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  Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan

Well it has indeed been an eventful month on my needles. I must say that this has positively been the most exclusive I think I've ever been with my knitting. In retrospect I think that is probably the result of a rare combination of things: just the right balance of freedom and interest from the pattern, an available amount of time for some serious knitting (a luxury!) and a heavy love for the wool involved. Either way, here she is, already for you...

Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan 1

Pattern: Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan by Elizabeth Zimmermann/Meg Swansen
Source: Wool Gathering #63 (School House Press)
Materials: Classic Elite Skye Tweed in Spruce Green/1215.
Amount: Twelve and a half 50gm balls. Approximately 550 gms/1300 yards worsted weight
Needles: US8 Circular 32" Addi Turbos. US 7 for sleeve cuffs and garter band at base of sweater

Start Date: 10 March 2007
Finish Date: 9 April 2007

Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan 5

Modifications: When it comes to knitting with Elizabeth Zimmermann, I guess everything is a modification in some sense. Although I guess the word 'modification' implies the presences of a fixed starting point, which we don't have here in Wool Gathering. What we do have, though i a few pages of solid good sense and enough structural advice to get your creative juices flowing.

At the base of this pattern is, of course, EZ's seamless recipe for a saddle shoulder pullover. I've worked many a Zimmermann seamless, but this is the first time I've conquered an official Saddle-Shoulder in its pure form. The fit alone has made me a believer - its a perfect match for those square-shouldered lanky types... ahem.

Of course, it's more than your simple seamless saddle, with a spattering of many a beautiful cable panel and the excitement of that steek - all things that intrigued me to the very end.

Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan 3

I primarily stuck with the cable advice suggested in the pattern - the Sheepsfold Cables (the ribbon-like traveling stitch panel) and the Fishbone Cables are such classic EZ features that I couldn't resist. Not to mention all the garter. Garter glutton here, and proud to admit it. As for the back panel, it's a slight modification that I ripped off from the magnificent Na Craga pattern by Alice Starmore (the combination of these two knitting gurus was enough to make me all aflutter in the designing stages, it's true). It's a basic horseshoe cable ascending up the center with smaller horseshoe cables mirrored on either side and facing the opposite vertical direction. I really love how it turned out (see below). The underarm panels are a combination of the fishbone and the smaller horseshoe. All these panels together with a bunch of twisted stitch (ktbl) dividers strewn about came together in a great way.

Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan 2

A word on the construction sequence: I did your standard formula of body first, two sleeves, unite at underarms and shape yoke until bind off at collar. The Saddle Shoulder formula leaves a rather square-ish neck, I played this down a bit by shaping the back neck with shortrows. This was totally a freeform operation but did serve well to raise the back neck an inch or so, which was exactly what I needed. After I had the major part of knitting out of the way, I wet blocked the whole thing then cut it into its cardigan form (and rambled non-stop about it. Just check my March archives). After all this I went back and picked up stitches along the base of the sweater with a smaller needle (US7) and worked a 2 inch garter stitch band. Rather than start with this way back at the beginning of the sweater, I liked the idea of picking up stitches after blocking (also I was slightly worried about running out of yarn. The garter stitch base was an option I kept open for that reason). Finally, I worked the button band and collar altogether in garter stitch, mitering the corners at the neck. I wet blocked again just for posterity before sewing the buttons on. To answer some of your questions about the facings - I do plan on sewing them down, solely for the sake of a thorough finish, although I haven't done so yet. The photos you see here feature unsewn facings (not pictured, as they're on the inside of the piece).

Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan 4

I really dig doing the buttonband this way. I like changing things up a little with a vertical garter stitch band, and its integration with the collar I think also is a unique quality. Working the buttonband vertically also makes it possible to place the buttonholes exactly where they should go, evenly spaced and all, since you know exactly how many total stitches there are from the very first row. Speaking of buttonholes, have you ever tried EZ's one-row buttonhole (explained in KA and KwoT, and I'm sure others)? This is my first time using this method and I'm completely sold. It's brilliant! (Are you surprised, though? really?)

Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan 6

In closing, I felt I should mention that the completion of this sweater has been met with such a mixed bag of feelings for me. Accomplishment and satisfaction surely are first and foremost... but to be honest I sort of feel like someone died. This is the unfortunate curse that plagues the process knitters of the world I guess - but I am acutely aware of the absence of this sweater in my day-to-day routine now. At this point, on such an involved project I would usually be shouting to the hills in excitement for the freedom to move on. There's some sort of postpartum wool withdrawal happening. I guess when you're really in the zone with Elizabeth and Meg, this is par for the course.

Shout Out to Liz

I guess all I can do is go back to the source... give me some more of the good stuff, Liz!


And the Oscar goes to........My gosh it is absolutely beautiful...your knitting never ceases to amaze me.

that cardigan is a dream. i cannot believe how well it fits you. you look great! brava!h

WOW. You should email a link to Schoolhouse Press. Your photos and your knitting really sell the sweater!!! Well done!! I think this sweater is the coolest thing you've done yet and I'm already a fan. :-) Good luck with the postpartum wool withdrawal. Maybe some silk or soft cotton would help you transition - you know, take your mind off of Skye Tweed? My friend, you definitely need a rebound yarn...

Holy Moley that is Gorgeous!!!!! I want one! It turned out Fantastic.

I have been reading your blog for some time now...lurking as is said. I HAVE to comment on this. The Fit! The Color! The Buttons! The gorgeous stitches!! BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO BRAVISIMO! OOHZA!

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Brilliant job on making such a handsome heirloom!

oh my goodness jared this is so incredibly handsome. i love everything about this sweater. i'm sure the memory of making this project will be with you for a very long time!

great work!

It's perfect! Just the right amount of garteryness and it fits you like a dream. I'm amazed that you finished it in (just) less than a month. Yay for you!

simply a work of art. absolutely stunning. the photos, the prose. all of it is an inspiration and makes me feel really humble about my own passion and talent with knitting.

You're a genius. The sweater is so gorgeous, I'm laughing over the "garter glutton" phrase, and am so struck by the excellent fit that I can only stare at the pictures. I'll come back later to read all about the modifications!

Oh yeah, I'm jealous. Don't suppose you'd be willing to trade recently finished saddle-shouldered sweater?

Would it be totally inappropriate to ask your sweater to be my boyfriend?

Even though I am happily married with 3 children, will you marry me?

It's finished and it looks wonderful! I, too, like the cables on the back of the sweater - very balanced.

Your sweater is brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! You are a master knitter. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Wow...that is sublime. A lovely cardigan, beautifully photographed.

Wow, that sweater is amazing.

Beautiful! I can't believe how well it fits you - and that it took you only a month!!!!!

I really have nothing to add to all that everyone else says, but still I have to say "WOW"! I hope to keep knitting and learn enough to do something like this someday!

It is most gorgeous on you! Really, truly, spectacular job. The color is just beautiful.

Fantastic design and fit Jared - your workmanship is exquisite as always. I'm sure there are more than few of us out here in blog land who are also going to miss your updates on your journey with this gorgeous cardigan.

Absolutely beautiful!! What an amazing sweater!!! Congratulations on a job fabulously well done!

That sweater is fantastic, truly. You always knit such fabulousness, but this breaks the bank. Excellent.

Positively stunning. Thank you so much for sharing the process, it has been such a pleasure to watch it come to fruition. I share your feelings about the completion of a project -- for me it's like finishing a good book. I want to start over right away, and savor it a little while longer.

Really beautiful, and it was very nice to watch your process.

If this is how men knit, I wish more of them did it. Three cheers for you!

That is an *amazing* sweater. Seeing your photos and entry has convinced me to get off my arse and finish up that Central Park Hoodie I've been working on for weeks now!

Wow, congratulations, it's amazingly beautiful! Jaw-dropping. And I also wanted to mention how much I love it with the rest of the outfit, the shirt(s) and pants pick up all colors of the tweedy flecks. You rock.

