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i may have lost 5 pounds during the photo shoot just from sweating (no Air Conditioners were used during this session), but i have cold beer in hand and am presently wearing no wool. so now, i may proudly present to you...

Jarrett Final 1

Jarrett" by Kim Hargreaves
Source: Rowan '
Vintage Style'
Rowanspun DK in 'Rush' (#737). 8 Hanks (incredible yardage!)
Size: measurments for S (although with gauge variance, I adhered more closely to the numbers for L)
Ease: approximately 4 inches (standard cardigan protocol)
Needles: US 6 (4.25mm) Takumi Bamboo 32" circulars, US 5 (3.75mm) Addi 32" circulars
Total Cost: $55.59 ($49.99 for yarn, $5.60 for buttons. Pretty damn good if you ask me!)
Start Date: 11 May 2006
Finish Date: 26 June 2006

Jarrett Final 2
sucker for the window light

Modifications: Surprisingly enough, I did very little in terms of straying from Kim's original pattern specs. Probably the biggest difference was that I knit the piece in a finer gauge than was called for. As it turns out Rowanspun DK is noticeably finer than Yorkshire Tweed DK (the yarn called for by the pattern). Required gauge for Jarrett is 20 sts/4" (10cm). I worked 22st/4"(10cm), a more common DK guage (in my experience). Since beginning Jarrett, i have acquired a bag of Yorkshire Tweed DK and think the cardigan would have been something completely different if i had used the recommended materials. Both yarns are amazing, so I dont have even one regret.

Now, Jarrett wasn't all smooth sailing. There was some sleeve drama. But in the end, we worked through it and came out with a great set of sleeves that fit me very well.

The solution*? Set-in sleeves worked from the top down. Many of you left comments on my last post expressing interest in this technique and also bewilderment. Well, let me demystify the process for you. It really is very logical and fully accessible to anyone who has the urge and a little knitting experience.

This technique is the brainchild of Barbara Walker (love) and can be found in her wonderful book
here. Now, if you're dying to to read about it
now, keep your wallets in your pockets. I was thinking of doing a little explanation and demonstration but I thought, why should i when Lauren posted a handy little tutorial here just last week? Go check hers out and hopefully this will all seem a little less voodoo-istic afterward.

Jarrett Complete
laid out flat

Thoughts on Jarrett
: What can I say at this point? I think its pretty clear from my previous gushing that I love this pattern. Finishing and now getting to wear (hypothetically, that is... its not like I'll actually dawn this sweater until September at the earliest.) is just another wonderful part of the process. I'm more than pleased with how the Rowanspun blooms and becomes cohesive after washing, and how great the fabric/seams/body look after a thorough pressing with a hot iron (I always iron my knits, and I dont always follow correct 'procedure,' but have never had any problems. Iron your wool!)

With a definite vintage style (where's the irony in that?) and just the faintest hint of mr. rogers... i think this new addition to my sweater collection is a great marriage of contemporary and traditional (classic) styles. Pretty much can't wait to wear it.

Thanks for hanging on for the ride. Now onto more Hargreaves patterns! (i've got two in my basket still.........)

*To knitters who plan on knitting this in the future: My negative experience with the sleeve caps is not necessarily an error of the pattern and I would encourage you not to scrap the project because of it. I think it probably has to do mostly with a combination of my gauge-mods (although I swear I modified my numbers to knit to the exact measurements as are called for...) and my preferences for set-in sleeve fit. The problem, I think, mostly lies in the width of the sleeve at the bind off. The pattern calls for a 7" width at the sleevecap BO edge. This too me, makes a too-boxy (frumpy) sleeve cap, and thus in my version, was changed. It may work for you. And please, don't let it discourage you from knitting Jarrett. The pattern is too good to throw away for such a *minor* detail......... (just file this information away for future sweater planning)


It looks great, and I am shocked that you wore it with no A/C. Actually how did you even KNIT it with no A/C?!? A 7" sleeve cap edge is pretty wide. Do you remember how many sts you used for the cap? We could compare what the top 1/3 ended up being to that 7". You know, for fun.

It looks fantastic -- very tailored. I love the colour.

Oh, it looks fantastic! I am actually jealous that it's a men's sweater! I just started dropping by to read your blog and I've enjoyed it so far. It's nice to read the ramblings of a guy who knits probably because so many men look at me funny when they see me with my projects across my lap. Keep up the lovely work! :)

I'm so glad you got the sleeve cap mess straightened out, I would say it was all worth it. The sweater is gorgeous as are the pictures (is this the new lens!?).

What a commitment, modeling the (albeit gorgeous) Jarret in this stiffling heat with NO AC!! The pictures are totally worth it, at least you can look at yourself wearing the sweater until the weather is ready for it.

