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...that if you're using great yarn, a scarf never gets boring. (Well, almost never.)

Shifting Sands Grows

I think the cable count is reaching into the thousands... and that's great! Shifting Sands measures somewhere around 4 feet presently and is slated for just over 6. Over the holidays, this was the project I worked on when I was sick of shaping/counting/pattern writing, etc. or at least the knitting I worked on when I was too full of holiday grub to think about anything else. I probably won't add fringe but will need to come up with something creative to cure the curl at each end (I have one idea that may work).

[if continued exposure to photos of 'Shifting Sands' has finally made you cave, the pattern is located here]

You could not have picked a better color for this scarf! I love the home stretch part, but sometimes suffer a little post partum project blues. Hmm Maybe a red scarf in this stitch....

Looking good! I'm curious what you have planned for the two edges...

Looks fantastic. Can we see the back?

Ooh, malabrigo and shifting sands are a match made in heaven. Great color choice!

I've been eyeing that scarf for awhile and I may just have to cave and make one. Your version is fabulous.

Hi Jared, Missed your beautiful pictures and posts. Your version of this scarf is lovely. I tink I want one. :)

I really love the mustard color - works great with the cables.

it looks great... the stitch pattern and the variation in the malabrigo work so well together. It has so much depth!

can't wait to see your ideas for the end. I've got some malabrigo sitting around with this scarf in mind...

The color is just too good to be true. I'm also very curious about what you have planned for the edges...

stunning. you already gave me the shedir bug, (which i've started in mustard), will this be next?

I don't know if it's the yarn, the pattern, or the photo, but I'm experiencing a bout of knitter's envy.

I just realized that I cord cast-on (and cast-off) prevents stockinette from curling! Miracle!
What's your trick?

Wow! I would never pick that yellowey-mustardy color, but it is lovely, I need to stretch my color palate. Truly a beautiful scarf. May the wearer wear it in good health for many years.

that looks truly amazing. I love the depth of the texture and the color changes. it must feel like heaven!

It's really beautiful!

That color chases away any winter blues, very lovely. I just made a simple garter stitch scarf in pink malabrigo, and my hands miss the feel of it.

I'm itching to make that scarf, and it's in my queue, just got to get to it. I'm planning on using it to learn how to cable without a needle. I'm cable needle dependent right now.:)

Love it! I might be caving. The yak yarn may have a new calling.

Absolutely gorgeous. I was on the fence, but I'm definitely going to have to make one now. Now to dye the yarn!

Yes you got me - got some Malabrigo from Yaihara a few weeks ago. Thought the yarn wasn't up to snuff b/c it was missing the bright orange as shown on her site. Too late to return I instead started this and you know what? Completly in love w. what it does.

Looks like you've been having lotsa fun w. the camera - fantastic pics! Terry

I'm tired of saying that your stuff is gorgeous - but it really is!

Perfectly lovely.

Gorgeous! What yarn are you using?

What a gorgeous color, I love your taste!

I caved after seeing your first posting of this great scarf. I am making mine out of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Blue Blood Red! Its heaviness and the absence of the stretch that knitting usually has gives it the quality of a piece of heavy woven fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

The Malabrigo is gorgeous - can you tell us how many skeins you're using for a scarf this size? (I'm guessing two??) Thanks, Sue.

I couldn't agree with you more.
In theatre we often say "trust the text" so in knitting I guess that would be "trust the yarn".
Or in other words...let the yarn speak for itself. And a scarf is the perfect mouthpiece for that ;)

The color is gorgeous!

I like the scarf.. gorgeous.

Your photography is really beautiful. I'll be back often, to read your blog... and to look at the pretty pictures!

The scarf looks beautiful.
The other day my friend was just commenting that I'm such a knit nerd I procrastinate certain projects by knitting other projects. I say it doesn't matter as long as they all get done (on time-ish).

i've been waiting for a pic of this. that color is just gorgeous. i think caving is in order :) thanks for sharing.

Beautiful Color & Beautiful pattern!!

this picture makes me crave knitting in yellow. and it's probably my least favorite color. just gorgeous!

yes, i'm wondering too if i could make the scarf with the 2 skeins of Malbrigio that i have. and do you mine telling us how many stitches you cast on for this scarf. i love it!

Your photography is beautiful! You can make a yellow scarf (a color that isn't even close to my favorite) look good enough to eat!

I am in love with malabrigo worsted. Currently working on a clapotis in the verde esperanza colorway. Shifting Sands will be my next malabrigo project. Thanks

Wow! That malabrigo is perfect for that pattern!! The very slight color shifts in the yarn are reflected so well in that pattern! Beautiful!

Wow that is gorgeous! I feel like a bit of a cheater/copy cat but I have some malabrigo in sunset, which is very similar to this colorway. This may be the pattern for this said luxury fiber.

Mmmm...mmm, can't wait to see yours turn out.


You are SO right. I just made an scarf out of malabrigo for my brother for Christmas using the irish hiking scarf pattern, and I could have knit that thing forever. It was an absolute delight. That yellow color is to die for!

Beautiful combination of yarn and pattern!

I love that scarf!

Absolutely stunning job you are doing...One of these days, I may try this.
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