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The vest is done and came out great. Final wrap up in next post!


Very lovely!

Wonderful!!very,very good.

looks awesome.

Looks great!

Nice work!

Subtil colors, C'est vraiment superbe ! !.

Beautiful as always!

Beautiful! The handspun really makes it.

Ah yeah, that's the stuff.

I love the random blue/grey stripes in a sea of gold/brown/oatmeal.

Oh, this is gorgeous! I love your colorway and simple presentation.

I want that vest. I love your style.

YUM. Can't wait to see the wrap-up.

my god, that is gorgeous!


Cool vest. Looking forward to hearing about the "shearing".
Thanks, ÅGAIN!

Yummy - I love your colour choice and find your photos absolutely inspiring. I admit to being one of your stalkers and wannabes :) Can't wait to see this vest modelled.

What a gorgeous job - again!

Can't wait to see and hear more about the vest. The colours are very me. Congratulations on another success!

Really Nice! I look forward to the conclusion :-)

Fab. U. Lous. Can't wait for the wrap up.

Everyone here is so nice. But can't we just admit that we are starting to feel a bit bitter? We are human. We can't help it. He learned to spin like a master in a week. Everything he knits is absolutely perfect and beautiful and in good taste, each the kind of masterpiece many of us can only dream of. Come on, just give us one screwed-up misshapen project. One ill-conceived sweater in hideous novelty yarn. Show us you're human!

Everybody said it all. You are a brave artist with a great future.I scrolled up and down your pictures hundred times to see how you did that. Looks like you gave the tube 3 cuts.I am looking forward for the details.

I have to admit that every time I see scissors near knitting it gives me the heebie jeebies but the end result is always so beautiful. I can't wait to see the vest on.
I'm trying to get my bf to love vests so I can knit one for him but I don't think he's going to go for it.

So gorgeous. Seriously? Your posts last week put me into a frenzy trying to find someone to teach me to spin. Your stuff is so beautiful, I wish I lived in NYC so I could bug you to teach me!


GREAT vest! I would love to read all the details on you did it. Really, you have the best taste in choosing yarn and projects and patterns. Bravo.

Amazing and gorgeous... I can't wait to see it modeled!

looks perfect! do you need my mailing address to ship it to me? :) I love love love it...

Please, let's see it on! Cutting into knitting suddenly doesn't look quite so evil! I am inspired to take the leap. Can this be done with hand stitching or does it require a sewing machine?

thanks for the post

It's perfect! Not really my colors though. Could you knit one in green?
A great example of combining commercial and handspun yarn.

Oh. Wow. Gorgeous!

Wow. It is gorgeous and you are speedy! I can't imagine managing to finish something quite so fast!

Very nice! DH has been asking for another, so I'll have to try:) Can't wait for the details.



It's a perfect work!

Wow, I'm impressed. Now I want to try something that needs cutting.

Gawd! Your knitting is GEORGEOUS. I LOVE Hemlock Ring blanket, which I just saw at Fiber Focus - which is how I came to visit your blog.

Sweet! Thought I recognized Low Country. Wasn't it a dream to spin? This is like the big boy version of the 4 yr old b-day sweater for Z :-)

what was it that spawned knitting of vests? I'm in finish mode of one myself and for the life of me don't know why. I don't wear them in general. I kick myself for not crochet-steeking as I am dealing with messy endness. Next time! Great fit. Love the colors.

That is a super vest. I have been wanting to ask about the recycled yarn. How was that when you began the unraveling process, and how did you manage to get the kinks out? I had never thought of unraveling a sweater - and I have some wool ones I'll never wear, so you have definetly spurned my curiosity.

A big shout out from yet another stalker wannabe :) I aspire to your talent and am always so impressed by your use of just the perfect color and texture combinations! The photographs of your work are terrific, makes me want to reach into the screen and touch the fibers....love it. Keep on keepin' on!!
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