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Being on vacation allowed me to catch up on many things - one of which was photographing some of the projects that were able to sneak through the knitting gauntlet last year without ever being reported. Today's hat, for example was knit in December and given as a Christmas gift, but never caught on camera. Until now. (No one is safe!)

Thorpe (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur [Free PDF] (*Ravel it)
Materials: Beaverslide McTaggart Tweed "Mountain Mahogany" & "Autumn Dogwood"
Amount: Less than one skein and a few yards of CC for half-double-crochet trim
Needles: US 9/5.5mm KP Options

Started and Finished: December 2007

Thorpe (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I guess technically this could be called a companion piece to the Adult Tomten, as it was made with yarn leftovers, incorporates a healthy dose of garter stitch, uses virtually the same trim idea, and incorporates a straight-forward cleverness that I like a lot in patterns. One of many really solid patterns in Kirsten's online oeuvre over at Through the Loops.

Thorpe (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Thorpe is worked from the top down, starting with a circular cast-on and increasing regularly until the hat is the right size (the pattern offers three different sizes to choose from). Working hats from the top down, like working garments from the top down, has a lot of advantages built in, like being able to try-on as you go and tweak widths and lengths to be perfectly customized to the individual head size you're hoping to cover.

The other thing I love about the top-down option is that it makes subbing different gauges very easy and organic. For example, I knit a dk-version last winter out of handspun, working the pattern as written but continuing increases until the size was right. I only slightly tweaked the placement of the earflaps to correspond to the new gauge - but that's a simple adjustment.

The pattern is versatile too - male and female friends all want to wear it! I better get on making a couple more (did I mention the pattern also includes a colorwork version??)

<span class=

As far as the yarn is concerned, I'm sure I've waxed poetic enough about this stuff in post upon post in the past. This particular version of the McTaggart Tweeds (the 2-ply yarns) are being phased out, unfortunately, but not to worry! A new, gorgeous version is being ushered in - the gauge is the same, and yes, those amazing color choices that make Leanne's yarn stand far above the rest are all still there (see the photo in my previous post).

Thorpe (by b r o o k l y n t w e ed)

And speaking of hats - there are more coming. I have a few new hat patterns that are just about ready to be released here, so stay tuned. More wool. More cables. More knitting fun. See you soon!

Thorpe (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)


very nice!
I love that pattern.

Very nice pattern.

That is a really cool hat.. I love the pattern :-)

So cute! I love how similar it is to the Tomten jacket. Seeing this just makes me want cold weather to get here even faster.

Can't wait to see more knitting!

Cerebelle aka Tricoteuse on Ravelry

It is ironic that you choose today to post your Thorpe. As I write this I sit at the local DMV with my second Turn A Square in my lap. I am waiting for my son to take his drivers test. I must finish this hat today as it is a gift for the new driver for his birthday. (As an aside, he loved his first Turn A Square, which traveled with him to Iceland. Sadly it met an unfortunate end when it got mixed into his washload of whites.)

Thank you for such kind words about my pattern.

Nice hat! Great pictures!

great hat, and wonderfull picture, it can be a great christmas project

Hats off to you!

Ahhhh....one more for the Ravelry queue.

The hat is all that!!! love your pictures.Hugs Darcy

is that fourth photo from the top taken on a Seattle ferry? we've just moved here from Australia and have taken the ferry across to bainbridge island (i think it was) just for the fun of the journey.

great hat.

I love it ! J'aime beaucoup !


Isn't great that working top down also uses less yarn...

Congratulations on the cover of Vogue Knitting. I walked into the store and there were your mittens!

Can't wait for more Jared hats. Koolhaas is everywhere these days - check out the finish line for the hat dash on Ravelry. And at the MN State Fair - there it was again!

Thorpe is extra

My Dad's name is Thorp (no E).

This is a really nice pattern, and I just love the tweediness.

great hat, and nice job on the photography too..!

That is a very nice hat!I love the yarn you used.

This is such a fun hat to get back in the swing of fall knitting. Thanks I may give it a try.

It is a nice pattern and so versatile with being great for males or females to wear. It is so nice when you knit something and you get to see it being worn.

Re Vogue, um, I don't want to say I told you so, but. Really wonderful pattern. Congratulations! (I always knew anyway :) I'm really liking the Vittadini collection. See you on the fashion runway Jared!
Not so newbie

Another hat pattern would be perfect timing!I've been working on a Koolhaas as calm down breaks while I learn a new architecture program. I'm just starting the decreases(saved as a special treat for post hand in)and the requests/pleads for hats from friends started yesterday after someone found out that the hat wasn't for me. A new pattern would be perfect. I'd been thinking of using the harmony wool as it's my locally made yarn of choice and then I saw your post and was convinced. I've tried dyeing it and it works really well.

I been wondering though if you become rather negligent about moving the stitch marker in the koolhaas pattern marking the beginning of the round do you create a subtle mistake in the knitting? or as long as you just read the row below do you stay on pattern?

Very awesome hat! I love seeing what you're creating and working on, thank you for sharing with us via your blog. Jared, could you define subversive knitting for me and maybe other bloggers? A friend of mine was traveling out west and saw an exhibit sign advertising "subversive knitting" and thought I'd be interested, but I don't know what it is and I'm unable to find a definition on the internet. I thought being in the art community maybe you could help me understand! Thanks.

Thanks for posting this pattern. It turns out to be just what my 15 yo son as looking for. I found some lovely, thick, squishy blue yarn and whipped this up in 2 days, much to his delight. He's not easy to knit for so this was very gratifying. Thank you.
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