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  'Turn A Square' Pattern Now Available
Back in February, my brother's Christmas hat (scroll down) generated a lot of pattern requests and I've finally gotten around to putting a pattern together (thank you, vacation time!)

The pattern is available as a free PDF download - either in my Ravelry store, if you prefer to keep it in your Ravelry library, or just click the button below to download directly to your computer.

Turn a Square (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The pattern is perfect for using up leftover yarn and works with any worsted weight scraps you may have lying around. The hat uses one solid and one self striping yarn. The raglan decrease scheme on the crown turns your circles into squares and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise very ordinary beanie.

Aside from being a quick and easy gift idea, the pattern includes a simple how-to on working jogless stripes in my preferred method, and is a great, low-risk opportunity for becoming comfortable with this technique (it's wonderful and super easy to learn).

Ryan's Hat (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

The hat requires approximately 40g of a solid and 25g of a self-striping yarn. Wool is recommended, as always.
My version was worked in Cascade 220 as the MC and Noro Silk Garden as the CC. I've had the hat test knit and these amounts seem to be pretty consistent throughout, so you can weigh your scraps to see if you've got enough to squeeze out a knitted gift in a pinch.

Turn a Square - Yarn Carries (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I think the pattern would look great with a handspun yarn subbed for the Noro, as well. Yarn amounts are given for manufactured yarns only, however, so keep that in mind if you're planning on using your handspun.

Turn A Square Preview (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Download Pattern Button (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Happy knitting and enjoy!

Thanks Jared.

Thank you for the pattern. As usual, your work is so good, and a practical way to use up the leftover goodies. Georgia knitter

You are so generous! It will be perfect to try when the weather cools a bit. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much for the pattern. I've got some leftovers that are perfect for it and I've beeen puzzling over jogless stripes for a while.

Oooo thank you so much! This is a fantastic pattern for all those leftovers, and totally something I can finally make for my brother. :)

I can't thank you enough! I am new to knitting and have been having trouble finding patterns that I can manage that are also pleasing to my aesthetic. I can't wait to give this a try!

Thank you Jared :-)

Thank you so very much!

Thank you! I actually already knit one for a child... it was the perfect 3 hour birthday present!

I did size it down a bit, 80 sts to CO, 88 sts after the ribbing. Worked out beautifully. Thanks!

Thank you. I'm glad your vacation was productive; I hope it was fun, too!

I have a lone ball of Noro that now has a purpose in life...

Thank you, it's very generous of you to donate the pattern. (Plus it's your fault that I have extra Noro Silk Garden, due to my striped scarf infatutations)

Merci de le partager avec nous ! Thanks for sharing with us !

thanks, the PDF's design is quite interesting to, i like the way you presented your pattern, you're the best as always ;)), bon tricot

Thank you Jared for sharing this pattern. I love it and can't wait to try using up my left over Silk garden. Love you blog too

Thanks for sharing the pattern! This is going to be a fun knit and challenging too. :)

That looks great! Thanks for the download!

Thanks, Jared. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Thankyou so much - file duly downloaded. I've my first proper skein of handspun waiting for a project, to mix with something plain from the stash. Jogless stripes info really appreciated too.

Thank you (again!) for your pattern download. I love your knitting and the pictures you present. I aspire to take photographs that are as quality as yours.

Merci beaucoup...mucho gracias...grazie!...danke...and so much more.

Thanks Jared, it's lovely and going into my Ravelry queue!

Thanks for the pattern, it's a great project for all of my left overs!

How generous! Thanks so much for a great, simple pattern, with just enough going on to make it interesting. I am a great admirer of your knitting and photography. You do a fabulous job!
(I taught two grandsons to knit this past weekend and am pointing them to you for inspiration.)

What a wonderful discovery your blog is for me today !
I love knitting for my man, and men's patterns don't come as often as women's, and it's not so easy (for me) to invent than for women, so thanks !
You say you're a designer, right ?
Does it mean that your daily job is to create new knitting patterns ? How lucky you are...

Thanks for the pattern, Jared! I know just the head for this hat! :o)

Thanks Jared!! Hope this fits over my sons big hair!!

Thanks for the nice pattern! I shall try my handspun on this one.

Thanks for sharing! This would make a great partner for the Noro striped scarf (which I have made 2 of so far!).

Thanks so much! Last year I made about 4 of the Koolhaas hats. I can't wait to make a few of these now!

Another thanks for sharing your pattern(s) so generously. I love seeing your finished work and the attention to detail is inspiring. Thank you also for showing the inside of the work on this and on your RLS--I hope I can knit as skillfully one day. The outside of my work looks fine, but the inside is NEVER as nice as yours.

Thanks for that great gift..
Nice beanie.. and great for left over and we can even wear it outside out !!!

Thanks so much! I love this hat.

Jared...your the best. Thanks for the great pattern.

Super! Thanks, will make a great x-mas gift for the young boys in my family!

Let me add my thanks to the multitude for the lovely pattern. And the information about a new jogless jog method!

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. And congratulations on your Vogue cover!

Yay for gorgeous free pattern!

Thank you for the freebie.

I'll knit one of these up for my son.

Me, too, me too! Thanks a zillion. I have three sons, a husband, and grandsons who'll actually WEAR your designs. And quick & easy is frosting on the cake for such a classic design.

You rock, Jared!

Thanks so much for the awesome free pattern!
My brother in law gets a hat from me every Christmas, I think this is this year's. Come to think of it, last year's was Koolhaas:)

I've been eyeing that hat! I think I know what my husband is getting for Christmas!! Unless I decide to keep it myself :)


Thank You :)

My Vogue just arrived today and I was very excited to see your pattern for the mittens. I must say, tho', that I think your own photos do them much more justice. But how exciting to be on the cover! I will definitely knit them (and I'm not usually a mitten person). THe hat too!

