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Swatching does a funny thing to your productivity - you know you're knitting a ton but feel like you have very little output. I really enjoy swatching, though -- it's the best way to really get to know a yarn, and I find that design ideas almost always reveal and shape themselves in a major way during that period. To me, the material makes a design, so swatching is a bit of a brainstorming session. Or maybe like a first date.

I've been doing a lot of swatching these past couple of weeks.

Hap Swatching

The Tweed Baby Blanket got me really hungry for a true Hap Shawl knitting experience with traditional yarns - so when I pulled out my burgeoning Shetland Stash and started pairing color groups, I really got into it. Shetland, with it's unbeatable palette, lets me indulge my love of tonal color relationships. That, and my fixation on natural sheep colors and their endless combinations.

Shetland Browns

There are also mitten designs being worked on - lots of colorowork around here. I just can't ever seem to shake that bug.

And a very special arrival came this week from Portland...

Shibui Kits

A gorgeous treasure trove of Shibui Sock -- sent as a collaboration between the folks at Shibui and my sister-in-law (they're practically neighbors) -- kits and colors chosen by the Baby Mama herself. And let me tell ya, she has great taste -- I'm certainly not complaining about these choices!

Shibui Oasis

I've already started knitting a pair of baby leggings with the golden colorway - I hardly ever knit with real SOCK yarn - so I'm enjoying the change of scenery for these. And they'll be machine-washable too - something I can rarely say about my knitting. Good for new babies (or new parents, rather) for sure.

Tonight I fly to the West Coast - for a little work and a little play. I have a photoshoot in Seattle over the next few days then am taking some time with my family before a quick trip to SoCal for a short but real-and-true VACATION. I've packed knitting that satisfies needs across the board from the simple stockinette longies to fingering weight colorwork. That's what I call travel security.

Gorgeous colors!
That's so true about swatching, the material tells you so much when trying out different patterns, needle sizes etc.
Have a nice trip and vacation!

That golden brown yarn is amazing :)

You will be arriving in my side of the world to wonderful warm weather... though they are predicting Rain on Monday.. But Tomorrow in the 80s!

Enjoy Seattle! I am a Northern CA transplant to Seattle. But I love it here!

Shibui sock is my favorite sock yarn. It just gets softer with each wash. :)

i love the shubui knits yarn they are so lovely,
you're right, swatching is a wonderful experience
have a very nice day

Mmmmm, so much gorgeous!!

Hope you have a great trip! :)

Enjoy your vacation! We are having gorgeous weather at present here in California, and more expected through the week.
LOVE the sock yarn and am hoping to see the finished projects from it!!

Oh, welcome to Seattle! The weather's been gorgeous here for the last couple days, so I hope you get to take full advantage of it. If you get a chance, be sure to check out our farmer's markets (there are a variety, both in the University District and Capitol Hill), and Seafair.

But then, you probably know about those already.

As always gorgeous pics and gorgeous knits!

Those color combination in your swatches are so...soothing! I tend to stay away from color in favor of texture because I find that overdoing the color can distract from the quality of the yarn itself, in a way that things like cables and lace really don't. I'm coming around, though. Those swatches are good examples, though, of color bringing out the yarn nicely. I'm definitely coming around. :-)

And I hope you'll post pictures of whatever you make out of that white, variegated ball of Shubui! Can't wait to see how that knits up!

Love the soft waves of feather and fan! Perfect summer motif.

Beautiful yarns! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those colors, and if you combine them.

I saw your name in the Knit/Purl newsletter, and was hoping that you were going to swing through PDX, but alas, no...at least not for classes!

You are such an inspiration! I love Seattle but live in GA!(LOL) Enjoy the very pleasant temperatures.

Love the Shetland (non)colors. I hadn't heard of Shubui yarn before. Where have I been? Gorgeous. Have a great trip!

Stunning and delicious - making my tummy rumble!

Between the feather and fan and the Shibui, I'm drooling here...GORGEOUS! Have a wonderful vacation...

