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  stash busting
there's been a lot of knitting around here, although not a lot of exciting progress to post. i guess thats standard protocol when you'v got a DK weight sweater on the needles. i did a little stashbusting recently when the hat bug came around biting. i can only go so long without making a new hat... and my hat drawer is beyond overfull. never stopped anyone though.

Odessa 1

Pattern: Odessa (sans beads) by
Source: MagKnits Feb '06
Materials: Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in 'Taupe' (1.5 balls. yardage SUCKED, but i got it on super sale)
Needles: US 4 addis for brim and US 6 bamboos for the rest>

Modifcations: just minor ones. subbed an aran weight yarn (although to me DB merino aran is more like a DK, similar to KnitPicks Merino, just a liiittle heavier) for the required Cashsoft DK. this accounted for sizing the hat larger (24.25" melonhead here people), so I didn't have to change the numbers in the pattern. I also added a little length to the ribbing on the brim to 'stabalize' it - a lot of Odessa's i've seen that have the recommended 1" brim, once stretched over the noggin, look a little crooked (the brim on the bottom is pulled slightly diagonal by the stitch pattern above). I added an inch and it works better for me. oh, and no beads. this pattern was fun! thanks, Kathy!

on the Jarrett front: i've completed the back piece. its not wildly exciting to look at, but of course i'm gonna show you anyway.

Jarrett Back

wow, yeah the back piece of a sweater. you're all excited, i can tell. but WAIT. there's more to this piece than meets the eye. now, if you haven't tried a tubular cast on before, you may not understand the giddiness, but if you have - theres no explanation needed.

Tubular Cast On

this is the first time i've actually done the tubular thing, although i've wanted to for a while. turns out, i hardly ever work something in 1x1 ribbing. it adds that little extra detail and cleanliness that gets me really pumped up about a project! and makes the finished product that much more special and pro-fesh. sure it takes longer... but feeling that rounded edge afterwards makes it all worth it (i just cast on for the front pieces last night, so i got to do it again, hence the excitement).

unfortunately, i wont be getting my usual huge chunk of knitting time this weekend, which i'm pretty bummed about, but i will be doing other great things like seeing good art and BBQ-ing (philly baby!). so i'm not complaining. knit something warm - screw the summer! have a good weekend y'all.

Fabulous! I love the hat, it is nice to see a "male" version of it. Love the tubular cast on, it is one of my favourites!

"knit something warm - screw the summer!"
Totally my motto.

You're a knitting maniac! Everything looks fantastic. All the colors you're choosing are wonderful.

Man, that couch reminds me of my childhood.

Nice tubular cast-on! I've only done it on socks, but it does make a sweater look totally polished.

ah, odessa looks great in that yarn. i have some merino aran as well in chocolate brown that would be perfect for my melon-headed man :)

thanks for the tubular cast on link! i didn't realize it was as easy as that. i'll have to give it a shot at some point.

Great version of Odessa, love the color.
Nice shot of the tubular cast on too. The look of regular cast on edges always bug me- I'll have to try that next time.

odessa looks great! I'm happy to see a male version (yeeow, someone has a larger head than my dh!). Yum: tweedy back! :)

I love the tubular cast on so much that I'm at a point where if I am doing cuff-down socks, it's my only option. It's totally worth the extra steps to me (I can't wait to use it on a sweater).

Great Odessa! And your tubular cast-on looks great! I agree that it really makes the sweater look more polished.

And I love the way that yarn is knitting up. I may have to enhance my stash soon...

That is great! I would have never thought of doing a masculine version of this hat. My hubby will definitely be getting one of these for the fall. You are just full of inspirations!

cool hat. The color is an awesome choice and stashbusting makes it even better! Good job with the tubular cast on. I'm always impressed when someone goes the extra mile to make their project look better! I'm never that motivated myself, unfortunately!

Your hat turned out beautiful! I've never seen it on a guy, but it looks perfect on you.

Nice hat! Isn't the tubular cast-on fantastic? You're real fast with Jarrett too and your progress looks great!

you're just a hat making maniac there. i've been wanting to make that hat and it looks great in that yarn. and i haven't tried the tubular cast on yet but it looks great.

Your hat looks great - hats are one of my favorite things to make! I will have to try that tubular cast on at some point. It looks great!

Give me wool anytime of the year!

thanks for the the tubular thing link. its so clear, abd looks good on your knitting.

The hat looks great! Hugs the head nicely. And who knows, we might have a cool summer! :)

The hat rocks and it's brown! :D

I should give that tubular cast on a try. It looks very clean and professional.

Have you tried the tubular cast-off too? It's a sewn cast-off, and it was an eye-opener for me. I have yet to try the cast-on.

I'm with you on the sweaters for summer knitting. Bring them on!

- MJ

Nice! I really like that color.

Oh yes, tubular cast on is a dream. I picked it up from a pattern in Loop-d-Loop, and it sort of freaked me out at first because I was afraid my edges would unravel, but it turned out so nicely. I get really excited about those new techniques and little details too! Hope you had a great weekend in Philly. Looks like the weather is finally cooperating.

Great hat and progress on Jarrett! Hope you Q'd it up right this weekend!

Também quero um marido assim.... Sorry but you have so nice works.

Wow, who would have thought such a feminine project could end up looking so damn sexy on a guy. Well done... you have proven the point that thinking outside the square really is important when looking for interesting knitting projects (but not when shopping for underwear. Please don't ask me how I know!).

In case you feel another hat coming on, Stitch Therapy in Park Slope is having a hat drive for CHIPS soup kitchen. They're hoping to donate 300 hats of all sizes by August. Not sure if you're interested in that sort of thing, but I thought I'd pass it along!

Cheers! And beautiful beautiful work!
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