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  The Scholar Collar and Other Ramblings
The holidays came and went. My house saw a whole lot of knitting - which may come as a shock to you since all you've heard from me in the last two weeks is a whole lot of nothing. Rest assured, I'm semi-refueled, at least for the time being.

A quick summary:

* The huge red blob? Turned into something wonderful. You'll have to trust me on this one cause I can't show you for a while.

* Shifting Sands grew in a crazy way. Not done, of course, but I'll show you an updated photo later this week.

* The School Products Cashmere Merino garter swatch evolved. See below.

* More sweaters (plural) were started (somewhat shamefully)

As for Christmas knits, they were basically non-existent this year. And that felt great. I gifted the Swallowtail Shawl that I finished in August (to the most grateful recipient. Most deserved indeed). I felt fine leaving it in worthy hands.

The only other Christmas knit was a collaboration between Luigi and I - the creative vision was all his. All I did was round up the good fibers, buttons and ... the garter.

Scholar Collar

Pattern: The Scholar Collar (Ours)
Materials: School Products Cashmere Merino Blend (Bulky)
Needles: US 10/6mm
Buttons: Faux leather from M&J Trimming

Scholar Collar

Thoughts: The project seems almost too simple to write about. A rectangle with two buttonholes thrown in and some cool buttons. Form and function are both about as straight-forward as possible. It's clear that the yarn choice is this one's claim to fame. The Cashmere Merino Blend (50/50) from School Products is, hands-down, an all-time favorite for me. Its also one of SP's most popular sellers. The price is borderline criminal (in a good way)(for a bulky cashmere blend) and the color options leave you inspired... rather than the more common "okay the yarn is cheap and nice... but the colors suck. What could I possibly get by making with one of these options that doesn't look absolutely ridiculous..."

It's also true that I love garter stitch. It hasn't always been this way, though, and I'm sure my Zimmermann obsession has heavily tempered this preference over the years.

Button Detail

Buttoning Action!
now with real buttoning action!

There should be more activity occurring around here, at least relatively. I'll tell you now, January will be a rough and busy month for me, but I'll do my best to keep up some fiber flow around here. Happy 2007.



you know, i'm not typically a garter stitch fan, but this looks fab!

Great great project. Simple but so fabulous. It's amazing what two little buttons can do. And he certainly knows how to wear it!

Love the action shot... hehe!

brilliant! sometimes simple is the best.

Simple, understated yet elegant!!

Perfect - simple, but fabulous. I may just be inspired to make one for Dr Moe, my own in-house scholar...

ps. I can't wait to see the red blob.

Very classy. Très chic. And it goes beautifully with the brown corduroy jacket.
I think Luigi is a keeper. ;)

Congrats on finishing the red blob! I'm sure it looks wonderful. Are you now dashing to meet the next deadline?
And what a lovely scarf! The blue and brown go great together. I love the mix of textures too!

Welcome back! Sometimes simple is best. You know, I received a copy of "without tears" for Christmas and have started on my first ever EZ sweater, largely inspired by my visits over here, so thanks! Can't wait to see big red... (Clifford, the big red blob???)

funny how you can make garter stitch & a rectangle amazing:)

that collar is wonderfully elegant and i love the blue offset by the buttons.

The Scholar Collar looks great (love the name too)! And I'm sure in the cashmere blend that it's luxuriously soft.

What a great idea to make a simple scarf interesting, looks like it will be really comfy and warm to wear.

I think garter stitch eventually grows on you after the initial learn-to-knit stage. I've really started to appreciate it's simplicity lately.

This is really elegant in its simplicity. The buttons are a great touch - if and when winter actually arrives, I hate it when my scarf slides around and my chets gets cold.


beautiful and i love how simple it was... yes life can be that good!

I'm glad you're alive and well, and it sounds like you've been busy. Happy 2007.

That is SUCH a clever idea! So simple to knit (yes, I share your appreciation of the humble garter stitch) and yet so elegant-looking when folded and buttoned.

Love the scholar collar -- so simple, yet so beautiful. EZ would be so proud!

Such a clever name. And the project is simple, but elegant.

Nice! I added a button to a scarf a while back in order to minimize yarn requirements and bulk (it's a cable and lace combo knit in chunky baby alpaca), and I STILL get a ton of a compliments on it! It's funny what a button (or two) can do.

I've been loving the light blue and brown combination, too. The pics look wonderful. Happy new year!

Ohhh what a brilliant idea!!!! Hmmm... I may have some yarn for something along those lines! Your knitting is always fantabulous!!

I'm thinking one of these in red would be a good contribution to the red scarf project! Not for me, of course. I'll choose something ridiculously complicated and kill myself getting it done. It isn't true giving if you don't suffer! :)

i love this... classic & modern at the same time. so good.
the zimmerman stuff is winning me over to garter stitch too. i was never a fan before seeing all the good projects at zimmermania... now i'm thinking twice.

Love it. Simple, elegant, and totally luscious. Well done!

(EZ has turned me into a garter stitch fan too!)