Absolutely stunning! The fit is perfect, the buttons are perfect...the whole thing is perfection in itself. Bravo!

Well done! Love the flat ribbon-like cable I've never seen anything like it before. Congratulations!

I think this may be the most beautiful sweater I've ever seen. As you've been publishing the photos each day, I've felt uplifted as I've seen each one. Congratulations!

That sweater is just fabulous! Really great work!

Wow. Wow wow wow wow, Jared, wow. Seriously beautiful work - be proud.

pretty much the sexiest thing in the history of the universe. congrats, man.

It looks FANTASTIC! so comfy and classic all at once! Thanks for sharing the journey of the creation... I found it very informative

Lovely. I think EZ would be very pleased with your work, too.

The fit is impeccable, and the tweed is outstanding. Another winner, J. Absolutely beautiful. EZ is smiling from above :)

Amazing. Your knitting is flawless. Thanks for sharing!

Wow - what a beautiful sweater! I've enjoyed reading your progress through it.

You rocked all of the processes out and have what may be your perfect sweater. It is sublime and you wear it well Jared!!

A very handsome knit! It gives me inspiration just looking at it.

oh my goodness jared! i'm seriously speechless...this jacket is so so awesome!!

That SIZZLES!! Honestly, a sexy tweed sweater...how did you do that? I mean I love tweed, I do, but that's hot!

Thanks for taking the time to document your process for us. I KNOW it takes time...especially with photos like yours. It's appreciated.

I've been keeping an eye on the construction of the sweater... but... I have not enough English vocabulary to say that I'm absolutely astonished... dumbfounded!

I think the finished product turned out magnificently. I too would have withdrawal from completing such a wonderful knit. You always make them look so good too, and I think it is one of your best knits to date. I cant wait to see what your next design will be too.

This is the perfect color for the perfect sweater! It is a masterpiece. My son is just learning to knit, maybe one day he will knit his mom a sweater.

Absolutely stunning.

Bravo, really, that is a work of art. Knitters know the work, the sheer LOVE that was put into that. You really inspire me!

Excellent work! (I wish we were neighbors...)

I can't believe you completed this, start-to-finish in a month! Props to you, bro!

Wow, love the sweater, and love all the your thoughts on knitting it, too. Very inspiring.

It's magnificent!

Oh Jared... it's too beautiful for words. It's sweater perfection -- congrats.
Y'know... if you're really really lamenting the loss of the process, I'd be happy to let you make one for me!!! (ha!)

Gorgeous! Perfection in knitting! It is stunning! I second that you should send some pictures to Schoolhouse Press, your pictures are amazing!

words cannot describe how beautiful this sweater is. your pictures do it perfect justice. i envy you :)

Having never undertaken something of this magnitude (and really, even if I had), I can only sit here, mouth agape.... It's truly lovely. The yarn, even in pictures, is perfect and the photos are art in and of themselves. Bravo.

What a wonderful sweater. Enjoy this cold weather we're having here in NY while it lasts :)

Gorgeous! Bravo! EZ would be proud!

Wow. I'm obviously not the first to say it, but that sweater looks fantastic on you. Great job.

What a perfect sweater! I've been enjoying seeing you knit it – and now I'm almost sad too to see it finished. But it looks great on you, and I know that the next thing you're gonna knit will be equally gorgeous, so I think I'll survive. :-)

Well, I'll add my kudos to the rest. It's breathtakingly lovely. You shouldn't think of finishing it as a loss, though. Now it can be your comfortably-worn companion as you embark on your next project.

I can only echo everyone else's comments--the sweater is fabulous! Thanks for sharing the process with us, especially the steeking. As for your sadness about finishing, you couldn't feel that loss if the experience hadn't been extraordinary. Enjoy!

Gorgeous sweater, and gorgeous photography. I've really enjoyed reading the process too.

Superb job. Really outstanding!

There is nothing that I can say that hasn't already been said. That sweater is inspiring and the photography is beautiful. It makes me wonder how a saddle-shoulder will work on a broad-shouldered non-lanky (read: pudgy) type. And it makes me think that I should investigate.

