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The vacation euphoria is wearing thin and things are getting back to normal - the AM routine has resumed in it's habitual glory and I'm back to my most exciting decision of the morning being which scarf I'll wear as I leave the house . My life is so exciting.

This morning I realized that one of the most popular scarves in my arsenal has yet to get any blog play, and she's been going strong out there in the streets of New York for a couple months already. Allow me to introduce you.

Espresso Scarf (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Pattern: Generic Garter Stitch Scarf
Materials: My Handspun (see below for details)
Needles: US6/4.0mm bamboo
Dimensions: 6" width, 71" length

Started: November 2007
Finished: January 2008

Espresso Scarf (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

One of the greatest things about handspun, aside from the fact that it's so incredibly rewarding to work with, is that the yarn carries everything. There's really no need for fancy stitchwork or impressive knitting acrobatics. In fact, I would venture to say that handspun is at its most impressive while standing alone in garter. This may be one of the reasons I have multiple of these scarves started - the same pattern can have multiple personalities with various handspun yarns. And they're really fun to knit (something so beautiful shouldn't be so easy. It's dangerous).

Espresso 2-Ply (first 3 oz) (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I knit this scarf with two skeins of dk-weight 2-ply merino, just over 6 oz of wool. The fiber is Hello Yarn (I don't have a problem.. really I don't) and entitled "Espresso". The pre-spun fiber looked like this.

[Sidenote: I've received a lot of comments/e-mails from people who love seeing handspun yarn alongside their pre-spun fiber predecessors for comparisons sake. Would you all be interested in a very informal post about the anatomy of a handspun, with pictures from start to finish?]

And while I had my camera at the ready, I thought I'd take some pictures of an oldie that I knit back in 2005. Up for it's 2 year review - the So-Called Scarf:

So-Called (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

This was knit with Manos Del Uruguay. Pattern is here. A quick review - this scarf doesn't get much wear unfortunately, despite the fact that I like to look at it. I knit this in the days before Malabrigo, and now that I have scarves in both Manos and Malabrigo, the scratchier of the two (Manos) definitely gets neglected. They both pill, so that's not really an issue either. And Malabrigo is butter... so what am I to do?

So-Called (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I realize scarf weather is slowly disappearing - spring is coming and everyone is excited, so I'm getting as much wool-wearing in as possible. I love spring as much as the next guy, but the thing is, I think I love winter waaaay more than the next guy, so I'm always slightly sad to see it disappear. I guess I'll just have to enjoy all this extra sunlight...


Your color choices are always so wonderful!
My most exciting choice of the day usually involves my scarf as well; the extra snow we got in Chicago this weekend definitely didn't bother me :)

Your handspun is terrific. I for one would love to see a post on the anatomy of handspun. I am a total newbie spinner still, after one month, trying to make yarn out of my Hello Yarn roving. Yep-I have quite the HY problem too. HY Anonymous, anyone?

You are not alone in the scarf excitement of the day. The great thing about scarves is that they are usable not only in winter but into spring and fall, with a denim or lightweight jacket. And they look fabulous!

My wonderful brother just bought me a spinning wheel (what did I do to deserve that - yes, I'm very lucky) and I just set it up last night and stared at it. I don't know where to start (spindling is all I know how to do). So yes, to more of your fabulous photos showing pre spun fibre and the finished product. Its great to see the possibilities.

Another yes for the Handspun Anaytomy, please.. I love both those scarfs and the colours are fabulous, as usual! I have some Hello Yarn fibre that needs spinning up too.

You have to be one of blogland's greatest enablers! Your scarves are great and I just finished the Noro scarf. Yes to more pictures before and after.

Your Espresso yarn is one of my favorites, and I have admired your finished project on Ravelry. I love that it is so simple and looks very luxurious. Every piece you do is inspiring. As always, thank you for sharing

I always want to see handspun, bring it on!
I agree with Joan, you are an enabler, but that is exactly what I like about you, well, and your patterns, and your sense of color, and your skills...etc. :) BTW your handspun IS beautiful.

You make garter stitch look like heaven! LOL great scarves!

Ugh. I totally know what you mean about the simple stitches being the perfect match for handspun. It puts the focus on the yarn in all it's imperfect fabulousness which is as it should be.

At the moment for me, the pleasure is in the spinning not so much the knitting.

In reply to your sidenote: yes!
Gorgeous garter stitch scarf. Why not use it and the Manos scarves as table or dresser runners? They are most handsome and seasonless used in that way. Just a suggestion . . . .

I would love to read about the Handspun Anatomy.

Although I don't spin, I have always wanted to, and coming to US has made me want to do it even more. Just as soon as things get a bit stable at home front, I will be sure to start to spin.

I am fascinated at the handspun anatomy lesson. Please share! :)

Your handspun scarf is exquisite... thanks for sharing!