Jarrett is simply fantastic! Kim is a truly gifted designer. I am in love with the tweedy goodness and the patches. I love the patches! Also your photographs are rockin' my world lately - fantastic! Last, you know how I feel about ironing. Yes, I love me the iron...

That sweater is awesome! I used to love Mr. Rogers by the way :-)

You're brave to wear it with no A/C. I could hardly wear my Demi for more than 5 minutes - with A/C. :-)

I can't wait to see your next one.

smashing cardi! I like it better in the finer gauge. its more classic, ain't it?

The sweater looks amazing! Congrats on making it through the sleeve trials!

It looks great! The fit of the sleeves it's perfect. If Grumperina and you say yes to the iron, I will. I ironed a vest recetly finished and looks great.And definetly want the book. Your work really inspires me(knits and photos).

great, great job on jarrett. all in all, it's a total winner! i especially love the arm patch detail. it's so subtle yet totally makes that sleeve. the color choice is also a fave.

p.s. the photos are beautiful. love the lighting in that first pic.

What a wonderful pattern. Your knitting is exquisite and yarn color/choice, too.

WOW! that sweater looks amazing! i am a big rowan fan too. i have such small shoulders that they are one of the few companies which write patterns in my size. i think your caveat about the sleeve cap/pattern coreectness was a good idea; in my experience, men are shaped very differently from each other in the upper arm. my husband has very bulky shoulders and cap area, but you are much slimmer there. the same sleeve shaping just cannot suffice for both body types.
thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!

I love "Jarrett". That is a great looking cardigan.

it's fabulous. i love the elbow patches in particular. it's professorial, yet hip. and the photos are lovely.

I LOVE it.. love it! Those pictures are awesome as well. Maybe I'll knit one for my guy.. maybe. But that means it's gotta wait til I'm off my yarn diet.

Gorgeous! What a classic/elegant/wonderful sweater - fabulous photos too!!

And thanks for the sleeve cap info.

ps Just have to mention, if you lived here, you could could comfortably wear Jarrett TODAY .. sigh ..

Great sweater, looks wonderful and I am sure you will get years of wear from it, looking good the entire time. These kind of sweaters wear like leather...getting better with the wearing..
oh btw...gauge is spelled with the "a" first..sorry, I was raised by an English teacher, what can I say??

omg, it's fantastic. beauti-beautiful. love the colour; love the buttons; love the details, such as the elbow patches; love the photos. well done!

I love the jacket! Your knitting is impeccable and your photo styling is fantastic! I'll have to persuade my husband to wear something like that so that I'll get to knit it.

As Dominique says! You're the best knitter I know!

It's one of the most beautiful jackets I've seen! Your photos are flawless and I now wished I lived in colder climates so that I can knit my husband Jarrett too :)

*gasp* Fantabulous!

the sweater looks nothing but fabulous. your photos only accentuates that even more! if i were to knit my husband another sweater,this is going to be it!

I was going to say the same thing as the others, - this looks so good, if I knit a cardigan for my husband, this cardi will definitely come to mind. Thanks for showing that men's sweaters can be gorgeous and stylish.

The most gorgeous cardigan I've ever seen. Beautiful work! And lovely photos, as always.

I loooooove those elbow and shoulder patches! It looks so polished and perfect - saying you did an excellent job is an understatement, I think.

beautiful work, as usual! but i reeeeally have to say - your new camera is something else. your photos are absolutely professional... right out of IK! (maybe this is bringing you one step closer to meeting Ms. IK? ;) )

The wool, the tweed, the elbow patches, the photos.... I'm fanning myself and I have A/C!

It's absolutely stunning. Seriously. You are a fabulous knitter..and PHOTOGRAPHER! The shots are perfect. I love your blog...really.
Thanks for the link, I will give this sleeve, top down, a try!

Gorgeous - the sweater and your photographs! And inspiring, to boot! :)

Gorgeous sweater! I love all the details about, like the shoulder and elbow patches. I can't beleive you wore it with no air conditioning, it was hot yesterday. Its going to be awesome in the fall.

Absolutely spectacular!!

oh it's awesome! absolutely awesome! i didn't notice the elbow and shoulder details until today. i love em! the knitting is impeccable and the fit is devine. (and the pics aren't so shabby either)

All I can say is "awesome"! You should be glowing at how good it looks. I love Kim Hargreaves patterns, too, but always seem to tweak something to make it my own. Now, on to that beer you were talking about.

It's absolutely fantastic.
I had a scary experience with the rowanspun dk once, but your sweater makes me want to rethink the yarn. You did an amazing job with it!
You do look pretty "hot" in that mr. rogers sweater too, I might add. ;)

I've been anticipating you finishing this sweater for a while -- it looks great! Now, go replenish your water after that wool photoshoot! :)

Your pictures look great too -- what lens are you using (50mm?)?

