like pile of red wool on the plane. I hope they don't mind. As far as additional knitting, I have yet to do my strategic packing. There's nothing worse than touching down on the opposite coast and realizing you forgot that trusty darning needle or your US 6 dpn's (the ones you need to finish your sweater).

I'll be brandishing a laptop and a nikon and knitting (all my favorite toys). I hope to post from Brooklyn Tweed Headquarters Washington, but for now let me say happy holidays and thanks again for all or your continued support. I really enjoy doing this here with you all. Wooly holidays for everyone!


That is a gorgeous sweater. I'm assuming it's commercial? I like the garter band detail.

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy your trip AND your new laptop! When did you get it?

Have a great vacation and enjoy the holidays!

Pretty sweater. I LOVE the yak yarn. (I just even love the IDEA of yak yarn. I wish mooses had soft, pliable fiber and liked to be combed...)

The scarf looks luscious. The pattern looks simple yet interesting. Have a great holiday and may all your stitches be even...

Lovely scarf, and of course beautiful photos, per the usual. Happy holidays and happy knitting.

enjoy your holiday! lovely stitch pattern on that scarf...

Discovered your blog from someone else's blog somewhere and I'm already looking forward to hanging out here in '07.

Happy holidays to you and yours! You're an inspiration.

Pack your rain gear. And your snow gear. And your wind gear. Oh hell, bring your entire wardrobe and be prepared for anything. This is the craziest winter in the PNW I've ever seen. Or that my grandparents have ever seen.

That yarn, the yak/merino is gorgeous. Are you using a pattern for the scarf, or ?

Well, nothing wrong with occasional machine knitting, I say.
And I do understand about the winter light issue...we have the luxury of less than six hours of daylight here in southern Finland atm. Try taking some knitting photos then, eh?

god, what a gorgeous color and pattern that scarf is. as always, looks like it's going to be a great one.

have a great holiday and happy knitting!!

happy holidays to you too!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy all that extra knitting time. Scarf looks nice too, and so does your friend's sweater even it was knit by a machine.

Happy Holidays! Keep up the beautiful work. I think I'll take your advice on the yak!

I am having Brooklyn Tweed withdrawal but I truly understand. Thanks for posting something to keep me over the next couple of days. As always beautiful work. Why can I end up sitting next to you on a plane?? Why, I'd LUV that! :0) Enjoy your time away!

great scarf pattern! post for us some left coast fotos while you are there.....

Thank YOU for this great and beautiful blog. And of course your beautiful knitting and photos.
Merry Christmas to you and a Great New Year!!! Thanks and sorry about my bad English!!! :o)))

Wthanks for the best blog. How have I missed Berta's merino /Yak combo. I thought I owned everything she has already. Drat! guess I NEED to get there soon.....happy a wonderful time in Washington....and a happy New Year and keep on knitting. You are the best! cg

Happy holidays to you and yours!

And wishes for lots o' knittin' fun in 2007, of course.

Merry, merry.

Have a great trip, a great time and lots of Happy Holidaying & knitting! We enjoy you doing this here too! Thanks for all the inspiration and great reading!

Have a great time and happy holidays to you too.

The scarf looks beautiful.

Hope _you_ have wonderful holidays, and enjoy the laptop! I'm a Mac gal through and through, and can't say enough about my own iBook. Thanks for a fabulous year's worth of work, up to and including the beautiful scarf...I have some eggplant colored yak in my stash, and you've inspired me to use it. But first, must finish holiday gifts...

I love reading your blog - Have a wonderful Christmas time!

Yak yarn, mmmmmm. Happy Christmas, and I look forward to admiring your work again in 2007 - or perhaps for 'admiring' you should read 'drooling over'.

Have a great Holiday!! No real knitting though until 8 th of January when the deadline is for my school paper!

joyous holidays on our west coast out here - hopefully we will not have any more storms during your visit.
the yak-merino scarf is a stunner.

fabulous! i've never heard of yak, i would have assumed it would be course and unruly - looks the complete opposite actually. is that your own patter?

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you too! Have a great trip. I can't wait to see your new creations in '07. :)

Yak eh?..hmm...how very Tibetan.
And somehow I'm having a hard time imagining it to be soft.
But anyway, thanks for the Nikon tip (shopping around for new camera) & have a relaxing holiday.

I am loving the look of that scarf. I hope you can share the source of the pattern with your readership....

What an amazing sweater - and your photography is simply stunning too!
Have a great vacation - and Happy Holidays!

Dear Mr. Brooklyntweed,

have a gorgeous time at the brooklyntweed headquarters, enjoy your family and your numerous projects, and come back healthy and well!


I know what you mean about scarves. I think I have about 5 unfinished scarves in all corners of my apartment. They just get boring after a day and a half.

Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you're having a good vacation. :)

your pictures are stunning...

The scarf being knit with yak looks simply superb. Love the pattern, is it one you created and if so can you share or if it is one you got, can you tell where?
Happy Holidays. Happy Travel
Congrats being named one of 3 favorite blogs in Knitscene Magazine current issue....

Best wishes for New Year ! Your blog is very beautiful, and I enjoyed looking this photographics. Best wishes !

Hey, did we lose you, man? Are you among the living? Don't forget to throw those of us who view this blog for eye-nourishment some scraps from the table. Miss you. Come back, young man, come back...
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