Thank you very much for yet another project full of beauty, inspiration and technical skill.

thank you for the awesome pattern....love the design layout of the instructions too. = )

Thank you! This will be great for stash scraps and little bits of handspun, as you say. But it's just way cool, too!

Thanks, Jared!
Lovely cabling on the mittens!
Margie in Maryland

Thank you Jared! Always look forward to see whats next on your


Thanks for the pattern! I love the squares-on-a-circle idea.

Thank you very much. This goes in my queue.

Hey check it out, you made it to whip up.

thanks so much my boys will love this for Christmas!!! hugs Linda

I really love your designs. Thanks for the hat pattern. I think my husband will appreciate it.

Thanks Jared. You are very generous and soooo talented!

Have a wonderful day!


Thank you Jared. Love your blog, have great faith in your patterns, they make great gifts. "Chapeau bas", as they say here in Paris. Ruth xxx

Thank you

Thank you. Can't wait to make this one.

How kind of you to offer the pattern. Thank you so much!

Fabulous hat -- thank you for the gift of the pattern.

Great hat - thank you very much for the pattern.

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I immediately went on Webs and ordered a skein of noro--I have been hunting for an excuse to try noro for the first time. I love the way you let the yarn do all the showing off in this pattern, and I can't wait to get my order and cast on.

So generous. Hope I can do it justice

Thank you for sharing. It's always a relief to find a pattern that you can make with the inevitable leftovers from other projects.

Your blog is really wonderful !
Thank you very much to share with us this model.

Thank you, Jared. I am always looking for a great hat pattern for my son who has to be able to put the hat on with one hand. This looks like a good one to try.

Heyk, Thanks!
I'm beginning to think about Christmas knitting and this little gem should come in handy...

c'est magnifique ! style, élégance, technique et gentillesse réunies ! merci ! ;-)

You're the best! Thanks!

Thanks so much for the pattern. I'm always looking for fantastic guy patterns for the men in my life and this one totally fits the bill!

Thank you and greetings from Spain.

Jared, Thank you for the pattern and as always your nice pictures,Feikje

The hat is fantastic, thank you for the pattern! I'm sure my hubby will love it.

This is a great pattern! Thanks for sharing it =]

Thank you! Lots of nice things in your blog.

You're amazing and generous. I loved this cap when I first saw it. I'm glad others bugged you for it.
Beautiful layout, thank you!

I have 4 men in my life, no 5, that will be receiving these for Christmas! Thanks so much for such a great pattern, and sharing all your knowledge.

I hope you don't mind I posted in my blog about this hat..It's ever so cute!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks download.Petry,petry!

I tried so hard to replicate this pattern last winter without success! I'm so happy that you are sharing it, thank you! The layout and photos for the PDF are spectacular!

Thanks! This was a fast and great knit. It's going to be a hit this winter!

Love it - thank you so much for sharing that.

thanks for the hat recipe, maybe I'll make them for my sons and brothers but I'll definitely make one for me!

How nice of you to share your pattern for free! Thanks so much, Elizabeth

Thank you for sharing that. You are most generous with your time and it's much appreciated.

Thank you so much! What a sweet hat!

Thank you for the pattern. What a beautiful package it comes in! Happy knitting to you, too.

I do love this hat. The thing that's great about it is that it's a perfect present for guys. My guy friends are always asking for beanies, and this is a nice one that's simple but not boring. Good work!

Genius wonderfulness as ALWAYS! You never cease to amaze me, knit on, man!

Thank you so much for sharing. It's brillant.

thank you so much for the pattern. I know what I'll be using my Lizard ridge scraps for :-)

Thanks for the links ! ! !

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Hi Jared
Just found your site courtesy of Classic Elite Newsletter. Thankyou for this free pattern I love your work and will buy some patterns soon for crimbo gifts for my sons.

I love the hat but I'm having problems trying to download the pattern. Is it just the space monkeys conspiring against me? :) I get the message that the file can't be found.

I've now knit three of these hats this week. One for me, one for my husband and one for a friend (delivered today). The third I did from the top down, so the raglan seams look different, but the concept remains the same. A little tweak of the pattern: on the increase row you can increase evenly by: k 6, ) m1, knit 12) to last six stitches, m 1, k 6.

Thanks for the great pattern. It's keeping three heads warm this week.

Olá Jared!
Seu gorro é simplesmente maravilhoso! Gostei muito vou fazer para mim. obrigada

Hello Jared!

I knit this so. cool. hat. for my 13- year old son yesterday and he loves it. Thank you for the great pattern. Your designs and knitted items are fabulous and I enjoy your seeing them (and your photography) on your blog.



I love this hat pattern and created a double-knit version with a lining, based on your great pattern. Thanks for the tutorial on jogless stripes also; this is a pattern I'll use again and again.

Hi Jared,

This Christmas my husband and I each made three of these hats to give as gifts to the men in our lives. I thought I would post a link to my blog so you could see the great pictures we got of the hats before giving them away.
Thanks a bunch for another great pattern! http://manyattaearth.blogspot.com/2009/01/hats-for-boys.html

or my blog: www.manyattaearth.blogspot.com

love ur work, i find you an unique knitting designer.
keep it up,

Thank you for sharing your pattern. I knit for a charity for street kids and they would appreciate your "HIP" beanie.
Charity Knitter

Thank you for this nice looking hat. I would like to make this my first project but I have a big head. Would you or could anyone tell me how to change the formula to fit a size 24" head? Any help is appreciated.


thanks for sharing.

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