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hi! there's been a lot of activity in my mailbox recently. i thought i'd document the loot for your viewing pleasure:

den-m-knit from elann (mid indigo)

my denim finally came, and i can't get over how good the blue is. i can't stop staring at it. pure blue saturation. i think its funny that the website calls this yarn 'worsted,' because it is clearly a sport weight. i guess i can kind of understand, the patterns in 'Denim People' call for a guage of 20 spi, although i'm not used to getting this guage with something so fine. its more drapey than i expected, but i guess when you're working with denim, you dont want it too thick. either way, i love it! i'll probably hold off on raspy till i gain some significant ground on the sleeves of jarrett.

Baby Silk
baby silk

here we have 4 balls of baby silk (80% alpaca, 20% silk) in 'parchment,' all wound up together and ready to rock the trellis scarf from this springs IK. no lace currently on the needles, so i needed a small project to keep the lace urges satisfied. i swatched with US 6's but didn't like it, so i'm gonna go with US 4's. (why i didn't try the recommended US 5, i dont know. maybe i'm just stubborn). the photo doesn't ideally capture the SUBTLEST sheen that makes this stuff really special, but a photo can only say so much.

Nordic Fiber Arts
strikkegarn from nordic fiber arts

and here's what i'm REEEEAALLY excited about - my strikkegarn color card from Nordic Fiber Arts. to make something clear: i'm a color-card whore. they're one of my favorite things ever, and i think, one of the most powerful tools at a knitters disposal. so when i saw the strikkegarn pallette... it was click click click, swipe the card get it in the mail. i want it. there's no fair isle in my basket, so i'm rounding on a new project: the fair isle bag from IK summer 2004*. check it out here and here. although, i'm gonna do my own spin on it, with new colors (and probably a different strap, no drawstrings for me). with a pallette like this, how can i resist? and, not that it needs pointing out... but do you SEE the greens? yeah........

i actually have a really wonderful knitting-related experience to share with you, but i want to give ample time to the write up, so hopefully i'll be able to post about it soon. but for now, i'm sure you'll be happy with photos of yarn.

*i was just wondering....................
i'm having a hard time finding a copy of Summer 2004 Interweave Knits and am wondering if any scanner/copymachine clad readers who have an old copy lying around might mind helping a brother out?? shameless, i know, but a good pattern will do that to you!

you can order back issues of IK here; and they take credit cards! http://www.interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/back_issues/SU_04.asp

"Color-card whore", huh? That's the first time I've heard that one. =) You have some beautiful yarn, and I can't wait to see the beautiful items you will create.
I have that issue of IK as well, but it sounds like you're set.

I love a good colour card, I'm right there with you... I too am a big fan of the baby Silk, had not thought of it for the Trellis Scarf tho, that should be beautiful... I have heard many mixed reviews about the Denim from Elann, nice to hear a positive one - am wanting to make this great Aran sweater from Debbie Bliss that calls for Rowan, of course, and tho I love my guy, at a size 46 shoulder, we can't be affording no Rowan for him...

Brooklyn Tweed! love your site! I too am working with some Elann denim in the medium color. I've got the top portion of a gansey for myself going. Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting has inspired me to get out the bleach pen and try a little "texture-izing" - I've made two pint-size ganseys already - they look better and better with each washing! Looking forward to see what you come up with for your denim! Ann

Some say sportweight and some call it light worsted. Whatever it is, it's a beautiful colour!

Are your fingers turning blue yet? Your work is a pleasure. Greetings from Fourth Street.

That's so funny, because I just looked at that denim yarn on Elann yesterday and filed it away for further thought. If Jared likes it, I'd better get some! That color card is great, the greens are incredible! I've been waffling on my Deep-V Argyle Vest colors again, duh, colors cards would help, huh?

i love color cards. i just put them into a binder recently and it's so fun to look at them.

All the yarny goodness is making me drool! Love all the colors on that color card!

All the colors on that card are very exciting, aren't they? Glad you are enjoying them. I think you should buy one of every color, just to have ;) (my dream) When you walk into the Handicraft Guild in Norway, they have a whole wall with all the colors. So cool. I also have the IK mag, by the way, if you need it.

I have made the fair isle bag, and it is a great pattern, except for the drawstring! It doesn't work right because the casing is too big and the drawstring is too skinny. I wish I had done something different. Love your site!

I made the fair isle bag, and it is a great pattern except for the drawstring! It doesnt work right because the casing is too wide and the string is too skinny. I wish I had done something different. I love your site!

i actually have an extra copy lying around in the apt. the cover page is torn off though. if you still want it, drop me a line and let me know.and great blog, btw.

That is a gorgeous blue. BTW - I'm fascinated by the objects in the background - where did you get those placemata?

That baby silk is nice! Can't wait to see you start the Trellis Scarf, it'll be gorgeous. Have fun with the K7tog stitches.

I'm curious, which pattern in that issue of IK are you after?

Once again, I drooled on my computer - doh!

That denim looks so crisp and the color so intense...yum.
I love that baby silk stuff. A friend of mine is using it in that same color to make a very open Clapotis and it's looking beautiful. It's so soft and drapey.

Color cards are evil. :D

And just when I told myself that I wasn't going to buy any more yarn for awhile - I LOVE the look of that Den-M-Knit!!

Color cards are wonderful...so many possibilities before your eyes!

Welcome to the denim club! Wait til you wash it. Knitting's best kept secret. xox Kay

That is a gorgeous colour card ... I'm like you too. The yarns just look so much more luscious with their mates, all neatly arrayed by shade and hue.

I've noticed a bit of a problem with Elann's weight labels too ... generally a level or two lighter than stated. I bought a yarn they declared to be aran, but really knitted more like a DK weight, so I had to double it up. Grr! Elann is so wonderful and affordable though.
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