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Not a whole lot going on around here, other than this huge, red, seething pile of wool.

Pile o' Wool

I also got a Sundara fill-up last week, meaning the baby sweater that had been temporarily paralyzed is now free to be finished. Unfortunately, I probably won't touch it for a couple of weeks (at least) (yes, I'm blatantly ignoring the fact that the baby was born 2 weeks ago). Although having the yarn around isn't such a bad thing - my eyes are happy about it.

Sundara Fill-Up

Damn I love this stuff. I'll definitely be making a sweater out of Sundara's worsted sometime in the coming year. I'm predicting it to be one of those that you rarely take off.

It is now the weekend before Christmas (how?) - I know many a finger will be sacrificed in the name of gift knitting during the coming days. Please, don't kill yourselves. Late hand-knitted gifts are way better than on-time 'regular' gifts after all.

Oh my gosh--that red is spectacular! Thanks for the shot of color on a gray day...

Look at you with the red and green yarn! (not sure if you posted the holiday themed combo on purpose!) - both are amazing. I will have to get my hands on some Sundara at some point when the yarn budget allows!

Thank you Mr. Brooklyn Tweed, for reminding me that knitted gifts are indeed special. As the last weekend before my first "all knit" Christmas is approaching, I have three more pairs of house socks to knit (never going to get done). I have been tempted to scrap it and go buy generic presents. But you're right, late house socks are so much better than last-minute generic gifts. Have a great Christmas! Love your blog.

A wonderful sentiment! I will be giving at least one box with a WIP on the needles and an IOU attached.

That huge, red, seething pile of wool is delicious! I can't wait to see the result.

I suspect that the big pile of wood is going to become something beautilful!

That sundara yarn looks really really lovely. I just wish we had at least one expert dyer here in Europe as well. You know the customs from US are quite expensive...

Beautiful red! And I don't blame you a bit for wanting the Sundara around a little longer. I for one will giving a finger (not the bad one) for the sake of a Christmas knit!

Damn, I love that green. Sundara is a color goddess.

so true. i've resigned myself to the fact that i won't finish my christmas gift knitting, and that i can wrap a part-finished hat, or a single sock, and follow up with the completed object later.

Is that cabley goodness behind the red??

I love that red stuff...! And, I have a non-knitting question I will email. I'm sure you can guess. :)

Wow, you really are moving fast on the Rowan tweed sweater!
And now you have me curious about Sundara yarn, which I have never purchased. I wonder what colors she has left...

I've been known to wrap a gift with the stitches still on the needles.

You managed to say exactly what I've been thinking but couldn't quite express. Thanks.

What yummy looking yarn...great pic!

The weekend before?! Nooo! I'm so unprepared.
That Sundara yarn is gorgeous--I'm going to have to try some soon. Have fun with your big pile of red wool--it looks nice, whatever it is. :)

How many knitters out there are frantically knitting right now? You're right about late hand knitted gifts better than the regular gifts. Here's my trick - I knit one thing on time, like a scarf, and promise that the hat is on the way. Good luck with your knitting on the seething, red pile

That Sundara yarn is gorgeous, she is one talented dyer. Can't wait to see how the baby sweater comes out!

Both of those are so pretty, and christmas-y together. I can't wait to see what will become of the red tweedy goodness.

Whatever that red beauty is, it is gorgeous. YUM-O!

Someday I will feel naughty enough to buy me some Sundara yarn. I live for that day.

The green really is one of the best colourways i've seen. I'm reamarkably jealous! Green with envy even. *Scoff*

Your photos keep me captive. I keep coming back for the wonderful progress that you make. Thanks for the statement about hand knit projects for Christmas. My partner and I have been frantically knitting each day to complete our projects. I just finished a couple hours ago so I am enjoying a glass of wine. (i have learned not to drink and knit..not pretty.) I have decided to wrap the last project without felting. Then the recepient and I can felt the project together...afterall that is part of the fun. Have a great holiday!

Oh dear, it's seething now? I think this would be a good time to put on the happiest/perkiest christmas album you can find on short notice. Do you have any Julie Andrews?

That some lovely wool you've go there--I'm ooking forward to seeing what you create. Also, that's good advice about gifts, though I'm still determined to finish in 9 days.

Oh yes, it *so* is like that! My left index finger is already MIA from all this holiday knitting, it really looks bloody painful - and I mean bloody. And I mean painful. Thanks so much for the advice, I'll keep that in mind!

That red is so gorgeous. I hope knitting with it is just as decadent as it looks.

Hi BT, your hat looks great, I must have a go at it.

Mmmm, those yarns look soooo delish. Makes me wanna step up my game with my WIP and FO photos.

You certainly has a knack to choose nice color

How true that is...but will it actually make my pause and consider whether trying to wrap up 2 pairs of gloves, slippers, and a shawl in the final days before Christmas is a good idea? Naw, probably not *wink*

btw: how's the top down raglan in swish coming along? Hope to see it soon.

Love that green!! I'll have to hunt up some of that Sundara myself. I don't think my LYS has any or I would probably have bought all of it already!

I LOVE the beautiful red! I do not think I can live without it. Must go find it and figure out an excellent sweater that calls for it.

I know the green is hand-dyed by Sundara but what is the name? I'd really like to contact her about getting some to make my Green Bay Packer socks. Thanks!

So... Is that red blob the same as this yoked pullover with your name on it that Interweave is already talking about for the fall issue?
Can't wait to find out!
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