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For some reason I can't resist tacking an exclamation mark onto this pattern's name, no matter how hard I try. I finished this hat a little while ago but didn't have a chance to take pictures until this weekend. This is an awesome, quick knit that comes with a strong BT recommendation.


Pattern: Zeebee(!) by Schmeebot
Size: 22" for my large 24.25" head
Materials: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in 'Wild Plum' (#410) held double
Amount: Exactly 100g (1 ball)
Needles: US 11 bamboo circulars

Started: 14 May 2007
Finished: 19 May 2007


The pattern is interactive - other than suggesting worsted to bulky weight yarn, you plug in your own gauge numbers and target measurements (including hat length, thank you!) and the pattern generates itself. Props go to the designer for also including top-notch diagrams. I love these little things.

The hat is worked side-to-side in four main panels using short rows. The best part? You aren't required to knit the wraps like you do on a sock heel - which was such a nice little bonus. Especially since I knit 80% of this hat in the dark (I was photographing a production last week and smuggled my knitting into the job.)

The following photo gives you a nice view of the shaping at the top where all the short rows come together.

Zeebee Crown

There's a funny story behind this hat. About a year and a half ago I found a garter stitch baby hat in a book by Melanie Falick (it's pictured on the cover). The hat was shaped with short rows and had a very interesting construction. I kept the pattern around for months with good intentions on translating it for an adult head. When I randomly stumbled across the Zeebee(!) pattern, I read that its inception occurred in much the same way. Someone else had done the work, wouldn't I would be daft not to drop everything and knit this immediately?

Purple Garter

It goes without saying that I love this yarn and even more this color. I'm happy I can wear it around on my head now in all its discontinued glory.

A few final notes of interest: because the hat is worked sideways it is super stretchy vertically but not so much horizontally, quite the opposite of the traditional hat pattern. I would recommend leaving just a tad more ease than you would normally with a traditional hat pattern. The language in the pattern can be a bit tricky, but the overall design becomes pretty intuitive pretty quickly, so I think it's fine.

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I started a new sweater.


Beautiful hat and cool pattern.

Well, I do have a Mac and no access to a PC, and as Zeebee said, Macs can't generate the pattern. So if you could post the numbers you got I would really really appreciate it.


Wow! That yarn knits up beautifully in that pattern. Congratulations on another beautiful knit.

Looks like a great hat pattern. Thanks for the recommendation. I have some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in color Frolic (kind of a raspberry yogurt color) that might work held double.
Love your blog....

So has your head been discontinued or is it the yarn colour? Ha ha. Nice hat- intersting approach.

Beautiful !Can't wait to see your new sweater!

that pattern looks like fun. I love different construction techniques. i can't wait to start my own!

Love that colour and the hat seems as a fun and smart knit!

Thanks so much for this -
I will definitely give this a go !


Love the hat! That looks like a great pattern for some christmas knitting....

It's lovely. I made a Tychus from Knitty last winter that looks like it's similarly constructed, though mine turned out HUGE.

i totally dig this hat. thanks for the link!

btw, katie k: i use a mac and i didn't have any issues seeing the generated numbers. try using a different browser if you run into problems.

Me like! That's a pretty swanky chapeau, BT. Thanks for the pattern link.

I love its simplicity. It's all about the yarn and the texture. Your version is very nice!

Hope you had a nice weekend too :)

very cool! excellent hat and thanks for the insight on the pattern too. I was wondering what you were getting done on you Monday Knit-fest!

Oh, I made a zeebee this weekend, too! I'm on a big garter stitch kick right now and considering making another... I love how the numbers are generated for you. I have a huge head and I don't think I've ever been able to make a hat that fits me so well.

Very pretty (er, manly - you know what I mean). It's actually cold enough here today to wear a hat. Scary huh. I'm jealous that you've started yet another new sweater when I can't even manage to finish the one I've been working on forever.

Love the hat - beautiful work and nice colour.

Mmmmm, so very lovely, it looks like it would be a fun one to knit for Dulaan.

Love the hat, love the yarn. You got me with the last sentence. Sweater? What sweater? To be continued? Doh.

I swear that when I read you'd started a new sweater I started to salivate. Just a little.

Love the look of the texture in the hat. Sounds like the structure is pretty nifty!

I love the way it creates a totally smooth decrease top--I hate puckering. And wow, another sweater. Can't wait to see what it is.

oh you had a nice knitting monday i can tell from it. i am looking forward to see the outcome of it. the hat is nice. i have a whole bag of this yarn. started an aran and the stitch definition is lovely but the colour is a bit too much for cable work perhaps?

Lovely hat - so nice to see such an attractive, simple hat, with so much attention to shaping! And your yarn choice is great!

I have been reading your blog for a while, but have never commented. I love your hat(actually all your work). Thanks for the link for the hat. I know I'll be knitting it in the future.

And I thought I had a big head...
The hat is beautiful, I especially love the color.
I like how you snuck in that bit about the sweater at the end - like we wouldn't notice. I can't wait to see the work in progress.

That baby knitting book is the first one I ever bought, and it's hands down the best one I've ever seen. (With apologies to Debbie Bliss...) I made the baby garter stitch cloche (which is what it's called in the Falick book, I think) for a friend's little one and it turned out beautifully. I never thought of trying an adult one!

Zeebee has to be the funnest thing to say *ever*. A name worthy of that fabulous hat. Thanks for sharing more tweedy goodness with us!

What a simple yet clever construction! If it was winter (actually, the last couple of days I was indeed wearing a winter coat!) I might be knitting one, too.

I love your Zeebee! (whee!) and the yarn you used shows off the unique construction perfectly. Thanks for providing the source - it's perfect for my brother.

i'm sure, the yarnindustry is paying you to take such amazing yarn picture... any of your yarn foto is mouth watering, delious, unresistable.... i love woolcotton a lot, and your pictures are even make me to love the yarn more...

OOO, thanks for the link! My middle monster loves hats and this looks like a keeper!

Thanks for the pattern link -- your knitting and photography are stunning, as usual! Zeebee would make a good chemo hat, too, I suspect -- simple, unusual, and seamless! -- I'll add it to my list.

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