Wow! the sweater is fabulous, love your work there!

It fits you perfectly, and it looks gorgeous -- wool, cables, button-band, buttons, everything. Thanks for sharing your lovely work! (And yes, I'm totally sold on the one-row buttonholes too. First discovered when I checked "Knitting in the Old Way" out of the local library; never going back.) Terrific job. And best of luck getting over the loss of the project.

Gorgeous sweater with attitude!

Jared, as the consensus of readers have already said, it's truly a beautiful piece of wearable art. Well done to you and on the thoughtful and thought-provoking post wrapping up this project. To be honest, I've not had much experience with EZ projects, but confess I'm feeling the pull now. Hearty congratulations to you!

All I think I can do at this point is...
Round of applause please.

Wow. What a stunner, and the fit looks perfect.

Just jawdropping! All the love you've put into this sweater really shows. Awesome fit and the yarn is just perfect. Way to go! I bow to the master!

Speechless....(do you still need my compliment?)

That is sex on legs! :)

It's beautiful! What a great fit.

Don't worry, you'll be hooked on another sweater in no time.

Wow !! What a beautifull sweater !

That is the perfect cardigan. It looks outstanding on you. 'Nuff said - except congratulations!

It is perfect in every way - the cables, the color and the fit, OMG the fit!
I'm sure EZ is applauding - somewhere!
Congratulations, Jared!

Absolutely perfect.

I have felt that bittersweet emotion when I have finished many projects. The journey is so much of the garment that wearing it, though a great thing to be sure, is a bit of a let down. That is what it is to truly love the process.

I think it's the most perfect sweater I've ever seen.

Absolutely stunning, and a sweater I can aspire to knit one day! Thanks for all of your play-by-play on the knitting of this. It's been fascinating and enlightening to watch this project take shape.

Stunning and elegant. Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures and words. And now I will go out and spend all my money on EZ books ...

That sweater more than lives up to the Zimmerman/Starmore legacy. It's beautiful, timeless, practical, cleverly designed and boldly personalized. The garter finishing is the cherry on the cake.

You always amaze and inspire me with the quality of your photos, your impeccable taste for patterns/yarn/colour selections, and your meticulous knitting! I can't say enough.

Lovely as ever. too bad the Skye Tweed is slowly going away.

Absolutely stunning! A moment in knitting that deserves a giant kudos!

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color and the look of it. Great work and it only took you only a month to do! That's amazing!

Truely fantastic!

Can I come over to Brooklyn and hug you?
Wow, another masterpiece, it's perfect!

Félicitation !!! You are an inspiration for all knitters... :-)

Too beautiful for words! The pictures say it all.

Amazing. The knit itself is gorgeous and perfect in fit and color and seaming - the whole 9. But the photography is amazing. You take some gorgeous shots on your own but either you're blessed to have a friend available that's just as good as you, or else you're a master of the self-timer. Wonderful.

A work of art!

It's perfect! The buttons just make it!

Beautiful. Bravo to you. You need an encore obviously.

I love the little flecks of tweedy goodness sprinkled throughout the crisp cables. I discovered the one row button hole two sweaters ago and also think it's brilliant. Makes for a nice sturdy opening.

congrats on another success.

The sweater is truly a masterpiece, and you make it even sexier. I feel like moving back to NY just to see you knit. :)

It's gorgeous.

I am showing this to Mark in the hopes that he asks for one as I am so not the right shape for this sweater. Damn you rectangular men!

i love how the sleeves and shoulders look.

thank you for such thorough posting about your sweater process, it's really helpful.

Yes.......beautiful! You did an awesome job, and the photos? PERFECT!

Wow, sublime! You are indeed a sweater master.

Absolutely stunning piece of knitting.

As usual, I am in awe of your skill.


as a lurker, i can say that i knew the sweater would be fantastic. however i am absolutely blown away by it. the fit is divine, the wool looks incredible, the pattern...wow. this is fantastic. i just showed it to my boyfriend and am pleased to note that he a) agrees with it's fabulousness and b) realises that it will be many years before i knit anything even close to that wonderful.