Now all I need is to buy some handspun.....and no I refuse.REFUSE to start spinning....anytime you have some to spare let me know.....LOL

Guess I should let you know my name..

I always love your handspun. And what's better than using it to make something you wear daily. great scarves!

I used to think i loved winter. I grew up in the PNW, and this winter i moved to Northern NY..and OHMYGAWD, i have never known winter before. Spring is nice though...i have never been so excited for spring. Spring here is a like a semi-violent Seattle winter though....
Oh, and yes, i would be interested in a post about the anatomy of a handspun.

Handspun is such a spoiler! I dearly love knitting with my handspun. I always miss it dreadfully when I'm knitting with many of the commercial yarns.

Yeesssss...I'd be fascinated with the anatomy of handspun as a non spinner at present (my lovely grandmother's hinting at passing over her Ashford to me........).
Must just add that your pics are always so beautiful.

ooo -- handspun, yes please!

I can see I'm not the only one eager to say, in regards to your sidenote, Yes! I would love to see that sort of discussion, in no small part due to your great photography. I've had that second photo as the desktop on my PC for a while now and always get compliments on it - though I properly attribute it to you of course! You'd be surprised (perhaps) by how many conversations about the merits of handspun that very picture has started with non-yarnies!

How you're able to capture garter st as art vs. what I would show... rows and rows of ho-hum garter st, is beyond me. Beautiful!

I would be very interested in as much information as you can give us on handspun and its behavior in knitting. I just learned to spin, so I can't hear enough about it right now!

I think it's safe to say we would all love to read anything you have to say about handspun - or anything for that matter! Ha ha.

I am a winter lover too.

Gosh, I have some handspun sock yarn that I bought on ebay at least 3 years ago - and I now totally see it as a garter stich scarf. Very cool.

Wait, wait. We need more on Na Craga! Give us the whole picture, exactly how you're knitting the buttonband-as-you-go, how your are going to handle the neckline, and the hood, what, what?! How far are you now?

garter stitch is good for handspun. will need to remember that.

and yes, I'd love to see more on handspun

One more vote for the handspun / fiber anatomy lesson, please!


I really find fascinating the effect your can get with handspun. It's just gorgeous! Most of people in France (my country) are sure spinning does not exist anymore... I am on the way to purchase the material.
Thks anyway for these beautiful projects.

Please take me into your world of spinning.....

Thank you, thank you, Jared, for sharing this gorgeous scarf. Isn't garter stitch wonderful? And the yarn you made was so incredibly beautiful.

I'm creeping up on the idea of spinning, too, so would be fascinated by any words of wisdom you care to share with us. There is a good spinning community here in Oz, so I should be able to find someone to teach me, but your photos and ways of expressing things are so helpful and inspiring!

I would love to see any information written about your spinning! Do you have any tips or tricks for plying consistently? I spin well but my plying needs work...LOTS of work! lol So, please do blog about spinning!

I would, I would! Love to see anatomy of handspun, that is.

I agree that Manos is more scratchy, but I just love the colourways, so I can't resist.

I would love a spinning post!

That scarf is delectable, and it's marvelous to see the evolution from fiber to fabric. Although I barely spin, I'd love to see a post on spinning. It's good to get to know wool a little better. It's amazing how stunning garter can be with the right yarn.

Beautiful!!..very,very good.

Yes post sidenote on handspun. Lovely colors as always and FOs.

Everything but generic. Absolutely lovely scarf.

Definitely interested. I've recently started spinning, and I have started trying to take before and after pictures for myself. I'm learning, but it is still hard for me to envision what the roving might turn into.
Beautiful scarf.

Yes, yes, yes on the anatomy of a handspun, please!

I am just learning to spin. So, the whole handspun comparison to pre-spun fiber thing...Yes Please! That would be very cool.

I would LOVE to see a post about the anatomy of a handspun yarn. I absolutely love your knitting and spinning.

I devour photos of handspun like a...handspunphotovore, I suppose.

Please post about your spinning.

Deciding which scarf to wear everyday is definitely a difficult thing. I usually end up wearing a seed stitch scarf which I made to look like snow before I'd ever seen snow in person. It matches everything. As far as missing winter because it means less knits to wear . . . I am so glad San Francisco weather generally allows for the wearing of scarves during spring and summer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Beautiful! I've been keeping an eye out for that beautiful espresso for months since I first saw it in your ravelry stash. Was wondering when it would surface.

Would love to see your anatomy post for sure!

If you're looking for a home for scratchy old Manos, winter is coming the Southern Hemisphere as we speak and my neck gets mighty chilly at times ;-)

Besides the fact that I now want to turn every last strand of my handspun into garter stitch scarves, I am dropping in to let you know that yes, I am obsessed with fiber to yarn pictures -- I always do a play by play on my handspun blog posts, and love it when others do it as well!

anatomy of homespun... i love it!

"Would you all be interested in a very informal post about the anatomy of a handspun, with pictures from start to finish?]">


Anatomy of handspun, yes! One more vote for your tally.