I'm happy to read that you like the rowanspun dk for this sweater. I have two bags of it in stash (in a light light grey color). ;)

Incredible. Your finishing work is pro! And brava for the photo taking sans AC!

You've done it again, Jared! You definitely have exquisite taste! Love the yarn and the finer gauge, your knitting looks very professional! Love the pics, too. I couldn't keep my eyes off your hands! You have sexy, knittin' hands!

Oh wow! That sweater is so goregous. And your photography skill is absolutely stunning. I really enjoy your blog.

it looks wonderful. it always makes for really good knitting eyecandy when there's a really well-shot photo of a really well-knitted and well-conceived item.

you make me want to knit more, and that's always a good indication for a knitting blog.

You da man!!!!! Can't wait to get started on mine.....I think it will be a great fall project!

Yours is the second gorgeous FO I've seen from the Vintage Knits book (the other was an in-person Salina), and it has convinced me. I'm especially pleased with the men's sweaters in it, as demonstrated by this lovely Jarrett -- so many men's sweaters are too boring, or overenthusiastic.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Beautiful! I'm a big fan of Rowanspun, it wears and drapes beautifully, (even after a year my Rowanspun cardi looks great and not spent) so I think it was a great choice for this sweater.

"Jarrett" is really cool !
...I'll look for the pattern and maybe knit it for my man !

I love the buttons, the fit, and TWEED. I want to make this for my boyfriend, but he's inexplicabily against cardigans.

I. Am. Not. Worthy.

Nice! You can really tell how much work you put into it. Fits really well, and that color is great.

Fabulous! You did an incredible job. I just love that yarn. So sad that it is discontinued.

It is really gorgeous- as are your photos. Congratulations on a successful project.

The cardigan looks great - really really amazing!

The cardigan looks really wonderful - I love how that yarn looks. It doesn't look too heavy and looks great on you! Fabulous job!

Oh BTW, I mailed off a little envelope to you today!
It was funny. I took the book to a copier place, to get color copies. The gentleman says "Wow that is a really nice pattern". He then explained that his wife knits and she is always looking for good patterns. As I am about to leave, he asks if he can copy it for his wife! It was pretty neat-o.

Great, great job. It looks fantastic and the photos are gorgeous. It's pretty rare that I see a great men's sweater in blogland - so congrats!

Absolutely gorgeous. I'm nearly speechless, but very inspired. You've done a terrific job. Photos are fab. (There. I managed to find a few words...)

You are awesome. Between the sweater itself, your fabulous modeling, and photography, I'm so impressed.

It seriously looks like a catalog. Freakishly impressive, not to mention incredibly gorgeous.

I love it. I also loved your urban aran. I wanted to e mail you but emails bounce back....

Can you do a TV show or post video segments on your blog? SERIOUSLY! I would love to see your techniques in action :)

I've been meaning to comment on this one for a long time - it's truly fantastic! Wonderful job! Your expert knitting never ceases to amaze me. Not to mention your tolerance for the heat - whew! I'm shamefully stalled on my sweater because of this sticky summer weather :(

I don't quite know how I got here, but was amazed with what I found. You have managed to create what has continually eluded me - a gorgeous sweater that fits to a "t". I would be forced to hate you if you didn't look so damn pretty in it.

Jarrett looks great, perfect fit and finishing!

Gorgeous!!! I want to knit this too. BTW, I tried your email and it was returned. I am a newbie and discovered your wonderful blog. Wow...I am in awe... Great work! :)

This one is gorgeous!

Your knits are absolutely inspiring. In fact, after I ran across your blog last year, I started teaching myself to knit. Right now, I only have a couple socks without mates and a pile of UFO's. But I'm thinking of casting on for a sweater since I was recently gifted with some wonderful Rowanspun DK in "Thorn." (And Pennsylvania is finally getting some winter weather.)

I was wondering what kind of needles you use for sleeves? Or if you have any special methods? As I'm swatching in the round with 16" circulars, I'm fearing that my sleeves will be too wide for my arms, and I'm trying to avoid DPNs because I'm currently nursing a bad case of tendonitis that was caused in part by using them. I hope you don't mind the question. Thanks!

I was captivated by your photos of this sweater and my husband gave it a thumbs up, so I've been knitting it for the past few weeks. I'm about 3/4 the way up the first sleeve, and I JUST bothered to read your post about sleeve problems. I have to admit that it makes me a little uneasy!! I hope I can make it work, esp since my gauge seems to have changed since I started the sweater. :/

I suppose, I'll see how the first sleeve works before I start on sleeve number 2.

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