Well, you've already had plenty of people give you compliments, but I'll join in. What an absolutely gorgeous sweater! I've really enjoyed reading about the entire process...I think I've wound up marking every one of your posts about this sweater as "keep as new" in my bloglines, because I want to be able to keep coming back to them again and again.

I think you've helped me decide what to do with my birthday money, by the way. More EZ for me!

the sweater and you - pretty much perfect. khsbj

My god that's a piece of art if I have ever seen one. The fit is exquisite, as well. Congratulations!

it's perfection. and you finished that up fast!

bravissimo! what a fantastic knit - you did a gorgeous job. i particularly like those ribbony cables on the sides, front and back - they block out beautifully. will have to use those in something soon! enjoy your very well-deserved stunning sweater while the weather is still cold...not that it looks like it will let up anytime soon. ~gabriella

You make me want to be a better knitter. Beautiful work, as always. I feel like I've been knitting along with you. Congrats!

You deserve this triumph, pisciolì, you are the best. Never doubted it!

Delurking for a moment to say what a beautiful sweater you've made! Great work, and thanks for sharing!

What can I say ... it's fabulous! Congratulations. I love it.

Absolutely stunning - the fit, the texture, the cables, the color. Congrats on such a perfect creation!

I have to tell you, I look forward to your posts and check obsessively for new ones. Your knitting is amazing as are the absolutely beautiful pictures you take. I am in awe of your talent.

This sweater is so dang perfect, I have a raging knit-crush. I'm inspired and in awe. Wonderful job, thanks for keeping us updated every step of the way!

This is one of the most beautiful sweaters I've ever seen. And tremendously flattering.

This has settled it--I'm going to acquire some EZ this summer. I need things that flatter that "square shouldered, lanky type."

Beautiful job, and thanks for the write up. I too like a good garter stitch.

Damn. It's awesome. I fits you so well, and the color, and the cables and and and and...

Good lord, that's a nice sweater. You rocked it, and it looks so stylie on you! I particularly like: the back cable panel, the horseshoe and ribbon cable pair, the tweed-y wool, the color and size of the buttons, the garter stitch hems and button band continuing up around the collar (nice touch). I guess I like everything! =)

That sweater is amazing... I really wish my husband would wear a cardigan so I could have an excuse to try my hand at it... alas, I'm not that talented and he would never wear it. Beautiful work, though.

You have done an absolut perfect cardigan! WOW! Thats all I can say!
Greetings from Austria! Mary

this is immaculate pristine flawless and divine. it is gorgeous. i cannot but think that meg must be an enormously modest person when i think about the picture on the spun out pattern. you must have enjoyed yourself with sleeves coffee and boiling creativity through this process.

congratulations.. knitting maestro.

stunning and such wonderful knitting. i'm going to buy myself a EZ book for sure. thanks!


That is Beautiful!!!!! that's all.


stunning jared!! i love it. i think you have done such a fabulous job.

WOW! Not that we don't expect the best from you, but this is totally awesome. Very well thought out, and I loved watching the process.

gorgeous, just gorgeous!


Stunning... I wanna be you if I grow up (in that knitterly sort of way) ...

That's badass. I love it - love, love, love it. Well done!

It looks flawless. Or like art. Amazing job.


Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Damn, you're good!!!!

As the rest of the great knitting masses have no doubt already said - it is beautiful, Jerrod. And beautifully photographed as well.

How beautiful! As impressed as I am by the completion and actual knitting of this gorgeous sweater, I am almost as impressed by your ability to style it so well, and choose a pattern that suits you so well. Congrats!!

Gasp... I'm still trying to find my breath. You are inspiring.

Well, this thing is so beautiful, I think I'm going to cry. And when I'm done, I am going back and read the whole post. Thank you for showing off your work.

jared, this is absolutely stunning. what a beautiful beautiful piece... so well done and it looks great on you. i am utterly inspired (and i've got a big sweater's worth of that exact yarn in my stash...)
congratulations on an amazing sweater!!

