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  Tweed Baby Blanket Pattern Now Available
Is anyone else feeling the post-holiday-weekend-Monday blues? I escaped for a long weekend in the Catskills with friends - fireworks, bonfire, barbecue and knitting - lots of knitting! I thought about posting this pattern before the weekend and then thought it might be a fun pick-me-up for the aftermath. I hope it finds you feeling restored wherever you might be.

Tweed Baby Blanket Pattern Now Available

The pattern for the Tweed Baby Blanket (see my original post on this piece here) is now available for purchase in either my Ravelry Pattern Store or through

The pattern -- which I knit for my soon-to-be
nephew (yes, it's a boy!), arriving in October -- was inspired by traditional Hap Shawls of Shetland. Here are the details:

Finished Measurements: Approx 38 x 38 inches square
DK-Weight Wool in 2-colors -- approx 585 yards of Main Color & 275 of Contrasting Color
Gauge: 4
sts and 4 ridges (8 rows) per inch in Garter Stitch after blocking (as for lace)
Needles: I used a US8/5mm 32" circular for the whole project. I recommend one double pointed needle, one size larger for working the applied I-Cord edging
Notions: You'll need 4 stitch markers - I recommend having one in an alternate color to be used to indicate the beg of round. Blocking wires or blocking pins - whatever suits your fancy for blocking lace-type pieces, and as always, a trusty, blunt tapestry needle.

Other notes: Pattern
instructions for lace portion are charted clearly with corresponding legend. The pattern is written using 2 colors but I encourage you to experiment with more as you see fit. This is also a great stash-busting project for yarns you have lying around. If you want a larger blanket, work this up in a worsted weight yarn on larger needles. Price for the pattern is $5.75 USD

Tweed Baby Blanket Pattern Now Available

If you're a
Ravelry member and prefer acquiring this pattern there, click on the Ravelry button. If you aren't on Ravelry or prefer PayPal directly, click on the PayPal button.

Paypal Button Rav Pattern Button

I have plenty of knitting to show - it just needs to be
photographed. I'm closing in on my merino/cashmere pullover and having fun with new yarns and Shetland lace. Oh my!

The BT Design Guarantee: As always, this pattern has been test-knit and tech-edited in an effort to bring the most enjoyable and error-free process to you - the knitter! I have personally prepared all diagrams and charts as well as knit/photographed samples and designed pattern layouts - soliciting the opinions of knitters prior to publication in an effort to streamline this product. I have done my very best to bring you a pattern that I am proud to stand behind fully. I do my best to respond to concerns or comments as soon as possible and, as always, thank you for your support and encouragement. Happy knitting! -Jared

Oh YAY! Thank you for sharing it! And congratulations on the soon-to-arrive nephew! I anticipate many beautiful miniature tweed sweaters!

I've been watching (every day! :) for you to offer this pattern since you posted pictures of your beautiful blanket for your nephew. So glad I can have it now!! It really is great! Recently bought your Girasole pattern to start the Loopy KAL. I appreciate that it is easy to understand and your pictures are lovely. Come to think of it, I've also followed your pattern for the Noro striped scarf--it's a favorite! Your knitting, pattern designs, photography are beautiful---very talented you are! Thanks for the pattern. Paulette

I love this blanket - thanks for the pattern! I'm always concerned about wool for babies, though. Maybe it's just me, but I would never use something for a baby that I would have to hand wash - I always figure a new mom has enough to do without adding that burden! Also, as someone with lots of allergies and sensitivities in the family, I would want something ultra-soft for a little one! But the blanket is gorgeous, and I would make it for an adult in a heartbeat! A lovely throw or housewarming gift!

Yay! My failed cardigan will get a new life as a blanket -- just what I needed.

This is gorgeous. I loved the original post, but I will have to make this for the next baby blanket request. Simple and classy looking.

Lovely! That City Tweed DK is certainly a showstopper, and I like that you let the yarn speak for itself in this blanket. I finished my Girasole recently and it's been hauled out to show off to everyone who darkens my door ever since. Thanks for putting in the work to make simple patterns that turn out so well!

Thank you for offering a Ravelry alternative. I wish more designers would do this.

I'm so excited about this. My friends are having their first baby in November, and they are going to need something cozy and warm to welcome him or her into the nest. There is nothing lovelier than a handknit gift the baby won't outgrow. If it is well cared for, baby blanket morphs seamlessly into heirloom lap blanket.

Thanks, Jared! You are my knitting hero.


Some wool can be machine washed and merino can be very soft. Babies can have wool. It's the best!
Love your photos Jared. Your great projects are showed off wonderfully!

Oooh, so pretty! I love your photographs too :)

What a beautiful blanket! I love the border. It's simple and elegant like all your other designs. Thank you! -me@salihan.com

Oooh...I admired that blanket when you first posted it. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Can't wait to see what's next!

Simply elegant. Very well done.

This blanket is gorgeous!


Beautiful homage to hap shawls!

This is downright BANGIN!!!

Totally adore it.

Gorgeous blanket! Your photographs are always stunning.

this must be a very popular design idea.

Absolutely beautiful! I've been waiting on the pattern! Thank you.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!
I have been hoping and waiting for this!!
Off to Ravelry!

Yays! I was so hoping for you to write this up! I got the yarn right after your first post! TeeHee!
Thanks Much and Cheers!

Beautiful and the color is just stunning.

Thank you so very much! I plan to knit this with a matching Baby Surprise jacket in time for an October arrival!

This is a lovely blanket, thanks for writing up the pattern for us!

Thank you for making the pattern available! I've been in love with that blanket the moment I saw it a while back. (Now I just have to wait for people to get pregnant.)

Yowza! That is ONE nice baby blanket. Congrats!

boy.......you're good!
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