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Continuing on with the projects - today we look at The Laces! These are some of my favorites. There are two lace patterns included in the collection - one requiring a modest commitment, the other one requiring the Long Haul labor-of-love.

Meet the Laces!

Meet Bridgewater.

Bridgewater Shawl

A large lace square worked in a laceweight alpaca silk 2-ply - this was the first project I started last Fall and one of the final finishes in the Spring. Don't get me wrong though - we had many, many happy hours together.

Bridgewater Shawl

Although I generally favor working lace projects with slightly heavier yarns that have a bit of body to them (mostly cause I like watching the architecture of the stitches play out as I work), there's really nothing like a fine laceweight shawl after it's blocked. Fine knitted lace has a way of taking your breath away when it's whisping around!

Bridgewater Shawl

The piece is a perfect square, with the center garter stitch portion (okay, so I guess I got a little more garter in than I may have originally let on) worked first, back and forth with lots of satisfying, mindless knitting. Just when you're ready to ditch the simple stuff you'll work the second section of horseshoe lace, picked up from the square's perimeter and worked in the round, working increases at each of four corners. The delicate edging is worked last and knitted-on in place of a bind off.

And, Willoughby.


Here we have our DK-weight lace contender. This piece is a true bit of luxury knitting. Marly, an incredibly light (even for cashmere) 100% cashmere will stop you in your tracks the first time you touch it. When blocked for lace, it feels even lighter - I couldn't believe it!

The pattern provides two sizes - an average length (about 60") and a long length (72") depending on how much yarn you'd like to use. The final piece is wide enough to be considered a stole but can be scrunched down to be worn as a scarf just as easily. I love lace pieces that can be dressed down for street styling or classed up with evening wear. Versatility is always a plus!

Willoughby Stole

The stole is worked in two halves - starting in the center with a provisional cast-on and worked out towards the edges. The lace edging is worked concurrently and changes direction at finish to be worked as a knitted-on-edging in place of a bind off. The second half is worked directly off of the provisionally cast-on sts at center and worked outward in the exact same manner as the first.


As a side note - I want to take this opportunity to extol the virtues of blocking wires. I've been using them exclusively for a few years and have to say that they reign as one of my very favorite (and necessary) knitting tools. I'm a big believer in the magic of blocking - not only for lace, but everything - it can really be the key to putting that extra professional touch to your work. That said, I like square edges, sharp corners and even tension - which can be achieved with pins, but you may drive yourself nuts trying if you err on the side of perfectionism (neurosis) *cough*.

Blocking wires do all the hard work and leave your lace projects coming out perfectly crisp and symmetrical. The joy!

Extolling the Virtues of Blocking Wires

I'll leave you with this photo - taken in early Spring as I was communing with camera, blocking wires and at-long-last-finished-shawl.

Lace knitters - I hope you enjoy!

Bridgewater on Ravelry

Willoughby on Ravelry (also available as an individual PDF download)

Both the handiwork and the photography are lovely!

Ahhh, the Siren Song of Lace....

I so adore lace work. Thanks for sharing, they are absolutely gorgeous!

Too elegant for words I love the floatiness and detail.
Can see Bridgewater with a great pair of dark skinny jeans and boots or with a long charcoal cashmere coat oOOOOOH.
Both are exceptional!!

Now that I can do a lace sock, does that mean I'm ready for a lace shawl?

It is just gorgeous.

I love both of these, and have already queued them in Ravelry! In fact, I have two conference in October, where I'll need some mindless knitting - I think the garter stitch center of Bridgewater will be perfect for that!

I just bought the book - am over ... whelmed and joyed!

have been thinking through all yarns in my stash that might work for all projects - the lace is going to be first, of course ;o)

thanks for your genius -

amazingly beautiful

I am working on Bridgewater now ... the garter stitch portion is perfect for my current mindset, and by the time I'm done, I'll be ready for something more challenging. The yarn is to die for, too.

Bought the book at the Sock Summit yesterday, and I already LOVE it. Great job!

Gorgeous, both of them ~ absolutely gorgeous!!

I'm so excited for Bridgewater. In fact, I've already ordered the Silky Alpaca Lace. I usually substitute yarns (college student budget, you know), but I am so excited that Classic Elite published this booklet that I figured I would use their yarn.

Oh Lord, I can't wait until your booklet is released!!!! All the patterns so far have been nothing short of breathtaking. Thank you so much!

I love garter stitch being combined with more complex stitches. I think its the contrast. Lovely!

i'm always inspired by anything you've designed (and i mean that more literally than i normally do), but your take on lace has always been one of my favorite avenues of knitting. these two are no exception, and i can't wait for my copy of the book.

as for the neurosis... i may have you beat. i don't like that the lace can't lie flat if it goes around the wire, so i tie the edges to the wires with nylon thread. there's a piece of thread that i've used for years for this purpose.

Willoughby is Mum's favourite! Mum still hasn't finished her lace scarf - she hasn't worked out how to joined the edges.

I think the garter stitch center of the square shawl would kill me dead, haha! But I love the look of the stole/scarf, especially the bobbles!

Oh... the laces.
They do take my breath away.

Bridgewater owns the wind.
It is amazing! You worked like a spider!
And Willoughby is a peace of jewelry. White, soft gold. I wish I could touch it.

Truly beautiful!

I love the Bridgewater shawl, it's so delicate and beautiful!

These are gorgeous!

OOOOH well there goes the Pi shawl I was working on!! DANG YOU pusher of a pattern that is SOOO much better for my yarn than a Pi shawl.. EZ just groaned somewhere..

Bridgewater is the ticket all that mindless garter while traveling then lace when I get home! YEP.. Perfect!

Simply beautiful! Just ordered your book from Webs.

I think the garter stitch is great in the center of the shawl, quick and easy to make it a more portable project. Love the designs.

My frugal New England ancestry may tempt me into a similar, but less expensive, yarn though.

Oh dear. Is it my fate to want to knit everything I see on your blog?

Absolutely stunning...as usual. I love the new book. I have placed the order with my LYS...hopefully they will call upon me to knit samples!! Is it wrong to knit everything in the book?!?

Stunning! I am praying for someone to make me Willoughby for Christmas!

FAB - U - LOUS! These projects alone have convinced me to buy your book. More please!

They are perfect. Well done!

gorgeous lace work! I love those both.I have been bit afraid to knit kind of piece - large plain surface - but your design is just enchanting. also 2ply alpaca silk sounds very appealing - it even looks truly soft and fine.
and the second-one - im a huge fan of nupps/buttons - your design is really delightful.
your work is an inspiration!
thank you!

Oh crud! Now I want to stay home and knit lace!

Oh crud! Now I want to stay home and knit lace!

I love both shawls, and I love that the center of the larger shawl is garter stitch. A nice change of pace from a lot of what I've worked on lately!

Beautiful !
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