Words Escape me.. wow

Unbuttoned, definitely unbuttoned. Yowza! I liked your Urban Aran cardigan zipped but this one looks great open. (Closed is good too....) :-)

Wow Jared!!!! Your job, your pictures and your technics knowledges inspire me to knit better and more. Thank you Jared for share your knitting with us. Alejandra, from Buenos Aires.

You don't find the cuffs a bit baggy?

Actually I think it's lovely, but I didn't want all the praise to go to your head.

that's totally incredible!! it makes me want to knit and knit and knit, it is so inspiring! Congratulations!!!

Congratulations, the sweater is beautiful. I can tell you for experience that the postpartum can be hard but now you get to show your 'baby' off to the world. Enjoy it.

Wow. You've outdone yourself, this time. It's gorgeous! Perfect in every way.

That is absolutely one of the most beautiful cardigans I've ever seen. Just gorgeous. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time, and I had to comment as I'm in awe at your knitting skills.

So perfect. I wish I could bump into on the subway and say, "Is that THE sweater?!" Just to let you know that on the other coast, there is nothing more beautiful than you and your knitting.

gasp! this is simply stunning jared.

it is not only how gorgeous the new cardigan is...but a combination of the model too. one of my girlfriend's who knits rang me up oneday specifically to tell me that for a male you really know how to wear knitwear well! she only wished her fiance would exhibit the same panache and sense of style.

a masterpiece! I know that end of knitting/creating something special, that you just know is working from the first stitch...well done, you look gorgeous in your new cardigan!


Here's my selfish idea for your next EZ knit: I've always been intrigued by the Open-collared Pullover from Knitter's Almanac (October). If anyone could bring that design up-to-date, it would be you!

Just stunning!

Absolutely beautiful - and finished just in time for our little norester here in NYC. I can't believe you finished that in only a month! Nice job!

Honestly, this is the first time I've been brought so close to tears by a finished piece of knitting. It is truly a work of art in its purest form. If you have not yet entertained the idea of writing a book, start now.

P.S. I so want to be you when I grow up!

Congratulations! Very well done in all aspects! Thanks for sharing it!

I feel a little faint! It's completely stunning. I love what you did with the center back panel--making the middle cable just a bit bigger than the cables that flank it was an inspired touch. If I ever knit Na Craga, I'll borrow that modification from you. :-)

And the fit--wow! You're really good at making a garment fit well. It looks amazing on you.

you and tha sweater ROCK! But of course you already know that ;)

Kodos to you sir. That sweater is awesome! I happened upon your blog through the Zimmermania one. My only wish in my life is to be able to knit like that. I salute you!

that post is better than sunday morning do-nuts and coffee. i love it and am fantasizing about making one...the cables look like pure delights. i have a suggestion...i would love to 'watch' you knit a hand-to-hand aran.

In a word ... exquisite!

Absolutely fabulous! Congrats on yetanother perfectly completed project:)

Oh, WOW. Wow wow wow wow wow. That is simply beautiful. Gorgeous sweater - an absolute gem. Stunning pictures, too. Bravo.

And ditto the suggestion that you should email a link to Schoolhouse Press.

I am shocked!!! This is truly the masterpiece, my hat down to you. Unbelievable good finishing, the best version I have seen so far!

Breathtaking. You and your work leave me in awe.

Totally freakin' amazing. Great photos to show off this gorgeous sweater. Thanks so much for sharing, every step of the way.


Gorgeous, I cannot complement you enough on your workmanship. It is superb.

The buttons are great and I love the neckline!

Oh you've received a thousand compliments already but the cardi is a work of beauty. Thanks for sharing your steeking process as well. It's made the whole process much less daunting. :)

That is just down right gorgeous. Amazing, amazing work!

I have nothing to add that many other people haven't said several dozen times over, but it's just too awesome to not say it: This. Is. Amazing. Absolutely fabulous!

Stunning work -- beautiful color, wonderful execution. Congratulations.

Hot damn!