I'd love an anatomy of handspun post! (You could also probably publish such an article in Spin-Off...)

I would love a start to finish spinning post. I am a beginning spinner and so admire the beautiful yarn you spin. I would so enjoy seeing how to do it. Thanks for all your inspiration!

yes it will be so cool too learn from you, I love the yarn you made.
Bon tricot

Yes please to blogging about the anatomy of handspun.
Love your blog - you've inspired me to several Zimmer-knits!

I love handspun, tho I am often afraid to use it because it's so pretty - why mess it up with my crazy and often out of control knitting needles.

I wanna see! I wanna see!

w/r/t sidenote: another YES.

I love this post for celebrating garter stitch scarves. I've been wanting to knit one for my love (or even, come to that, for anyone) for ages, only I have yet to find the perfect yarn. If only I could spin.

And yes, by the way, I would be very interested in a life of yarn post. Vicarious spinning, especially by you, is great.

Oh please give a tutorial!!!!!!

You're handspun is always so beautiful...so I'm all for an anatomy lesson!

I'm off to use up some of my handpun due to your inspiration !!! Thanks again and yes to the tutorial of hand spun.
I just knit my grandaughter a pair of mittens using her golden doodle's fur blended with some pink mohair for the cuffs and the mitten is white, the color of Carley the pup.

The answer to the sidenote is a heartfelt "yes, of course!"
Anytime I get to see more of your pictures is a good time.

As I intend that 2008 will be the year I at least try and learn to spin, a post on the anatomy of handspun would be a joy. I adore the garter scarf. I'm working on one in angora for my mum, and its simplicity is a joy.

my parents have an old spinning wheel just sitting there in the livingroom for decoration. i'm considering putting it to better use - so yes, please, please photos pleeeeease! the garter scarf really shows the soul of your handspun!! thanks for fantastic photos!

Love the handspun scarf! I'm always wondering what to do with those skeins of handspun that aren't enough for a big project. (I live in San Diego, though, so I wouldn't get to actually wear a scarf.)

The comment about how exciting your life is made me laugh. I was just contemplating this morning, as I was brushing my teeth, that the most exciting thing that will likely happen to me today is that I opened a new tube of toothpaste. (I used to be a diplomat for the State Department; I worked in D.C. and Moscow and traveled all over the world--then I had kids.)

I have just now started to spin and would love to see a post about the anatomy of handspun

I love watching the process from roving, to handspun, to knitted item. It never ceases to amaze me entrancing that transformation is. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and I love (yes I know I use that word a lot) the way you make garter stitch (what many consider boring garter) lovely and sexy.

You are not alone in the daily highlight of scarf choice - lucky for me we are just starting Autumn here. I loved this scarf when I saw it on flickr - you are so right about garter stitch. You have inspired me to learn to spin, I signed up for a 4-week class today.

Love your scarf. You alway choose lovely color.

I liked your article in Handwoven, too!


I really enjoy seeing before and after pictures of handspun yarn. It's so hard to picture what a braid of fibre will look like spun up.

Yes, yes, yes -- I love seeing start-to-finish, before-and-after, fiber-to-FO photos. As a new spinner, I find it particularly fascinating to see how the unspun fiber looks after it's spun and then knit.

Thanks for showcasing your scarves, and bringing respect and honor back to the basic garter stitch scarf. :-)

I'm envious of your production! It takes me forever to finish stuff! Gorgeous as always.

Oddly, I bought the same colorway of Manos to make the same (so called) scarf. I got it at PURL in NYC on a visit a few years ago. I've never made the scarf. I started it, and felt that it was too tight and uncomfortable. I don't wear hats, so I'm not not sure what to do with it other than a simple ribbed scarf.

Your colours are so nice and give you a warm feeling.

Your handspun makes me drool! I may have to take up spinning after seeing what you're able to create.

Jared, Do you get the mailorder catalog for WEBS in Northampton, Massachusetts? Today's mail brought the big April/May sale catalog and Ecological Wool is linked to your blog/Hemlock Ring. It's on sale for $10.49/skein. Not bad!!!

(answer to your sidenote question)

I always loved the texture of garter stitch and it shows off your hand spun so well!

I would love to see from start to finish with your spinning to end product! I did that once and have it on Ravelry

beth (big geek)

This scarf is gorgeous, but I can understand wearing the Malabrigo one more often. I'm making a sweater out of it and I think I'm in love.

Beautiful as always in form and photography. I'm inspired to dig into my stash. And I had forgotten that the So Called Scarf is also on my list. So I'm doubly blessed today. I love winter, too and would love to be in Montana right now, but alas stuck in Texas in the heat!!

hi - love the scarf. do u have the pattern available? beginner knitter here so bear with me. or is it just a garter stitch throughout? also where could i purchase the handspun brand yarn? thanks! lori
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