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  The Finishing Touches
The sweater is done. All the knitting. All the button-banding. All the wet blocking. Wow, it's almost disorienting. I find myself wanting (needing) more to do on it... but hey, when it's done, it's done right? This must be a sign of an absolutely enjoyable overall-process. Or maybe I just love Skye Tweed that much.

I picked up some buttons the other day that I thought fit nicely - I wanted a simple and natural warm wood button that would seem right at home nestled amongst all that tweed.

Wooden Buttons

I also wanted to show you one more picture of the button band in progress. The finished button band is about an inch and a half of garter stitch. This picture was taken after knitting several rows up from the pick-up stitches that I showed you in my last post.

Working Buttonband

We're looking at the wrong side of the work here - see how the facing is playing nice and laying itself flat on the inside of the sweater? I like that very much.

I'll do my best to orchestrate a proper photo shoot over the weekend (this sweater sure deserves one!). And starting today you should know that I will be effectively living in the sweater until the identity crisis that the weather has been having is officially over.

Great buttons! and thanks for taking us through out the whole thought/action process from the conception to the st"eek"ing, and now the final touches. It's a piece of art, really, and I can't wait to see the fruits of your photoshoot (the weather permitting! ;)

That looks like a perfect button choice. I can't wait for the official photo shoot!

It is such a lovely sweater, I must learn to knit myself one of those one of these days - sweaters scare me.

LOVE that shot! The sweater is BEAUTIFUL!

Wonderful! The buttons look perfect. And while the weather is frustrating, it does make for an opportunity to enjoy the products of late winter knitting.

I love the buttons and I think they will look wonderful on your sweater. I am also in agreement regarding Skye Tweed. I recently knit the Hex Jacket from Knitting Nature out of red skye tweed and am upset that I didn't purchase more colours when I had the chance!

the buttons are perfect! i'll have to find some skye tweed - I keep hearing such good things about it! can't wait for the FO pics!

Absolutely perfect buttons. I've really enjoyed watching the progress of your sweater. It's been almost as satisfying as knitting it myself.

Such a tease! Where's the 'ta-da'? Can't wait to see the whole thing front and center (and back too) and see what it looks like!

In that case, I hope the weather stays cool a while longer, just for you and your sweater! Can't wait for the final reveal...

Love the buttons! Looking forward to finally seeing sweater in all its respendentess! Wish we didn't have to wait until after the weekend... (**twiddles thumbs...pretends not to be applying knitbloggie peer pressure...whistles innocently**)

Those are beautiful buttons! Where did you get them? BTW, the sweater is beautiful. I'll keep checking back in to see what you're working on next.

I can't wait!!

p.s. Webs does have Skye Tweed on sale.

It really does look perfect! I look forward to seeing the results of the photoshoot.

Here's hoping that the weather stays cold!

ooooh i can't wait!

I love those warm, rich buttons.
If I were you and that sweater was mine, I would migrate so I could wear it all year 'round.

Will you sewn down the flap or is the ironing all that is needed?

Thank you for documenting this process; I loved watching this sweater come to life.

Once again, simply amazing...I am really looking forward to the upcoming photos! Have you ever knit something that didn't look good though? ^_~

It looks great. I'm looking forward to that photo shoot.

I've been searching for buttons just like those!

You do realize that now that your sweater is finished, 70 degree weather is just around the corner. :)


Looking foward to the FO-photos!

I would love to know where you buy your buttons. I don't have a good source. My email is kjt1211@optonline.net

Thanks again for showing us your process. I am surprised that you don't actually sew down your facings. Does the crochet edging really stay put so well?

Love the bottons.You worked hard on that sweater and it shows.

How satifsfying that must feel.

that sweater is fabulous, I've been following along with every step, and started wondering...About how much Skye Tweed did you end up using? I have about 6 skeins (230 yds each) of scottish tweed in a delightful plum/wine colour that I'd love to make my husband a sweater with. He is a very slight build at 6 ft tall (about 165 pounds) and I was really hoping I would have enough. Any thoughts? He really isn't into large baggy sweaters, but more fitted well tailored.

Could you also talk about how you finished the steeked edges? I think you said you were going to sew them down - but could you give more detail? Is it literally sewing, or crochet?

I've really enjoyed watching the finishing process.

Ay Jared!!!! Espectacular tu sweater!!! No puedo esperar para verlo terminado. Un saludo desde Buenos Aires.

I second the question about the steeked edges, are you going to, or did you already, sew down the facing? Or are you leaving it as is?

I have read thru all the posts about this cardi, it is extremely nice and wonderful. I love the colour of this tweed very much. very eager to see the modelling of this FO.

weather.com tells me that you are going to wear the sweater for a long time!

oooh those buttons are prefect for the little bag I just finished..they are beautiful!
Can't wait to see the completely finished product!

My word, I can't get enough of looking at that yarn! Gorgeous!

the wool the buttons the waythe knitting presents itself is so wonderful. and of course wooden buttons is an obvious choice. i am so envious of you LYS's when i think of the poor and expensive variety we get here. can't wait to see the whole cardi.

Gorgeous sweater, gorgeous photos, and I love your color choices. Everybody comes away learning something different, and while your knitting is now officially beyond me (steeks! trust a guy to do the really dangerous knitting!) I have decided that I MUST have a 1.4 lens.

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