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When indecision strikes.... sometimes my strategy is to take a completely unforeseen direction. I guess you could also call this ignoring the problem...? Details.

There has been some progress on the cardigan front - I finally purchased the yarn for my Saddle Shoulder Aran. I actually ended up picking up (buying online) Classic Elite Skye Tweed on sale in a beautiful color that I was not able to pass on. Of course there is much Beaverslide still in my future, just not yet.

There are some babies being born in the world. I wanted to make something for one. I've wanted to try the Knitters Almanac (EZ) February Baby Sweater for some time. Who is always one step ahead of me in all things Zimmermann? Well it seems like Elli is. She made this one and in doing so made my decision for pending-project a whole lot easier.

February Baby Sweater (EZ) - Yoke 2

its not much so far, just a garter stitch yoke. I would have knit more, but I'm taking a trip to Chicago this weekend and wanted to save the project for the plane. With such a wee little sweater, I had to control myself the last two nights or I would've probably finished before leaving on my trip (I don't have much room in my small bag for any in-progress large projects) (sock knitters, no admonitions necessary).

February Baby Sweater (EZ) - Yoke 1

the real reason I'm showing you this, is just to say that I'm happily consuming more of my Sundara stash. What a great experience it always is. Have you tried her yet? This is the worsted superwash merino somewhat solid "green over yellow." I had showed it to you as part of my Sundara haul a few months back. I am enjoying this way too much.

Well, I'm off for what I hear is an even windier city than usual. Have a great weekend!


Beautiful colour. Enjoy Chicago!

I am just getting into EZ with a taste from the library. If I'm going to purchase one book, which would you recommend first?

Great. Stop it. That is gorgeous. I have some Sundara yarn left over...I have a baby I need to knit a christmas gift for... just got that book...great, just great. Call me a brooklyntweed wanna be.

What a gorgeous yarn- I just had to write and ask you which color that is? It is the lambswool that you are linking to, right?

The greens are so rich, it will be a wonderful baby sweater.

That is a very cute pattern and the green is just lovely. S/he will be a lucky baby.

Wow, that color is so gorgeous, it's got such a depth to it. The sweater will be wonderful, what a special gift for a new baby!

i absolutely love that baby cardi pattern! and sundara's yarn - drool. gorgeous.

you have a brill weekend, too!

I've never seen Sundara in person. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. That color is gorgeous! Very emeraldy. Like a knitted jewel.

Fabulous color selection. It will make a stunning baby sweater for sure.

You're coming to Chicago this weekend??? Eek! :) Yes, we are unusually windy at the moment (and freakin' freezing), but I'm going to keep my eyes open for ya so if a freaky lady comes running full-speed at you brandishing her dpns fear not - it's just me.

Ok, you should still fear a little.

Love the Sundara - she's amazing.

What a great green! For me, green is a hard one to find in a shade/tint/hue (whatever) that I like.

Wow, that's pretty intense and gorgeous. I am soo tempted!

that is a great color for a baby, or an adult for that manner. pastels aren't as good for their eyes. and they are so boring

doesn't she make you fall in love with garter stitch? it makes that yarn looks particularly lovely.

I'm knitting my EZ seamless saddle in Skye Tweed (Highland Cow Brown- it's got yellows and pinks and reds and greens and just gets better the more I knit). You're gonna love it.
That green Sundara makes my mouth water. It's really hard to find a good green.
That baby sweater is totally sweet. Lucky little one.

I was thinking of ordering the Skye Tweed for Ariann (ChicKnits), but how would you guess it might be for someone a tad sensitive to wool? I usually only choose merino, but I love the colors & the price is amazing.

This is EXACTLY the green I have been looking for for a shawl project, and I was wondering if Sundara would be a good person to go to. Now I know. Thanks and have a good trip!

are you coming our way? i live in chicago. and it living up to the name this weekend!

So if I'm one step ahead of you, does it mean you'll do the kneesocks next too? :) That babysweater is going to be GORGEOUS. Have fun in Chicago!

When I saw Elli's baby sweater, I felt compelled to knit it to, even though I have no babies to knit for. That shade of green is *fantastic*.

Have fun in Chicago!

I kind of felt like an idiot last night when a bunch of us knitters were out for drinks (and knitting). We were talking about your site and it wasn't until that conversation that I learned you were a knitter of the male persuasion (I confess, I normally just look at the pics and skip the words on blogs). Normally you would think this would cause a surpirsed reaction. Me? I think I turned green with jealousy that a boy knitter was knitting so much better and so much more interestingly than me, a girl knitter, ever will.

All the same, I absolutely love visiting your site and checking out your projects! (I'll try to read the words more now)


i'm a tweedhead too ;^)

Pretty pretty. Green is my favorite color.

And you were right about Kristine Jepson! And what about that Ben Heppner!

That baby sweater is a favorite of mine -- so simply constructed and so elegant -- and this yarn will make it even more wonderful!

hello, the yarn is really great ! can you please tell me if you bought it via internet as i live in europe and would love to buy some. kind regards angelique www.benk.nu

I will umpteenth the "great colour" vote! And your garter stitch is so nice & even; it really adds to the beauty of the yarn. This is going to be one lucky baby.

Wow. Your photography is just stunning, as is the yarn. You have such an eye for color. What a lucky baby.

I was just reading the EZ baby sweater pattern on my subway commute. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

To echo the above commenters - great colour.
Knitters are finally moving on from the typical 'baby' pastels of yesteryear.
Progress. It can only get better...

have you ever looked at Black Water Abbey yarns? (try Googling for link) Wonderful rustic yarns (2 wts) in gorgeous colors, nice price too! It'll be interesting to see what you decide for the sweaters - sure to be beautiful in any case :) Terry
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