I accidentally happened to come to your blog and I have to say, I'm amazed! This will be one of my favourites since today! Thank you for professional photos and knits, and inspiration also!


I love it, simple yet quite smart looking.

i love garter stitch. the collar is gorgeous. mmm bulky cashmere!

Clever design! My husband sais : 'you can make one of THOSE to me! It can't be too difficult?' Ha, ha!

sigh... that's so beautiful. Looks perfect on him too! Great pattern from your amazing self!

Thank God, you're back. I love this blog as well as your "Scholar Collar". I think my anti-knitted-things husband would love to have one.

How simple and clever. Blue and brown is one of my favourite colour combo's too.

Whoa. That is very scholarly. Nice!!

Another great knit, I love the idea of the buttons on it. Great color too.

What an elegant design! I hope you don't mind if it's the inspiration for my next project? I've got some gorgeous Fiesta cashmere just perfect for this... thank you!

That's a brilliant idea. :) Great pics, too.

Simple, yet beautiful. Love that shade of blue!

What I like about this is that it's knit short, saving time from knitting a longer scarf but still quite effective. Also saves yarn for the spreading of more fiber love.

Mind sharing which color you used?

The Scholar Collar is fabulous. I love the color.
I agree with you on the School Products Merino Cashmere. Wonderful Stuff.

The Scholar Collar is great.
Also, any details on the corduroy sportscoat? (Mainly because I've been looking for one for almost two months now...)

Hi everybody! I'm the Luigi that Jared defined as the creative designer above, etc. Now the truth is that I just told him, the king of the knitters (to me), that I would like a very subtle and elegant scarf (I'm Italian!!!), in a delicate blue with two buttons somewhere. That's it. And guess what? Upon opening my Christmas present, my eyes saw fully realized what my immagination could never predict. You guys know what amazing ideas Jared always has, but also what a huge humility... (beside the scarf, he gave me 10 bucks to write this!).

The Scholar Collar.

A few adjectives:


Simply luscious. That robin's egg blue with the chestnut brown -- just so perfect I can hardly stand it. And I am a huge fan of garter stitch, too.

Once again...awesome....I love having guy stuff to inspire me! You were missed...glad your holiday was peaceful!

Later, Gabriel

Lovely Scarf... happy New Year! Can't wait to see what you've been working on. And I'd love to know how many stitches you modified Kathy's shifting sands to use the worsted weight.

Welcome back and happy new year to you! Love the pics and can't wait to see the red surprises AND the shifting sands suspenses!
Glad you had a good holiday too.
Take care.

Wow, so simple and chic, love it. Sometimes you have to give the garter stitch some love...

I was wondering where you went!

Great collar.

Oh that's really cool!

what a great, simple pattern! But, so useful! less bulky than a scarf...love the color (one of my all time faves) and the buttons - oh those buttons!

You never cease to amaze me. Your items are always so well crafted and designed, and your photography is drool-inducing. Now I know what to try and make with those small balls of luxury yarns.

Excellent work in simplicity. My favorite.

Can't wait to see all the pictures of your projects!

Wow, you've been very productive - looking forward to seeing all the pics of these projects! The collar is absolutely amazing - what a simple but yet so unique and beautiful design!


Is this you modeling the scholar collar? If so, why oh why did you cut your hair? If I can't see your whole face, I needed the hair. It made every project look better. PS, the collar is cool too.

It's something really special out of just garter and buttons. Really awesome. If I wasn't trying desperately to finish some other knitted whatnot, I'd cast on a copycat immediately.

What a great idea to put buttons on it! I love it.

Any chance of you posting the pattern for Scholar Collar. It is so classic, he has to have one..

Ditto to all of the above.

Please a pattern would be perfect.

I have the idea but I would like to know where you placed the buttons and what is the width and length please?


I was going to totally agree with Brenda's comment because as a knitting newbie, the garter stitch can just look so...basic. But adding that subtle touch with the button really made a difference. Plus taking an amazing photo of it doesn't hurt either!

Beautful, warm and masculin!

I absolutely love your Scholar Collar. A great yarn and some smart buttons really make your scarf distinctive. I need to remember that for next year's holiday knitting.

I confess that I'm loving garter stitch more and more. This is such a lovely texture and shade combination. It's gorgeous! I see a Scholar Collar in my future OTN.

I just knit up the love child of your scholar collar and Cheryl Niamanth's Wisp. Thank you for reviving my interest in garter stitch!

I just finished an interpretation in a mercerized cotton (red). . . . which you can see (along with the measurements I used) at:


What a splendid idea; and how cool to see so many different versions of it. Thanks Jared!

I would never have considered anything knitted from garter stitch sophisticated!

But I am impressed with this. The faux lether buttons are a nice touch. I'd love to give that collar a go, may I asked how you placed your button holes. I have trouble visulizing a way to place them.... well maybe I'm a wee bit slow ;-)

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I love your design! It's gorgeous in it's simplicity. I've seen a lot of look-a-likes on Ravelry, but they don't seem to get the button placement right. Did you ever make this into a pattern? I'd love to see exactly where you placed your buttonholes and buttons.

Thanks! And keep up the great knitting,
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