Inspiring and breath-taking this sweater is (so much so it's somehow gotten me channelling Yoda). Absolutely one of the most beautiful sweaters I've ever seen.

I just started knitting in October and have been tackling techniques as fast as I can. I haven't yet read any EZ or knit any cables (though I have a cabled afghan on the schedule for September). You have definitely inspired me to borrow some EZ from the library at least.

Very striking sweater. I keep wishing my dad wore sweaters because I keep seeing men's sweaters I would love to knit. This would definitely top that list.

what a beauty! it's been great following your progress on this and the final product does not disappoint the slightest. i can see why you're feeling a sense of loss now that it's done, but, as i'm sure you know, there's plenty of fish to be knitted in the sea ;-)

Gurimallajegtrorjegdåner... Nothing like a finished object like that to make all your lurkers come out and comment.
It is a work of art, man!
And as always, the photography is awsome.
(Is that a ponytail we (don't)see?)

It is fabulous, what a great fit for you, well done.

So incredibly beautiful and gorgeous cardi....conglats!

absolutely stunning. the color, the fit, everything...I can totally identify with you on missing knitting on it - I finished my colorwork socks and now really miss the time I used to spend knitting on them - i guess that means the project was a process as well as product knit! a rare combination!

Absolutely perfect. I have a question. I remember once you said that you ironed your knits to block them. Do you actually touch the iron to the fabric, or let it hover over the fabric? your final fabric always looks so perfect and I was just wondering.

You are being referred to as McTweedy in someone elses comments - and I have to agree! The sweater is beautiful. I don't think I'd even have one sleeve done in the time you got the whole thing finished.


A masterpiece! Thanks for sharing the process with us. I am sure that you will soon find another project to "wow" us with. And you can do it while keeping snug in your new sweater!

That's a beautiful sweater, gorgeous, it looks even better on the individual. Great job.

That is a very beautiful sweater, as I'm sure you're aware. It's tempting to move away from the desert to be able to make, much less wear, something this luscious. Bravo!

Yer killin' me! Bravo!

That is one incredibly beautiful sweater -- thank you for the inspiration! :)

I have anxiously been awaiting the finished sweater, and it is sooo worth it. That is just an absolutely wonderful sweater.


A masterpiece!

I think everyone already said it, but, nevertheless, Great Job, beautiful. I wish I had your talent.

You are awesome. The sweater is awesome. I've got to make one for The Boyfriend. Thanks for the inspiration!

You always do great work. My dad was just telling me that he would love to have a knit button-up vest of some kind. Immediately I thought of you (because he was mentioning it be tweedy and grayish and not too loud-he said something about how (if he was going to wear something so loud) he might as well make a basket and wear that) Anyway, do you have any good ideas of where to find patterns for a simply styled vest? (he liked the look of Jarrett)

Damn, that's beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

There is something quite breathtakingly assured and confident about this piece of knitting which transcends a simple craft. It's a wonderful expression of creativity and a quite beautiful piece of knitting. You must be proud of your skills.

Everytime you post a new sweater FO, I don't think you'll be able to top it again, but you prove me wrong each and every time! I'm not sure that made any sense, but basically I'm trying to say - Beautiful sweater! :)

As usual, I'm completely green-eyed. Your latest is so lovely in design and execution, and I wish I had the skills to make one of my own. :)

wow - this sweater came out amazing! great yarn choice, the color is great and really shows the pattern well. :)

ah, perfection.

Now you should have a personal museum exchibition!
Really good!! You are a master! I'm going to do something like Aran sweater (not cardigan) too. I'm into EZ's patterns also.

Bravo, bravo, bravo! I can testify that your sweather looks really good on you. By the way, you easily went over 200... as predicted...

Dude, that's HOT! The sweater is hot, and you look hot in the sweater! And the fact that you did the knitting makes it even hotter! Somebody throw some ice water on me!

CONGRATULATIONS! Jared, that is the most gorgeous piece of knitting I've seen maybe ever. You're so talented, patient and creative. Wear the sweater proudly and in good health. You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.
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