I totally adore Shetland yarn, so I'm right with you there...haven't knit a hap shawl yet....hmmmm

Shibui sock yarn? I've never heard of it....off to google it because those shades are amazing!

You have to be the only person out there that can make feather-and-fan look fresh. California can't wait to welcome you. I hope you have a wonderful time.

simple, yet stunning
this post inspired my day today - thank you!

Shibui sock yarn is one of my favorites - and not just because I had a Siamese cat named Shibui when I was a little girl! (I always thought if I had my own line of yarn I'd name it after her, but they beat me to it!)

The middle variegated ball looks like a colorway I used for a pair of socks. I love it and might actually use it again for another pair.

I am in awe of your photography. I do read what you write on your blog, but I think I come here as much for the photos as I do your words!!!

Enjoy your trip~

Just ordered the Tweed baby Blanket pattern! I'm very excited. Between you and Ms. Knitpicky recommending it, I'm now dying to try the Shibui sock yarn.

i drool after the blue shibui! must buy! but the yellow with my name as the title....

such stunning color combinations! Can't wait to see the finished knits, hope you will post pics.

Your intro on swatching is very inspiring to me as I am one that typically dislikes doing gauges and swatches.
Have a great trip!

I'm just as much in love with natural Shetland wools as you. I cannot WAIT to see your Hap. Your swatches are just gorgeous.

Speaking of which, I'll be in NYC in a couple of weeks. Do you know of a knitting store there that has a good selection of natural Shetland wool? I find it so hard to come by where I live.

mmmmm....yummy swatches! kind of like hors d'oeuvres are to the entree... luv your photos.

exquisite colors - beautifully set and photographed - love your blog especially for the aesthetic overall presentation - one can almost feel the fabric and texture. thank you for all your work with this. and have a wonderful vacation with lots of new impressions!

I am currently swatching for the Seascape Stole with the same golden color Shibui Sock yarn that you featured in your post. I love it so far and that blue is beautiful too. I was so amused to see a yarn I am currently using on a major knitting blog that I decided to leave a comment. Enjoy your vacation.

I love your shawl. It is wonderfully organic. I love all of the natural colors you use!

come and knit with us on wednesday evening! capitol hill knitters of dooooom (how could you resist?) - we'll be upstairs at grey gallery on 11th bw pike and pine from about 6:30pm onwards.

I want to tell you that I love the swatch in the foreground! Enjoy the vacation!

i must take a page out of your book and consider swatching... i just just into each project with blind faith.

rarely... does it work in my favor.

shibui- it's a dream.

Oh, I never can scroll through your entire blog or indulge in the back postings. That's because I see three or four photos, scan three or four descriptions, and I have an uncontrollable urge to fly from the computer and grab my knitting. And either enjoy what I have in progress, or dream while knitting of something you have done that I would like to try.
Your projects, yarn and color choices (inspiring), fabulous photos - well, you are just going to have to dial it back a bit if you want me to actually finish reading!
Thanks for all that.

Just bought my first skeins of Shibu sock and am thrilled to hear your endorsement of it.
Have a super vacation!

I recommend that you consider a contribution to the chic young lady at theuniformproject.com. Her creativity matches yours -- and she requests specially designed accessories. I would love to see one of your scarves or caps with that black dress. After all, it's going to get cold in a few months.

Love those color combos and the promise of new designs.

The last picture with the three wound up balls of yarn -- that wooden piece under the yarn -- reminds me of Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood / Lenox, MA. Have you ever been there?

So: is the wooden piece Japanese?

Mmmm, those Shibui sock colours are very tasty! Can't wait to see the finished products.

your blog is so amazing
love all the pictures

Love the colors of the sock yarn, absolutely stunning.

Remember though, superwash wools can't be used for true longies (diaper covers), they wick. If you want to make some real longies, use a nice lanolin-rich, minimally processed wool. So soft, every baby should wear them over their comfy cotton diapers.

what lovely colours...
your blog is always an eyecatcher in any way ;O)

Gosh, that stack of golden colorway yarn is just simply gorgeous! Your photography is so pure and true... I always feel blown away by your talents when I visit your inspiration packed blog...
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