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  Ene's Scarf
the next installment of WIP domination: enter Ene.

Ene 2

there hasn't been much blogging about this project. a few measley entries way back in january (i had to check my archives to be sure). sometime in february i ripped it all out because of a 'creative difference' with the pattern. in order to be at peace with it, i knew i better start over or regret it later. after that... it was very slow going. until last weekend, when, with new resolve i knit about 70% of the shawl in marathon style.

and was it ever worth it! i'm very happy with how it turned out. we took some photos this weekend with the new recipient...

Ene 6

Pattern: Ene's Scarf by Nancy Bush
Source: Scarf Style (Interweave Press)
Materials: Blackberry Ridge Laceweight Wool/Silk in 'Willow'
Needles: US 5 circulars

Ene Sunlight 2 Ene 9

a quick note about the yarn: i loved it. i will definitely consider using it again in the future, although i wish there was more of a color selection. it softened after a wash, and the silk content adds a great subtle texture - little white flecks and the faintest hint of a sheen. i was really happy with how it worked out, and i love the blackberry ridge mill also.

finally, you know how it is... when you have something this beautiful... you just can't stop taking pictures of it. at least i couldn't. (theres more in the flickr set if you still aren't satisfied!!)

Ene Sunlight 1

head down, power through!


oh so beautiful! you really are on a roll, aren't you!

wow! it's just lovely. that last photo really shows off the yarn. you are on an FO roll!

Great work. It is spectacular. Keep it up.

Beautiful Jared! I hope the recipient was head over heels about it! How many more left in the WIP pile?

wow! looks great. i would not have the patience to do that.


OMG, did I just catch an Arrested Dev't reference?!?

Ene is gorgeous, you did such a fabulous job! I hope the recipient enjoys it!

Beautiful shawl and beautiful model. The photos really show of your work there. Great job!

Love it. I really like that colour. I made mine of the same yarn, but in red....I wore it as a scarf all winter. My favourite knit.

Beautiful and inspiring!!!

Oh my god. It's gorgeous! I must get mine on the needles right away! Lovely photos, as always. :-)

it's really beautiful and the yarn looks gorgeous. awesome job.

So stunning, great job!

Well, that was a freebie.

Gorgeous!! Simply Gorgeous!

WOW! That's just so beautiful.

So beautiful! I love the color.

You did 70% in one weekend? Wow! It's beautiful.

The shawl is just amazing and your photos are lovely as well. I'm always so impressed with your knitting, Jared. Great job!

it's absolutely stunning. which color is truer -- the brighter green or softer shade?

The shawl is gorgeous. It looks nicer than in the book!

Wow, you're totally powering through the UFOs huh? The shawl looks soooo purdy, what satisfaction you must have felt when you finished it.

absolutely gorgeous.

I'm also very jealous that you knit it so quickly after ripping it the first time! Wow. You did a wonderful job, and the recipient is very pretty with her new shawl.

Your Ene is gorgeous! I made mine out of the exact same color! Very lovely, I'm sure she loves it.

love how you're dominating the UFO's - that Ene's is really gorgeous and I'm glad you had such a good time with the Blackberry Ridge wool/silk: i've been wanting to try it out. Always such beautiful things to see on your site, I just love your aesthetic.

Your link from the ScarfStyle Knitalong doesn't work, has an extra bit at the beginning. You might want to change it. I'm glad I got here anyway :)

Gorgeous. What a lucky girl!

You ARE on a roll! This is stunning. Just lovely. And very versatile - it will be perfect for the summer A/C-cold and will transition well through the change in seasons. Bravo! What a thoughtful gift!

Beautiful shawl! Your WIP Management goals are much more aggressive than mine; I'm trying to whittle down to 18-24 projects. :D

You did it again! Beautiful!!!!! I love it!

Nice job! I choose not to knit lace. But I'm knitting lace at the moment. I feel your pain on that one, and I'm very impressed with your results, and I LOVE the color!!

Beautiful job and wonderful color. I guess now I have to add Ene to my to-do list!

Maravilhoso!!! Parabéns....abraço de um visitante do Brasil
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